After Being a Mermaid Chapter 95

An Jin read Xiaoyin’s information and asked, “Rabe opened a civil interstellar route so soon?”

Xiaoyin: “it’s not civilian, it’s the route of the military headquarters. I applied to be a volunteer and will go to si’ao with the military headquarters.”

An Jin is looking at the information of Xiaoyin. Zhinao sends another message. After reading the information of Xiaoyin, he clicks on the new information.

The new information comes from jorens: “Wang, after the elder received the relief of the si’ao crisis, he immediately negotiated cooperation with the si’ao cabinet with the righteousness of the rabesian Presbyterian court. Tomorrow, I and two generals will lead military and civilian volunteers to si’ao to help the si’ao soldiers survive the post-war fine and disorder period. The si’ao will pay for a large number of animal nuclei.”

“Concentrate on breakfast.” Norman saw that the child’s attention was all on his brain, moved the juice to the child’s right hand and reminded him with a warm voice.

An Jin adjusted the information into the sharing mode, took a sip of juice, and the sour and sweet taste exploded in his mouth. His eyes narrowed unconsciously, revealing the color of enjoyment.

This fruit juice is a specialty of si’ao. Anjin has not seen it before. It tastes good and nutritious. It is a regular drink for Anjin’s breakfast recently.

After reading the message, Norman nodded: “I just received the message. Both sides are mutually beneficial.”

An Jin agreed very much. He nodded and looked forward to: “with so many animal cores, the Holy tree should recover soon!”

After dinner, an Jin and Norman went out for a walk. The northwest defense area, where the usual roar of animals and the sound of gunfire did not stop, had recovered its tranquility.

The Star Alliance Star network is very busy at this time.

All stars have been threatened by the star beast tide. People in every country, like the Sioux, try their best to stay at home for safety.

This also makes the number of online people on the star network reach the “peak” every year.

People of all stars stay at home to watch the live broadcast and learn about the tide of stars and animals in real time. People in each country pay more attention to the situation of their own country.

When the news of the end of the wave of zodiac animals appeared, the first thought of the people of other stars was that it was impossible!

After all, the star beast tide in their country is not over, but has a more and more serious trend.

Some people were curious and others were skeptical. They clicked on relevant topics to see the specific situation. Then they were shocked by the scene of the star beast quietly dying and the herd scared away.

Almost everyone immediately guessed when they saw the video: Theo developed special weapons or potions for starbeasts.

No, this guess was soon proved wrong.

After reading the relevant analysis post, they suddenly realized that all this was because of the mermaid king!

Many people sigh: “the mermaid King’s ability is too strong!”

Some people thought that his majesty and his people were so lucky that they made a voice of expectation: “is there still time for marriage?”

Si’ao netizens replied: “it’s too late, don’t dream! The mermaid king is the queen of si’ao!”

Mermaid king immediately became the most talked about word on the star network.

When the Rabe people browse the star network, they all feel proud and say, “yes, that’s right! The mermaid king is the strongest!”

Ten o’clock the next morning

An Jin and Norman received a message at the same time that Rabe star support team arrived.

Ann Jin was surprised to see the number reported by jorens, which exceeded the number of the two legions.

The three or four legions of Rabe are fully supported, and some are non military volunteers.

You know, the number of Rabe mermaids is much less than that of SiO. There are only four major legions in the military headquarters, of which the second Legion supported zone 6 for animal nuclear before.

This is equivalent to Rabe leaving only one star cluster to defend.

The star beasts are fighting in chaos among the stars, but they are only part of the star beasts. Many star beasts are still attacking intelligent creatures. The crises of other stars have not been relieved except the star of sior.

The star beasts outside Rabe left because they couldn’t find the mermaid for a long time. This time, the mermaid opened the magnetic storm channel. If any star beast senses it, I’m afraid it will turn around and attack.

He spoke out his worries.

Jorens comforted, “please don’t worry, king. Rabe is very safe. After we left, the elder ordered to close the channel and won’t give the star beast a chance.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and thought that the elders really thought very comprehensively.

Jorens expressed his gratitude for an Jin’s concern and reported to an Jin about the distribution of all divisions of the corps and the mixed arrangement of military personnel and volunteers, who are respectively responsible for one Corps in si’ao.

Jorens arranged things clearly and completely did what he said before “won’t let Wang worry”.

An Jin contacted Xiaoyin after learning about the situation from jorens’s report.

Xiaoyin quickly connected the communication and whispered, “Ann, I’ll see you later,” he said, louder and full of anger, “I’ll see you.”

An Jin smiled and asked, “have you arrived at SiO?”

The little silver voice lowered again: “here, I’ve applied to the third corps,” he said, raising his voice and adding, “I’m not forgetting my friends! I just… Haven’t seen him for a long time. I’ll look for you at a glance!”

