After Being a Mermaid Chapter 99

More than half a month after the star beast tide broke out, the star beast’s state became worse and worse, but its attack power became more and more fierce, with a desperate momentum.

According to big data, the number of star beasts this year is about 10% less than last year.

For star beasts, being unable to break through the defenses of all stars means that without pure food, their living conditions will be worse.

With the spirit of fighting hard, more and more high-level star beasts appear in the battlefield.

Advanced star beasts have high combat effectiveness and amazing lethality, and the war situation has become tragic.

An Jin and the mermaid baby float in the water and watch the front-line live broadcast together. The half egg white boat floats in front of them. The baby lies on the boat, pouting his ass and sleeping soundly.

“Dad!” Baby Mermaid pointed to the black mecha fighting with two SSS level star beasts in the video and exclaimed.

Baby mermaid has been for more than five months. She has a high IQ. She can see that the scene is dangerous. Her little face is worried and staring at the screen nervously.

An Jin rubbed his soft blue short hair: “Yiyi, don’t worry, dad is very powerful, it won’t happen.”

His complexion is very calm, but he is actually very worried. He just doesn’t want to affect the mermaid baby.

Baby Mermaid nodded her head and looked brightly at the wings of the flying star beast in the black mecha. Her two little hands met and clapped together: “Dad is so powerful!”

An Jin echoed, but his heart was still not relaxed.

He helped Xu Xiang restore the spiritual level of the high spiritual force si’ao people. The high combat number of si’ao is the highest in the Star Alliance. However, the number of people with spiritual force reaching SSS is very small, which can not be compared with the number of SSS stars and beasts.

The only thing that reassures Jin is that StarCraft armor and weapons are very powerful.

While watching the live broadcast, an Jin paid attention to the situation of the two babies. About an hour, the baby mermaid’s little head began to peck the rice. After a while, he floated in the water and fell asleep next to the baby’s boat.

Ann: look at the eye time, 3:00 p.m.

He looked at the two babies and hesitated for a moment. He wanted to go to the front to help, but he didn’t trust the two babies. If he took the baby together, the risk would be too high.

After all \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\.

He thought for a while and made a decision.

He contacted the pro guard, so that the pro guard had better go out and prepare, and then contacted hornard and Billy.

At 7:00 p.m., when the baby woke up, Anjin and Billy fed them milk powder. After the baby drank, Anjin told the babies his decision: “Daddy has something to go out and will come tomorrow. If you don’t see daddy when you wake up, don’t be afraid. Remember?”

He also wanted to leave directly and didn’t tell the babies, but the mermaid baby was already very sensible. The baby didn’t know why he didn’t see him, so he might be more afraid.

Baby Mermaid grabbed his hand and his little face was nervous: “where is daddy going?”

An Jin: “Daddy, help dad. If the baby wants us, watch the live broadcast.”

Baby Mermaid nodded his little head and wanted to say “yes”, but after drinking “milk powder”, sleepiness soon swept over, and he fell asleep soon.

An Jin was worried that they would wake up halfway. He recorded a video and sent it to hornard. He kissed the two babies who were sleeping soundly and left the palace for the northwest frontier defense area.

On the way, the pro guard in front issued an alarm: “two star beasts are approaching, one SS Level and one SSS level.”

An Jin wanted to reach the front line as soon as possible, but was not prepared to delay time: “spread out and let them close.”

When the star beast approached, he didn’t worry about wasting mental power. He quickly operated his power, affected the star beast’s vision with white fog, and attacked with water arrows at the same time.

The pro guards attacked while the state of the star beast was affected and injured.

An Jin controls the field and the pro guard mends the knife. In less than five minutes, two star beasts were killed.

Hearing the news, the support team did not even see the shadow of the pro guard. Only the bodies of two star beasts were left at the scene.

Accelerating all the way, the party arrived at the border area in less than three hours.

At this time, close to 10:30, an Jin saw the gunfire in the night in the distance. The closer he got, the louder the gunfire and animal roar.

