After reopening the escape game Chapter 20

Ruan Qiao finally lived in the same room with rainbow.

Even if she is willing to stay here to take care of Su Xi, rainbow can’t live with Wei An.

After comforting the cub version of Su Xi for a long time, Ruan Qiao finally went out of the door in his pathetic eyes.

Standing at the door, thinking of those wet eyes, the girl hesitated for a moment, but still unconsciously looked back.

Susie lay in bed,

His pale face was full of loss.

Long eyelashes droop,

Like a small black brush.

The pretty thin lips pursed slightly.

The whole body reveals the loneliness of being abandoned.

Ruan Qiao covered his heart.

No… how can a good-looking person commit such a foul?

She can finally understand why when some girls she met before act like spoilers, countless people care and gently protect people behind her.

Then he rushed forward foolishly.

While turning back to comfort Jiao soft sister: “don’t be afraid, I’ve always been there!”

She could not bear to lower her head and comforted the little poor man in bed: “don’t be afraid, I’ve been next door.”

“If you need anything, just shout.”

“I don’t think the sound insulation effect of this place is very good. I can hear it.”

The TV sound of the house where the man outside went in and the TV sound of the family next door can be heard clearly now.

There were several barks from time to time, but they were much weaker than when they came in.

Wei’an’s dark eyebrows picked up: “why, I’m afraid I’ll bully him?”

He looked at the sick and weak boy on the bed, and his thick voice sounded, “don’t worry, I like my sister.”

[bullet screen Alice] bad conversation.

[bullet screen roll powder]??

[bullet screen roll powder] I thought I was a serious man

[barrage 66] haha, haha, this man is serious when he speaks. He laughs to death

Ruan Qiao: ”

“… then please take care of the patient.”

Then she left the room silently, closed the door and went to the opposite room.

No, No.

Back in the room, Ruan Qiao began to make the bed with rainbow.

The middle-aged man who opened the door for them just now is still in the room.

“My name is Zhang Ming.” without the woman present, the man was obviously not so nervous. But he was still bent, and his voice was hard to hear, like sand. Eyes never make direct contact with people. “This is my second brother’s room. Don’t touch anything.”

“Don’t worry, we promise to be like when we come and when we leave.” Ruan Qiao vowed to finish and continued to ask, “where is your second brother now? Won’t you come back and have no place to live?”

Zhang Ming paused and replied, “he moved out. Although he won’t come back often, my brother has a bad temper. If you mess up the room, it will be very troublesome.”

He threw the bed on the bed and said, “do it yourself. I’ll go back to bed first.”

When rainbow saw someone walking to the door, she was relieved. She took the big flower bed sheets and quilt covers from getting up and began to tidy them up.

Ruan Qiao nodded. After a meeting, he felt something wrong and turned to look at the door.

The light of the electric lights in the room turned yellow, and fell on these furniture with the ancient style of the last century. Because the current is unstable, the light flashes a few times from time to time. The door is a wooden door painted with red paint. It’s uncomfortable to see the red door at night.

Behind the door stood a dark figure. Looking carefully, you could see a face with no expression and loose skin.

[bullet screen roll powder] who’s in the sleeping slot!

[barrage a few] startled me

[bullet screen Alice] it’s too seeping to stand at the door all the time

[bullet screen willow] isn’t this Zhang Mingliu who left just now? Why is he standing at the door?

Seeing Ruan Qiao’s eyes, Zhang Ming’s eyes flashed.

At the same time, Ruan Qiao also turned on his power.

[first power: mind skill] activate.

[mental skill]

Introduction: look at the target for three seconds and you can hear the voice of the other party for the next half a minute.

There is a chance to cause temporary dizziness effect when using it. Multiple uses can increase the ability level.

Grade: Grade 1, cooling time 1 hour.

This is the first time Ruan Qiao has used this ability.

When the power was turned on, a hoarse voice also sounded in her mind.

Using mental skills can let her hear the voice of the other party’s half points, but these voices will be directly conveyed into her mind, which can’t be seen by the audience in the live studio.

In their eyes, Ruan Qiao just looked at the people at the door and didn’t move, as if he was in a state of trance.

Zhang Ming’s mouth closed tightly, and his body standing behind the door was motionless, looking strange and strange.

A pair of eyes make the bottom of one’s heart slightly hairy.

[barrage of bullets] Wang’s gaze

[bullet screen roll powder] when you stare at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you

[bullet screen Alice]… I was so scared that my hands trembled and I was made to laugh by a stem of the big brother above


Why are you looking at me

Ruan Qiao just started to use the power state, but she didn’t adapt to the sudden sound. After realizing that this was the activity in Zhang Ming’s heart, she listened carefully.

