After Being a Mermaid Chapter 94

An Jin went to the lounge and sat back on the sofa. He took out an eight level animal core from the brain space and put it in the palm of his hand.

He closed his eyes and operated his power to absorb the energy in the beast’s core. The surging energy poured into his spiritual sea. His spiritual power rose rapidly and reached the full state soon.

He continued to absorb energy, and the blue spirit silk became brighter and brighter, such as the real feeling of spiritual swelling and pain, which made him sweat on his forehead, and his delicate eyebrows twisted uncontrollably.

Suddenly, he felt Norman push the door into the room. He paused to absorb, opened his eyes and looked at the door.

Norman’s face changed slightly. He quickly walked up to him and wiped his forehead: “uncomfortable?”

An Jin shook his head. “No, my powers are going to be upgraded,” he reminded. “If I show an uncomfortable expression later, don’t worry, it’s normal, just like when I was promoted to level 7.”

Norman looked slightly relaxed and sat down beside him. An Jin advised him to wash. He didn’t agree. He didn’t seem to keep it.

An Jin smiled at him, closed his eyes again and absorbed energy.

The spiritual sea is getting brighter and brighter, almost turning blue and white. An Jin has the feeling of too much spiritual power and holding on. This feeling is very uncomfortable, which is stronger than that when he was upgraded before.


An Jin continues to absorb the energy of the heart and keep the mental power in a healthy state.

He opened his eyes and looked to the left. His eyes bent: “it’s successful!”

Norman  his eyes are attracted. There is a slight difference between his blue eyes and those at ordinary times. It seems that there is dark light flowing in the depths, which is deep and fascinating.

Norman raised his hand and touched the end of his eyes. His thumb stroked the bright scales of his eyes. For a moment, he moved away. He drew a piece of paper from the table to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

An Jin felt Norman approaching, his eyelashes trembling, and his heart beat uncontrollably.

Norman met his partner’s soft lips, and his self-control suddenly disintegrated. He put his hand on the back of the sofa and completely trapped him in his arms.

An Jin closes his eyes and kisses him. His hands raise their consciousness and want to put it on his shoulder. Then they lift it up. They hear a slap. The animal core originally placed in the palm of his hand falls to the ground.

An Jin subconsciously made a sound and pushed Norman’s shoulder to pick up the beast’s core. As a result, his voice was soft and dull because of emotion. It was very attractive.

Norman didn’t loosen, but held him tighter, kissing his lips to his chin and gradually down.

An Jin breathed heavily and turned his head impatiently. When his eyes swept the ground, he saw that the animal core fell to the foot of the table. The original bright color was dim at this time, and there were cracks on the surface.

The earlobe gently bit down, and Norman’s dark dissatisfied voice came: “don’t concentrate.”

An Jin put his hand around his neck, and Norman pressed down: “the doctor says you can do it now.”

“Well, um…” an Jin’s head was half full. He couldn’t help humming. His eyebrows frowned and covered his legs: “what’s so hard!”

Norman’s body was stiff and his mind was not in a cage. The current scene and timing were not suitable. He took a breath, moved his upper body, knelt on one knee on the sofa, took out the things in the military pocket and handed it to an Jin.

That’s a bright red animal core. The animal core is not very big, but the color is very beautiful. An Jin can feel the abundant energy in it just by looking at his eyes.

His eyes were full of surprises. He reached close and touched: “level 9 beast core?”

Norman nodded: “the black rock beast’s beast core. Didn’t you buy a level 9 beast core last time? It’s just for use.”

An Jin hesitated: “this is a precious resource. Don’t you need to hand it over to the military headquarters?”

Norman: “all soldiers participating in the war can get the resources obtained in the war. They get more resources by killing high-level starbeasts. They deserve it.”

He knows better than anyone how much contribution an Jin has made in killing two SSS star beasts.

An Jin is happy to accept it and is ready to upgrade it next time.

He looked at Norman and thought of the scene in front of him. He couldn’t help laughing. Norman reached out and touched his left leg: “does it hurt?”

