After Being a Mermaid Chapter 97

When Ann heard Billy’s diagnosis, her worry turned into joy and some nervousness.

Billy said, “you have to put the eggs in the incubator for breaking the shell.”

The incubator is made according to the large size, which is slightly larger than the egg. There is a special nutrient solution in it, which can supplement the nutrition of the egg at any time.

Breaking the shell of a mermaid is the first challenge of mermaid life. It is very hard and consumes energy.

An Jin carefully puts the egg into the incubator, and the egg is just standing upright.

In fact, mermaid eggs can break their shells directly in the water without any complexity.

However, in addition to Mermaid, there is also a human baby in the baby’s egg. What to do is to worry about breaking its shell in the water and causing an accident when the human baby comes out of the egg and falls into the water.

Although the test shows that the liquid content in the egg is very high, and the human baby is likely to have the ability to breathe underwater, the egg liquid is different from water. In case, an Jin and Norman decided to be more cautious.

An Jin, the doctor and the caregivers gathered around the incubator and their eyes fell on the big white egg.

An Jin stared at the egg baby for a while and found that there were more cracks above the egg shell. He was a little nervous and excited when he thought of seeing the baby soon.

He realized that he wanted to share his feelings with Norman, and then thought that he forgot to inform Norman!

He quickly dialed Norman’s communication. Norman, as usual, was connected very quickly.

Before Norman asked, an Jin quickly said, “the baby wants to break his shell!”

Norman’s breath stagnated and his voice was a little tight: “go back right away,” he paused a little, and his tone returned to calm, calm and gentle, “don’t worry, come back right away.”

An Jin heard his soothing words, his heart was warm, and he said, “don’t be too anxious, pay attention to safety.”

Norman returned to the villa and went directly to the nursery, a room specially prepared for broken shells.

The sound of the housekeeper saluting came, and the people in the room noticed Norman coming in.

Norman strode to the incubator and stopped the others from saluting.

An Jin waited for him to approach and told him his current progress: “cracks continue to grow, and the shell has not been broken.”

Norman took his hand and an Jin turned to smile at him. They both looked at the egg.

The crack on the top of the egg became more and more obvious. The sound of thump came from the shell. Everyone present couldn’t help breathing.

“Ka…” about ten minutes later, a small crisp sound sounded, and a tender white finger stretched out from the crack.

Only one knuckle of the finger is exposed, white and tender, the nail is about half a centimeter, transparent color, and the edge is suffused with light silver light.

Billy said excitedly, “it’s baby mermaid!”

An Jin’s eyes fell on the fleshy belly of the extended finger, and his heart was particularly soft. He wanted to get close from the bottom of his heart.

Norman’s eyes were soft and silent. He clenched his little friend’s hand and was soon shaken back.

After the baby mermaid’s finger reaches out of the eggshell, the nail rotates in the direction. After a circle, the finger shrinks inward, and the side of the nail just butts against the edge of the eggshell breach.

Baby Mermaid shakes her nails and cuts the eggshell.

“How clever!” Hornard exclaimed, worried about scaring the baby, and his voice was very low.

Billy is very calm. After all, he has seen too many newborn mermaids. He explained: “mermaids have consciousness in their eggs, and he stays in their eggs longer than ordinary mermaids.”

Baby Mermaid tried for a while, but the eggshell didn’t move.

Obviously, the eggshell is harder than his nails.

The baby mermaid’s fingers stop moving, stay for two seconds and shrink back to the eggshell.

“No strength?” An Jin gets nervous.

At that moment, the sound of “Dong Dong…” came from the shell again.

The crack next to the eggshell break quickly widened. After a while, a crisp and loud ‘click’ sounded.

At the same time, a small white fist stretched out from the broken shell.

The surface of the small fist is covered with a layer of egg liquid, the skin is more crystal and transparent, and there is an egg shell on the top of the fist.

An Jin looks at his little fist and feels cute and cute. His heart is full of love. He reaches out to help his baby get his eggshell.

As soon as his hand moved, his small fist retracted into the eggshell. After that, he kept pounding the eggshell from the inside, and there was a continuous thump in the room.

