After Being a Mermaid Chapter 96

Norman’s attention was attracted by his little friend’s voice. His eyes fell on the shimmering blue eyes of the mecha model and soon realized it.

Instead of being as like as two peas, the little model talks to him through a machine.

He swept around the bedroom and looked into the eyes of the mecha model: “Ann, where are you?”

An Jin didn’t answer directly. The ethereal and soft voice line seemed particularly gentle at night: “the mecha model is a birthday present for you, and there’s another birthday present. You come to the balcony.”

When he finished, the model turned to the Chaoyang platform and flew away. After flying two meters, he turned to face Norman, waved and signaled to follow him.

Norman saw this and guessed that his little friend wanted to surprise him, but he couldn’t guess what kind of surprise it would be.

Birthday present is a very strange thing to him.

A rare emotion of expectation rose in his heart and went to the balcony.

Standing on the balcony, Norman’s eyes fell on the strange back garden.

The night lights are on in the garden, which are different from the daytime lights. At the moment, the night lights are warm and yellow, showing tenderness and warmth.

I don’t know when to hang all kinds of neon lights on the trees around the pool. The lights are reflected on the water and look particularly bright.

His eyes wandered in the back garden, trying to find a little friend. He was looking for it. The movement of the pool attracted his attention.

The calm water in the middle of the pool rises abruptly, the water beam spreads around in the air, the water flow forms a beautiful arc, and the pool becomes a huge fountain in the blink of an eye.

The water in the fountain rolls around and generates natural water vapor, which is dazzling in the light of neon lights.

Norman was not interested in this only beautiful thing, or even paid little attention to it.

However, at this time, almost all his mind fell on the beautiful scenery in front of him.

As long as he thinks that this is specially made for him by his little friend, he raises a strong hope and wants to keep all this forever. He often looks through it.

His heart moved and his hand touched his brain, ready to turn on the video.

At this time, the water mist around the fountain converged, forming the word “Happy Birthday” in the blink of an eye. The lights on the shore changed, and the four beams of colored light just shone on the four words, which was beautiful and festive.

Ann floats in the passage, looking at the perfectly aligned light and sighing with relief.

He practiced it many times, but he was still worried about the deviation between the word and the light.

He looked at the virtual screen and his voice was a little embarrassed: “I asked someone to make the mecha, but I prefer to give you a gift prepared by myself. I hope you like it.”

He hesitated not to celebrate with this seemingly exaggerated scene.

After all, this scene is a bit like the scene of some modern boys confessing to their sweetheart, but he has water power and geographical advantages, so he doesn’t have to hold a light card.

However, he thought about it. This gift has his own characteristics. In this world, he is the only known water power, and everything is prepared by him, which is very meaningful.

Norman was moved by his little friend’s heart. His voice was calm and serious. “I like this gift very much,” he paused. “Where are you? I want to see you.”

He didn’t hide his slightly eager mood. His low magnetic voice came into an Jin’s ear. An Jin’s heart accelerated for a moment: “I’ll go back to the room right away.”

He turned and swam to the mermaid room. When he got ashore, he turned into a human shape. As he walked out, he removed the moisture from his pajamas and hair.

As soon as he got out of the mermaid room, Norman came towards him from the other end of the aisle, holding a blue mecha model in his hand.

Neither of them stopped and soon stood in front of each other.

An Jin was about to speak when Norman hugged him.

Norman didn’t hold it for a long time. After a while, he loosened his hand and naturally held an Jin’s hand. His deep eyes looked at an Jin: “thank you, I like it very much.”

Ann Jin was embarrassed and distressed by his cautious attitude. Norman hasn’t had a birthday for a long time.

He raised a smile: “just like it.”

Norman was attracted by his smile and leaned over to kiss him uncontrollably.

After they were close for a while, Norman took back his reason and picked up Anjin’s bedroom before he lost control.

He made a move towards the bed and walked to the balcony with an Jin in his arms.

The fountain and Shenghe lost their water power control and disappeared. Only the colored lights were still on.

There was a flash of chagrin in Norman’s eyes. He didn’t record it!

An Jin is very sensitive to his emotional changes. He holds his neck with one hand and points to the pool with the other hand: “the gift is for you. You have the right to open the gift at any time.”

