After reopening the escape game Chapter 19

In a barren mountain, an isolated village.

The man standing on the roadside looked thirty or forty years old, his face looked haggard and old, his hair gray and mixed with most of his white hair.

A thin face covers bones.

He held a sign in his hand.

Seeing the player coming, the man’s expression was numb, and only his eyes turned.

The rainbow shone with a flashlight.

The most conspicuous thing on the sign is a picture of a 12-year-old boy.

The boy in the picture is wearing an ordinary school uniform and a red scarf.

There is a line below.

Two years ago, the boy was brought here by his father to visit relatives. As a result, on the way back, his father went back to get the mobile phone left in his relatives’ house. When his father returned to the corn field, the man had disappeared.

This man should be the boy’s father.

Two years later, the child’s father looked here every day, and then stood at the entrance of the village holding a sign of missing people, hoping that passers-by could take a look and remember the child.

Waiting day after day has wiped out the original hope, from anxiety, fear and despair to numbness now.

He can only mechanically repeat such search and waiting, and dare not let himself think of anything else.

Otherwise, the despair of life and the pain of losing a child will torture him to death.

[bullet screen Alice] what a pity

[bullet screen willow] was it abducted by human traffickers?

Rainbow sonic boom hesitated for a moment, but still stepped forward: “Hello, we are also here to find our missing relatives. Do you have any clues?”

Hearing this, the stiff expression on the man’s face finally changed. His eyes slowly fell on several people. When he spoke again, his voice was hoarse: “I’ve looked for it hundreds of times.”

“I searched the whole mountain and the whole village.”

“If you can see the children above, come to me here at any time.”

“Will you stay here all the time?” Rainbow whispered.

If we can’t find the missing child, will we continue to wait hopelessly for one or two years, or ten or twenty years?

Although it was just a game, the feelings of these NPCs also touched her.

There are countless unfortunate people like men in life.

The man was silent for a moment. His voice was hoarse and full of fatigue: “No.”

“After looking for a week, if there is no result, I will go down the mountain and start looking for it from the county.”

Perhaps his children just met traffickers and were sold out of town.

Those who don’t want to lose, even if they find it for ten, twenty or fifty years, should always find it.

After listening to the man, several players were silent.

It was very late at night. The man looked at the quiet village, picked up the sign and walked outside the village.

Soon his figure disappeared into the darkness.

“Let’s go to the village to find a place to spend the night,” said Wei’an, looking at the dead village. “We’ll go to the factory tomorrow.”


In the dark compartment, the man in the black waterproof raincoat lowered his head and reached out to put a pair of shoes on the ground into a gunny bag.

There was a strange smell in the air.

“Woo woo.”

The thin face of the boy in the corner was full of panic.

Every time the raincoat man moves, he will make a clattering sound.

The boy’s eyes were covered with cloth and his mouth was pasted with yellow tape. The cry for help finally turned into a vague sob.


No one could hear his cry for help.

There was a terrible sound of bones rubbing against metal.

“Woo woo…”

“Clattering -”

It’s the sound of sacks dragging.


Footsteps approaching.

The man squatted down in front of him and touched the boy’s fragile neck, as if thinking about something.

The previous people have been dealt with by him, and the next is himself. The boy’s fear reached the extreme and his whole body trembled. But he was so tied up that he couldn’t move at all.

“Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt.”

“I’m very experienced. Don’t worry.”

The cold knife stuck to the boy’s neck.

Dong Dong Dong.

There was a sudden knock on the door.

The raincoat man frowned slightly and stood up.

The knock on the door outside continued, as if the people inside wouldn’t stop until they opened the door.

The night is deep.

The raincoat man stood up. The boy heard his distant footsteps and breathed a sigh of relief.

In the village late at night, few people come out and walk, let alone knock at the door.

The man took off his raincoat, and the knocking outside continued persistently.

He went out of the house and locked the door.

The rough hand put the metal key in his pocket.

Through the yard, finally came to the gate.

Then he unlocked the door.


There is a danger. The rainbow sonic boom is obviously safer.

In team mode, some players are randomly matched, and some form teams together after adding friends. From the performance along the way, rainbow and safety should belong to the latter and be friends.

It was difficult for Ruan Qiao to walk alone, not to mention Su Xi’s height.