An Jin shook his head. At this time, an alarm sounded in the border area. At the same time, Norman received a message: “Your Majesty, star beast raid.”

Norman shook an Jin’s hand: “have a good rest.” Then he turned and strode out of the lounge.

An Jin looks serious and takes out the low-level animal nucleus to absorb energy. His mental strength is close to filling. He drinks a dose of a to supplement nutrition and gets up to the value.

The guard at the door quickly saluted: “the king / emperor.”

Anjin looked around and asked, “where’s Joseph?”

Guard: “in the monitoring room.”

After a while, Joseph came to the lounge. At the request of Anjin, he drove the mecha and took Anjin to the edge of the battlefield again.

An Jin releases his perception. His perception is like a big net spreading around quickly. He spreads quickly and has a wide range, which is very different from the feeling when he is at level 7.

He only jumped at the S-class star beast of the mecha soldier, and a water arrow was shot into the star beast’s eyes. The star beast’s attack speed was slow and howled in pain.

An Jin collects the water arrow again and mobilizes the blood of the star beast at the same time. The water arrow and blood arrow attack the heart of the star beast at the same time.

The howling of the star beast stopped suddenly, blood spilled from his mouth, and the huge body flapping in the air landed with a bang.

The attacking mecha soldiers were stunned, and the silver gray mecha stayed in place for two seconds.

“Captain! Just now, an S-class star beast suddenly died in front of me. I haven’t had time to attack! God, is my mind so powerful?”

“Wake up, if you have the ability, kill again?”

“Maybe someone hit the point.”

An Jin looked at the dead star beast, and a surprise flashed in his eyes. His power was upgraded. It became easier for him to kill the S-level star beast, which was similar to killing the intermediate star beast at level 7.

What’s more, he had no wrong feeling before. In real combat, he used powers to master the control of powers faster.

He began to actively kill star beasts, give priority to killing high-level star beasts and test his attack power.

He soon tested out that he could not kill SS and SSS star beasts in seconds, but he could cause damage to star beasts, unlike he could not break through the skin when dealing with cloud horn beasts and black rock beasts.

On the battlefield, the mecha soldiers were fighting anxiously with the SS star beast. Seeing the sharp claws waving at them, the soldiers looked very cool. They were thinking about how to minimize the damage and avoid. They saw two water arrows flying in the distance, one penetrating the front claw of the star beast and the other sinking into the neck of the star beast.

The bright red blood splashed everywhere, and the armor transparent protective cover was stained with blood immediately, and the cleaning system was cleaned soon.

More than one soldier experienced a similar scene.

There were more exclamations and discussions in the channel of the first aircraft team. He was puzzled as he played and said, “what’s the matter?”

An Jin has tested the combat effectiveness and has a general understanding of the combat effectiveness, so he begins to clean up the near low and intermediate star beasts.

He experimented several times and was able to lock ten low and medium-level star beasts at the same time, and kill them at the same time in 20 seconds.

He noticed that whenever the star beast suddenly died, the nearby star beast had a panic reaction.

He was worried and no longer wanted to kill the star beasts, but scattered the star beasts in the star herd.

So there was such a scene on the battlefield. When the star beast rushed forward and launched an attack, suddenly several inexplicably fell down and died.

This situation happened one after another. In the view of the star beast, the death of his companions was silent, and the unknown frightened him, and the star beast group was in chaos.

♪ SSS star beast flew to the sky and looked down. The huge vertical pupil rotated 270 degrees. It seemed to want to find the cause of star beast death, but there was no discovery.

At this time, the shuttle particle bombarded its left wing. It roared at the black mecha not far away, raised its head, gave a long roar, and turned around to fly.

The star beast below turned around at the same time and quickly withdrew from the battlefield. The northwest defense area calmed down again.

The audience in the live studio were in high spirits and kept brushing the barrage.

“Your Majesty is so fierce. The SSS star beast has a super bad temper. Your majesty didn’t hit you, but ran away.”

“Disgusting star beast, get away!”

“Run again! Don’t run if you have the ability.”

“Why do I think it was not your majesty who beat away, but the star beast who died quietly and scared away?”

