After reopening the escape game Chapter 18

Ruan Qiao was a little confused.

She doesn’t know Susie like this.

The bloodthirsty, cold, irrational madman.

He should stand on the tombstone of the dark night as soon as he comes out, throw away his handsome and windy windbreaker, and reveal his beautiful and envious face from the dark. Scarlet eyes showed crazy killing intention, and said lines like “I smell your soul”.

Instead of shrinking in the last row of the bus late at night, with a pale face wrapped in a cotton white sweater, a beauty will disappear

She reached out and pinched Susi’s face.

Soft, hot.

It’s true.

Or you’re possessed?

Otherwise, how can you change your temperament?

“You are not…”

He interrupted her: “how uncomfortable…”

The transparent and almost pale fingertips gently pulled the corners of her clothes, and the eyelids closed heavily to cover the delicate and beautiful eyes. The eyebrows wrinkled painfully, and the breathing was slightly disordered.

Ruan Qiao wanted to open his hand, but he was startled when he touched his fingertips.

His face was hot, but his fingers were surprisingly cold.

Aware of her movements, Susi raised her eyelids with difficulty.

“Don’t go.”

The tone even took a hint of pleading.

“… I won’t go.” The first time she saw such a Suxi, she was at a loss.

What kind of disease can burn people like a different person?

“Are you okay?” If her partner dies of illness at the beginning, it’s a miracle.

“Nothing, just a cold.” Because he was ill, his voice was dumb with a vague continuous sound: “when he just ran away from home, he was caught in a heavy rain.”

Compared with him, she just lost her memory. Is she lucky

Ruan Qiao suddenly remembered the bottle of medicine he had found. After she felt it out of her pocket, she hesitated: “can I take this medicine?”

Three red and yellow capsules, simple white bottle body, without any taking instructions.

Go to town and see if there is a hospital or clinic.

This medicine doesn’t look very reliable.

[bullet screen roll powder] I love yunzai! What a pity! I’m sick. I’m not as domineering as I used to be, QAQ!

[bullet screen roll powder] can you continue to cut people handsome when you’re so sick

[reward] audience [roll powder] reward [mine] * 1.

The price of a mine is 100 gold coins. It is worthy of Su Xi’s mother powder. It hits the mine when it comes up.

[bullet screen roll powder] anchor, you must take good care of my little cute. Take the mine and go to a doctor. I’ll cover the medical expenses!

[bullet screen roll powder] don’t be afraid to spend money!! the best doctor!!

Ruan Qiao also smiled at the barrage: “don’t worry, it’s my teammate anyway. I won’t ignore him.”

Now she and Su Xi are teammates. She can’t attack him in team mode. Seeing that he has a high fever, why not… Delay the treatment and let him go offline in advance?

So she can finish the task ahead of time?

Such an evil thought came out of his heart. He saw Su Xi looking at himself nervously, with a trace of panic on his pale and good-looking face.

One hand held Ruan Qiao’s clothes tightly, as if afraid of her anger, he only dared to hold a part of the corner of his clothes.

A look of fear of being abandoned.

“All I can believe is you.” He asked her.

“You will be by my side, won’t you?”

There was a faint panic in his tone. His Obsidian beautiful eyes were full of trust, clean and free of any impurities, so that people didn’t want to do anything to disappoint him.

Killing you is saving you!

Ruan Qiao had a tangle in her heart, but at present, her mouth turned faster than her brain.

She heard her promise.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you die here.”

Then I really want to slap myself in the face.

With a cough, she began to change the topic: “I’m the teacher who came to the village to look for the missing student. How about you?”

“A rebellious teenager who ran away from home.”



Looking at Su Xi’s pale face, exquisite facial features and thin body

What Ruan Qiao make no mistake about Tucao: “why do you love to leave home and make complaints about missing people?”

“Probably don’t want to be found by parents.” His voice was gentle, his eyes were half closed, and his long eyelashes were particularly beautiful. “Or you may want to find a black factory to end it.”

There was a piece of paper stuck on the front seat, and Ruan Qiao looked closer.

It should be a page torn from a newspaper. The black bold title reads [new economic leap forward – Beijing chemical plant officially opened!].

Since 2002, the chemical plant has been opened in the village. The newspaper only gave a brief introduction to the chemical plant. There was not much useful information in the official polite words. All I know is that the chemical plant is built in the upper reaches of the river south of the village. It’s a factory invested and opened by outsiders here.

The sky outside the window was dark, the roadside trees were dense, and there were no houses or lights.

It was desolate.

There was a faint voice of dialogue in the front row. When Ruan Qiao got on the bus just now, he noticed a man and a woman sitting in front of him. At that time, he was attracted by Su Xi and didn’t look carefully. He didn’t know whether it was NPC or player.