In less than a minute, the shell at the top of the egg was broken in half, and two small white hands rested on the edge of the broken shell. Then, a small head with wet hair stretched out.

His pupils are the same color as his hair, light blue is close to transparent, and appears particularly pure. His cheeks are covered with light blue scales, which is commensurate with his skin. They look more white and delicate, like a fake doll.

His face is fleshy. Even if his little face has no expression, it still looks very cute.

“God, as like as two peas and a pupil, it is almost the same as the” when you were a child. ” Hornard’s eyes were full of wonder and he felt very surprised. He stared at the little mermaid.

He watched Norman grow up and couldn’t understand Norman when he was a child.

The little mermaid turned her head and her eyes fell on an Jin accurately: “Dad!” He looked at Norman again: “Dad!”

His voice was soft and creamy. It sounded like a spoiled child.

An Jin was surprised for a moment. He thought that the baby was a mermaid and calmed down.

Mermaids are born with the ability to inherit language. If it were not for inheritance, it would be impossible for the Mermaids of Star Alliance to communicate with each other. After all, there is no mermaid to teach them.

An Jin reached out to take down the broken eggshell on baby mermaid’s head and said in a soft voice, “big baby is smart.”

Norman solemnly agreed: “the baby is very clever.”

The baby Mermaid raised his mouth and shook his small tail left and right. Suddenly he thought of something. His little head tilted and pointed to his face: “brother.”

When he finished, he retracted the egg again and continued to beat the eggshell. All the eggshells above were broken. At this time, the eggshell was like an oval water cup.

There is no eggshell above to block the line of sight. People near the incubator can see the scene inside the egg.

The baby Mermaid floats in the egg liquid, and the small blue fish tail swings gently. After all the eggshells are broken, he does not show his head, but turns around and faces the human baby sinking at the bottom of the egg.

The human baby is cocking his small ass, his hands are folded at the bottom of the egg, his small face is on his side, his eyes are closed, and his black hair is close to his scalp.

An Jin couldn’t help being nervous. The baby Mermaid caused so much noise that the baby didn’t respond at all!

“Is the baby sick?” He asked anxiously.

Hornard and Billy have been watching the baby’s data. Billy said, “don’t worry about Wang. He’s just asleep.”

An Jin: “…” I can sleep too much!

He trusted the medical technology of the world very much. When he saw the doctor, he put down his heart and was attracted by the baby Mermaid.

The mermaid baby swings the blue tail, approaches behind the baby, pushes the baby’s ass, stretches out his hands to hold the baby’s waist while the baby tilts over the body, then swings the tail and floats up with the baby.

The baby seems to be used to this move and doesn’t struggle at all.

The baby Mermaid blushed and approached the broken shell.

It’s just that he’s too young to think about it.

He was behind the baby. When he was close to the broken shell, the baby was already close to the eggshell. The edge of the broken eggshell was very uneven. The baby’s face knocked on it and immediately floated a red mark.

The baby frowned and opened his eyes. His brown eyes floated a layer of water mist. At the same time, his mouth flattened and began to cry.

The baby mermaid’s caudal fin suddenly exploded and suddenly released his hand. The baby sank to the ground. He was fat and struggled with his hands and feet. The egg shook in the nutrient solution.

The mermaid baby quickly waved his tail and surfaced. Looking at an Jin, a frightened look appeared on his small face: “brother… Cry.”

An Jin looked at the baby who stopped crying and turned his body over again. He was lying at the bottom of the water. He was unable to laugh or cry.

The baby is like a sleeping God.

He soothed the mermaid baby in a soft voice: “don’t worry, my brother is fine.”

He turned to Billy and asked, “can you take them out now?”

Billy nodded: “baby Mermaid can leave the egg after breaking its shell independently.”

An Jin reaches out and carefully holds the baby Mermaid out of the egg.

Baby mermaid’s blue eyes suddenly lit up, his little hand grabbed an Jin’s thumb, and his voice was full of joy: “Dad!”