“Agree! The way of disappointment like the front bumper is even more lethal.”

“This situation hasn’t happened in the past. It happened both times!”

“I don’t know if you remember. Emperor used a similar method to deal with sea animals. I almost dare to be willing. The death of these star animals is definitely related to Emperor.”

An Jin doesn’t know that the audience is discussing him, and his attention is still on the battlefield.

All the live star beasts on the battlefield leave, leaving the dead star beasts in the land.

“Emperor, do you want to have a rest?” Joseph asked. He hesitated and hesitated. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and asked his doubts, “has your strength been enhanced?”

Not long ago, when the emperor attacked the SSS star beast, he could not achieve any effect except attacking the eyes, but his lethality increased a lot just now.

His heart was full of shock. After all, he only passed more than one time, sometimes!

An Jin didn’t hide it. The head said, “well,” he pointed to the protective cover, “I want to go there.”

Joseph had a new understanding of his ability, not to mention that there was no danger in his face, so he decisively drove the mecha.

There are many mecha on the battlefield. The soldiers are cleaning up the battlefield. They don’t pay attention to him, except Norman.

Joseph looked at the approaching black mecha and paused on the way: “emperor, your majesty is coming.”

An Jin looked away from the star beast. Seeing the familiar black mecha, he unconsciously smiled: “I’m going down.”

Joseph controlled the mecha to kneel on one knee, put the mecha’s palm flat on the auxiliary cabin door, and then opened the cabin door.

An Jin stood on the palm of the mecha and soon sent it to the ground.

Surrounded by the corpses of star beasts as big as a house and mecha soldiers cleaning up the battlefield, he felt as if he had shrunk.

At the same time, the strong smell of blood mixed with the smell of gunfire rushed into his nose. He turned his head and retched.

He was stunned. How could he become so delicate! This smell is much stronger than a rotten zombie!

Norman jumped out of the mecha, came to an Jin, took him and asked anxiously, “are you uncomfortable? I’ll take you to see a doctor.”

An Jin covered his nose: “I’m not uncomfortable, but I’m not used to the taste.”

Norman: “the doctor said there might be vomiting. The environment here is too bad.”

An Jin looked down at his eyes and abdomen. Recently, he was pregnant and didn’t feel. He was a boy thinking. He was just uncomfortable and didn’t have time to think of pregnancy and vomiting.

He looked at the star beast and didn’t want to leave.

Norman paid attention to his sight and asked, “if you want animal nuclear weapons, the soldiers will deal with it. After dealing with it, I’ll bring it to you.”

“I want to practice the control of powers.” An Jin shook his head.

Since the actual exercise effect is better, of course, he should step up his exercise. After all, his strength has been greatly strengthened every level.

With high grade, not only the self-protection ability is strengthened, but also more and more agent a can be made every day.

Clearing the battlefield can exercise powers. You can get two things.

Norman looked at the blood splashed everywhere and at his white Companion: “then exercise on the mecha.”

Please check the head immediately.

He originally wanted to save mental energy at close range, but his body couldn’t stand it.

Norman leaned over and picked him up.

An Jin opened his eyes slightly and patted Norman on the shoulder. Embarrassed, he looked at the mecha next to him: “put me down.”

Norman heard his embarrassment and looked slightly relaxed. The hostility raised by the battle dissipated immediately: “all the people in Austria know that I am a partner, and they all hope that I am loving and don’t be shy.”

An Jin put his forehead on his shoulder and avoided the direct line of sight. When he sat in the auxiliary seat of the mecha, the cabin door closed and took a breath.

Norman raised his hand and rubbed the top of his hair. “How do you exercise?”

An Jin looked at the window: “let the mecha close to the starbeast’s brain.”

Norman controls the mecha and stands next to an S-class starbeast.

An Jin runs the water power. A large water arrow suddenly appears in the distance. Then it shoots at the brain of the star beast quickly. The water arrow rotates at high speed during its movement.

The star beast’s brain blooms silently, and the blood splashes everywhere, revealing the white animal nucleus inside.

