After reopening the escape game Chapter 11

“Did you fall into an illusion just now?”

Su Xi’s voice sounded behind her. Ruan Qiao nodded. She was not sure. She just felt that there was something wrong with the two teammates eager to let themselves go downstairs. In addition, Su Xi in the illusion was unhappy and angry because of her behavior, which made her firm that it was a trap.

Just after the illusion disappeared, it should be that some players died and really ended the game.

Ruan Qiao looked serious: “you don’t know how dangerous the situation was just now. I was almost fooled by that evil spirit. She turned into you and wanted to seduce me.”

She picked up the iron box and walked to the stairs: “fortunately, I stick to my heart and am not confused by beauty.”

Su Xi: ”

[barrage] serious nonsense

[barrage] if the ghost turns into a cloud God and really goes off the seduction route, then… I may not be able to control it

[barrage] seconded

[barrage] seconded

“I remember Wen Qing has a key in her hand. You can try to open it.” Ruan Qiao walked in front. They climbed down the wooden ladder. When they left 204, the screams downstairs had stopped, but the signs of thunder and lightning did not weaken at all.

“Boom -”

The occasional flash of white light lit up the terrible and gloomy corridor, and the evil shadow graffiti on the wall was distorted and frightening.

Downstairs, the lobby was still dark, and the door of the restaurant was half closed, revealing the faint yellow light of the candle.

Ruan Qiao walked in with an iron box. Su Xi followed him. Wen Qing and the strong sat on the chair, and others surrounded the nearby dining cabinet.

Wen Qing’s expression is indifferent. She seems to be thinking about something and sitting to rest, while the strong can’t stand with soft legs and make a retching sound from time to time.

Ruan Qiao put the iron box on the table and looked at it.

The little white rabbit was indeed dead. She died in the kitchen cabinet. Her body was still stuffed inside, her head twisted to her knees, and her whole body curled up together in order to hide, leaving blood all over the ground.

Two double horsetails hung on the side of her face, covered with dark blood. There was no trauma on her body, and all the blood flowed out of her throat.

The mouth is wide open, forming a black hole.

“The ghosts tonight are terrible.” The strong Heng Qiang’s face turned white, his whole body twitched from time to time, and his eyes were full of fear.

There was something wrong with the atmosphere in the restaurant. Ruan Qiao simply sat down to watch the play.

[barrage] I can feel the fear of this big brother across the live broadcast interface.

[barrage] I can see that he is in a panic now

[barrage] look, it scares the children

[barrage] give me back my lovely girl with ponytail!!

“Is it terrible?” CHEN Si sneered, “I think sometimes people are just as terrible. The little white rabbit is a newcomer in your group B. tut Tut, when it’s time to do it, even the members of the same group don’t hesitate.”

The strong Heng Qiang whispered: “you don’t understand, you don’t understand at all. I can’t stand it. It’s terrible… It’s worse to stay there and wait for her to find you than to let me die directly… You don’t understand, you don’t understand…”

Yu Xing and Wen Qing hid in the lobby and the clouds hid in the kitchen. At that time, only the strong, Chen Sihe and the little white rabbit were in the restaurant.

As the No. 1 senior player in group B, Yu Guang’s lack of a member means that he has lost a reward. You know, it’s difficult to pass the A-level copy.

He frowned and asked, “what’s going on?”

CHEN Si showed a sarcastic expression and glanced at the strong HENGQIANG: “if the ghost child looked for it in order, the first thing to open should be the cabinet where the strong HENGQIANG was hiding, but he threw a toy ball to the place where the little white rabbit was hiding at the critical moment and found his life.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the small balls dyed in the pool of blood and could not see the original color. Their shape and size were similar to those they saw in the upstairs game room.

This strong man, HENGQIANG, is very timid. At first glance, he is not an IQ player. When the props and skills were sealed, he found a way to survive.

No wonder you can become an intermediate player of more than ten levels.

It turned out that he didn’t have any advantages. At least he was very skilled in selling his teammates by any means.

When Chen Si revealed what had happened just now, the strong man’s face was even more ugly. He is really timid, but the game can make a lot of money, so he has been playing it. The ball was also in his pocket. Just now he was afraid and threw it to the cabinet where the little white rabbit hid. He really wanted to divert the ghost’s attention.

It doesn’t matter if he’s dead, as long as he’s not dead.

In the game, death will lose its level, and there are other penalties. He finally came to play the upgraded copy of the supernatural he was most afraid of. He came for a high reward. If he died like this, he didn’t come in vain.

But when Chen Si said this, the rest of the fun he was working with must be unwilling to help him again. Maybe he will guard against him.

After listening to Chen Si’s words, Yu Xing fell silent. This is just a survival game. It’s understandable to live by any means. He doesn’t have to blame the strong Heng Qiang for the death of the little white rabbit, but he will also be vigilant. If you get too close to such people, maybe he will be the ghost next time.

Wen Qing saw the box on the table: “where did you come from?”

Ruan Qiao replied, “we found the stairs leading to the attic. It’s in the empty room 204. This is the box found in the attic. See if the key can be opened.”

Wen Qing nodded and took out the key found on the little boy’s body. As expected, she successfully opened the box.