The big and light cotton white sweater made him look like a teenager. It’s like the kind of Qingjun boy everyone would secretly love in high school. He is tall and thin. He has to stand on tiptoe and look up to see his good-looking eyes.

But fortunately, his weight is very light and he is light.

It was like a white feather, as if the night wind could blow him away.

Ruan Qiao held him carefully, the young man’s hand tightly grasped the corner of her clothes, and there was a slight cold sweat on his pale face. His forehead is still very hot, and the pressure of the copy is too strong. Ruan Qiao doesn’t know what happened to him, but at least he is not optimistic in his ordinary state.

The characters in [isolation zone] have four forms during the game: normal state, combat state, Lord state and talent state.

The combat mode can only be started after level 15.

In the last game, she had seen Su Xi’s combat posture for a few minutes, but Ruan Qiao always felt that it was not all his combat strength.

Even when the conical curve with electrified accent came out, Su Xi didn’t turn on the combat state, let alone the Lord state.

Although he hasn’t played this game for half a year, Ruan Qiao also knows one thing:

Don’t challenge the rules in the game.

——Unless you’re strong enough.

The rules are made by the strong.

If you are strong enough, you are the rule.

Even skill cards are. Low level skill cards will weaken or even fail in front of higher bosses.

On the last day of the orphanage, she can choose to [kill], but there will be two results in the end.

First, Wen Qing and Su Xi both choose [kill], and everyone will die.

Second, Wen Qing chooses not to kill, Su Xi chooses to kill, and Wen Qing dies,

Third, if Wen Qing chooses [kill] and Su Xi chooses [don’t kill], Su Xi will die.

In the first case, when the conic boss level is unknown and the highest form of Su Xi is not opened, Su Xi may not die. But Ruan Qiao will die. She is just a low-level player without powers and forms. She has no chance to resist under the boss’s rule mastery ability.

In the third case, Su Xi’s result is the same as the first, except that Ruan Qiao will not die. But the impression in Suxi’s eyes is that she chose betrayal.

The second result is more troublesome. Ruan Qiao’s betrayal will make Wen Qing’s fans scold her as autistic. As long as she has an emotional pick-up, she can’t keep her vest in her previous life and this life. Although she is not afraid of these means, she doesn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. Now her contract with AAS has not been terminated. If she makes things rashly, there may be many unnecessary things and delay the later time.

And choosing to kill is betrayal anyway.

At present, she wants to take the strategy of gaining [Su Xi] trust. She doesn’t know whether she can hurt the enemy, but she will eat her own choice.

It will be more difficult for a person who chooses “betrayal” from the beginning to get trust again.

Su Xi is really not that simple. He should choose [kill]. He not only didn’t do so, but even invited himself to continue the game after the game.

Is he showing that he can ignore the strength of the boss game, or is he observing them?

In the orphanage room, his sensitivity to murder also surprised her.

Facts have proved that waiting for an opportunity to approach him and seizing any opportunity to kill Su Xi is not a good choice. Before Ruan Qiao, Su Fu had found many players, even high-level assassins, but they all failed. They even went on his blacklist without seeing Su Xi’s Lord state. They were killed every time they saw him in the game… The level kept falling, falling to autistic.

Gain his trust, understand his strength, and start after her strength has increased to a certain extent. At that time, hard work, assassination and persuasion. It’s much easier than it is now.

Susi is very cunning.

If you want to deceive him, you must deceive yourself first.

She’s not here to kill him, she’s here to help him.

After hypnosis, Ruan Qiao relaxed a lot.

At the bottom of his heart, Su Xi’s idea of directly dying from illness at the beginning also dissipated. Who knows if he will kill himself instantly after opening the form.

It’s really a waste of time to bury her when she dies.

Thinking about something, her left foot suddenly stepped into a small pit on the road.

Ruan Qiao fell.

Although it was not easy to slip, it also pulled the corners of her clothes out of her bony hands.

She steadied herself and turned to see if Susi was all right.

The boy’s dark pupils were full of consternation and panic, and his pale fingers were still in their place.

His fingers moved, but he still didn’t dare to go forward and hold on to her clothes.

Originally, the two walked together. She grabbed his arm and put one hand around his waist. And he grabbed her clothes and his posture was very awkward. But when he was dizzy, it seemed that only this wisp of clothes could reassure him.

