After reopening the escape game Chapter 17

The old story of lost village 1

The word of the third card will not change at last.

The card says [don’t kill].


[barrage] cloud God chose not to kill?!

[barrage] huh??

“Sure enough, it’s not that the simulations related to real life and death are so boring.”

His eyes suddenly raised and his tone became cheerful: “all three players choose [don’t kill] cards, so everything next will be decided by the dice of fate! ~”

“No one died in even numbers, 1 A1, 3 A3 and 5 C1.”

A large bone dice with a side length of half a meter fell from the ceiling and rotated at high speed.

Half a minute later, it finally stopped. The upward number is [five].

The person selected by death is Wen Qing.

The next moment, the system sounds.

[system] congratulations to junior players [soft and continuous] customs clearance game [terror orphanage]. Have a nice game!

[system] in system settlement

The surrounding environment changed again, and Ruan Qiao appeared in the default space when he just landed in the game.

The data panel in front of me shows the relevant information of the game.

[copy of customs clearance: Terror orphanage]

Copy level: level s (original level a)

Copy mode: single person mutual assistance mode

Player performance evaluation: excellent

Initial replica reward: Gold * 2500, diamond * 25, experience value * 250, promotion stone * 1

[it is detected that the number of surviving players in the same group is two, and the reward is doubled]

Final reward: gold coin * 5000, diamond * 50, experience value * 500, promotion stone * 1

When the page is refreshed, the information of 9 players appears, only the game name of each player and the number of people who are followed, followed by three buttons, namely [send email], [add as follow] and [add friend].

After the soft name, the number of followers is 10, and there is only one button [close email].

Ruan Qiao looked at the frightening number of people following behind Su Xi and clicked [add friend]. His send email button is gray. He should have turned off this function.

[your friend application has wings ~ wait for good news!]

At the same time, her mailbox automatically jumped out.

[system mail] congratulations on successfully completing all the hidden stories of the terror orphanage. You will be rewarded with an additional 5 potential points!

[system email] congratulations on your first game. The title system has been launched. You can view and open the title at the bottom of the game panel!

[system mail] [friend application from stranger] I’m Wen Qing.

[add friend] [reject application]

[system mail] the backpack has been unlocked. Its initial volume is 10 squares. It can carry props and skill cards. Use diamonds to expand new backpack squares.

[system email] congratulations! You have been upgraded to level 8 player! Get 24 potential points!

[system mail] the power slot has been unlocked! Open your own power!

The level and evaluation of this game were very high. She got a lot of experience at one time, which made her directly rise from level 1 to level 8. In this game, the level itself has the strengthening effect of body and senses, and the potential value just makes a certain attribute more prominent. As always, Ruan Qiao added all potential values to the lucky values.

At the beginning, her first account went to the combat department, with various attribute values to strengthen the body. She firmly believed that love would win.

Rebirth is no, it’s another time. She wants to develop herself into a lying Koi.

Plus the initial potential value of the game, now her lucky value is as high as 34.

After accepting Wen Qing’s friend application, Ruan Qiao opened the title interface.

[title] small carp

[introduction] that year, carp was still an ornamental animal until it became the incarnation of some kind of luck

Key clues will always come to your door. You will survive falling off a cliff. You’d better meet a cave. Maybe it’s your chance~

[bonus effect] lucky bonus 10%

What title… Is there a chance? Is there a copy of Xiuxian?

Ruan Qiao closes the interface and opens the storage space. In the [isolation area], everything that can bring out copies is extremely precious. Skill cards are rare, and props that can bring out copies are even rare. The promotion stone and skill card she obtained are placed in the 50 grid storage space. While the [backpack] can bring in copies, but due to the limited space, it can only be widened by diamonds.

Fortunately, she doesn’t have many things now. She has a white board.

Looking at the humble initial space and backpack, Ruan Qiao sighed.

I miss the big star villa and the legendary storage ring

She took out two skill cards, checked the information and put them into her backpack.