An Jin and his entourage looked serious. The battle lasted too long.

An Jin ordered the pro guards to rush directly to the front battlefield.

In the northwest defense area, the soldiers fell into hard struggle. Although they could replenish their mental strength in time, they still felt tired after continuous fighting.

The star beast continued to attack and seemed to never kill. This feeling brought great psychological pressure to them.

Anjin sits in the vice seat of Joseph’s mecha. Joseph controls the mecha to stop at the edge of the protective cover.

An Jin runs his power and rushes to the star beast in the protective cover. Suddenly, he falls to the ground silently.

The soldiers who were fighting were stunned and soon realized what happened. The queen is coming!

After the star beast tide last year, the combat effectiveness of the Imperial Palace was repeatedly discussed by netizens on the star network. So far, there are \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\.

The soldiers who found an Jin’s support were exhausted. The soldiers who were not on the northwest front last year were even more focused and wanted to see the Queen’s battle with their own eyes.

The star beasts in running, flying and fighting suddenly died in action. This scene happened not only in one place, but in various places. The star beasts were in chaos.

The intelligence quotient of advanced star beasts is high. Seeing this scene, I think of the same terrible scene of the previous year.

More and more star beasts died inexplicably. Fear quickly spread among the star beasts. Half an hour later, the star beasts retreated and fled.

In the process of an Jin’s attack, he is still using his power to create white fog, which affects the sight of high-level star beasts. His mental power is consumed quickly.

He drank a dose of a, and when he finished, he saw Norman driving his mecha parked nearby.

Norman contacted Joseph and asked him to open the cabin door to connect Anjin to Sirius.

Norman took an Jin’s hand, reached out and brushed the hair away from his ear. His thumb gently wiped the end of his eyes: “I’ll take you to rest.”

Norman’s voice was slightly hoarse. An Jin was very distressed. He grabbed his hand and looked up at him: “you should rest more. I don’t trust my baby. I’ll go back to the palace right away.”

Norman was silent for a moment and could not persuade an Jin not to leave. After all, he was also worried about the baby, but he was ♪ responsible and could not leave the battlefield.

He kissed an Jin’s forehead and his tone was full of pity: “it’s hard. Have a good rest on the road.”

An Jin nodded obediently: “you also hurry to have a rest.”

The memory of the star beast last year did not return, and the star beast once again had a big fight in the galaxy.

Less than March, the star beast tide will end.

This year’s star beast tide ended faster, innovating the history of Star Alliance against star beast tide. All of us remember this extraordinary year – 2366.

After the wave of stars and beasts, the Slovak Austrian Federation organized the “Star Alliance meeting” and shared the “animal nuclear converter” research results after talking about cooperation with all stars,

The si’ao expert group studied the Holy tree and made an instrument to remove impurities according to the energy conversion mode of the Holy tree. The core of the instrument is to convert the animal nuclear energy into spiritual force and remove impurities with spiritual force.

The factory of the Sloan military department produced a large number of converters. After testing, it began to purify soil, as well as various animals and plants on the main star and other affiliated stars of the Sloan military.

The diet of si’ao and the stars of Star Alliance changes rapidly, and the nutrient solution gradually disappears in the lives of ordinary people. It is more used in the military headquarters. After all, it is more convenient and fast.

At the same time, fewer and fewer patients suffer from mental disorders.

In April, the annual Star Alliance best contribution award began to be selected. Norman, an Jin and members of the expert group studying the Holy tree were all selected, and the star network voting was opened.

An Jin was stunned when he received the news.

The babies wake up longer and longer after half a year old and are energetic. Most of his attention is on the baby. He can only discuss the problems related to the starfish dictionary with the Ministry of education while the baby is sleeping.

The purpose of compiling the dictionary of interstellar language and Mermaid language is to make it convenient for mermaids to learn interstellar language by themselves and for intelligent creatures who want to understand mermaids to learn Mermaid language.

In the afternoon, an Jin just hung up his communication with the head of the Ministry of education and received Ling Ling’s communication.