There are only five people on the whole car, including the driver.

Ruan Qiao sat next to him. Seeing that the girl didn’t mean to leave, Su Xi relaxed.

It seemed difficult for him to keep awake. The boy’s head rested gently on her shoulder and his shortness of breath calmed slightly.

He leaned very lightly, or his body was so thin that he had no weight, and his face was pale and almost transparent. Reached out and touched it. The temperature on his forehead was very high.

Aware that the girl’s soft palm fell on her forehead, Su Xi’s eyelashes moved with a trace of caution: “will it infect you?”

He tried to hold himself up, but his eyes were full of reluctance.

Ruan Qiao’s heart is melting.

[bullet screen roll powder] ah, ah, I’m ready. Please infect me!

[bullet screen Alice] brother’s shoulder is for you to lean on

A few more people came in the live studio, but there were not many barrages.

Most of them come in at random and are still in a wait-and-see state.

Ruan Qiao almost forgot his demonic image of hell in the last issue. In front of him, this beautiful young man with a weak face in a cotton white sweater can’t help but want to ravage… Ah, no, it’s love.

She patted him on the back of his hand: “it doesn’t matter. You can sleep for a while.”

“When I get to the village, I’ll find someone to buy some cold medicine.”


His nasal sound is a little heavy.

When he got her promise, he relaxed, closed his eyes and leaned his weight on her. The corners of the mouth show a reassuring radian, which looks particularly good.

As the road became more and more bumpy, Ruan Qiao felt for the note in his pocket.

She found that the cell phone had a weak signal, so she called according to the number above.

“The spring breeze of reform blows all over the ground ~”

A song suddenly sounded in the car, the music was loud, and the people in the front row suddenly stopped talking.

In the silent night, this song is particularly harsh.

“The Chinese people are so proud ~ so proud ~ the world is crazy”

The bell was suddenly pressed, and a low male voice sounded from the front row and Ruan Qiao’s mobile phone: “hello.”

[bullet curtain willow]??

[bullet screen roll powder] is this mobile phone ring serious?

Ruan Qiao put down his cell phone and stretched out his head from his seat. He saw that the two people in the front row were also holding a cell phone with a blank face.

She waved her hand.

The man with the mobile phone stood up and walked towards Ruan Qiao.

“You also went to Beijing village to find someone?” The speaker is a young man who looks about 30 years old, with correct facial features and strong body.

“He’s my partner.” The other is a girl with slightly curly hair. She looks outgoing. She should be about twenty-six or seven years old, but she looks younger because of her baby face.

After she came over, she sat in the seat in the front row, turned and lay down in the seat and looked at Ruan Qiao: “he’s your partner? I don’t feel very energetic.”

Ruan Qiao nodded: “my name is Ruan Mianmian. He is my partner, Yun – er, wonton, en, the kind you can eat.”

The two men obviously didn’t recognize Su Xi. His state today is very wrong. It’s like a changed person, not to mention the first in full service. Now this pathetic appearance and a brain that’s burning delirious are not as good as a new person.

The girl rubbed her ankle: “this copy is very strange. At the beginning, my foot sprained and couldn’t run. My partner’s hand was injured.”

The man’s left arm was bandaged.

[bullet screen roll powder] deliberately weaken the player’s physical strength? It seems to be going to work hard in this game.

[reward] audience [Liu Liu] reward [mine] * 1.

[reward] little sprout [willow] reward [mine] * 1.

[bullet screen willow] anchor, I’m coming. I’m coming from the orphanage.

[bullet screen Alice] orphanage 1

[bullet screen willow] is this book just beginning?

The girl continued to introduce herself: “my name is rainbow sonic boom. Level 9 player, just call me rainbow. This is my partner, Wei’an. He has more experience than me. Now he has level 18.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the man’s thick black eyebrows, upright facial features and strong body.

It perfectly explains what integrity is.

With such players who can play together, it will be easier to deal with some situations.

Rainbow sonic boom looked at the dense forest outside the window of the car and sighed: “I’m here to find my missing brother. Wei’an is a policeman and the organizer of this search activity.”

Since it is a player, it is also the character setting of the copy. Ruan Qiao briefly introduced himself and wonton.

“There are two players who don’t know where they are.” Wei’an hung up the phone. “This should be our only communication tool. We don’t know what’s going on in the village yet. Be careful then. My clue is the black factory in Beijing village and this one.”

He took out a booklet from the system backpack, opened it and recorded all the information of missing persons.

“Almost all are men aged 12 to 22, some are students and some are workers. A total of 17 people were missing from 2005 to 2013.” After reading the booklet to Ruan Qiao, Wei’an took it back into his backpack. “My task is to find out the whereabouts of the missing people. I don’t specify who to find.”

