After reopening the escape game Chapter 2

The girl who asked first got out of bed. When Ruan Qiao studied the door lock, she also looked around the room.

“Introduce yourself. I’m flattered by the smell.” Another voice sounded in the dark, with a slightly cold sound line and a shallow sense of alienation. “My number is C1.”

Hearing the name, not only the girl who asked questions, but also Ruan Qiao’s barrage went crazy.

Wen Qing has a distinguished family background and is very beautiful. She has been a child star since childhood. A few days ago, she played a popular Xianxia drama, and her popularity soared. However, acting is just a hobby. The goddess who likes to play horror Games has become a highlight of her.

Wen Qing went to the window. In addition to four beds, there was a wardrobe in the corner by the window. Under the window was a table with three drawers under the table.

She opened the drawer. There were five candles and a box of matches in it.

Light the candle and the light comes on.

“My name is cloud.” The girl standing in the middle of the room looks in her early twenties, short hair and thin. His eyes were filled with the excitement of meeting a star, and his words were intermittent: “what, what number…? well, I, I only know that my level is level 19…”

Wen Qing turned around. Although she was carrying the candle light, she could also see that her skin was white, her facial features were exquisite and proud, her flaxen curly hair was on her shoulder, and her voice was cold: “look at you.”

“Ah?” The cloud was stunned. Then he searched himself and found a card. “What does this code mean? I’m A2.”

Ruan Qiao is also looking at the two people, “my name is Ruan Mianmian. I’m a level 1 player. I’m A3.”

Wen Qing: “can the door be opened?”

Ruan Qiao shook his head and stood aside, revealing an old-fashioned padlock tied to the door behind him: “it seems that we need to find the key.”

Wen Qing: “let’s start looking.”

[barrage] I only came to the promotion competition in level 19. I can’t earn the promotion stone until I can upgrade, can I?

[barrage] it looks like a vegetable chicken. Plus the novice anchor, God, I’m flattered by the news. It’s terrible.

[barrage] at this moment, a lemon essence who can’t play games with the goddess quietly passes by

The cloud looked at the two people who started the search mode and said, “well… The mission said that we only need to stay here for five days. Now it’s night. Is it dangerous to go out? At least there are no strange things in this room, and my skills and backpack are locked and unavailable.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a sharp, bigger and more painful scream outside the door. The sound was far away, but it sounded creepy.

Wen Qing searched the right bed. One was her bed and the other was an empty bed. Ruan Qiao and Yunduo’s bed were on the left. She didn’t return her head: “don’t eat or drink for five days?”

A game in [isolation zone] takes six hours in reality, but in the game world, it may be a day or a month. As long as you enter the game copy, you must live according to the physical rules in the copy.

“The beginning of the game is the most precious time. This period of time is relatively safe. It is also the best time to find clues and explore copies.” A faint smell of sunshine.

The cloud nodded quickly: “no wonder I die so early every time! I study!”

[bullet screen] vegetable chicken perfectly interprets “sit and wait to die”.

[barrage] this should be a level B book.

[barrage] Wen chongruo is a level 25 player. It’s impossible to qualify for the competition. It must be level a.

[barrage] only I care. Can the anchor live a few nights?

Ruan Qiao went to the window and looked out. Under the cold night, a huge old tree was on the right side of the yard. There are still several shadows under the tree moving with the wind. A closer look reveals that it is a Trojan horse. On the left side of the yard is a rose garden, and the blood colored roses pay special attention in the dark.

The whole courtyard is surrounded by tall walls, with only one iron gate leading to the outside. Even if you look out from the window on the second floor, you can’t see beyond the courtyard wall.

Ruan Qiao was about to take back his sight. When he glanced over the old tree, he found that there was a small child standing in the empty place just now.

He was dressed in dark yellow and his eyes were all black and white, staring at Ruan Qiao.

Those eyes are full of resentment, hatred and hatred. Anyone who sees such eyes will be cold.

Then he showed a terrible smile.

[barrage] ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!!

[bullet screen] the 24 character Scripture of socialism protects the body!!!!

The barrage screamed.

Then they watched Ruan Qiao raise his hand, waved to the ghost child below, smiled and said hello.

[bullet screen] anchor take medicine!!!

[barrage] is that greeting you? You’re being watched. Okay! What’s the situation with the return? Hello!

The clouds came up and said, “what’s the matter with you?”

Ruan Qiao: “there is a child under the tree.”

She then looked back and found that there was no one there.

Cloud: “sister Mianmian, don’t scare me… I’m afraid…”

Wen Qing came over: “there is no key in the cabinet, but I found a picture.”

This is a yellow square black-and-white photo with five children on it. The background is the old tree in the yard.

The five children laughed happily, two men and three women. One of the little girls had no arms.

Ruan Qiao told the two people what he had just seen, and Wen Qing narrowed her eyes: “the terrorist orphanage, most of these children are the source of the supernatural phenomenon here. We have nine volunteers, numbered ABC three groups, and there should be three people in each group.”