The cool and cool voice was filled with joy: “Ann, I ♪ baby!”

Thinking of Ling Ling’s expectation for her baby, she hurriedly said, “Congratulations!” He added some precautions.

Ling Ling wrote it down one by one and said, “by the way, Ruirui and I are going to open a restaurant. The design of the restaurant has been completed. It is expected to open next month. You must come to the opening ceremony at that time!”

An Jinying said, “OK.”

On May 3, an Jin was awarded the Star Alliance contribution award with the highest vote in the history of Star Alliance.

Star Alliance contribution award is very rare. Only those who have made significant contributions to Star Alliance \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\.

Although an Jin knew that he was nominated, he was still a little surprised when he received the news of the award.

He browsed the details, and his main contribution was to provide pure seeds to inspire the research group to study the Holy tree, causing chaos between stars and beasts.

An Jin: “…” the star beast fought in disorder. In fact, he didn’t think of it.

In addition to an Jin’s individual contribution award, the research team also won the “collective contribution award”, because the energy converter they developed has brought infinite vitality to the Star Alliance.

On May 10th, Ruirui Lingling restaurant and delicacies restaurant opened

The suspension car arrives at the VIP parking lot of the restaurant. An Jin and Norman hold a baby and get off the car.

Garrot ran close to them from a distance and explained, “Ruirui is very busy. Ling Ling can’t be tired. I’ll pick you up for them.”

An Jin smiled and said hello to him.

Garrot looked at the two babies, took them to the VIP channel, and teased the baby held by Norman: “does little Ian remember his uncle?”

Ian’s Brown glasses blinked. Grandma’s voice replied, “I remember.”

Garrot was surprised: “little Ian is so clever and speaks clearly.”

Ian began to learn to speak when she was half a year old. Now she can say some simple words in eight months.

Ian frowned and pouted: “Ian is stupid,” he pointed to the mermaid baby in Ann’s arms, “brother is smart.”

Mermaid baby Anyi said seriously, “nonsense, Ian is not stupid at all.”

Garrot poked Ian’s small face: “hahaha, fool, he’s a mermaid. How can you compare with him.”

Ian heard the fool, his eyes misted, his mouth flat, and cried sadly.

An Yi grabbed an Jin’s arm, put his small head together with Ian, and coaxed anxiously: “Ian, don’t cry. Ian is not a fool. Ian is the smartest.”

Garrot was startled, looked at his eyes and fingers, raised them to make a surrender gesture, and hurriedly explained to the two parents, “I didn’t exert myself!”

An Jin looks at Yi An’s small face. It’s white and tender. There’s no trace. It’s obviously not painful to cry.

He \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Ian is definitely very smart among human babies.

But beside him \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\.

Moreover, an Yi is a mermaid. She not only speaks smoothly, but also has great strength. She performs too well in all aspects. Ian compares every day and feels stupid.

They came to the room near the window on the second floor. In the room, Xie Lizheng spoke to Ling Ling.

As soon as they went in, Ling Ling heard Ian crying and asked, “what’s the matter with little Ian?”

Garrot scratched his hair, explained it with a dry smile, and then turned to little Ian and said, “uncle is talking nonsense. Ian is the smartest.”

Ian blinked his eyes. The round tears rolled down. His eyes and nose were red. He said, “brother is the smartest.”

This sentence can’t coax him at all.

An Jin and Norman sit down side by side. An Yi can finally meet Ian. He reaches out his hand to wipe his tears and coax Ian with milk. The heavy rain soon turns sunny.

Garrot breathed a sigh of relief and whispered to Xie Li, “the child is really cute and terrible. It’s good that he can’t cry.”

Xie Li gave him a faint look: “fool.”

After a while, Xiaoyin and Mu Chen also arrived. Xiaoyin ran in and shook her silver gray hair tied into a horsetail. Her playful facial features were still exquisite, but her eyes were more calm than before.

He grabbed the hands of the two babies, shook them, amused them, amused them, made them giggle, and sat down next to an Jin.