Why did you come to the village

Why don’t you go

You should go

You should get out of here

Run as fast as you can


Ruan Qiao frowned slightly and suddenly felt dizzy.

Zhang Ming’s voice is too slow and talkative.

And like most dog blood stories, when it comes to key information abilities, the time has come.

She held the bedstead beside her and shook her body, frowning slightly.

Vertigo is not long, but it is very strong.

It seems that you can’t use this ability in a critical moment. Although there is a certain chance of dizziness, it is also very dangerous.

If you add a dizzy buff of three or four seconds at the critical moment of racing against time, you are giving your head away.

Rainbow sonic boom looked up and found her strange, “are you okay?”

“Colds can also be contagious. Don’t let both of you fall ill.”

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “I’m fine.”

She looked up and looked at the door. Zhang Ming had left.

The door was half closed and there was darkness behind it.

It makes people wonder if there is something hidden in the dark.

Wait for the opportunity to move, only when you are asleep, and then get out of the shadow.

“Well, the bed is ready. Let’s have an early rest.” Rainbow looked at the doll clock on the bedside table. “It’s already eleven o’clock.”

[barrage willow] the copy has been weakening the player’s physical fitness. You should have a good rest at this time. It is estimated that you will get to the point tomorrow.

[bullet screen Ziqin] I hope the anchor’s partner will get better soon. It’s really miserable to play a game.

[bullet screen love] is a combination of a man and a woman, but the anchor is too weak.

[bullet screen love] if you really want to fight, you can’t run.

[bullet screen Ann] what should I do? I think the sick wonton is so cute. Wuwu doesn’t want him to recover

Not everyone recognized Su Xi’s role. Some people in the live studio just thought he was an ordinary player.

Ruan Qiao went to the wardrobe opposite the bed and reached out to open it. There were clothes hanging on the upper part and two drawers below.

“What are you looking for?”

Rainbow sonic booms are ready to go to bed. Seeing Ruan Qiao start to turn around, he looks at her in surprise: “the man just said, let’s not touch the things in the room…”


“You promised him…”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

[bullet screen roll powder] ha ha, soul asked

[bullet screen willow] little sister rainbow is still too simple

[bullet screen a few] the anchor is too much. Ha ha ha ha ha, I like it

Without raising his head, Ruan Qiao continued to turn through the wardrobe, opened the drawer and found a pair of photo frames.

It’s a picture of the whole family.

It seems that Ruan Qiao’s operation has opened the door to the new world for rainbow and let her know that the game can still be played like this. I played several books before, and rainbow saw with my own eyes those who violated the rules or game rules given by NPC all rush into the street.

For example, the werewolf kills the newcomer who has to run outside the villa in the game. Finally, he is made an example by changing the pattern to get the boxed lunch. Materialist players who ignore the advice of terrorist creatures when taking the subway insist on entering the station. Although it is strange why this person is still materialistic in the holographic game, he firmly believes that all spirits and ghosts are frightening feudal tricks. There are no monsters who can’t be hard, and a pair of fists go all over the world

All these experiences have led rainbow to pay special attention to NPC’s words.

Without a pointless dialogue, what NPC said must be meaningful.

This is the rule she summed up.

And now this rule is broken by the girl in front of me

Although rainbow likes horror games, it doesn’t have much courage.

Now there is a companion who can hold her thighs. Although both of them are at the same level, they are better than herself.

After thinking about it, rainbow jumped out of bed and squatted next to Ruan Qiao.

Rainbow: “is this a picture of Zhang Jia?”

The six members of the family in the photo are very stiff, especially the woman, with an unhappy face, as if they were owed $500 in case.

She sat in a chair, her thick lips pursed, her eyes filled with discontent. The person sitting next to her has a square face, looks very thin cheeks, dark eyes, and the whole person’s mental state is very poor. According to the age, it should be the woman’s husband, that is, Zhang Ming’s father.

Behind them stood Zhang’s four children. From left to right were two men and a woman. On the far right stood Zhang Ming.

Ruan Qiao took the photos out of the drawer and handed them to rainbow. He continued to turn the drawer.

In the second drawer, she found two small white medicine bottles.

After opening, I found five red and yellow capsules in each.

Ruan Qiao frowned slightly: “rainbow, do you have this medicine?”

Rainbow was dazed: “no, you have it?”

Ruan Qiao nodded.

[bullet screen willow] isn’t this the capsule found on the anchor before?

[bullet screen roll powder] isn’t it really medicine for my baby?

[bullet screen roll powder] fortunately, I didn’t eat it casually at that time.

[bullet curtain Aji] but how could there be such medicine in Zhang Jia’s wardrobe.

