After reopening the escape game Chapter 13

Yu Xing is dead.

The body was hung behind the kitchen door. The pupils were dilated, and the eyes seemed to protrude out of the eyes, mixed with blood, which was particularly frightening. His lips and nose were blue and purple, and his tongue hung soft on his purple lips.

It was raining outside. Several people moved Yu Xing’s body to the storage room and put it with the strong. As for the little white rabbit in the cabinet, no one wanted to move it because its death was too bloody.

Yu Xing’s death made the atmosphere between players strange. The remaining players were all girls except Su Xi. Everyone took some precautions when looking at others.

After lunch, they alleviated their hunger, and they were faced with another problem – how did Yu Xing die.

We all know that ghosts only kill at night and must abide by certain rules of the game. Most players who die during the day are killed.

When moving Yuxing’s body, several people also checked the body of the strong HENGQIANG by the way and found that he didn’t spit black blood to death, but was pierced by an artery, so there was so much blood on the ground.

This also verifies the clues found before – there is still a person hidden in the orphanage, who is most likely the caregiver, and this person does not intend to let the player live safely for five days.

CHEN Si couldn’t help it: “let’s make it clear while everyone is here in the lobby. I suspect one of us is a caretaker, and it’s TA who kills people during the day.”

Cloud shook his head: “why must that man be among us? What if TA is hiding, secretly looking for opportunities to attack us, and then provoke us to suspicion and kill each other?”

“You’re in such a hurry to explain. Are you the caregiver?” CHEN Si asked, “if a living man hid in this room, would we be unaware?”

[barrage] I always think there is something wrong with the clouds

[barrage] I remember just now that TA came, there were clouds. Is it!

“204 the dust on the bed is less than in other parts of the room, indicating that someone has lived there before.” Wen Qing unexpectedly stood on the side of the clouds: “what you two said is reasonable, but do you remember what you said at the beginning of the game?”

——[I didn’t expect that the night in the orphanage was so cold. The first night of your nine volunteers came here was so hard. The room is so big. Although there are not many children here, you have to take good care of them.]

“Nine volunteers, three in each group. If one person is a caregiver, the system should notify eight volunteers.” Wen Qing continued: “obviously, the other party wants us to die. If we suspect each other and guard against each other, it is really more conducive for TA to achieve this goal. Therefore, I prefer that the caregiver is NPC.”

“If TA is an NPC, why does TA kill us?” CHEN Si continued, “we are just ordinary volunteers. We will leave here as soon as time comes.”

“Happy orphanage, a haunted house you can’t leave when you come.” Ruan Qiao answered.

“Because we know the secret of the orphanage.” Wen Qing glanced at Ruan Qiao: “since we found the bodies of these children, as the original murderers of the world, we will certainly not have the opportunity to go out and tell the secrets of the orphanage.”

She took out a bottle of milk. In the weak light, she could see a faint reddish color: “whether the facial symptoms of the remaining three children or all kinds of clues in the room show that they are likely to die of nitrite poisoning.”

Ruan Qiao showed a curious look on his face and appreciated Wen Qing’s observation.

In fact, she had long found the clue that milk appeared everywhere in the orphanage. Various signs showed that the milk was likely to be poisonous and was also the main cause of death for orphans.

“I found the news of competition among milk suppliers in the newspaper. I guess that the milk supplier colluded with the caregiver and took the opportunity to add nitrite to the milk of another family. This is the Notepad I found upstairs, which wrote some words.” Wen Qing took out another black notebook, opened a page and put it on the table, with the words “red, diarrhea, nitrate” written on it.

“They want orphans to have adverse reactions after drinking the milk, so that people in orphanages and even the whole city can change to milk dealers.” Wen Qing sneered: “but as long as adults eat 3 grams of nitrite, it will lead to death. The first armless girl is the victim, the second boy was killed when he heard what he shouldn’t have heard, and the remaining three children all died of nitrite poisoning.”

Ruan Qiao nodded: “the orphan’s bed says” don’t want to drink milk “. The children should notice something wrong, but they can only be forced to drink milk.”

“These people don’t care about their children’s lives for money.” CHEN Si thought of those funnels and made a cold war: “those funnels should not be used to force milk…”

[barrage] surprised

[barrage] how angry! How could there be such a person?

[barrage] the guardian should be an NPC, or if it’s a player, I may charge it to the TA

[branch quest] the progress of the branch quest has been updated. Congratulations to all players for successfully uncovering the truth of the orphanage. Trigger the hidden plot [pay the price], and players who successfully survive through this copy can receive rewards after the end of the game.

Number of current branch line scenarios (3 / 4)

After the system prompt, Wen Qing asked, “if you find a caregiver, what are you going to do?”

CHEN Si was stunned. She really wanted to find out this person. Otherwise, she had to guard against people during the day and night and ghosts. But really find this man. What can they do? Tie him up?

