After reopening the escape game Chapter 1

Horror orphanage 1

[junior players are welcome to enter the single person mutual aid copy [terror orphanage] and open the game scene in 3 seconds. I wish you a happy game!]

Ruan Qiao’s eyes were dark and he felt the temperature around him decrease a little. I don’t know how long it took. He adapted to the darkness and saw something faintly in his eyes.

She sat up from the bed. Through the dim light of the window, she could roughly see that it was a room for four people. The surrounding temperature was a little low and the quilt was very cold.

[it’s a cold night. The conditions here are really bad. But as a caring volunteer, you certainly don’t care about this hardship.]

Ruan Qiao sat on the bed, not in a hurry to move, and seriously accepted the game information.

[I didn’t expect that the night in the orphanage was so cold. The first night of your nine volunteers came here was so hard. The room is so big. Although there are not many children here, you have to take good care of them.]

After all, you only need to stay here for five days. It’s 0:00 a.m. on the 3rd. When 0:00 a.m. on the 8th, your task will be completed

The task panel can be called out at any time. Ruan Qiao glanced at the task target. There was a blank. It seemed that what needed to be triggered would receive the task.

Ruan Qiao found a small sign with a pin on his clothes, which said A3.

“Who are you?” A young girl’s vigilant voice sounded in the dark.

Ruan Qiao looked for the source of his voice and saw a figure sitting on the opposite bed.

She was about to speak when she heard bursts of creepy children’s painful cries from outside.

In the dark night, it is particularly harsh.


Ruan Qiao’s team won the global champion of competitive game [survival SL], and the boss excitedly gave them a small holiday.

The first day of the holiday was her 19th birthday. Ruan Qiao didn’t like the excitement. Shen junmu was only invited to the birthday party in the evening.

Her parents assured her that Ruan Qiao moved to Chengdu alone in order to facilitate training and competition with her teammates on weekdays. Shen junmu is her partner. They have a great tacit understanding in the game, and fans have given them a CP name “wooden bridge”. On weekdays, even company friends often make fun of them. They all agree that Ruan Qiao is Shen junmu’s girlfriend.

To tell the truth, Shen junmu really takes good care of her. On weekdays, he is also a gentle and considerate person. He is one meter eight tall, handsome and clean. His girlfriend powder is no less than game powder.

No one doesn’t like Shen junmu, and Ruan Qiao is no exception.

But the relationship between them has been in a very strange state. The two people have not determined the relationship, but Shen junmu never denied it when others said she was his girlfriend.

At first, Ruan Qiao just joked with everyone, but later, there were more and more such statements, especially after the cooperation of the two won the best combination in the championship, even the official posters intended to guide this aspect.

Although Ruan Qiao likes Shen junmu, she also knows that the clear relationship between the two is limited to game partners.

She ordered a restaurant and cake for tonight’s birthday party and sent a message to Shen junmu that it was an ordinary dinner without mentioning anything else.

When Ruan Qiao arrived at the place, he found that Shen junmu arrived a long time earlier than the agreed time, and there was an exquisite gift box on the seat next to him.

“For you, birthday present.” When Shen junmu laughed, the whole person looked more gentle and beautiful. “I’ll take you out later in the evening.”

He doesn’t wear complicated, white shirt and jeans. He’s as simple as a student.

Ruan Qiao opened the gift and found a bracelet she liked very much. Shen junmu is such a person. He pays attention to all your details and needs, even if you never mention them.

She called him over tonight just to find out.

But before she spoke, Muqiao called first and said that she hurt her leg while practicing yoga and wanted Shen junmu to take her to the hospital.

“She has a boyfriend. Why do you want to go?” Ruan Qiao stirred his milk tea. “I have something important to tell you tonight.”

Shen junmu: “ah Lin’s cell phone can’t get through. I’ll make up your birthday tomorrow.”

Ruan Qiao finished the cake behind her and went to the fireworks party alone. On the subway home, she thought for a long time.

As a partner, Shen junmu’s kindness is his circle powder point, but as a couple, she can’t accept his warm male nature, especially Muqiao’s personality. She knows that Muqiao hates Yoga most. How can she go to yoga class.

When he came to the door of the community, Ruan Qiao sent a message to the captain that he planned to take a half year off.

Turn it off, pick up the card and finish it at one go.

She needs to be separated from Shen junmu for a period of time to sort out her feelings.

Before walking a few steps, a man in a suit suddenly came in front and stopped her at the door of the community.

The other party was very polite: “is this miss Ruan Qiao of the AAS team?”

Ruan Qiao took out a pile of business cards from his bag and handed them one by one: “ask our team leader for an appointment, play an agent for business activities, and dig people to find our boss. By the way, if you need to unlock the lock, you can call my elder martial brother.”

The suit man was stunned with a dozen business cards: “Miss Ruan, we’re looking for you to help save people.”

She looked up: “I’m an Internet addicted girl, not a doctor.”


After returning from the hospital, Ruan Qiao went directly back to his home and put the signed contract on the table in front of the sleeping cabin.

A rescue contract.

The man was lying in the hospital, thin and pale, and the pictures recurred in her mind.