As he spoke, he operated his powers, and when the words fell, the pool reappeared the previous scene for the first time.

There is no difference in the size of the fountain and the position of the word Shenghe.

An Jin went downstairs to the back garden because he had a good grasp of the position of the word from a close distance. When he just gave the gift, he used his power to achieve the predetermined effect. Now he was relaxed and played well.

Norman looked down at an Jin. His brown eyes were slightly bright: “open it at any time?”

An Jin nodded, “yes.”

Norman likes this gift more. It’s not only a birthday gift, but also a little friend who will accompany him all the time.

“I like this right.” Norman said seriously.

An Jin was a little embarrassed by him and pointed to the blue mecha model flying with them: “what about this gift?”

Norman: I like it too He looked at the model and objectively commented, “it’s exquisite.”

He noticed that the shell of the mecha was shimmering, which was very different from the common model materials. He was curious: “the material is very special. I haven’t seen it before. Is it the unique material of rabesin?”

An Jin blinked. “Well, it’s the scales I dropped when I was an adult,” he added. “The rest of the Mermaids don’t drop scales when they are an adult.”

In this way, the material of the mecha can be called special.

Norman’s heart moved. The two gifts of his little friend were too special.

Although the child doesn’t talk much, the two gifts make him feel rare to be cherished and loved.

He couldn’t help holding his little friend tighter, but he didn’t think it was enough. He took someone back to his bedroom.

Ann would like to stop Norman from putting him on the bed: “I want to take a bath.”

He has soaked in the pool before. Although the pool is often cleaned, it is connected to the outside, and the water quality will be affected.

When he came out of the bathroom, an Jin had no strength at all. He fell asleep after touching the bed for a while.

Norman was not sleepy. He stared at an Jin for a long time. He thought of the topic he had been avoiding. He thought that the doctor said that four months of pregnancy was a stable period. He quickly made a decision and asked his little friend to understand everything about him.

Before going to bed, he looked at the mecha model of the bedside table and thought for a moment. He was not ready to put the model in the collection room on the second floor, but directly in the intelligent brain space, ready to carry it with him.

In the morning, an Jin opened his eyes and saw Norman sitting next to him, his eyes falling on the intelligent brain virtual screen, looking very focused.

Norman had a strong outline and a sharp chin. At the moment, he looked calm and serious, and looked particularly attractive.

It’s great to watch quietly and sigh silently in my heart. When I open my eyes, I can see the feeling of my lover.

A moment later, Norman turned his head and looked into his eyes.

Ann Jin subconsciously smiled. Norman’s face softened in an instant and leaned over to kiss him.

An Jin quickly shook his eyelashes and said, “good morning.”

Norman: Good morning

An Jin gets up, washes and comes out of the bathroom. He sees Norman standing by the door, and his eyes immediately fall on him.

An Jin said with a smile, “don’t be so careful. My actions now are no different from those before.”

Norman: “in almost four months , the doctor said you might have a difficult life.”

An Jin immediately said, “it’s inconvenient. I’ll tell you immediately.”

After breakfast, Norman holds an Jin’s hand and leads an Jin to the sofa,

Ann sincerely saw that Norman seemed to have something to say and some doubts, but she didn’t ask. She looked at Norman quietly and spoke to Norman.

“Sorry,” Norman said in a moment of silence, “you are my partner. I should tell you everything about me, but I haven’t talked to you about my parents yet.”

An Jin immediately knew what he said and shook his hand. “It doesn’t matter. You can’t talk if you don’t want to talk.”

In fact, he already knows a lot.

Twelve years ago, the news of the royal blood case was forbidden to talk about. An Jin explained it from a few words of netizens.

Uncle Norman took advantage of the star beast tide to unite with the Queen’s friends and bribe the palace servants to launch a coup. In the end, almost all the royal family members died, leaving only Norman and Nuoji, who were not the same grandmother.

At that time, Norman was still very young, inherited the position of emperor SiO, and became the field marshal of the military with iron and blood means and super ability.

The star network is praising Norman’s power. No one will think about Norman’s achievements and what he has paid.

Norman turned to look at his little friend, his deep brown eyes full of tenderness.

Children don’t ask, don’t wonder, don’t know, just take into account his feelings.