An Jin wrapped the beast’s nucleus with a water ball, separated the beast’s nucleus, and changed it for clean water to spin and clean it. He sure cleaned the beast’s nucleus. He asked Norman, “will the beast’s nucleus be handed over to the soldiers?”

Norman: “keep it.”

An Jin immediately thought of what former Norman said. He could really get resources when he took part in the battle.

“Don’t you need to register?” He asked.

Norman: “no, it’s a good calculation.”

An Jin then received the animal nucleus into the intellectual brain space. His eyes swept over Norman’s intellectual brain and showed a sudden look: “no wonder you are very rich! You have so many military achievements!”

An Jin has bought animal core and knows that the price of animal core is not low, especially high-grade animal core.

Norman often goes to and from the battlefield, killing countless high-level starbeasts, which is equivalent to a lot of money.

Norman shook his head: “the main thing is that he inherited a rich family property.”

An Jin couldn’t help laughing. He was a real rich man.

While chatting with Norman, he asked about the animals from time to time, while dealing with the animal core.

From time to time, the soldiers around cast surprised eyes. The water arrow suddenly appeared. He didn’t know who moved his hand, but his majesty and the emperor were closest, and the emperor was there when the star beast died suddenly twice.

All people realize that it is not an infectious disease that kills the star beast! It’s the emperor!

The barrage in the live broadcasting room swipes the screen madly

“The emperor is really worthy of being the fish king. It’s too powerful!”

“Your majesty and the emperor are made in heaven. Yes, they are so strong!”

“He is so beautiful and so strong! Oh, inferiority.”

“Looking through the old post, does the landlord’s face hurt? He also said that the emperor is not worthy of his majesty. What princess is worthy of it? I’ll give you a big Pooh!”

“There’s something wrong with the skull. I haven’t deleted the post for so long. I don’t say much. I reported it.”

“Late, what post?”

“It has been deleted.”

When Anjin’s mental strength was four points left, he suspended his ability and took a break with Norman’s body.

Two hours later, the alarm sounded again, and Norman quickly supported the battlefield.

An Jin looked at the closed door and was very distressed about Norman. His beautiful blue eyes were angry.

These star beasts are so annoying!

Ann Jin quickly got up, put on his sportswear and went to the store. When he opened the door, he saw Joseph standing at the door, looking at him with bright eyes.

An Jin smiled and sat on Joseph’s machine armor. He killed the star beast again, more fiercely than he did twice before.

Half an hour later, the star beast escaped.

Five times, the star beast attacked again, and the same kind died in a large area to scare away.

An Jin looked at the escaped star beast, frowned and said to Norman, “there are more and more impurities in his body.”

Norman didn’t care, his eyes were deep: “there were few soldiers killed this time, and he didn’t have food. According to the Scout’s tracking, he left for the nearby garbage star, where the animals and plants were seriously polluted and the content of impurities was too high.”

He paused: “ make pure food , the military headquarters realized why the star beast insisted on attacking  class,  class is pure food for it.”

If the spirit completely collapses, there are no impurities in the body of the person with melanosis, and the spirit is cleared.

An Jin takes a deep breath and suddenly thinks of the video of the star beast eating when checking the news of the star beast tide. He can’t help but feel numb on his scalp.

Norman saw that his face was tight and rubbed the top of his hair: “the magnetic field between galaxies will change. In spring, the instinct of star beast breeding drives it to Saturn. Only during the spring beast tide will large-scale star beasts appear every year.”

An Jin frowned: “the planet where the star beast lives has also been polluted?”

Norman nodded. He smiled anxiously and said, “I’ll take you to rest.”

When an Jin woke up again, he saw Norman still in the room.

Norman bowed his head, kissed him on the forehead and shared the good news: “the star beast has left.”

An Jingxi, asked carefully to know that the star beast gave up attacking si’ao and went to a further planet, but met with other star beasts. At this time, there was a big fight between star beasts in the star.

Star online # Sloan crisis relief # quickly became a hot topic.

When an Jin had breakfast, he received a message from jorens: “Wang, the construction of the transition is completed!”

After a while, an Jin received a communication from the bank: “an an an, my God, Si Ao, look!”


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