The level classification of skill cards, props and copies is the same. From Ss to C, the effect decreases in turn. Although some effects are absolute, such as death when encountered, they are also divided into the level of replica boss. The effects of low-level props and skills will be greatly reduced or even ineffective in front of high-level boss.

The only item and skill that ignores the level difference is SP special class, which can only be obtained in SP copy.

So in the isolation zone, strength is the biggest rule. SP can ignore all levels, in the final analysis, because its rule force is the most powerful.

Su Xi’s choice [not to kill] is entirely within Ruan Qiao’s other guess – he doesn’t trust her, nor does he want to achieve the best choice. He is only sure to survive in the rules of the conical curve. His choice not to kill is another demonstration of strength.

If he is really powerless to resist, he must choose [killing] this time.

Never to die, he abnormally chose the most dangerous option, as if to tell everyone that he is not afraid of betrayal, does not care about betrayal, and is not afraid of the consequences of betrayal.

Fortunately, she didn’t rush forward. In the first game, she wanted to use the rules of the game of the boss with unknown level to kill him, otherwise their trust had collapsed before they were established. Without 100% confidence, she won’t do it.

[traffic light]

Quality: grade s

Skills: when the other party agrees to play the game with you, turn on the game, the red light is still, and the green light is running. When your hand touches the other party’s shoulder, the other party will die, otherwise the game will continue until either party dies or the copy ends.

Suggestion: choose your game partner carefully. I don’t think you want it to have no shoulders.

Attribute: unbound, gesture unlocking after picking (0 / 3 times)

Drop copy: Terror orphanage

[hide and seek]

Quality: grade s

Skill: open the game when the other party agrees to play the game with you. You have 100 seconds to hide. The other party can’t move during hiding. If you are found by the other party during the game, you will die. If the other party fails to find you after an hour, the other party will die.

Suggestion: don’t play games in open areas such as desert.

Attribute: unbound, gesture unlocking after picking (0 / 3 times)

Drop copy: Terror orphanage

Two S-level skill cards have been beyond her expectation. Thanks to the temporary upgrade of the copy, otherwise, she can only get A-level chicken rib skills.

There are three spherical power slots next to the backpack. Powers will be automatically generated after every ten levels, which can evolve with the player’s level. If you are not satisfied with the ability, you can use a large number of diamonds to reset the ability and start from scratch.

Power balls will be generated at levels 0, 10 and 20. No new powers will be generated after level 30.

At this time, a round ball like crystal jelly floats on the power tank.

When Ruan Qiao reached out and touched the ball, several soft white lights were emitted from her fingertips.

[the first ability has been turned on]

[information loading…]

[mental skill]

Introduction: look at the target for three seconds and you can hear the voice of the other party for the next half a minute.

There is a chance to produce temporary Vertigo effect when used. Multiple uses can increase the ability level.

Grade: Grade 1, cooling time 1 hour.

Mind reading is also a weak auxiliary skill in the early stage. It can only be useful in some decryption and game copies. It’s also good to identify whether the other person is lying.

Good use is a killer mace, bad use is a decoration.

After reading the information, Ruan Qiao quit the game and went offline.

Playing in the holographic cabin is equivalent to dreaming, and people can also get a rest.

She looked at the white sky outside the window, changed her clothes casually, took a bath, and planned to go downstairs to buy something commonly used.

There was a new mobile phone just ordered in the express box at the door. Ruan Qiao put on a new card and went downstairs with his mobile phone.

At seven in the morning,

The light is still on in the convenience store.

Casually bought some supplies and snacks, scanned the code on the machine and paid for it.

She didn’t know how she could take this strange task and enter the game to pursue a person, approach a person, or even kill a person.

Or, save a person.

Maybe I have been trying to pursue the peak, constantly oppressing my nerves, and suddenly want to relax and do something good.

To tell the truth, she was also very happy when she won the championship for the first time. She felt that all these years of struggle were not in vain.

It has received the highest recognition and supreme glory.

On that day, their names appeared on the Internet all over the world, and everyone crazily smiled and cried and swiped the screen.

But after such a glorious peak, some things have changed.

Just like Ruan Qiao’s team in the [isolation area] in those days.

