After reopening the escape game Chapter 16

After round disappeared, not only the body of clouds, but also CHEN Si disappeared.

Only three of them were left alive in the orphanage.

The blood on the sofa also disappeared, clean, as if it had never happened.

Wen Qing’s voice was faint: “I’ve come to this step. Everyone wants to win.”

“The prisoner’s dilemma can’t be solved at all. It’s not a question of who is smarter.”

I thought I could get through this copy by uncovering the past of the orphanage and finding out the truth. Unexpectedly, the boss put it together at the last minute.

It is a spirit state and cannot be touched without summoning.

Although Su Xi has a title bonus, it is not omnipotent. If he can directly eliminate the boss, he won’t wait in place without action just now.

In fact, he also saw the boss for the first time. If round is the new boss of [isolation zone], it is too powerful. During its appearance, it has absolute control over the surrounding environment and players.

It even makes people feel that it can easily kill everyone here, but out of a cat and mouse mentality, it prefers to watch players suffer in various emotions of trust, suspicion and betrayal.

Ruan Qiao also likes to watch such plays, but that doesn’t mean she is willing to turn herself into a performing mouse.

Wen Qing: “needless to say, you should also understand that if everyone chooses [killing], we will die.”

Su Xi’s pleasant voice did not carry any emotion: “I don’t believe in any commitment.”

Wen Qing turns her eyes to Ruan Qiao.

“In that case, it’s a blind vote. There’s no alliance, and you don’t need to guarantee anything with others. Just choose what you want.” Ruan Qiao yawned and said it didn’t matter. “Sleep first and talk about it tomorrow.”

[barrage] Buddhism.


The choice of prisoner’s dilemma is like scissors, stone and cloth. If the other party tells himself what will happen in advance, his strategy will change, and countless changes will be extended between believing and not believing.

It’s better not to say anything. Without a solid trust alliance, there will be no betrayal.

There is no guarantee that others will choose not to kill, then two extreme situations will occur.

First, all people choose to kill in order to survive.

Second, everyone is afraid that others will choose to kill, so they will choose not to kill. If you are lucky and everyone chooses [don’t kill], you will reach the best choice of the group. On the contrary, if someone chooses to kill, the one who chooses not to kill will die.

Taken together, the second option has a certain survival probability, while the first one is group extinction package reservation. In this case, everyone will tend to choose the second.

Of course, if this option continues to extend, there will be countless possibilities like scissors, stone and cloth. That probability is too complex and will eventually form a dead knot. It is also a waste of time to consider it.

The problem of the prisoner’s dilemma is that the betrayal of others is uncontrollable. However, in such a case of blind casting and no commitment, if the player belongs to the trust and cooperation type, the final result will be the best choice for the team. If the player is a betrayal type, he will face the above two thoughts – and tend to choose the second.

Su Xi didn’t mean to discuss, so the three returned to their respective rooms.

After a night’s rest, it was finally the last day of the orphanage.

There were nine players, but now only three survive.

Wen Qing got up early. When Ruan Qiao woke up, there was no figure of her in the room.

Ruan Qiao rubbed his hair and opened his bleary eyes. He didn’t bother to wait for the night. He sat in bed and called out round.

The color faded, and black and white bloomed under her, covering the whole room in an instant.

The huge round eyes stared at her firmly, and the voice was as fast as ever with electric flu: “welcome to call the great universe destroyer, dimension destroyer puzzle game enthusiast – round! Give me your eyes. Maybe I will consider giving you free tickets next time ~”

Ruan Qiao felt a card from under the pillow: “I choose not to kill.”

Round suddenly smiled: “ha ha ha ha ha, so fast. Do you still have time to think about it?”

“If someone chooses to [kill], then you will die!”

“Think about it. If others choose [don’t kill] and you choose [kill], then you can get rid of death.”

Its voice sank: “such temptation –”

Ruan Qiao rolled his eyes: “I’m so bored.”


It looked at the new man’s face and kindly reminded her that she was despised??

Ruan Qiao leaned against the bed and squinted at it: “you don’t breathe and still have an electric sound. Do you know you’re very noisy?”

Round’s eyes quickly turned red and black and white. The diamond pupil in the middle began to rotate, like a black vortex, “human beings pay attention to your words.”

Ruan Qiao: “even if you become Mai whirlwind, I have nothing else to say. Take your cards and leave quickly.”

[barrage] the anchor is a clean stream

[barrage] if you hesitate to lose, you will be decisive!

Bullet screen comments make complaints about the black whirlpool.

The card rises and falls into the vortex.

“What an interesting human.” Round’s voice is getting farther and farther away. “I saw your soul’s familiar feeling, little girl…”

Later words became blurred.

