After reopening the escape game Chapter 12

The candles on the table can only light up the limited space and swing a strange dark shadow on the faces of the two children.

The oppressive temperature makes the exposed skin feel cold.

The two brothers and sisters looked very similar. They were about ten years old, but their eyes stared at Ruan Qiao, especially penetrating.

Their eyes moved with Ruan Qiao’s movements and looked extremely stiff. There are large areas of redness, swelling and bruises on the face. Fortunately, in general, other parts of the face are normal.

“Sister, have you found it?” The little girl opened her mouth, and her voice was like that of a sand wheel rolling over mud and stones in a thorn bush.

Ruan Qiao: “what did you find?”

The little boy said stiffly, “find the little whale. We can’t find her anywhere. The hide and seek game is over.”

Ruan Qiao asked them, “where do you think she likes to hide most?”

The two children spoke at the same time, and the voices of boys and girls crossed together, which was particularly strange: “she hates hide and seek games most. She always hides in the easiest place to be found.”

“She always loses, so she doesn’t want to play hide and seek with us. Every time she loses, she has to be a ghost looking for someone.”

“She’s hiding. No one can find her this time.”

Children without hands can’t close the cabinet door, cover themselves with things, and hide thoroughly, so she hates this game.

Did she hide herself or was she hidden by others?

Ruan Qiao continued to ask, “who is the person who takes care of you?”

[barrage] the anchor asked the key point

[barrage] so far, only five children have been seen here. The caregiver has no other signs except a picture pasted into mosaic, right?

[barrage] let me guess. Does the picture mean that the caregiver has been pasted

[barrage]… Let’s live through tonight

“Ta is coming,” the two children didn’t directly answer her questions. Instead, their expressionless faces suddenly showed a look of panic. The pupils of their eyes enlarged and occupied the whole eyes, and their voice became sharp: “if you don’t obey, you will be punished! TA is coming, Ta is coming.”

Their voices became louder and louder, and their facial features became more and more distorted. Black liquid came out of their mouths, and their voices gradually changed tone.

“No, we don’t want to die!!”

“I don’t want to talk to…!”

Before saying anything, a blast of thunder rolled over and the candles on the table went out in an instant.

A few seconds later, a weak light shone in from the door. The clouds stood at the door with a candle swaying in the center of the candle and said carefully, “sister Mianmian, who were you talking to just now?”

Ruan Qiao looked at the position where her sister and brother stood by the light of her candle, but there was nothing.

She smiled, “clouds, come in.”

The cloud stretched out its neck in fear and looked inside. After confirming that there was nothing terrible in it, it came in and put the candle on the kitchen board: “I’ve looked through the restaurant, not to mention the body, not even a hair.”

Ruan Qiao was not in a hurry. The two children just sent her important information. Now she is 80% sure where the baby whale has gone.

“Sister Mianmian, it’s almost twelve o’clock. Shall we find a place to hide first?” The cloud said anxiously.

Ruan qiaola sat down on the high stool next to him: “don’t worry, we are absolutely safe here.”

The cloud was skeptical: “but there is no place to hide, and even if you hide, you may be found.”

Ruan Qiao: “do you believe me?”

The cloud nodded with a bitter face and said, “but if we are found, we will die. It’s safer to hide…”

“Dong Dong”

The heavy bell rang suddenly, and the blood red light spread from the door, putting the whole kitchen in a bloody hell.

Ruan Qiao’s face remained unchanged: “don’t worry, we are absolutely safe here. Maybe the ghost doesn’t dare to come to us and kill others first.”

With that, she turned to look up and happened to face the cold eyes of the armless little girl at the door.

[barrage] hitting the face at the speed of light

[barrage] mysterious silence

[barrage] the scene was once very embarrassing

The little girl did not move, and Ruan Qiao kept silent. The cloud also saw the little girl’s eyes full of resentment and cold breath, and her pale skin, which was particularly terrible in this red hell.

The clouds had a burst of hair at the bottom of their heart and a cold sweat on their forehead. She stepped back a few steps, grabbed Ruan Qiao’s arm, and cried in her voice: “what, what should I do? I don’t want to die like a little white rabbit.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the little girl for a while and said, “play hide and seek, right?”

She stood up, opened the next cupboard and took out bags of bacon and ribs: “the easiest place to be found in this room does not refer to a place, but a state.”

“Obviously, you are in the most easily found place. Why haven’t we found the body after looking for so long?” Ruan Qiao continued: “unless – the body is under our eyes, and we don’t know.”

The cloud was shocked: “you mean, these, these meat are…”

She couldn’t say any more and turned to retch.

The thought that the place where the food was placed in the kitchen had been placed with human bodies made her sick.

