After reopening the escape game Chapter 14

At the same time, the players were surrounded by the terrible ghosts of several children, who were staring at each player with cold and dead eyes.

The whole world has become a black-and-white, sometimes like a distorted black-and-white TV, making an electric current sound, but the fuzzy black-and-white snowflakes only appear in the player’s line of sight for a few seconds, and the surrounding has returned to normal.

There is no fading trace, and there is no ghostly shadow.

The lobby of the dark and empty happy orphanage was still dead.

[main task] it’s very easy for you to survive for five days. So what’s more interesting about our game? Remember, carefully observe everyone around you. Death is hidden in your shadow and ready to drag you to hell at any time.

Task opening condition: the completion degree of branch line task reaches 3 / 4.

Players who complete this task can obtain the customs clearance reward of the replica [terrorist orphanage], which will increase the level evaluation of the original replica by 1 level.

[barrage] I thought it was just an iron head that “my teammates and I live longer than life”.

[barrage] it’s OK that it’s longer than life. It’s still the same now

[barrage] that’s interesting. I’ll watch you!

The update of the main task means that the copy is more difficult, and each player’s expression changes slightly.

Ruan Qiao lowered her excitement. If the first one was a novice nanny teaching, she felt boring. The more difficult the task is, the richer the reward will be, and the sooner she can improve the ability of her account. After looking at Su Xi, she put it away and killed him immediately.

His defense and vigilance are too strong. As long as a little murderous intention is revealed, it will cause Su Xi’s hostility.

She must adjust her mind first, and now her main goal is to win his trust.

Aware of the girl’s eyes, Su Xi in the shadow raised his eyes slightly, with some pleasure in his lazy eyes.

Interesting newcomers, increasing the difficulty of the copy, this one is not a waste of his time.

His eyes were in the dark, but they didn’t look fuzzy. Instead, they were bright red, like a bloodthirsty devil in the dark. He slowly opened his trembling blood pupils, stared at his favorite prey, and the corners of his eyes rose slightly, revealing a specious smile.

These eyes are extremely dangerous, but also extremely beautiful.

Ruan Qiao was seduced by beauty and shook his mind. When he wanted to take a closer look, he found that the soul stirring red had dissipated, as if it had never appeared.

[barrage] cloud God, I’m dead!!!

[barrage] ah, my life is yours!!!

[bullet screen] [pink font] handsome, my bullet screen has turned pink!!! I’m Yunshen powder!!

The barrage was full of screams.


“What does that mean?” Other people didn’t notice the confrontation between their eyes. CHEN Si approached the picture album on the table and took the candle closer.

On the first page of the album, there is a circle. Inside the circle is a black inscribed diamond. It looks like a strange round eye with unknown meaning.

She turned to the second page.

Simple lines outline the appearance of the clock face. The hour hand and minute hand point to twelve. A lovely moon is painted above the clock face.

The second page is divided into two parts. The upper part is an empty chair with five black villains next to it. The red lines under the villains are dazzling and messy. The next part is the same scene, but the difference is that there is a villain sitting on the chair, whose body is smeared with red lines, and the villain next to it raises his hands, as if he is cheering.

“Midnight is our last time.” Wen Qing closed her eyes and thought, “there is still one hour and forty minutes left. The meaning of this album is very obvious. If you can’t find a person to sacrifice on the chair at the time, all the other players will die.”

She opened her eyes and looked at everyone with sharp and aggressive eyes: “I don’t think anyone doubts the identity of the sacrifice. It’s 100% the so-called [caregiver].”

CHEN Si was about to speak, but she felt the eyes of the people fall in the middle of the lobby behind her.

Where it was dark and the candle light could not shine, there was a faint red light at the moment.

I don’t know when a wooden chair appeared in the middle of the lobby. Under the chair is a luminous circular pattern, followed by a diamond. Like the front page of the album, it should be a pattern of some kind of sacrificial ceremony.

“What’s the matter with the nine volunteers?” The cloud looked at the passage of time and was worried: “if we choose the wrong person, something will happen. Otherwise, just grab someone and sit in a chair?”

Wen Qing continued to analyze: “we have searched the whole room over and over for many times. There should be any clues we missed. It is impossible to give a copy without giving any clues. Think carefully, each room has a role – soft. Did you see anything in the attic before? Any details may be the key clues.”

CHEN Si didn’t care: “what can she notice as a newcomer?”

Ruan Qiao propped his chin with his hand and turned his dark eyes. Wen Qing said that she remembered that there was something out of place in the gray and forgotten attic. At that time, there was a bear child playing hide and seek with her, so she didn’t pay much attention. Now she’s back.