She sighed, “if you really want to hold something, lean on my shoulder and hold my hand.”

“Yes, sir?”

The tone was all cautious.

Ruan Qiao directly pulled his left hand and put it on his left shoulder. Her right hand was still around his waist to support his action. His left hand stretched out from the front and gently grasped Su Xi’s cold right hand.

This posture looks like she is held in the arms of a teenager.

Feeling the warmth of the palm of his hand, a faint smile appeared in the boy’s Obsidian eyes. Originally, it was just an abnormal blush on the cheeks, and now the roots of the ears are slightly red, but no one noticed it on the dark road.

Ruan Qiao just thought his illness was getting worse.

But the little animal in front of us is as lovely and delicious as a sick and weak boy who can’t help but have a flood of maternal love. Isn’t it really a boss pretending to be!

[bullet screen roll powder] what’s the disease? Why does my cub look more delicious than when killing four directions? Woo woo

[bullet screen roll powder] please catch cold several times in the future!!!

[barrage a few] clouds suck together.

[barrage a few] just entered the pit. Do you want to follow the procedure or lick the screen directly?

The two people in front walked to the door of a villager’s house with lights on in the yard. Rainbow sonic boom turned to ask Ruan Qiao for their opinions: “shall we knock on the door and ask where there is a place to stay…”

Seeing the posture of Ruan Qiao and Su Xi, she immediately took back her words: “excuse me. I’ll knock at the door and you continue.”

Hearing the voice of the rainbow, Wei’an also looked back curiously.

From his perspective, he happened to see Ruan Qiao intimately “held” by Su Xi, the boy’s pale cheek leaning against her shoulder, and the white skin was flushed. Long eyelashes lay a shadow, thin lips bent slightly, holding the girl’s hand in one hand, and her cheeks rubbed gently on her shoulder.

Feeling angry and stuffed with a mouthful of dog food, Wei’an silently turned his head.

Ruan Qiao was trying to answer, and his eyes touched their strange eyes

What the hell are you thinking? Wait!

[bullet screen roll powder] it’s so cute!!

[bullet screen roll powder] how can it be so cute? Help!

[screen Alice] control your mood upstairs. Your screen is blocking me from watching the anchor

[bullet screen roll powder] OK! Sorry, I’m going to calm down!

[reward] audience [don’t coo] reward [rocket] * 1.

[don’t coo in the barrage] have fun, or I’ll blow your head.

Ruan Qiao tugged at the corners of his mouth: the gold Lord is really

“I knocked at the door?” Rainbow sonic boom whispered, reached out and knocked on the iron door.

“Woof woof!!”

Suddenly there was a ferocious dog barking, piercing the night sky of the village, making people’s ears ache.

The rainbow sonic boom shrunk its hand, or continued to knock.

I don’t know how long it took, there was a noise in the yard.

First there was a shuffle of footsteps, and then the door opened with a click.

The iron gate opened a gap half a person wide. Through the gap, you can only see an ordinary rural house with a small yard in front.

At the door stood a middle-aged man in his forties.

He stretched out his head and looked at the four people outside, with some unhappiness on his face: “who are you looking for?”

“We want to find a place to live.” Rainbow said.

“No.” The man reached out to close the door.

“Where does the man standing at the entrance of the village live?” Rainbow doesn’t give up. Keep asking.

“Li? He lives in a cave by the river outside.” The man’s action of closing the door stopped, unhappy: “we don’t have a hotel here.”

“We have no place to go this big night. Can you help us find a place?” The rainbow sonic boom stuffed a hundred dollars.

In this remote place, in 2013, there are a lot of 100 yuan.

The man took the money, looked better and was about to speak.

The noise of the TV set suddenly rang out next door.

The man looked up at the next door and said, “the Zhangjia next door is very big and there are many empty rooms. If you really want to find a place to rest, go and ask their family.”

Wei’an stood in front and blocked Ruan Qiao and Su Xi behind. The man’s eyes fell on Wei’an’s tall body: “you have many people, you should be fine. Stay for one night and leave. Don’t delay here if you have nothing.”

Then he slammed the door shut.

Rainbow sonic boom turned back and shrugged helplessly. The four went to a red iron door next door.