He shook his little friend’s hand: “no taboo, I was not affected a long time ago. I was going to take you to the cemetery to meet your parents before the wedding, but you were pregnant.”

The si’ao royal family has a long history and many ancient taboos. Norman usually doesn’t care, but when it comes to children, he has to be careful.

An Jin was a little puzzled: “it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant. I can go to the cemetery with you at any time. You’re on vacation today. Why don’t we go later?”

Norman disapproved: “when the baby is born, the ancestors say it will be frightened to go to the cemetery after pregnancy.”

Even in the early stages of pregnancy, it is not suitable to talk about the dead with others.

An Jin is a little embarrassed: “the star age , I’m not afraid. That’s unreasonable.”

If you go to the cemetery at night in ancient times or when science and technology are underdeveloped, timid people may be psychologically affected and cause physical discomfort.

The cemetery in the interstellar age is not terrible at all.

Norman thought and stepped back: “if the doctor allows.”

When honard heard Norman’s question, he looked surprised uncontrollably: “Your Majesty, I just learned today that you are so traditional. It’s really moving that you can find a partner!”

With the permission of the doctor, an Jin went to the cemetery with Norman to formally meet Norman’s parents after completing the routine examination.

After Norman’s birthday, an Jin and Norman resumed their regular life before the star beast tide.

That day, when an Jin got up, Norman was not in the bedroom and had gone out for morning exercise.

An Jin gets up, changes his nightgown, and changes into the latest research of the scientific research institute, which can adapt to the deformation of mermaid.

When he buttoned his trousers, his action was slightly sluggish. He went to the full-length mirror and pulled up his clothes.

His white skin was exposed. He stared at it for two seconds. When he turned sideways, his bulging stomach was particularly obvious.

An Jin was stunned for a moment and soon calmed down. It is normal for her stomach to change after she is pregnant for more than four months.

“Uncomfortable?” Norman returned from the morning exercise and was stunned when he saw his little friend’s move. He hurried into the bathroom, held an Jin’s shoulder and looked nervous.

An Jin was a little embarrassed: “change the drum.”

Norman breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes fell on his white to shiny belly, restrained and asked, “can I touch it?”

An Jin nodded: “of course.”

Norman cleaned his hands and flushed hot water to ensure that his hands were not cold before he covered an Jin’s stomach.

Their eyes met in the mirror, and they couldn’t help being gentle.

After that day, an Jin and Norman paid special attention to the baby’s eggs, and the change of an Jin’s stomach became more and more obvious.

Six months later, an Jin obviously felt that the baby was more hungry for food and could absorb some energy. Every time he absorbed animal nuclear energy, the eggs were very active.

Nearly eight months later, at the suggestion of the doctor, the egg was taken out.

An Jin didn’t feel anything all the way. After sleeping, he woke up and found a incubator next to the head of the bed with a big and white egg in it.

Norman immediately asked, “does it hurt?”

Ann Jin shook his head. He got up and Norman quickly held him.

An Jin has only slight pain in his abdomen, which is not too uncomfortable.

He turned his head and looked at the egg. It was incredible: “are they really two babies?”

The egg was much larger than the ordinary egg, but he thought there were two babies in it and thought the egg was too small.

Norman: “well, baby Mermaid and baby human boy.”

An Jin couldn’t help worrying: “are they too small?”

Norman had already asked him when an Jin was asleep. He was calm at this time: “it’s all right. They are still growing. They won’t break their shells for the time being.”

Ann is relieved.

After that, an Jinghe added one more item to his daily activities to maintain eggs.

They have to apply special nutrient solution to the egg baby every day. This work can be helped by the caregiver, but when an Jin and Norman learned that the baby was conscious, they decided to do it themselves.

At the end of September, the weather in si’ao was very hot, but the villa maintained normal temperature and was very comfortable.

An Jin took the egg to soak in the water. Recently, the egg is very lively and rolls around in the pool.

An Jin receives a communication from Xiaoyin. After Xiaoyin talks, he sees that it’s almost lunchtime, picks up his eggs and prepares to go ashore.

When he reached the shore, he stepped, his eyes slightly open, and his eyes focused on the crack at the top of the egg.

Hit it? Or break the shell?

As soon as he felt nervous, he quickly contacted Billy. When Billy arrived, he immediately checked and came to the conclusion: “broken shell!”


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