When he sat down, he suddenly stood up again and sat opposite an Jin. He looked at Mu Chen: “is it OK to sit here? If it’s not next to an an, you won’t misunderstand it again?”

An Jin was stunned. Did you misunderstand?

Norman’s eyes fell on Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s eyebrows jumped and stared at Xiao Yin: “don’t talk nonsense. You can sit wherever you like.”

Xiaoyin raised her eyebrows: “I’m not talking nonsense. I’m not worried about you again…”

Mu Chen quickly walked up to him and patted his head: “shut up.” Then sit down between little silver and garrot.

He looked at an Jin and Norman opposite, looked a little embarrassed, looked away and poured out a glass of water.

Ling Ling pointed to the glass wall: “you can see the first floor from here. You can’t see the inside from the outside. The opening ceremony will be held below later.”

After a while, Rui Rui led bubble and guy in. He said hello to everyone and went downstairs again.

When the music sounded, Ling Ling turned on the projector, and everyone in each seat could see the opening performance on the first floor from the best viewing angle.

The two men went to the stage, and the guests on the first floor cheered.

“Viman! Viman!”

“Gu Gu! Gu Gu!”

The voice downstairs spread to the second floor. Xiao Yin ran to the window and looked, “look downstairs, and sat down again:” Gu Gu is so popular now! ”

Ling Ling agreed and nodded: “after the video of him singing with viman at our graduation ceremony was posted to Xingwang, he had a lot of fans.”

Bubble raised his hand and said excitedly, “I’m the number one fan of Gu Gu! I’m also the president of his fan support association! His first single published two days ago has the largest daily broadcast volume for two consecutive days. He will definitely win the Rookie Award in September this year!”

Just then, the opening speech to celebrate the opening was finished, and Gu Gu and viman began to sing.

Gu Gu’s voice is ethereal and pleasant. Viman has a wide range. When singing low, it is slightly hoarse and looks very charming. They sing together. Different voices collide together. It’s very pleasant to hear.

The guests shouted loudly, and there were many shrieks, even louder than at the beginning.

Bubble looked at zhinao’s news: “♪ fans know they are performing here and have found it.” He looked at Ling Ling: “there are many fans. Will it cause trouble?”

Ling Ling shook her head: “it doesn’t matter. It’s forbidden to enter when the reception number is reached.”

After singing, Gu Gu and viman also came to the room. The Mermaids looked at viman curiously.

Weiman is the least human being here. Because viman often goes out to perform, he seldom used to pick up Gu at the mermaid center.

Viman has short hair, a few clusters of hair dyed green, slightly longer, braided at the back of his head, looking very fashionable.

He and Gu Gu walked into the room together. After receiving several lines of sight, he stepped back without leaving a trace.

Gu Gu took him by the hand and strode to the table to introduce them.

Weiman is very handsome and looks very publicity. After Gu Gu’s introduction, his upturned nose floats a layer of sweat: “hello.”

People responded: “hello.”


Xiaoyin looked at him curiously: “are you hot? How are you sweating?”

Weiman quickly wiped his nose with paper and shook his head. His handsome face tightened and sat down with Gu Gu.

Gu Gu’s arm touched him and noticed that he was nervous. He quickly looked at the others: “don’t look at him, he will be nervous.”

Garrot was surprised: “isn’t he a star? He just sang in front of so many people.”

Gu Gu: “♪ he’s not nervous about music.”

“Sorry, I’m afraid of society,” Weiman explained

He said dryly, with a handsome tight face, as if he was angry.

Gu Gu raised his hand: “it’s true. He can only sing and stay at home. He’s not nervous. Don’t misunderstand him. He’s very good.”

Weiman looked at Gu Gu and his ears were red.

Ruirui walks in, followed by a row of serving robots. He holds a bottle of wine in his hand: “the main drink in the store tastes very good. Try it.”

Xiaoyin reached out to pick it up and said positively, “I’ll pour it.”

Each person poured a glass of wine and the dishes were served. The smell of the dishes spread in the room, which was very greedy.