The box was not big. It contained a folded apron with a picture of sheep on it. There is also a square black-and-white photo. In the background of the picture, the yard of the orphanage. Only one third of the tree crown is photographed in the big tree on the left. In the center of the picture, there is a man who can’t see his face clearly.

In addition, there are many small plastic funnels in the box.

Wen Qing picked up the photo: “before, we found a group photo of five children in the cabinet of 201. At that time, the photo was almost the same as it. It was also square.”

Yu Xing also came to have a look: “very few photos are square.”

“Yes, these two photos should be one.” Wen Qing’s slender fingers crossed the blurred person in the photo. “There are really more than five children in the orphanage.”

Ruan Qiao picked up the sheep apron and asked the cloud, “do you remember seeing this apron last time?”

Cloud was standing beside in a daze when she was suddenly asked. She first said “ah” in doubt, and then hesitated: “you mean… Is this apron the man’s?”

Ruan Qiao nodded: “in the retrospect of the death of the first little boy, the murderer I saw was wearing this apron. TA also had an assistant, a man driving a truck. I reasonably doubt it was a milkman.”

Wen Qing thought: “what are these funnels for? Why do you cut and unlock the photos?”

The clouds looked at the half closed restaurant door. There was a heavy shadow in the lobby. An occasional flash of lightning followed the rolling thunder, and the candles on the table trembled in the terrible thunder.

She fought a cold war: “the second game is about to start. We’d better find a way to solve these ghosts.”

Wen Qing put the iron box back: “do you want us to find a ghost this time? The branch task says that group a found the body of the first child. Does that mean there is a second body?”

Yu Xing nodded, “let’s go and find it separately.”

CHEN Si suddenly interrupted: “this time may not be found at all. If a player dies directly and passes 12 o’clock, we still have three hours to search.”

The strong man looked up at her fiercely, and there was a bad feeling in his heart.

Sure enough, CHEN Si said his name the next moment: “no one knows if his position will be revealed by someone like the strong Heng Qiang. Push him directly to the ghost. He’s dead, and we’ll be less suspicious and defensive.”

“Why can you decide my life and death!” The strong always protest.

“That’s good.” CHEN Si took out a notebook and pen from the drawer of the next cabinet: “this is the notepad in the restaurant. Each of us wrote down our opinions and made anonymous statistics. Those who agree to let the strong die write [death], those who disagree write [life], and the minority obeys the majority.”

CHEN Si writes first, tears off the paper, folds it and throws it on the table. Wen Qing, Yu Xing, Yun duo and Ruan Qiao also wrote one by one.

Ruan Qiao wrote for the longest time. After writing, he handed the paper and pen to Su Xi next to the cabinet.

The flickering candlelight cast a shadow on his face, the cold corners of his lips moved slightly, and his voice was careless: “boring.”

Su Xi glanced at the remaining players, didn’t take the pen and paper, turned and walked out of the restaurant directly: “I’ll go to the player’s room to find it.”

“Exactly five votes.” CHEN Si opened it one by one when he abstained and mixed all the papers on the table and couldn’t tell whose.

“Dead.” She opened the second one and paused, “Sheng.”

The third one, Sheng.

Fourth, death.

Two birth tickets, two death tickets, and the last one will determine his fate. The strong Heng Qiang watched nervously as the fifth paper was slowly unfolded.

A few strokes outlined the eye-catching facial features, a lifelike expression package on the paper, with four big characters below.

Magic expression: unexpected

CHEN Si: ”

The strong is always strong: ”

[barrage] help! I’m going to laugh

[barrage] I rely on the soul painter!

[barrage] you are very coquettish

[barrage] a sand sculpture was mixed among us

The strong HENGQIANG couldn’t care about the expression package: “it’s a waiver. There’s no result with a flat vote!”

“Life and death have a destiny. Each depends on his ability.” Ruan Qiao stood up: “time is running out. I’m looking for the kitchen.”

Cloud immediately followed her: “sister Mianmian and I are looking for the restaurant.”

CHEN Si gouged out the strong Heng Qiang and said, “I’ll go upstairs to find it. Don’t follow up.”

Yu Xinglian hurriedly said, “the second floor is big. I’ll go too. The strong, you can find the lobby and storage room.”

The strong man knew that he was in trouble now. No one wanted to be with him, so he had to start from the storage room.

It had begun to crackle and rain outside, and the whole empty and dark orphanage groaned in the wind and rain.

“Sister Mianmian, you are great. Although you are new, I feel that you are much better than the two in group BC. I have an inexplicable sense of security with you.” Cloud followed Ruan Qiao to search the kitchen: “when I first played the game, I was scared and screamed all the way.”

“I’ll find the kitchen and you’ll find the restaurant.” Ruan Qiao didn’t want to chat with her and directly assigned the area. The kitchen is not big. Except for the cooking place, it is a cabinet for storing food. There is only bread and other vegetarians, and there is a cabinet with bacon and ribs. There are few vegetables and some empty bottles of milk.

Ruan Qiao closed the cabinet door and looked up and saw a man and a woman and two children standing in front of him.

They stood there, motionless, as if they had seen her for a long time.


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