She coughed and said seriously, “it’s an attic that will crack her head when you stand straight. It’s not high. It’s full of waste cartons and a rotten empty wardrobe. There’s a window, but my favorite thing is a picture pasted under the window, with a vivid black cat.”

“It was stormy outside at that time, and the picture was stuck firmly under the window. It was obviously reasonable for this copy. But speaking of cats, when I was a child, my family had two cats, one white and the other black. One day, the white cat fell into the toilet and drowned. After we picked it up, we were all very sad. The cat’s body smelled, but the black cat was stubborn Always guarding its body. Until the next day, when we went to see it again, we found — ”

Just when Ruan Qiao talked about the rise, Wen Qing interrupted her business (no) no (no) huge (heavy) fine (point): “OK, wait — you say black cat?”

Ruan Qiao continued to hint, “yes, the picture on the wall.”

Wen Qing suddenly stood up. Su Xi’s previously used axe was on the side of the sofa. She picked up the axe and went upstairs.

Although other players were inexplicable, they still followed.

When I came to the attic, the narrow attic crowded into five adults at one time, which was even more crowded.

It’s stuffy and crowded.

Wen Qing touched the window on the wall, and sure enough, it was flat. The whole window was painted, so there was no air in the attic. The light here is very dark, and it is easy to be deceived by vision without deliberate attention.

CHEN Si was surprised: “is this window fake?!”

“Remember Poe’s black cat?” Wen Qing’s eyes sank.

Ellen is the male god of Ruan Qiao. Although she stood behind and ate melons, she blinked and was ready to say something in line with the new man, so she was confused and said, “who do you love?”

“This novel tells the story that the protagonist builds the body into the wall after killing his wife, but a black cat leads to the truth of hiding the body.” Wen Qing cut down the portrait of the black cat on the wall. There was an interlayer behind the wall. The whole wall was very thin. She cut it open three or two times. After the wall collapsed, the real windows were exposed, and the cold wind poured into the interlayer from the gap of the windows. In addition to the overcast wind, a dark shadow rushed down.

Wen Qing stepped back and the other party hit the ground.

[barrage] it’s worthy of being a goddess of smell. It’s the responsibility of the whole audience!!

[barrage] I still don’t understand. How did the anchor live to this day?

[barrage] upstairs, I also think that the new anchor is neither resistant nor smart. She makes repeated mistakes and drinks tea every day. However, she completed several branch tasks. She didn’t die when she came and went recklessly. She casually found the key clue, which makes me wonder whether the [isolation area] is hanging up. I think there’s only one explanation. She’s a koi.

[barrage] you can’t take back the big knife 80 meters from the trough. Bury it upstairs!

[barrage] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Wen Qing squatted down to check the fallen man, turned over each other’s body and showed a blue and white face: “the body is stiff and has been dead for a long time.”

This is a woman in her early thirties. Her facial expression is ferocious and terrible, her whole body is stiff, there is no trauma, and she may have died of suffocation.

“If the body is [the caregiver], the ninth volunteer is hiding in the dark. But volunteers don’t have to try to kill us all the time.” CHEN Si whispered.

Wen Qing nodded and touched the small hole in the body’s coat. Because of the material of the clothes, there will be traces after being pierced by a needle: “this place should be numbered differently.”

At the beginning of the game, everyone had a number. Wen Qing in Room 201 was C1, cloud A2 and Ruan Qiao A3. 202 boys’ room, Su Xi A1203 girls’ room, CHEN Si C2.

CHEN Si took a step back. Although there had been speculation between them for a long time, now he has found conclusive evidence, Still some thought and fear: “a group of three people, three groups of ABC and nine volunteers. Now there is a body here. That is to say, long before we knew each other, [caregiver] has killed a player, taken her number and… Hidden in us.”

Her face darkened: “Ta has started from the beginning of the game.”

The prompt of the system suddenly sounded.

[branch mission] the progress of the branch mission has been updated. Congratulations to all players on unlocking the hidden mission [who is ta], finding out the identity of the caregiver and letting TA accept punishment! Players who complete this task and survive successfully can get rewards through the game copy.

Number of current branch plot (4 / 4)


The whole attic was quiet and scary.

The numbing cold air clings to everyone’s exposed skin, like the whispering touch of the spirit on the side of the person. The stiff corpses on the ground gave off a strange smell, the fragile candle flame trembled in the terrible night, and everyone’s expression was so natural in the shadow or in the light.

It’s almost weird.


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