Ruan Qiao pointed to the Bacon: “you’ve always been here, but no one knows it’s you.”

“I found you. The game is over.”

The little girl’s cold eyes dissipated in an instant, her pupils returned to normal size, and her swollen facial features returned to normal. She looked like a normal child with a pale face.

“Thank you.” Her voice was dumb, her eyes hung down and sucked her nose: “but remember to be careful.”

“Ta wants to kill everyone.”

The next moment, as like as two peas, the little girl turned into a black light and fell on Ruan Qiao’s hands and turned into a black card, the same model she received before.

At the same time, at the moment when the red light dissipated, everyone received the system message.

[branch quest] the progress of the branch quest has been updated. Congratulations to group a players for successfully finding the body of a dead child. Complete the hidden plot [where has she gone], and all members of the group will be rewarded after the game.

Number of current branch plot (2 / 4)

Hearing the news, I hid it. Soon Wen Qing and Yu Guang came downstairs. After a while, Susie came down the stairs slowly.

He is tall, with a thin waist and long legs in a black windbreaker. The skin has a few morbid pallor, like an aristocrat out of the shadow, with a temperament of fear and submission.

Even Yu Guang didn’t dare to stay on him.

Wen Qing has been in the entertainment circle for a long time. She has seen all kinds of beauties. Although Su Xi impressed her, she won’t pay too much attention.

Therefore, looking at him openly, Ruan Qiao seemed particularly abrupt.

Watching Su Xi’s eyes fall on her, Ruan Qiao slightly tilted his head and winked to greet him.

The girl’s white skin is light pink, her cunning eyes are clean and clear, and her small facial features are more and more lovely.

Su Xi: ”

[barrage] ah, wife, I don’t allow you to discharge on other dogs!!

[barrage] – when did you become the anchor’s boyfriend upstairs

[barrage] it has been since I was destined to enter this live studio!

There was also a body in the dining-room cabinet. Although the cabinet was closed, the smell of blood was still very heavy. Players choose to discuss on the sofa in the lobby.

I waited a long time, but I didn’t wait for the strong to be strong.

We searched around and found his body in the storage room. The strong HENGQIANG sticks tightly to the gap between a cabinet and the wall, turns his head 90 degrees, faces the gap, and opens his eyes in horror.

There was a big pool of blood on the ground.

The cloud returned to the sofa and rubbed his arm. “It seems that he was killed by a ghost shortly before we finished the game. It’s terrible.”

“It’s the third night. There are six players left.” Yu Xing looked around at the crowd: “as long as we are more careful next, it’s easy to spend five days.”

“What about the caretaker?” CHEN Si asked: “according to the trend of the plot, the caregiver killed two children, and the remaining three are probably bad. Cloud just said that the one who likes to play hide and seek left an inexplicable sentence before going offline. Does it mean that in addition to the ghosts of the three children, we have to face the caregiver who doesn’t know whether people are ghosts or not tomorrow?”

Wen Qing stood up and said, “there shouldn’t be dead tonight. Let’s have a rest first.”

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi. Her eyesight was very good. She could see that his drooping eyelashes were long and slightly curled, his thin lips were slightly pursed under the bridge of his tall nose, and his good-looking facial features didn’t bring any emotion, so she couldn’t see the man’s mind.

But just now he suddenly wanted to go up to see the player’s room. Did he find anything?

In order to prevent accidents while staying alone, CHEN Si moved directly from 203 to 201, which happened to have an extra bed.

Soon, the rainy night passed.

Because the previous night was too tired, it was after noon when the players got up. It was raining in the gloomy weather outside, and the whole house was more old and dilapidated than before.

It’s like a tomb that has been abandoned for countless years. Now several guests suddenly live in.

Ruan Qiao yawned and went downstairs. He happened to meet the cloud after going to the toilet.

“Sister Mianmian, it’s too cold today.” She sneezed. “I’ll go out to the bathroom. It’s freezing me.”

Ruan Qiao looked at her bleary eyed. “That’s just right. I’m going to boil water and make a cup of hot tea. Would you like a cup?”

[bullet screen] tea making cotton Online

[barrage] have a cup of tea

They turned back and walked to the restaurant. The blood had dried up and solidified in the cabinet where the little white rabbit’s body was located. When the clouds passed by, they unconsciously looked at them and then withdrew their sight in fear.

Ruan Qiao opened the kitchen door, went in and began to boil water, took out tea, waited for the water to boil, poured two cups of hot tea and handed a cup to Yunduo.


The kitchen door swung shut, and the clouds turned and looked up.

The cup in her hand suddenly slipped and smashed on the floor and broke into several pieces. After a long time, she said in a trembling voice: “during the day, people also began to die.”

Behind the door hung a purple, lifeless body.


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