Some people can only share hardships, not joys and sorrows.

She is no longer the simple little girl who didn’t care about anything a year ago and just buried herself in playing games. People always change in the face of interests and temptations. At this time, they withdraw and do not want to be involved in their struggle.

Shen junmu is the trump card of the AAS team. He can’t find faults in all aspects. The official intends to guide the creation of God and increase the hype of CP. Even the company commander asked her whether she meant to be a fake couple.

Now she disappeared on her own initiative. Maybe Muqiao is happy.

Ruan Qiao knows the role of public opinion better than anyone. She is not a turtle. Cutting off contact is just annoying the chatter of some people. Doesn’t mean she’ll sit back and escape in her own world.

There are several tables and chairs for people to rest by the window of the automatic convenience store. Ruan Qiao casually chose a position to sit down, grabbed a bag of strawberry yogurt and began to brush his microblog.

Hot search is still the same gossip screen, several of which are rising rapidly.

#Sweet smell goddess#

#I want to play games with the goddess#

#The victory of the light bulb#

Click in to have a look. In addition to the various beautiful pictures of Wen Qing from the fan station, there are some comments on the live broadcast copy just now. As for the video that hasn’t been circulated yet, as long as the anchor of [isolation area] opens the live broadcasting room and does not prohibit screen recording, that video can be exported for processing and editing.

Game companies also do this to use fans for publicity.

There are several popular microblogs at the top of the topic.

[popular microblog]

@Wenwen: cry to death!!!! The probability of one out of three killed my goddess//@ Sunny day with you: I heard that I worked so hard and lost at the last minute [allow sorrow] [allow sorrow] / / @ hint: you absolutely can’t think what I saw today!!! Yun Shen appeared in Wen Qing’s live promotion! These two people’s looks are so good that they are gods playing games! I’m going to throw up the rainbow 360 degrees!! Good looking and strong, why are others so excellent!

Wen Qing’s fans account for the majority, and the comments are full of emotion.

Hot comments are also hotly discussed.

[comment] this one is wonderful. I strongly recommend you to watch it! From testing your physical strength, intelligence to luck, it is really indispensable! The atmosphere of the orphanage is terrible, turning layer after layer! You don’t have enough brains!

[comment] this one was swept by wonton

[comment] God Yun is also in this copy! God, I missed the live broadcast of QAQ

[comment]?????? is it the cloud God I think? Ah, ah, husband, why didn’t you call me in the live game!

[comment] it was a newcomer who lived to the end. I got a lemon.

[comment] doesn’t anyone think the newcomer is very soft, cute and cute?

There is no doubt that the light bulb is talking about her

No one seems to recognize her.

Wen Qing and Su Xi are already very popular. Moreover, she has adjusted her facial features, and the game style and temperament of the whole person have changed. She has been playing [survival line] before, and it is normal for players in the [isolation area] not to recognize her.

[microblog] on June 7, Wen Qing’s new variety “screaming room” will be launched soon. You can pay more attention~

Followed by a wave of new drama and new variety publicity and Amway.

After a refresh, a new popular microblog appears on the home page.

This is a moving picture taken from her live studio.

It happened that she got into the wrong bed that night. She turned around and raised her eyes to Su Xi’s eyes.

The long eyelashes cast an attractive shadow on the eyelids, and the slightly pale skin set him off like a vampire in the night. Perfect facial features, thin lips and nose, slightly dark pupils, like an abyss.

Pale, slender fingers stretched out.

He lowered his head slightly and pulled out a slight arc with his thin lip.

Because it’s a moving picture, there’s no sound.

But it can make people hear a provocative smile.

The picture comes straight here.

This microblog was instantly forwarded to thousands, and went straight to tens of thousands all the way.

@Roll powder: sleeping trough girlfriend angle of view//@ Corpse chopper: what’s this perspective? [email protected] Love: groundhog screams//@ Ale: ah, ah, the blood tank is empty / / @ half of the scenery: sorry!!! I don’t allow home page. No one has seen such a wonton sweep! [moving picture]

Roll powder is a powder head and super voice host swept by wonton. After she forwarded it, she detonated the hot search in an instant.