Her mission target is Su Xi, a rich second generation addicted to games.

But his addiction is not ordinary.

Su Xi has stayed in the game world since he entered a holographic horror game six months ago. His subconscious refused to wake up, and forcibly cutting off the device link may cause damage to his body and nerves.

Fortunately, the setting of that game is that if you die in the copy, you must wake up offline. Originally, Su Xi’s parents thought so. Who thought this man was stunned in the game and had never experienced a death.

Although there are nutritional maintenance equipment to support his body, there will be accidents in the long run.

They once sent many people to enter the game to kill Su Xi, but all of them were killed. And if they go to one, he pulls the black one.

Su Fu had no choice but to hire game experts to approach Su Xi. Unexpectedly, he was vigilant when he was assassinated many times. Ordinary people simply couldn’t win his trust, let alone kill him in the game.

Ruan Qiao was chosen because she met the two characteristics of completing the task – a master of survival games, and her appearance was deceptive.

It happened that she didn’t want to play [survival line SL] again during this period. She changed a game to relax.

Unlike SL, which focuses on competition, this holographic game called [isolation area ia] focuses on suspense, terror and survival.

The two games are the best in holographic games. They are almost the games with the largest number of players and the best reputation on the market.

Due to ia’s iris recognition technology, everyone can only have one account. Ruan Qiao’s mission also received the cooperation of IA company. As the core technology of the game involves the fields of human nerve and biology, IA company has signed relevant agreements with the government and can not interfere too much in the game. All her requirements were only met. One was to give her a new number, and the other was to try to match their game copies together during the game.

Before entering the AAS competition, Ruan Qiao was also a loyal fan of the [isolation zone] game, but for some reasons, she locked her original account.

[isolation area ia] the time in the game is different from the actual flow rate. After Ruan Qiao entered the sleep cabin, he entered the game landing room.

This is a monotonous white room with four walls, heads and feet. It is only 12 square meters in size. The original space will change only after you log in and read the account information.

[it is detected that players have new account quota, do you want to use it?]

Ruan Qiao chose a new character. The game appearance and body value of IA fit the player’s own value, but the appearance can be fine tuned by 30%, and the body value can be changed by adding points. She lowered her appearance by 30%, changed her facial features and body shape as much as possible, and looked like an ordinary soft girl.

Shen junmu’s appearance is not low if she can be recruited as a CP by the government. Even if she is reduced by 30%, she is still very good-looking, but it is not as eye-catching as before.

[please enter ID (ID can only be modified once)]

She thought and wrote three words.

[new role succeeded]

[players are welcome to enter the [isolation area] of the game and get the novice gift bag: gold coin * 100, diamond * 5 and potential value * 5.]

Ruan Qiao is not a newcomer to the IA game for the first time. She skipped the novice introduction and guidance and directly added all the five potential points to the lucky value.

Players’ basic values include luck, physical strength, hearing, vision and agility. Potential value can be allocated to these abilities. With the increase of level, the effect of players’ physical quality will be reflected in the game.

If a basic value is zero, the strength of the ability is consistent with the player’s actual physical condition.

If she remembers correctly, Su Xi will participate in a live promotion in half an hour.

[isolation zone] every 9 levels of the game level is a bottleneck. If you want to break through, you must participate in the live promotion competition. You can only upgrade after you get the promotion stone after successfully passing the customs.

Ruan Qiao opened the game panel and chose to enter the large-scale live promotion competition.

[live audience loading…]

Each player of this promotion game can have a separate live room. After the start of the game, the live room will be locked, and the audience can only go out and can’t go in. At the same time, the bullet screen players in the live broadcast room cannot view it, which is also to prevent the bullet screen from interfering with the game process.

[welcome the junior player “ruanmianmian” to enter the single person mutual aid copy [terror orphanage], and open the game scene in 3 seconds. I wish you a happy game.]

After Ruan Qiao adapted to the dark environment, she found that there were two other players in the room besides her.

It can be seen from the window that they are on the second floor. There are four beds in the room. The temperature is low at night. The wind blows through the window and makes a sudden creak.

The door was locked.

Originally, there were some irrelevant words in the barrage.

[barrage] I came to see the newcomers when the live broadcasting room of Goddess Wen was full.

[barrage] W goddess!

[barrage] can you go somewhere else if you brush WCRJ it? Don’t affect me to see cute sister!

[barrage] the newcomer is very fresh. He came to participate in the live promotion competition at the first level. Aren’t you afraid to cry 2333

When the child’s terrible and painful scream came from outside, the barrage was serious.

[barrage] high energy ahead!

[barrage] tall P, this is the book of survival. It’s almost enough to survive these five days. Just don’t die. Don’t go out and run around at night.

“What are you doing?” Previously, the alert girl was startled by the sudden terrible sound outside. Seeing Ruan Qiao tampering in front of the door, she asked curiously.

Ruan Qiao zhengse: “of course, I tried to open the door and go out.”

[barrage] hahaha, what did she say?

[barrage] let’s break up. The new anchor won’t live tonight.

[bullet screen] [wax point] [wax point]



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