Cloud: “but we can’t get out without the key.”

Ruan Qiao took a step to the side. Her eyesight was very good. When she looked down, she could see friction marks near the foot of the wardrobe.

The wardrobe was moved.

She pretended to slip under her feet and grabbed the next cabinet in order not to fall.

The cabinet was not firm either. She pulled it and it fell down.

Standing next to the cloud was frightened and was about to speak. Wen Qing crossed her two and went directly to the back of the cabinet, where a place like a mouse hole appeared. There is a thin line at the hole. Pull out a key along the line.

[barrage] is that ok?

[barrage] the anchor’s lucky score is full.

[barrage] although clumsy, it is at least useful.

The three opened the lock with the key and pushed the door out.

The light of the candle was unstable, and the flames leaped in the dark corridor, casting distorted and terrible shadows.

The occasional screams heard in the room now disappeared, and the whole corridor was very quiet.


The door next door was smashed open at this time, and four men came out of it.

At the front was a fat man of 40, followed by a young man with long hair with the word “Yong” on his face. He looked contemptuously at another timid young man coming out: “Oh, a strange noise scared you like this.”

Ruan Qiao looked up and looked over the three people in front and landed on the last one.

He leaned against the door frame, his eyes fell into the shadow, and the lower half of his face was clearly outlined, with a tall nose and thin lips. The whole person was wrapped in a dark windbreaker, his slender legs leaned, and the windbreaker tail fell behind him, like a swallow with a black tail.

His temperament is dangerous and noble.

At first glance, Ruan Qiao recognized that this man was her goal – Su Xi.

Even the three men who came out in front kept a distance from him.

It’s the early morning of the 3rd. You can leave in five days

The sound of the system suddenly sounded in Ruan Qiao’s ear.

[but can you really leave alive?]

After this sentence, the task panel was refreshed. Ruan Qiao took a look and found that the task target had appeared.

[main task: players who survive in the orphanage for five days are divided into three ABC groups. At the end of the game, the more people in the same group survive, the more task rewards a single person will get.]

[barrage] that’s what the original copy of single person mutual aid means. It’s also a new couple’s welfare. There’s a great God belt.

[barrage] don’t be too happy upstairs. A single copy shows that everyone can attack each other. If you really want to bring new people, why don’t you set it to an invincible team mode?

As soon as the two groups meet, they know that each other is a player.

When the young man with long hair saw Wen Qing, his eyes lit up. He pushed the fat man away and came over: “isn’t this the big star who has been popular recently? It seems that I’m lucky, little sister. Follow my brother and I’ll cover you.”

With that, the long haired man reached out and touched Wen Qing’s hand.

Before anyone could touch it, Wen Qing kicked it three meters away.

Although everyone’s skills and backpacks are blocked in this copy, the effect of data bonus is still there. Wen Qing is a level 25 player. Her numerical ability will not be too low.

The long haired man turned black and stood up with his stomach covered: “he’s still very strong? I don’t beat women, but today I have to let you know how powerful!”

Such a hooligan Wen Qing is often seen in the game. Her face is expressionless: “single copy, I can kill you now.”

“A waste of time.”

Some low pitched male voices, with a trace of impatience.

[barrage] who’s talking?

[barrage] are you blind ahead? There’s a little brother over the door!

A trace of fear flashed through the bottom of the long haired man’s eyes, but his temper was very fried. At that time, he gnashed his teeth and said, “I’ve endured you for a long time just now. Why, do you still want to kill me like this woman?”

Su Xi came out of the shadow, with a pair of narrow eyes slightly raised, with a trace of casual and lazy.

His eyes are more impressive than this face, like a bottomless abyss, which can trigger the deepest fear in people’s heart.

The long haired man only felt that he was stared at by a poisonous snake and a devil at that moment, and his hair stood up all over. But in order to save face, he also wanted to say a few cruel words. Unexpectedly, the next second he felt that his throat was pasted with a cold palm.

The pain in his fragile throat made him feel the threat of death for a moment. Su Xi didn’t know when he had arrived in front of him. He pinched his throat with one hand and took off his arm with the other.

The pupil of the long haired man shrinks, and the pain on his hand makes him want to scream. But his throat was pinched and he couldn’t make a sound at all.

Just when he thought he was going to die, Su Xi released his hand and threw the long haired man who was already sweating to the ground.

He looked at his palm with some disgust. When he spoke again, his voice was light and careless: “dirty.”

Ruan Qiao’s barrage area had already exploded when Su Xi appeared.

[barrage] ah, it’s the cloud God, isn’t it?!!!

[barrage] the voice of cloud God’s curse is so sexy!

[barrage] first of all, what luck do I rely on this newcomer?!!

[barrage] ah, don’t stop me. I want to wear the anchor!!!!!


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