#Horror game or love game#

#May we all have wonton tonight#

#Girlfriend perspective opens the horror game#

Ruan Jotun choked on his own yogurt.

This painting style is a little wrong

After drinking water, she turned off her microblog and was going to clean up and go back, but she felt the light around her dark.

I looked up and saw a familiar face, smiling at myself.

He is wearing a simple white short sleeve with Gothic font ia printed on it, chestnut hair, thin eyelids and light red at the end of his eyes. If he glances lazily, he can hook other people’s hearts.

The peach eyes of countless girls are staring at her, as if she could escape if she was not careful.

Ruan Qiao gave a cold war: “mirror, take away your hormones.”

Yi Jing opened her stool and sat down opposite her.

The good-looking facial features showed an aggrieved expression: “I haven’t seen you for so long. You still don’t give me face at all.”

Ruan Qiao threw him a bag of pineapple yogurt: “don’t talk nonsense.”

Yi Jing raised her eyebrow: “I’ve been waiting for you all night. If you lose contact, you’ll lose contact. Why don’t you send me a message.”

“The new phone has just arrived.”

Yi Jing didn’t ask her what happened. They were junior high school students and have been playing games together since then. Later, Ruan Qiao went to the [survival line], and Yi Jing entered the game company star, which developed the [isolation area]. They both know each other well. They can’t know each other’s thoughts with one look.

Yi Jing bit the yogurt and said, “the [survival line] has no future. All the calls are made by our own people. The mode is fixed and there is no challenge. People are idle. They just want to intrigue and play. I want to say that it is the right choice for you to come back.”

Ruan Qiao: “how did you know I was back?”

Yi Jing unlocked her mobile phone and threw it on the table. It was a low-profile microblog, but she just intercepted her role.

“If others don’t recognize it, don’t I know it’s you? Yes, if I hadn’t gone to the top to ask, I wouldn’t know they had given you such a trumpet.” He smiled: “this is the first double account in the world. Why, the original one is not going to be used?”

Ruan Qiao glanced at him: “I want to use it. Can you open a transmission door to get me out?”

“Forget it, forget it.” Yi Jing surrendered.

His temperament is lazy and likes to laugh. He speaks with humor. He has been a grass-roots figure in various schools since childhood. If he didn’t know the real face of this guy, he would be extremely cold, antisocial and anti human. Ruan Qiao might have been fooled by this tail wolf with the same heart as thousands of girls.

Yi Jing lowered her voice: “to get down to business, you can terminate the contract with AAS. Xingxing recently has a large publicity plan and needs someone.”

“How can it be so easy to say that the contract is terminated? I signed it for three years, and it has only been half a year. Now the contract is terminated, and the liquidated damages alone can make me work for five years in vain.”

Yi Jing’s mouth was slightly curved: “of course I won’t let you suffer in vain. The company said that they will pay the termination fee.”

Ruan Qiao came to the spirit: “is such a big deal going to go bankrupt under the pressure of [survival line], and now I’m ready to fight to death?”

“Can you say something nice… It has nothing to do with [survival line]. This is the above project.” Yi Jing leaned back and crossed her hands between her elbows. “This year, the [isolation zone] game will be implemented in all universities, and the pilot schools will increase it as a compulsory course.”

Ruan Qiao: “?”

People play games? Or a horror game? What’s going on up there?

“Do you mean to make me the spokesman who takes the lead in poisoning the flowers of the motherland?” Ruan Qiao cast a suspicious and sympathetic look at him, “mirror, I thought you were doing well in the game company. I didn’t care about you. Do you really have to rely on selling pit teammates to make a living?”

“It’s better than your couple marketing plan at AAS.” Be roughly the same as make complaints about tongues and venomous tongue.

“My face value has been reduced by 30% in the game, and my previous identity can’t be used.” Ruan Qiao continued: “I don’t believe it. If you didn’t sell me, can I be considered in this plan? To say popularity, appearance and appeal, Wen Qing is more suitable than me.”

