After reopening the escape game Chapter 15

The second hand ticked across the clock and went back and forth in circles.

Half an hour before midnight.

“Well, the question is back to the origin. Who is the sneaking [caregiver]?” When they returned to the lobby, CHEN Si first said, “why does TA try to kill other players?”

Wen Qing lights a new candle, and the temperature in the lobby is getting lower and lower. “Maybe TA has a hidden branch mission. In addition to surviving for five days, as the opposite of volunteers, he must find a way to kill the remaining volunteers. If TA’s identity is exposed, he will face fewer enemies.”

“On the first and second days, Ta is using ghosts to reduce the number of players. On the third day, there are still many volunteers alive. TA can’t wait. He can only kill Yu Guang and the strong by himself.” Su Xi’s voice was flat: “smart people know that taking the initiative is better than waiting to die.”

The cloud nodded and whispered, “it depends on whose previous performance is the most suspicious.”

“When Yu Guang died, only you and Ruan Mian were in the kitchen. The strong HENGQIANG was also in that time. Everyone else was upstairs, only you were on the first floor.” CHEN Si picked his eyebrow: “clouds and soft are the most suspected.”

The clouds opened their eyes, The wronged injustice appeared on his face: “I was able to easily kill two men without making any noise. When it comes to the possibility of murder, I think senior players are more suspected. In addition, when playing hide and seek, you offered to let the strong die. I think you are also suspicious about reducing the number of players!”

She looked at CHEN Si and continued: “when the strong died, you were not together at the same time. Who knows whether you were really on the second floor or hiding on the first floor waiting to kill.”

Wen Qing didn’t speak, just observed the expressions of several people.

Ruan Qiao yawned, “sleepy, can we solve it early and go to bed?”


Su Xi’s faint voice sounded.

Wen Qing didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to vote, but no one can convince anyone at present. There is not much time left. Voting is indeed an option.

As last time, players write down the names of the people they doubt in the book in turn, mix and open it, and vote anonymously.

This time, CHEN Si and the clouds quarreled. Hearing that Qing and Su Xi looked like kaolin flowers, Ruan Qiao sighed and had to sing the ticket by himself.

She opened the first one and read the name: “soft.”

Someone voted for her.

Ruan Qiao smiled indifferently and opened the second one: “soft…”

[barrage] hahaha, the anchor won the first two kills

[barrage] it would be embarrassing to throw herself out

“The third vote, clouds.”

[barrage] there’s another name at last.

[barrage] don’t be too happy upstairs. The handwriting is clearly written by the anchor just now

Ruan Qiao did cast clouds.

The flaw of the other party has appeared since the beginning. The doors of rooms 202 and 203 are locked outside the door, and violence must be used to open the door. This is because they are locked from the outside, and the door lock and key of 201 are in the room.

It means that the person who locked the door is in the room.

[caregiver] lock other rooms, kill the first player, take the number on the body, enter 201, lock yourself in the room, climb to bed and pretend to have just entered the game.

The only people in 201 are her, Wen Qing and clouds.

I still remember that at the beginning of the game, Ruan Qiao just walked out of the room and met Su Xi before he received the message of “mutual assistance in the same group”. At that time, 203 players had not come out of the room to meet them, indicating that the emergence of this message did not require all players to meet, but only the system information of mutual assistance in the same group was automatically triggered when they met with the players in the same group.

However, she and Yunduo had already met in 201. If Yunduo was really A2, Ruan Qiao should have received the message of “mutual assistance in the same group” at that time.

Ruan Qiao continued to sing: “the fourth vote, clouds.”

“Fifth vote, clouds.”

Three to two.

While Ruan Qiao had just finished reading the result of the fifth vote, the clouds suddenly approached CHEN Si, raised his hand and waved it on the other party’s neck. The sharp dagger crossed the fragile skin. CHEN Si, whose eyes were still on the ticket, covered his throat with constant blood spray in shock.

She fell on the sofa, the blood gushed out of the artery and soon lost her breath.

After the clouds attacked CHEN Si, they immediately rushed to the nearest Wen Qing. Her movements were fast and fierce. Wen Qing only had time to defend and kick back, but she still had a long cut in her arm.

There was no confusion and stupidity on the cloud’s face. Her eyes were fierce and direct, and her actions were clean. Unexpectedly, she didn’t continue to attack Wen Qing, but instead jumped at Ruan Qiao.


The dagger was kicked far away and landed on the ground with a clear sound.

Su Xi stood in front of Ruan Qiao. Her tall and thin figure blocked her tightly.

The black windbreaker was raised high, revealing the dark red silk lining. His thin waist looked tall and thin. The whole face was hidden in the shadow, and only one pair of eyes showed a tyrannical blood red, like a demon in the dark.

The corners of the lips opened slightly, revealing a fierce and bloodthirsty smile: “this is interesting.”

As soon as the voice fell, they tangled and fought together. They moved too fast and even turned into two residual shadows.

[barrage] is such a powerful cloud God real!

[barrage] cloud God lying in the trough is so handsome!

[barrage]!! clouds, this is a challenge!

[barrage] it’s so good. I owe her an Oscar

They move very fast, but Ruan Qiao can still see the details and flaws of their actions. The clouds are strong, but Su Xi is stronger.

With Ruan Qiao’s current account number, she can’t deal with these two people. Even if she can see the flaws, she can’t keep up with her agility and strength.

Soon, Susie had subdued the clouds.

The blood color in his eyes gradually faded and dispersed, and he threw the cloud with his broken hands on the chair in the lobby.

As soon as I touched the chair, there seemed to be a mysterious force to straighten the body of the cloud. Her skin turned blue and white at a rate visible to the naked eye. Sitting in the chair, the girl hung her head and didn’t move.

