After Being a Mermaid Chapter 98

An Jin jumps from the news interface to the official speech of the pharmaceutical research institute. After reading the announcement, read the comments.

The people were so excited that they almost praised the pharmaceutical research institute and had great expectations for follow-up research.

An Jin is also looking forward to it. He closes his brain and looks at the two babies sleeping in the stroller with soft eyes.

Maybe the baby is not yet an adult, the world will not have impurities and return to a healthy state.

In the evening, he got a positive answer from Norman. The expert group’s research on the Holy tree has made progress, unlike before.

An Jin gets an accurate answer and looks forward to the future. At the same time, he is also working hard.

After the baby broke its shell for a week, he understood the baby’s work and rest, and went to the planting base every day while the babies were sleeping to purify the soil.

The planting base is not the base behind the Research Institute. This is the third base he purified. The first two planting bases were purified by him during his pregnancy and before the baby broke its shell.

So far, pure soil has harvested a lot of pure food and seeds.

The number of seeds is huge and the pure land is not enough. The Institute has built several large soilless cultivation bases and is still expanding.

All pure foods were made into a dose, 90% of which were sold to the military headquarters and the rest to major hospitals.

After the agent a can be purchased from the hospital, the rich immediately use means to buy a large number of them, trying to use agent a to fill their mental power, and then restore their mental level.

However, the results showed that agent a could only restore mental strength, but could not restore mental level.

This matter triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Netizens once again called on the mermaid to open hospitals on all stars. After all, the mermaid’s singing is the only way known to restore the spiritual level.

After discussion at the Rabe star Presbyterian meeting, it was decided to take this opportunity to take the initiative to learn about each star and establish a mental hospital in each star to help other intelligent creatures treat mental related diseases and restore mental level at the same time.

The latter consumes a lot of mental power, and the upper limit of recovery level is limited by Mermaid mental power, and the cost is very high.

Even so, the meaning is still very good.

Labe star has gradually become close to Star Alliance, and has introduced the top technologies of various stars and industries, with a rapid development speed.

After the basic parts of a agent, all hospitals strictly controlled the sale of a agent and limited the purchase of a agent. The price of a agent on the market gradually decreased. Even if there were mental riots in ordinary families, they could afford a agent.

Although the shadow that has been shrouded in the Star Alliance has not disappeared, with the treatment section, all star alliance people are much easier.

Among them, the relaxed atmosphere is Sioux.

An Jin’s life became regular again. He fed the baby milk powder every morning. After the baby fell asleep, he handed the baby over to the doctor and caregiver, and he went to purify the soil.

When he gets home, the babies are usually still asleep and wake up once at about ten o’clock.

Tease the baby for about half an hour, the baby will eat something again, and then continue to sleep.

The baby seems to be different from the previous day every day. It changes every day, especially the baby Mermaid, who grows very fast,

An Jin only felt that the time passed very quickly after the baby broke the shell, and two months passed in the blink of an eye.

Baby Mermaid can learn interstellar language with him.

“Daddy, daddy.” Baby Mermaid and an Jin float side by side in the water, staring at the virtual screen in front of them and reading along with the video.

His voice is soft. His little hand is holding an Jin’s little thumb. His fleshy face is matched with a serious expression. There is a kind of contrast.

An Jin bowed his head and kissed his little face: “the baby’s pronunciation is very accurate and smart.”

Baby mermaid’s face was soft. He kissed his face and fell in. After he moved away, his face bounced back.

He smelled the milk smell of the baby Mermaid and became very soft.

Baby Mermaid looked up at her little head with bright blue eyes: “Daddy is smart.”

In order to distinguish him from Norman, he asked the baby to call them daddy and daddy respectively, and then the baby kept calling him daddy and Norman dad.

An Jin smiled, gently pinched his little meat, put it on his mouth and kissed: “baby’s mouth is so sweet.”

The father and son interacted for a while and continued to watch the teaching video.

These are what an Jin has learned for a long time, but learning with her baby feels completely different from her own learning.

He wants to accompany the baby. He hopes that the precious experience he lacks can be owned by the baby.

He looked down at the mermaid baby who focused on learning, and his eyes unconsciously became particularly gentle.

Before long, the focused Mermaid baby’s eyes became confused. The frequency of big eyes blinked faster and faster, and the radian of eyes opened smaller and smaller. After a while, he completely closed his head, tilted his head, and fell asleep against an Jin’s arm.

It’s not the first time an Jin fell asleep when she saw her baby learning or playing, but she was adored.

He gently put the translator back on the baby mermaid’s ear, then took the baby Mermaid ashore and put him on an egg shaped stroller filled with water on the shore.

There is another normal style stroller next to it. An Jin lifts the gauze curtain and looks at the baby. At a glance, he sees the baby’s upturned little ass.

The baby’s hands are folded on the bed, his side face is resting on his hands, his breathing is stable, his face is pink and tender, and he is sleeping soundly.

An Jin couldn’t help laughing. The baby seemed to like this posture very much. He wanted the baby to lie flat on the bed. The baby would cry as soon as he flattened his mouth. He didn’t open it until he recovered his prone posture.

By the end of the year, the babies will be three months old.

When the mermaid baby wakes up, his energy becomes particularly good and his thinking becomes more acute. The baby is still addicted to sleep, but he wakes up a little longer.

In the afternoon, an Jin wakes up from a nap and hears a babbling voice.