“This time I want ordinary people.” Yi Jing explained, “you are just one of thousands of ordinary little girls, which can make them feel more brought in, and stars will only have a sense of alienation. The counter attack of an ordinary person and the icing on the cake of the favored son of heaven undoubtedly make the former more attractive.”

“I know the truth, but why should I do things with you?” Ruan Qiao’s oil and salt will not enter.

Yi Jing smiled mysteriously: “I know Miss Ruan is not short of money, but there is one thing you will promise.”

He said word by word; “Someone you’ve been waiting for before.”

Ruan Qiao lowered his eyes and narrowed his eyes slightly: “do you have a clue?”

That person is her heart knot. Although there is only a vague shadow in her memory, it has always appeared in her dream and repeatedly asked her why she didn’t keep her promise and why she didn’t go back.

That vague shadow is too sad and lonely. It can’t see its face clearly with its head down. It only repeats the same sad problem over and over again in chaos and darkness.

It’s like being abandoned on the edge of the barren world, waiting alone for someone who doesn’t know when to appear.

Every time she thought of such a scene, her heart would ache.

But since he began to play the game, Ruan Qiao had not dreamed for a long time and never thought of the shadow again.

Yi Jing nodded: “it’s just a clue, but as long as you promise to participate in this plan, star company will take the opportunity of large-scale promotion of the project to help you find that person all over the world.”

Intuition tells Ruan Qiao that she can’t trust Yi Jing, a big tailed wolf, to run the train, but since it’s possible to find the man now, she should try it, “But I have conditions. Now I have one more thing to do. This plan can only be carried out when I am willing to cooperate. I have the right to refuse any activity. If I can’t find the person I want within half a year, the contract will be automatically terminated.”

“Half a year is too short, at least one year.” Yi Jing said, “don’t worry, I’ve negotiated the terms for you. The company won’t force you to do anything you don’t like. It’s still in the preparatory process, and there won’t be too many things in the early stage. You just need to play the game at ease, and others worry.”

“Don’t you need me to play competitive games?” [isolation zone] is also a competitive game. Calculate the time. Now it’s the spring League, and all major teams are digging people. The [isolation zone] invited her over with a lot of money, but she just asked her to play games first?

“If you want to participate in the competition, you can choose any team.” Yi Jing raised her eyes and the pale red corner of her eyes disappeared in the light. “In short, make more appearances and make more copies. Recently, there is a variety show that needs you to participate as a plain person.”

Ruan Qiao: it can’t be scream room, can it

“You know? I don’t need to introduce you.” Yi Jing was a little surprised, and then sighed: “AAS benefits are very good. After training, the team members can also catch up with variety shows.”

Scream room is a holographic horror game program cooperated by [isolation zone] and JOJO, the largest online video platform in China. It is jointly participated by stars and team members, and made into a program through video export and post editing.

Ruan Qiao stood up and picked up a bag of things: “send me the contents of this plan and the new contract when you are free. What’s the name of the plan?”

Yi Jing sat on the chair and looked up at her.

The chestnut bangs cast a faint shadow on the white face. The light red eyes were picked on the tail, revealing a secret smile. Yi Jing’s eyes flashed a trace of excitement and his voice was low.

“Coming plan.” He said.


The girl was carrying a large bag of things, her thin body was shrouded in wide white short sleeves, and a red Koi swayed behind her. The slender legs are wrapped in jeans, and the exposed section of the ankle is white and small.

The side face is cold, the facial features are particularly good-looking, and the skin without powder is almost transparent.

Through the wall glass of the convenience store, Yi Jing watched Ruan Qiao disappear at the door of the community.

The warm light hit his face, and the kind smile disappeared completely.

The narrow eyes are calm and playful. The blush in the corners of the eyes is charming and strange. The temperament of the whole body has changed greatly, leaving only indifference without emotion.

He leaned back in his chair and tapped his slender fingers on the table.

When will it really come.

Now life is so boring.


After a rest, Ruan Qiao did some exercise and cooked himself a meal.

Unlike Susie, she came to the cabin to carry out some normal human activities.