[bullet screen willow] there were clues about the factory before. Shouldn’t all these missing people be caught to work as illegal workers?

[bullet screen roll powder] lost village, maybe MLM.

“I see in the news that such a strange village is either MLM or organ trafficking.” Rainbow sonic boom worried. “It’s dangerous anyway.”

Rainbow is looking for her brother, Xie He.

Last holiday, Xie He came here to practice with his classmates, but later his classmates didn’t see him and thought he couldn’t stand the difficult environment here and went home by himself. Until the end of the holiday, the family found it wrong. Although the police came to look for it, they found nothing.

After knowing this, rainbow contacted her former classmates, who are now the police, and came to the village to look for her missing brother.

It happened that Wei’an was investigating the cases of multiple disappearances in Beijing village, and the relatives of other missing persons were also constantly looking for them, so he organized the search activity.

The bus suddenly stopped, and the driver’s unfeeling voice sounded, “the terminal is here.”

Rainbow sonic boom and Wei’an walked in front of them and got out of the car. Ruan Qiao woke up Su Xi. His eyes just woke up were a little confused. He was relieved to see that the girl was still around him, loosened his hand tightly holding her clothes, and weakly pulled out a smile.

“Here we are.” Ruan Qiao helped him up. “Don’t laugh if you have no strength. It’s ugly.”

“Yes.” He nodded obediently.

Ruan Qiao helped him, one hand around his waist, felt the temperature of the girl’s body, and a warm and reassuring smile appeared on his face.

After a while, he whispered to her, “really…”


“Is it really ugly?”

He didn’t want her to hate him.

Ruan Qiao didn’t expect that after he became weak, he became so sensitive. He was stunned. Before he spoke, he heard his low voice.

“If you don’t like what I look like now, you don’t have to look at me…” he finished this sentence with great effort, his eyes drooping, as if trying to cover up his disappointment.

She was amused by the cute version of Su Xi in front of her: “I like watching you because you don’t look good.”

Hearing this, he was relieved with satisfaction.

[bullet screen roll powder] my cloud is not ugly at all!! how about Shengshi beauty!!

[bullet screen roll powder] cub, don’t do this. I’m so smoked!!!

Ruan Qiao held him forward, but he said in silence.

It’s not ugly at all.

On his morbid pale face, his thin lips gently pulled out a beautiful arc, his Obsidian pure eyes were full of trust, and his long eyelashes seemed to scratch in people’s heart.

Like a fragile white rose, it is breathtaking.

Now Susi reminds her of the first time she saw him in the ward.

At that time, his whole body was full of life tubes. She looked through the transparent tubes and only remembered that he was a thin and pale man.

Lying cold on the white hospital bed, lifeless.

Rainbow has got out of the car. Ruan Qiao holds Su Xi and walks slowly.

When she got down from the door, the driver said a cold word behind her.

“You shouldn’t have come to this place.”

She held Su Xi and turned to see the driver, but the door had been closed.

The bus turned and disappeared into the night.

The road came to an end here. There was an upward stone path in front of it. Next to Ruan Qiao was an oblique street lamp. The light bulb didn’t work for how long, and it was covered with cobwebs.

There are some small advertisements and missing notices on the street lamp posts.

The picture of the missing boy is printed on the Yellow inferior paper. The person on the picture smiles in the sunshine, but below is the cold text of looking for someone.

Although the function of the mobile phone in Ruan Qiao’s hand is very simple and different from modern smart phones, it is still a flip type, but it can at least display the time and make calls.

It’s August 7, 2013. The boy on the pole has been missing for six years.

Rainbow sonic boom also has a flashlight in its hand, illuminating a short section of the road ahead. She and Wei’an walked in front, and Ruan Qiao helped Su Xi walk behind.

At night, the style of the mountain is piercing, and there is something hidden in the darkness around.

Sometimes when I look up, I find that it is only the dark shadow formed by the wind blowing the grass and leaves.

The mysterious village between barren mountains gradually appeared in front of the four people.

It was already more than nine o’clock in the evening. There were not many lights on in the village. Most places were dark.

“Ah!” The rainbow sonic boom screamed and suddenly hid behind the danger in fear.

Ruan Qiao came up: “what’s the matter?”

Rainbow sonic boom pointed to the front: “there… There is a shadow.”

In the dark environment, I could only vaguely see a dark figure standing motionless on the roadside in front of me.

Wei’an took the flashlight of the rainbow sonic boom, went to the front, took the flashlight and shook it, “it seems to be a person.”

The man stood there motionless. Even if the four players shook with a flashlight, he didn’t respond.

“How terrible…”

Late at night in a deserted village, a static man stood by the roadside and watched them come without saying a word.

The goose bumps of rainbow sonic boom are up.

She followed Wei’an step by step close to the man, and finally saw each other’s appearance.


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