“Daddy, eat!” Ian’s brown eyes are shining, his small hand points to the nearest steamed ribs, his small mouth is slightly open, and there is glittering saliva around his mouth.

An Jin wiped his mouth with a wet paper towel, filled him and an Yi with some rice noodles in a small bowl, and let them eat them with a spoon.

The atmosphere at the dinner table is warm. Recently, the catering business of all stars is booming. The people present are eating all kinds of delicious food almost every day.

However, I want to eat delicious food for too long, and I don’t eat enough delicious food in a short time.

Xiaoyin bit the chicken wings and looked directly at the braised prawns opposite. Mu Chen knew he wanted to eat when he saw his expression. He put one on the plate.

“Hey!” He just sat where he was, and garrot patted him on the shoulder and leaned close to his neck, “Mu Chen, have you been bitten by a bug?”

“Impossible.” Mu Chen subconsciously answered.

His garden is very green, but the housekeeper has been actively removing insects and can’t be bitten by insects.

“It’s red. There seems to be ♪ under it. It’s covered by clothes.” Hornard pointed to his right back neck near his shoulder.

Mu Chen touched his hand. The skin under his clothes felt slightly itchy. He immediately remembered what had happened the night before. His face was slightly stiff and soon recovered to nature.

Xiaoyin turned her head, looked at his shoulder and suddenly said, “not by…”

Mu Chen covered Xiao Yin’s mouth: “eat!” Then he said to garrot, “thanks, I didn’t notice. I’ll take some medicine at home.

The rest of the diners looked down on his shoulder for a moment and quickly moved away, pretending that he was really bitten by a bug.

Garrot said enthusiastically: “there are a lot of insects in recent months. I ♪ will go camping when I’m free. There are more insects in the wild. I recommend insecticides for you…”

Xie Li bumped him with his elbow. His cold voice said faintly, “clip me a spare ribs.”

“Oh.” Garrot’s words were interrupted. Subconsciously, he sandwiched a piece of ribs into Xie Li’s bowl.

Seeing that he turned around and was ready to talk to Mu Chen, Xie Li asked, “which dish do you think is the best?”

Garrot thought for a moment, and his eyes were tangled between several dishes. Finally, he struggled to choose the best one.

Xie Li asked again, “why?” When he answered, he asked, “how do you think it would be better to improve?”

Garrot forgot all about recommending pesticides to Mu Chen.

People are satisfied with what they eat for a period of time. The two babies fall asleep halfway through the meal.

Put the baby aside and the party sat on the sofa and chatted.

After chatting, Mu Chen found that Xiaoyin was too quiet and patted Xiaoyin on the shoulder. Xiaoyin turned to look at him, blinked, suddenly raised a smile and kissed him.

Mu Chen looked back, covered his mouth, turned red, and quickly glanced at the people around him: “are you crazy?”

Xiao Yin looked at him and continued to laugh.

An Jin looks at Xiao Yin’s expression: “he seems to be drunk.”

Ling Ling was surprised: “no, the degree of wine is very low, and children can drink it.”

Mu Chen waved his hand in front of Xiaoyin. Seeing that he still smiled and didn’t speak, the corner of his mouth smoked: “maybe he’s drunk. I’ll send him.”

An Jin and Norman didn’t stay. They made an appointment to get together again when they were free and hold the baby at home.

In September, when the baby was one year old, Norman held a grand birthday party at the palace.

In the evening, after the baby fell asleep, an Jin sat on the bed and looked at the photos taken today. He didn’t sleep until nearly eleven o’clock, reminded by Norman.

Ann Jin lies on the bed, turns over and leans against Norman. Norman holds him, lowers his head and kisses him on his forehead: “good night, good night.”

An Jin smiled: “good night, Norman.”

There are two baby beds next to the bed. The baby Mermaid floats in the waterwheel and sleeps soundly with a small blue tail. In the baby bed next door, the baby tilts his ass and pillows his face on his palm.

The faint light sprinkled on the ground through the curtains, and the room was quiet and warm.


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