Even the termination of the contract is not so fast. It is estimated that it will take some time for the side to react. The trouble hasn’t come yet.

Soon, Ruan Qiao entered the game again.

Just landed in the game space, I received a new email.

[system mail] congratulations, your friend application has passed, and [wonton] has become the first friend you actively added!

Ruan Qiao:??

Really fragrant??

They just played a game. It’s OK to say that Su Xi paid some attention to her, but it’s not such a special treatment.

She’s ready to fight.

Although there were some accidents, Ruan Qiao quickly accepted the current situation.

No matter what purpose Suxi accepted her application, it was only good for her task.

Although she was given the help of copy matching, there was only a certain chance to meet Su Xi. Her level is too low. Most of the matches are low-level copies. If she doesn’t form a team of friends, it’s difficult for her to meet him in the early stage.

Ruan Qiao raised his hand and was preparing to send a team invitation. I saw an unexpected email.

[friend Email] your friend [wonton sweep] invites you to participate in [multiplayer group war] mode.

[accept team] [refuse invitation]

It’s a lucky value of 34. Is this effect effective outside the copy! It feels good to be a koi!

Ruan Qiao happily chose [accept team formation].

[system reminder] you are teaming up with high-level players. The replica level and risk are high. Please decide carefully. Are you sure to enter the game?

There’s no copy she’s afraid of,


After it was dark, the choice of whether to open the live studio appeared.

In addition to some specified copy modes, players can decide whether to open their own live studio during the game.

The ordinary copy live broadcasting room can be switched on and off at any time, and the audience can go in and out freely. Players can view the barrage and adjust the size, transparency and position of the barrage.

When a player has a live broadcast, the message that the live broadcast is turned on will appear in the list of others who pay attention to the player, so as to facilitate the followers to enter the live broadcast room.

Gold coins and diamonds can be used to reward the live broadcasting room. If the reward amount reaches a certain amount, you can become a member of the live broadcasting room.

After thinking about it, Ruan Qiao opened the live studio.

[live audience loading…]

[current audience: 1 / 10000]

[junior players are welcome to enter the multiplayer team mode [old news of lost village] and start the game scene in 3 seconds. I wish you a happy game!]

[there are three teams in this game, two players in each team. Find your teammates and get rid of the fog in front of the truth!]

When the picture appeared, she did not control her body and could only watch the progress of the plot from the perspective of the first person.

This is a dim yellow room. There are many books on the bookshelf in the corner, and some are even stacked on the ground.

A pile of papers were scattered under the table, and the red notes on them were particularly eye-catching.

The decoration is as like as two peas in the early twenty-first Century, and the ringing of the ringing phone is exactly the same as those Rancho saw in those TV dramas.

“Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding -”

The hurried bell broke the silence of the night.

She felt herself rubbing her eyes, got up, walked out of the room and came to the living room.

The furniture is very old. There are all kinds of brocade flags and certificates on the wall, and many big group photos.


She answered the phone.

“Miss Ruan, you must help us!” The voice of a middle-aged woman over the phone was trembling and crying. “We really can’t help it. It’s been half a month. I can’t imagine what will happen.”

She heard herself comforting each other: “mother Chen Yue, don’t worry, the police will find him.”

“It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t scold him and don’t care about him. But I’m really afraid. There has been no news there for half a month.” The voice on the phone begged, “I’m at your door now, Mr. Ruan. Can you say it face to face?”

She sighed, agreed, hung up the phone, walked through the living room and opened the door.

The woman standing at the door had waxy yellow skin and black eyes, and the whole person was like a scattered soul. Tears still hung on his face, holding a pile of paper in his hand.

“Come in.”

They came to the living room, and the woman put the paper on the table in the living room.

“Mr. Ruan, this is Xiao Yue’s diary. He said you care about him most and help him the most. I think if you can find him, maybe he will be willing to go home.” The woman said eagerly, “I really have no way to come to you. He must have avoided us. He said a lot before he left and wanted to cut off contact with this family.”

She took out a thick envelope: “here is all the savings of our family. I know it’s unreasonable to ask you. But we only have his son. Please! Help us find him!”