An Jin only felt that he was small and soft everywhere. He was nervous and soft in his heart. He kissed his forehead: “baby, good.”

Norman looked serious and picked up the baby sleeping at the bottom of the egg. The baby was held by him. His face rested on his arm. His chest fluctuated smoothly and slept soundly.

Norman stiffened, looked down at the baby, tried to restrain his strength, worried about hurting the baby.

Under the guidance of the doctor, they took the first bath for the two babies together with the caregiver.

The babies put on the same red belly pocket, but the baby wore one more red shorts.

After the doctor checked the babies and confirmed that they were all healthy, the doctor arranged the two babies together, Norman took a group photo for them, treated the baby’s face and sent it to the Internet.

Later, the Ministry of public information also released on the official website: “congratulations to your majesty and the queen on having your son. I wish the eldest prince An Yi and the second prince Ian lesson grow up healthily and happily!”

Although there is no face in the photo, the baby’s white and fat hands and feet are called very smart by the big red cloth. The big baby’s blue hair and fish tail make the star network people very curious.

Netizens expressed their blessings one after another. The word “ladder” of the two princes has become the word with the highest amount of discussion. Many people are guessing whether the mermaid baby is a pure Mermaid.

An Jin received blessings from friends and all parties. Little Yin Lingrui went to the palace to see the baby in person soon.

When Xiaoyin arrived, the mermaid baby and the baby were drinking milk powder.

Babies are very good, especially Mermaid babies. They are completely different from just born children. They drink with a bottle, but they must rely on an Jin.

The baby is held by Norman. The caregiver sits next to him and explains the precautions in a low voice.

Norman and an Jin listened carefully.

The baby was very quiet when he was sleeping. At this time, he was drinking milk powder, but his brown eyes were rolling. He kept looking around. When Xiaoyin arrived, he kept staring at the three people.

After reading the other one, Xiao Yin kept exclaiming, “they are so small!”

Lingling platinum’s eyes are very bright: “the baby is so cute!”

Ruirui agreed and nodded: “it just looks so fragile and dare not touch.”

Billy said with a smile, “human babies are fragile. Mermaid babies are stronger after birth. You don’t have to be too careful if you have babies in the future.”

The babies finished drinking milk powder and went to sleep soon.

Billy: “Mermaid babies grow very fast in the early stage. They need to absorb a lot of nutrition and ensure adequate sleep. They will sleep a lot.”

Ann wrote it down. Within two days, she found that Billy was right. His two babies slept a lot.

As a novice father, he is much more relaxed.

Of course, with doctors and caregivers, he can’t be tired, let alone two babies are very sensible.

The two princes were born, and the network was lively for several days. A week later, the amount of daily discussion was exceeded by another question

The Pharmaceutical Research Institute issued an announcement that the pharmaceutical research institute has prepared new drugs for patients with melanosis, which can greatly slow down the spread of melanosis.

The pharmaceutical research institute said that it would continue to study the treatment of melanosis, and revealed that there was a “research direction” and called on patients not to give up.

As soon as the news came out, countless people cheered.

There are a large number of patients with melanosis. Many people die of melanosis every year, and many new patients with melanosis will be added at the same time.

Melanosis is one of the few incurable diseases in Xingmeng, and it is also the disease with the highest mortality.

The announcement undoubtedly gives hope to many people and families.

There is already a research direction, and maybe a treatment will be developed soon.

The medicine developed now to stop the spread just gives patients the chance to wait.

An Jin saw a message during the baby’s lunch break and received a report from jorens. He realized that the new medicine was developed through the study of Blackstone.

Ann would like to think of Hans’s action of checking the scene immediately after hearing the Blackstone news.

Now think about it. At that time, Hans probably thought of melanosis.

After all, the content of impurities in Blackstone is very high, and the organism cannot absorb impurities after death. It means that the impurities are absorbed in front of Blackstone, and they have high resistance to impurities.

Hans said that there is a “direction” for the treatment, which means that experts have made progress in studying the Holy tree?

He couldn’t help but be happy. If he could get rid of all the impurities, it would be very possible!


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