The dog barked louder.

This time, the gate opened quickly.

A man in his forties, balsam pear face, bent waist and inverted eyebrows.

Squinting, he looked timidly at the stranger at his door.

“Can I stay here? There are four of us…”

Rainbow’s words were rejected by him before he finished.

“Don’t live, don’t live, you hurry!” He was about to close the door when someone suddenly opened it. Then there was a sharp voice: “what are you doing? How many times have I told you?”

“Don’t you want the money delivered to the door? Is there too much money in our family or are you mentally ill?”

Men bend lower.

The speaker was a woman of about sixty or seventy years old, very tall and strong. He looks older than a man, like his mother. It is estimated that he should be close to 70. She was younger, had a loud voice, wore a black suit and looked as strong as a man.

The woman glanced at the player standing at the door: “one room, fifty a night.”

Rainbow’s money has been given to the next neighbor. Ruan Qiao and Wei’an gave money, and the woman let four people in.

After entering the door, there is a large yard. There is a vegetable field on the right side of the door. Three fierce big black dogs are tied between the vegetable field and the door. Smelling the smell of strangers, the three dogs barked even more.

There is also a stone well in front of the vegetable field, next to which stands a wooden bucket, as well as a newly installed pool and water pipe.

I can see that the house is really big, but it has only one floor. Several people walked forward and came to the house.

There is a door on the left side facing the courtyard door and the player.

The key was inserted in the door on the left, and the woman opened the door directly.

Behind the door was a short corridor. She took a few steps inside, suddenly stopped, turned back and said coldly, “go and take out the quilt for them. I don’t have any eyesight. How did I get out, you fool!”

The man quickly nodded and fled out of the corridor.

Ruan Qiao looked back. The man took out the key, opened the other door they had just seen, and entered the room.

She looked at Su Xi’s pale face. “Is there any cold medicine here?”

Although the woman looked ferocious, it was not difficult to speak. She also saw that the person supported by the little girl looked sick. “You choose a room first, and I’ll bring it to you later.”

The end of the corridor is divided into left and right roads, and there are two doors on both sides of the corridor on the right.

The cold concrete wall has mottled marks because of its age.

The walls were covered with stains and shadows, and there was a dim yellow light at the fork of the whole corridor.

Everyone’s shadow fell on the ground, distorted and gloomy.

“These two rooms are empty. They used to be the place where my two sons lived, but now they don’t live here. You gave the money for the two rooms and arranged it yourself.” The woman led the four men to the left.

Rainbow sonic boom looked curiously at the right end of the corridor: “is there any other room on the right?”

“There are two rooms on the right. The one at the end is where I sleep, and there is another one.” The woman paused. “She was rented by outsiders like you.”

“Divide the two rooms by yourself. I’ll find medicine.” With that, the woman went straight to the other side of the corridor.

[bullet screen roll powder] this map is very winding.

[bullet curtain willow] the room feels gloomy as soon as it is big.

[bullet screen Alice] is it the haunted house setting again? This is confusing

[barrage willow] anyway, the people in this village are strange. Try to drive the players out. Is there something hidden?

“Two rooms, one for girls and one for boys.” Wei’an opened the door and looked. The furnishings of the left and right rooms are similar. There is a big bed in the door, which can sleep two people. Opposite the bed is a vertical wardrobe, each with an iron bar window.

Ruan Qiao helped Su Xi in and let him lean against the bed.

The woman took the cold medicine and left. Ruan Qiao fed him the medicine.

She asked for a basin of water and a handkerchief to help Su Xi wipe the sweat on her face.

The boy’s eyebrows stretched a little, not as weak and uncomfortable as before.

Ruan Qiao said, “it should be safe for you to live with Wei’an. I’ll go to the rainbow first.”

She was about to get up, but she felt her wrist caught.

He bowed his head and looked pitifully at the young man.

Her wrist temperature is higher, close to his cold hand, feel itchy.

“I, I’m afraid…”

The long eyelashes trembled slightly, and the blush of the cheeks faded. The whole person looked thin and thin, his thin lips moved gently, and his voice was low: “do you really want to go?”

Ruan Qiao looked at the strong man standing in front of the eye bed, and at the dying sick beauty holding his wrist on the eye bed.

With a frown, I felt that things were very difficult.


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