Seeing that Ruan Qiao’s face was a little loose, the woman continued to open the information on the table: “teacher Ruan, you don’t have to be afraid. If you weren’t worried that we would stimulate him when we went to find a child, we would have passed by. There were many people missing in the place where he disappeared. These are the information of those looking for their own children and relatives.”

“We’ve already contacted. As long as you go directly and call this number, you can find someone with them at that time. Xiaoyue may not continue to hide when he sees you go.”

Ruan Qiao’s eyes fell on the wall. It was a group photo of her and a 14-year-old boy.

The two people in the photo are very happy. The boy is very thin, holding a trophy and full of pride.

“Take the money back, man. I’ll find it for you.”

She heard herself say so.


This is a remote mountain village

As soon as the picture turned, Ruan Qiao found himself in a dense forest.

[because the mountain road is winding, difficult to walk and sparsely populated, there is only one road in Beijing village to the foot of the mountain where it is located.]

[only one bus passes by at night every week. The dense forest at the foot of the mountain is very rich. Do you remember how you came here?]

I don’t remember that one second I was still receiving parents at home, and the next I was thrown into the barren mountains and forests without excessive.

Ruan Qiao moved his arm and stood up after feeling that he could master his body.

[my head hurts. Did I hit it when I rolled down the hillside?]

[I was asked to come to this village where many people have been missing, but before I got there, I appeared here. My memory before the accident was blank, so I can’t remember…]

Well, before people find it, they lose their memory first.

[main task] find the missing boy.

Ruan Qiao checked his body and found that there was no serious injury. There was a note in his coat pocket with a telephone number and several pieces of money from this era. There was a small flashlight in his pants. After opening it, the light flashed a few times, which was barely usable. There is also an old flip phone. Although there is electricity, there is no signal here.

After searching carefully, I found a small bottle of medicine with three capsules in the other pocket.

What is the operation of taking medicine out?

This contact information should be the contact information of the event organizer in Chen Yue’s mother’s mouth.

A white road can be seen in the woods in front. You won’t lose your way along the road. Ruan Qiao turns on his flashlight and walks towards the front.

There was only the sound of stepping on leaves and branches as she walked in the empty woods.

[bullet screen roll powder] it’s said that you can squat down to my cloud here. First.

[bullet screen roll powder] come on, anchor duck, don’t let me down.

The only audience in the studio is a familiar ID.

Ruan Qiao smiled and walked for more than ten minutes to the side of the road.

Just next to it is a bus stop.

In order to save electricity, Ruan Qiao turned off the flashlight.

Before long, a yellow light came on the other side of the road.

An old bus came unsteadily. The driver saw a man standing under the stop sign and stopped slowly.


The door opens slowly.

Ruan Qiao looked inside. There were not many people on the bus. In addition to the driver, there were two people sitting in front of him.

She got in the car and put the money according to the price in front of the coin box. She went to the back and was going to sit down.

His eyes were attracted by the people in the last row.

The skin is as pale as white paper, but the cheeks have an abnormal blush. The long eyelashes tremble slightly because of pain. The eyes are tightly closed, and the thin lips are white. It’s painful to look at them.

He wore a simple cotton white sweater and leaned against the seat in the last row of the bus.

[bullet screen roll powder] can I squat down to the cloud God???

[bullet screen roll powder] ah, ah, ah, anchor, I love you, powder!!

[bullet screen roll powder] you’re a koi. You’re my life extender

Ruan Qiao was stunned.

It’s Susie.

But it’s not like him.

Different from the first time I saw him in the orphanage, he was frightening, afraid to approach, with a dangerous and bloodthirsty temperament. And this looks like a young Qingjun who is terminally ill and has to endure stubbornly running away from home.

Ruan Qiao walked gently and sat next to him.

The bus started again.

She noticed that there was another person around her. Su Xi’s eyelashes moved, her eyelids opened hard, and her good-looking pupils had no emotion, reflecting the girl’s confused face.

The pale lips moved gently, and she heard his voice nice and weak: “you’re finally here…”


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