The whirlpool of black and white soon expanded, and the next moment it scattered, and the whole black and white world returned to normal.

Ruan Qiao sneered in his heart. This boss is a little over set. Can it see that he is a trumpet?


The three of them ate something casually, and it was dark outside. During this period, Wen Qing and Su Xi acted alone for some time, and it is estimated that they have made their own choices.

It’s close to 9 p.m.

The whole empty orphanage has returned to its decadent and dilapidated appearance. Occasionally, children can be heard running and playing on the ceiling.

“Hee hee…”

But now all the children are dead, and their ghosts are still playing in the house.

In this terrible world that cannot be left, they find partners willing to “accompany” them to play again and again, and then leave their bodies in an extremely bloody way.


Orphanage, lobby.

“Are you really new?” Wen Qing took the initiative to talk to Ruan Qiao for the first time.

The girl held tea, her bright eyes blinked, her small facial features lined her skin white and her cheeks reddish. Ruan Qiao’s original appearance was not so soft and cute. On the contrary, he was a little cold. After slightly changing his facial features, he seemed to have changed a person.

It’s very tired to maintain the high and cold people. It’s really fast to turn on the trumpet.

She nodded, “yes.”

“Good performance,” Wen Qing raised her eyebrows. She was not very optimistic about Ruan Qiao before. Unexpectedly, she was the last person who lived to the present: “add a friend after the end.”

It’s rare to meet a pig teammate who doesn’t act affectably or drag her back. After getting along with her for a few days, she has a good impression on her. Wen Qing doesn’t mind bringing a new person.

Ruan Qiao nodded naturally. She also liked Wen Qing’s intelligence. Unlike some vases with empty tables, she saw a lot of people in the game. There were countless people hiding behind other players by their gender and appearance.

Seeing Su Xi sitting opposite in silence, Ruan Qiao ignored his aura that strangers were not close, “wonton, play games together after adding a friend.”

Su Xi: “?”

[barrage] give up. Yunshen never adds friends. He’s lucky to squat down today because he rubbed the anchor’s Koi.

[barrage] it’s embarrassing to be rejected. It’s ugly to put the anchor upside down

[barrage] the front is too angry. If you were really on the scene, I don’t believe you would be indifferent.

[barrage] hehe, I’m sorry. If I were really at the scene – I knelt down and asked to go to Yunshen’s friend!

[barrage] Hahahahahaha, the festival upstairs is lost

Sure enough, the next second, the cold refusal vomited out of his thin lips: “I’m not interested.”

Ruan Qiao was not discouraged and continued to laugh, “I’ll add you then.”

As soon as she smiled, it seemed that there were stars falling out of her eyes, which made people unable to move their eyes.

Su Xi’s eyes darkened.

It’s her business to add friends. Not once, just twice.

One day, she will get rid of this prickly mascara.

“Dong Dong”

With the heavy bell ringing, the black-and-white world came again.

The huge round line eyes slowly opened and filled the whole space: “it’s an exciting time to uncover secrets again.”

“Whose soul can I take tonight ~”

The back of the three cards rose from the floor and appeared in front of several people. The first card turned slowly.

[don’t kill].

“Alas, someone has chosen kindness and trust. I don’t know if TA can live ~”

The round eyes blinked, and the second card turned around: don’t kill.

Wen Qing breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Su Xi with Ruan Qiao at the same time.

The good-looking side face has a clear outline, which is between teenagers and young people. Su Xi’s eyes are very dark and can’t see the emotion. He slightly pursed his thin lips. When he didn’t speak, he looked like a perfect and noble person in the picture from a distance. The facial features are so beautiful that they can’t pick out defects. The long eyelashes fall on the slightly pale eyelids, which is particularly attractive.

The butterfly eyelashes moved and gently raised, and the Obsidian eyes below fell on Ruan Qiao with a faint sense of coercion.

Without being affected by his oppressive temperament, Ruan Jos licked her lips slightly and made a mouth shape: what is it?

Wen Qing looks more serious. Judging from her soft performance in recent days, she has the highest possibility of choosing not to kill. But wonton’s temperament is unpredictable. Under his reputation of being the first, he is also labeled as “cold-blooded”, “unsympathetic”, “like killing” and even “selfish and indifferent”.

The killing choice that is 100% successful is the one he is most likely to make.

Third card.

It determines whether they die or survive.

If it is a [kill] card, Su Xi will become the only surviving customs clearance in this copy. If it is a [don’t kill] card, one of the three of them has a 50% chance to die at random

The card turned slowly, and there was a fog on it. The words [don’t kill] and [kill] appeared alternately.

“Oh, this result is really surprising.” The sound of round sounded, and the intermittent current made the whole black-and-white world vibrate slightly.

Finally, the two words on the card were frozen.

The second copy of lost village news


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