The whole lobby suddenly flickered in black and white, and the live broadcast interface fell into a snowflake screen.

[barrage] Why did you spend the screen?

[barrage] live broadcast bug? I can’t see anything at the critical moment. I’m so anxious!

[barrage] @ GM (game administrator)

[barrage] ah, I can’t see. Did I drop the line!

Half a minute later, the live broadcast interface finally recovered again. The environment of the whole lobby has become black and white, and clouds are sitting on chairs. At this time, the originally gloomy orphanage is like the world of old movies, fading the mottled color, leaving only pale and distorted ghosting.

The clouds clucked all over, like bones twisting and rubbing. Suddenly, she suddenly raised her head and stared at the front with no white eyes.

At the same time, a huge pattern appeared on her head. Like the Dharma array under the chair, it was a circle with a diamond inside. At first glance, it looks like a round eye floating in the air, and the diamond is its pupil.

His eyes floated up and down, and an electric voice sounded: “Hello, everyone, welcome to the amusement park of the great universe destroyer, dimension destroyer, puzzle game enthusiast round ~ are you still happy with my avatar ~”

Speak very fast, without pause, extremely excited.

“Give me your eyes. Maybe I’ll consider giving you free tickets next time ~”

As the eyes spoke, the body of the cloud also raised its head, opened its mouth and smiled. The girl’s voice and its voice sounded at the same time, which was particularly strange.

Wen Qing looked at it coldly.

Su Xi patted the dust on his sleeve.

Ruan Qiao took a sip of tea.

Round eyes slightly flattened, a little frustrated: “no one agrees with me? Even the applause is so stingy. Well, let’s get to the point.”

“The fifth day of the game is about to begin. Next is the rules of the game.” It said excitedly, “I haven’t played games with humans for a long time. I’m a little nervous. Which one to choose?”

His eyes blinked and three selection buttons appeared in front of everyone.

[prisoner’s dilemma] [prisoner’s dilemma] [prisoner’s dilemma]

[barrage]… Are these three choices bad?

[barrage] no choice

“It seems that everyone has unified their choice.” It blinked happily, and the three options sank in at the same time, and then disappeared.

“What the hell is this self talking cone?” Asked Ruan Qiao.

[barrage] conical curve laughs to death

[barrage] isn’t it a circle? God TM conic ha ha ha

Cloud is not a player, but the avatar of the strange copy that calls itself round. Its pattern is engraved on the skill card that can bring out the copy, which shows that it is not the unique boss of the copy, and the other party can realize the identity of the player and pretend to be a game player. It is certainly not simple. If it is a high-level boss across replicas and exists in the main world view of the [isolation area], other players should know it.

But at least six months ago, before Ruan Qiao left this, there was no such figure as round.

Wen Qing shook her head: “it’s also the first time I’ve seen you.”

“I hear you questioning the great cosmic destroyer, dimension destroyer, puzzle game enthusiast.” The eyes in the air suddenly stared at Ruan Qiao, and the lines sank close to her. Even the corpse on the chair showed a ferocious expression, with a blue face, dark eyes, slightly open lips and a sharp voice: “be careful of your soul.”

Ruan Qiao’s tone did not fluctuate: “ah, I’m so scared.”

[barrage] boss: do I want to lose face?

[barrage] this is the most serious fear I’ve ever seen. Ha ha ha

The eye line retreated a little and restored the previous tone: “well, don’t waste round’s time. Next is the rules of the game. Listen well.”

“Each of you has a choice, either [kill] or [don’t kill], and one day you have time to consider and decide. Please contact me at any time.”

“On the fifth night, I will announce everyone’s choice results.”

“If everyone chooses [don’t kill], there is a 50% chance that one person will die.” Three playing cards appear again in front of the player. On the back is the pattern of the law array on the ground in the lobby. After turning over, there are only two large black characters — [don’t kill] on the other side. “The dead will be randomly selected among the three of you.”

[barrage] the famous prisoner’s dilemma

[barrage] if everyone chooses not to kill, it is the best choice. There is a half chance that one person will die and a half chance that three people can survive.

Round continued: “if someone chooses [kill], the player who chooses to kill will survive ~ the other players who choose [don’t kill] will die.”

“If everyone chooses [kill].” There was a trace of regret in its tone: “it’s a pity that all players will die.”

With its words, the words on the card are also changing.

“Well, here are the rules ~ trust or betrayal, survival or death.”

Its voice sank: “make your choice!”

“To tell you the truth, don’t you really want to make a deal with me? I just need your eye ~”

No one answered it.

“What a cold human.” Round blinked wrongfully: “give me a reply before 9 o’clock tomorrow night.”

As soon as the voice fell, it disappeared with the body of the clouds on the chair, and the whole lobby returned to normal, no longer black and white.

Ruan Qiao looked at the two cards that appeared in his hand. One said to kill, and the other said not to kill.

The famous prisoner’s dilemma – the best choice of an individual may be completely different from that of a team. From the perspective of three players, it is best for all players to choose not to kill, and the probability of death is also the lowest.

But when everyone thinks so, everyone in the team will choose not to kill. At this time, once one person betrays the team and chooses [kill], he can remove himself from the death list. On the contrary, others will die.

Of course, if everyone chooses to kill, the final result is that everyone will die.

Therefore, everyone will try their best to let others choose not to kill, but can’t ensure that others won’t betray themselves.

Those who choose to trust will die, and those who choose to betray will survive. This is the irony of the dilemma.

Death is just a loss for her and Wen Qing, but Su Xi is extremely resistant to death in the game. The 50% random death rate is already very dangerous for him.

If he chooses to kill, she and Wen Qing will die. Unless one of them also chooses to [kill], they can save their lives.

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi.

Will he really choose [kill]?


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