When he turned his head, he saw the baby’s two chubby hands on the edge of the car, half of his head exposed, and his brown eyes staring at the baby Mermaid sleeping on the baby water cart next door.

The baby babbled, and the index fingers of both hands kept raising and putting down with the sound, like beating the beat.

An Jin couldn’t help but be surprised. The stroller basket was not shallow. The baby showed half his head. He must be standing.

Ordinary children can’t stand so young.

He got up. When the baby heard the sound, his head immediately turned to him. His brown eyes immediately completed the crescent moon, gave out a clear laugh, and raised his right hand towards him at the same time.

An Jin was about to shout for the baby. Half of the baby’s head slipped and was blocked by the car wall.

Then, the gauze curtain shook. After a while, a small bird appeared along the edge of the car.

At this time, an Jin has walked to the stroller and can see the scene in the car clearly. The baby is climbing up with the gauze curtain and stepping on his blanket.

The baby felt him close and looked up at him. As soon as he loosened and slid down, his mouth flattened, water mist appeared in his eyes, and he would cry when he opened his mouth.

An Jin was familiar with his expression. However, he quickly opened the curtain and picked him up: “the baby doesn’t cry.” he kissed the baby on the forehead. “The baby is so powerful that he can stand up!”

The baby’s cry disappeared immediately. One eye was a little red. With his clever little face, he looked pitiful and lovable.

An Jin was a little funny and nodded his little nose: “little clever.”

The baby kept pointing to the mermaid baby. An Jin took him to the baby water cart next to him. Seeing that the baby wanted to catch the mermaid baby’s hair, he quickly grabbed his little hand: “my brother is still sleeping. You can’t touch it. It will wake him up.”

He took the baby to the sofa and informed hornard and Billy that they had a physical examination of the baby.

Hornard: “he is in good health. He really grows much faster than ordinary children. According to this growth speed, he has to supplement more nutrients.”

After the examination, the baby has fallen asleep.

When Norman came back in the evening, Ann would like to tell him about the baby’s changes.

Norman looked at the baby sleeping soundly with his ass up and looked at the baby’s fleshy calf. He felt very magical.

Around eight o’clock, the baby wakes up

Norman held the baby, stuffed the gauze curtain into the baby, stood away and teased the baby to stand up.

The baby showed his head, his feet softened and fell down. He was stunned and cried loudly.

Norman held him nervously and comforted him awkwardly.

An Jin listened to him come and go, saying “don’t cry” and “don’t cry”. He wanted to laugh. Looking at his nervous and clumsy appearance, he was warm and soft.

He took the baby to feed milk powder. The baby didn’t cry when he ate. His eyes turned.

“Daddy, Daddy!” Baby Mermaid floats in the water, one rides on the edge of the car, and the other rubs his eyes because he wakes up with a very soft voice.

After rubbing his eyes, he saw an Jin holding the baby and extending his arms to Norman.

Norman’s little wings held his little tail, hugged him, bowed his head and asked in a warm voice, “are you hungry?”

The mermaid baby and the baby looked at each other and nodded their little heads: “I want to eat with my brother.”

Norman sits beside an Jin and feeds the baby Mermaid. After the baby eats, he reaches out to the baby Mermaid. An Jin moves closer. The baby’s little hand immediately sticks to the baby mermaid’s tail.

The baby Mermaid opened her eyes slightly, stopped drinking milk and wagged her tail slightly,

The baby is not satisfied with being next to her. Her head is always leaning against her tail. An Jin humms until her face is close to her tail. She closes her eyes and is ready to sleep.

Baby Mermaid looked at the baby, his tail stopped moving and continued to drink milk.

An Jindan feels uncomfortable when the baby is pressing the mermaid baby. He holds the baby away and the baby immediately cries and hums.

The baby Mermaid frowned like a little adult: “Daddy, my brother wants to sleep.”

After, the two babies will sleep next to each other when they wake up. Ann Jin can only drive them when they are all asleep.

Although the baby can stay in the water for a long time, his skin will be wrinkled by blisters, and the baby Mermaid must stay in the water.

When the baby was three months old, he spent his first new year after birth.

On the eve of the new year, an Jin accompanied Norman live, and the two babies were nearby, but they had already fallen asleep in the stroller.

After the new year, Norman was busy again, or the whole Star Alliance was busy, preparing for the star beast tide.

In the previous year, the star beast suffered a lot of casualties and did not supplement energy. After eating food containing impurities for a year, the star beast must be in poor condition. In order to survive, it is very likely to attack in advance.

Sure enough, the star beast tide broke out earlier this year.

However, all stars of Star Alliance have been prepared and dealt with calmly.

Within a year, not only si’ao, but also all stars have cultivated a lot of pure food. The output of agent a has greatly increased. Each front-line soldier should carry at least one agent a, which not only ensures the safety of soldiers, but also enhances their combat effectiveness.

After all, there is no worry about the future, and there is no need to worry about the spiritual riots caused by excessive mental energy consumption.

Therefore, even if the star beast attacks madly, the stars still hold the defense line steadily.

Twenty days after the outbreak of the star beast tide, a news shaking the Star Alliance came from Rabe: the si’ao experts in Rabe found a way to remove impurities manually.

For a time, Star Alliance Member States kept contacting Austria, trying to inquire about the removal of impurities, or want to negotiate cooperation as soon as possible.

Sri Lanka and Austria did not disclose any information, saying that they would talk after the star beast tide.


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