Su Xi, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly smiled softly, and his pleasant voice was a little excited: “of course.”

He raised his eyes: “kill TA.”

Glancing at several players in front of him, he clearly has good-looking eyes, but when he looks at people, he always feels a burst of cold in his bones. For a moment, the people he was staring at became prey to lose control of their lives.

Hearing this, Ruan Qiao nodded slightly.

If she was the same size as before, she might jump up and give Su Xi a high five. It’s just too much to her taste.

In those days, she believed in one word. Nothing cannot be solved by killing. If so, it must be because you are not strong enough.

[barrage] my illusion? Did the anchor just nod approvingly?

[barrage] those nodding in front don’t go, hahaha

[barrage] when it comes to chopping people, Yunshen is suddenly excited.jpg

The time of the day became shorter and shorter, and even the fourth day passed in a few hours. The time from the end of the game is getting shorter and shorter. At night, the whole orphanage has changed back to the gloomy and terrible place of death.

But the bell didn’t ring until nine o’clock tonight.

“We have cracked the world plot, and the ghosts of the remaining three children will not come out.” The cloud sighed with relief: “it seems safe tonight.”

CHEN Si: “that’s not necessarily. There are no ghosts, but there is a killer hidden in a place we don’t know.”

Ruan Qiao suddenly “ah”.

All the girls immediately focused on her.

Ruan Qiao: “I’m thirsty. I’ll make a cup of tea.”

People who thought she remembered something important: ”

Ruan Qiao walked into the kitchen as if nothing had happened. When others were unwilling to act alone, she dared to go into the kitchen alone. As a newcomer, she had great courage. In CHEN Si’s heart, Ruan Qiao’s suspicion increased again.

Ruan Qiao really came in to make tea.

If the caregiver is an NPC, she will be attacked when she is out of sight and acts alone. A new girl without resistance is the best target of attack. At that time, she can lead the other party. But if the caregivers were hidden among them as she suspected – she would not be attacked if she acted alone.

However, the latter did not agree with the nine volunteers.

It’s a pity that you can’t get the whole achievement and unlock the whole plot.

She closed the kitchen door and began to boil water.

The slightly boiling water lifted the lid of the pot to the top, and the fluttering sound was mixed with a weak sound. Ruan Qiao turned his head, and then the dim light of the candle looked at the closed kitchen door.


The door handle is turning slowly.

It means that there is a “person” behind the door.

[barrage] exciting!

[barrage] coming, coming!!

[barrage] it’s terrible!!!

The door handle stood still.


Three seconds later, the door opened.


“She won’t have an accident alone?” The cloud was worried. “Shall we go alone with her?”

CHEN Si sat on the sofa: “that’s just right. All of us are here. If you die soft, it just means that the caregiver is not between us. You want to find her so much. Do you want to take the opportunity to kill her?”

The cloud, who had been patient, couldn’t help raising the volume at this time: “am I so stupid? Just stay with her, oh, and then I killed her. Don’t I stick the words [I’m boss] on my forehead?”

She paused: “it’s you who have been biting me. Maybe you are the caregiver and are eager to find someone to carry the pot.”

“I didn’t bite you all the time, and I doubt everyone else.” CHEN Si retorted: “Yu Guang is so strong and fat that she was killed quietly. Heng Qiang, the strong one, was also killed by others. I think wonton’s strength is very similar to the replica boss, and his hobby is to destroy all living people. Wen Qing is also a senior player. She still knows the story of the replica so well. How could she find such a hidden clue of nitrite? I would assign a caregiver instead A difficult character will also be assigned to advanced players. ”

“Also, all the newcomers in other groups are dead. She’s still alive. I don’t think she’s soft at all.”

When Ruan Qiao returned to the lobby, he just heard CHEN Si sniping everyone indiscriminately like a machine gun.

“What is that? I make complaints about aprons.”

CHEN Si continued to accuse her: “maybe it’s the misunderstanding given by the copy, so we want to exclude boys, and then the ending will be reversed.”

Ruan Qiao turned his head, looked at the slender, thin and outstanding Su Xi, and imagined him wearing a sheep apron.

Sorry, the picture is so beautiful

Su Xi, who is recognized as more like a villain boss: “…”

Ruan Qiao threw out a picture album: “have a look.”

Just now she was in the kitchen, the door suddenly opened by herself, but there was nothing at the dark door.

The completely boiling water finally made a harsh sound. After turning his head, Ruan Qiao found that there was an album on the table that had nothing in front of him.

She took the picture album and returned to the lobby with tea.

From the first day here, the little girl who likes painting has been passing messages to her through the album.

There should be important clues in this album.

As soon as Ruan Qiao opened the first page, everyone received a new message.

[system] mainline task has been updated.


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