An Jin immediately understood who Xiaoyin said he was, and hurriedly said, “don’t worry, I’ll go back to Sioux City in a while, and we’ll meet again.”

Xiaoyin: “will Ann be angry with me? I said I went to see you today, but I didn’t do it.”

An Jin said with a smile, “of course not.”

Xiaoyin immediately became happy: “Ann, it’s OK!”

An Jin heard a strange voice from his side, as if urging him.

After a while, he heard Xiao Yin say, “I’m going to work. I’ll contact you when I’m free.”

An Jin hangs up the communication and sits on the sofa to make agent a.

He didn’t have to reserve his mental power to deal with the star beast, so all his mental power was used to make agent A. he estimated that he could make about 2500 pieces a day.

This is a lot, but for billions of soldiers, the number is far from enough.

Fortunately, with the support of rabesin, the demand for agent a has decreased sharply. It only needs to be used to rescue and treat soldiers in mental riots.

After the mermaid soldiers and volunteers were assigned to the legions, the vitality of the troops greatly injured during the star beast tide soon recovered, and the combat power of the military headquarters was even higher than that before the star beast Dynasty.

At the scheduled return period, the heads of the legions asked them to stay one after another.

Rabe star Presbyterian, considering that Rabe was temporarily free, left four legions and volunteers and signed a cooperation agreement.

When the Slovak Austrian military headquarters quickly recovered, the other stars were still attacked by the star beast tide. Half a month later, the star beast tide of the All Star Alliance was completely over.

Although the other star beast tides last longer than Theo, they last shorter than ever.

After the star war reports came out, the people of the All Star Alliance knew that this year’s star beast tide was the fastest ending and the smallest casualties in history.

Less than an hour after the war report came out, an analysis emperor appeared immediately to analyze the reasons for such results.

It was quickly concluded that there were two main reasons. First, the stars were planted with pure plants, and there was agent a support on the battlefield. Second, the star beasts in the star domain near SiO were scared away and fought with the star beasts in other star domains. The battlefield spread to all galaxies, and the internal battle consumed the combat power of the star beasts.

The analysis post has been approved by many netizens.

“Don’t ask, asking is the mermaid king!”

“Mermaid king is awesome!” The top post is copied infinitely.

An Jin knows nothing about this. At this time, he has returned to the imperial palace. He is soaking in the pool of the mermaid room, leaning against the big crab and Thinking on his face.

Norman’s birthday is less than ten days away, but he hasn’t figured out what birthday present to give!

He thought about it and tried to find inspiration from Norman’s previous Birthday videos.

However, it was found that Norman never held a birthday party.

He frowned. Norman was Emperor Theo, which was obviously abnormal.

He inquired about Norman’s information and pieced together the approximate answer from the words of netizens. He couldn’t help feeling distressed in his eyes.

Norman has been living in the villa and only uses robot housekeeper. He doesn’t see any royal members except noggi and Ian.

In fact, these signs have shown a lot of things. An Jin has never mentioned the sad thing about Norman.

The more he wanted to give Norman a gift.

After thinking for a long time, he suddenly had an idea, subconsciously looked up and looked at the second floor.

Norman has a special room for star ships and mecha models. Norman’s preference is very obvious!

He wanted to do it, but he didn’t want to be known by Norman in advance, so he contacted jorens.

Rabesin’s level of making mecha is very high. Should the model be ok?

After getting a positive answer from jorens, an Jin immediately became happy and talked about the details with the producer introduced by jorens.

At this time, the Marshal’s Office

The Minister of Royal etiquette looked nervously at Norman and asked, “Your Majesty, your birthday is coming. Do you want to start preparing for the birthday banquet?”

Norman didn’t make him nervous for too long. After a moment of silence, he nodded: “get ready.”

The minister was stunned and looked surprised.

In the early years, he would ask his majesty whether to hold a birthday party every year, and he got a negative answer every year.

Although many of these years are because the star beast tide has not ended at the birthday, there are also a few years when the star beast tide ends before the birthday, but in any case, your majesty just doesn’t have a birthday party.

Today, he just asked about his duties and practices. He couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard a different answer than before.

Soon, he responded that this year is different from previous years. His majesty has a queen! There will be a prince or princess soon!

He hurriedly replied, “don’t worry, your majesty, it will be arranged!”

The news that Norman held a birthday party soon spread, and the people of Austria congratulated one after another.

The birthday party was held very grandly. An Jin accompanied Norman to welcome all kinds of congratulations.

In the evening, Norman came out of the bathroom, but found that the light in the bedroom was as bright as day, and the child who had taken a bath was gone.

There was a soft noise from the balcony. In the blink of an eye, a blue mecha flew in front of him from the balcony: “happy birthday, Norman! I hope you are happy every day.”

Norman as like as two peas in the eyes as like as two peas, and the voice is just the same as the little one.


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