[bullet screen willow] it feels like a replica prop. Send a flashlight at the beginning. Batteries, pills, bandages and so on can be found everywhere in the replica. Don’t many horror games do this?

Rainbow took out a small flashlight from her pocket: “I only had a flashlight, a document and a knife. Maybe everything we started will not be the same. I don’t have any mobile phones.”

“But I have a way to try.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the rainbow unexpectedly. As a low-level newcomer, he was timid and timid. As long as rainbow doesn’t lag behind in the copy, she is satisfied and doesn’t expect her to provide any help.

In the past, those who formed a team with Ruan Qiao were either super intelligent or force against the sky. It is also a long-term cooperative partner. It goes without saying that there is a tacit understanding, and the rhythm in the game is also very fast.

The previous copy of the orphanage, how many players gave heads in the early stage.

Although there are many middle and low-level players in the [isolation area], most of them lack certain awareness.

Unlike their profession, they will study the rules and routines of various copies, as well as common clues and trends. More people play games just for fun and follow their intuition.

The analysis of Liu Liu in the barrage is also Ruan Qiao’s speculation. If the same item appears everywhere in a copy, it must be a consumable balance prop.

It’s just that we don’t know what these drugs do.

Rainbow takes a bottle of medicine, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

[first power: clue] start.


Introduction: Misty copies, confused props, which way to death, which way to meet life. Is the light in the night the guide of hope or the gaze of monsters?

Use the items in the copy to get relevant clues. It requires a contact time of up to one minute. You can’t separate from the object during this period. Multiple uses can increase the ability level.

Grade: Grade 1, cooling time three hours.

A minute later, the rainbow finally opened its eyes.

I saw a row of small black characters on the white medicine bottle.

[take jujube pill]

One at a time, strengthen your body, eliminate hallucinations,

Oral, pregnant women and children should not use.

Soon, the row of small characters disappeared.

Ruan Qiao put the medicine bottle into his pocket, “just one bottle for each person.”

Rainbow nodded and took another bottle: “there may be more drugs in the copy. We’ll pay more attention to the search at that time.”

See Ruan Qiao continue to rummage, rainbow also joined her action.

This is not to find the key props!

Rainbow decided to hold her thigh to the end.

Encouraged by the props, rainbow even searched harder than Ruan Qiao.

Ruan Qiao nodded: “classmate, you have a talent for playing games and strong learning ability.”

Rainbow smiled shyly.

[bullet screen roll powder] seems to have reached a consensus

[barrage a Ji] the anchor teaches the bad little sister hahaha

[bullet screen Alice] it takes only a second to learn bad

“There is a knife in this dress.” Rainbow found a slender knife from a coat hanging above, which is a bit similar to cutting fruit. “Who would put the knife in the wardrobe…”

[bullet screen roll powder] this second brother is a werewolf

[Alice in the barrage] I’m my second brother in society. There are many people

She was about to put the knife back when Ruan Qiao took it.

The girl took the knife and turned a flower. The snow-white blade reflected white light.

[bullet screen roll powder] lying slot, the anchor was so handsome just now!

[barrage willow]!!

[barrage a Ji] the blade is so handsome!!!

[bullet screen Alice] coach, I want to learn to turn a knife!

[bullet screen roll powder] hand: No, you don’t want to. Don’t cut me off later.

[barrage safety] Coach: you want to learn everything.

Ruan Qiao: “if you find it, it’s ours. Put it for self-defense tomorrow.”

He got up and put the knife in the drawer of the bedside table.

Rainbow sonic boom looked adored: “I’ve been taught.”

They turned the house upside down, even under the bed. No other clues were found.

Just about to have a rest, a conversation between a man and a woman suddenly came from the door.

“You knock.” The man’s voice is a little clear, like a young man.

“Why?” The woman seems dissatisfied.

“Because you knock well.”

Two people in the room.

Ruan Qiao: ”

Rainbow sonic boom: ”

[bullet screen comments] ha ha ha ha ha laugh me dead, which era is this local love story?

[bullet screen roll powder] is such a love story boy real

[barrage a few] my goose bumps ha ha

“You have a point.” The girl’s tone seemed happy and reached out and knocked on the door.

Rainbow sonic boom said weakly, “don’t be so polite. You can come in directly.”

The door was pushed open and two young people came in.

They all look in their early twenties, like two college students. The girl wears a white eye mask to cover her left eye.

It should be the two outsiders who rented the rest of the room.

Rainbow sonic boom introduced: “she is soft, I am rainbow sonic boom. Our two partners are in the opposite room.”

The boy is tall and thin, and his facial features look very clear and meaningful. He smiled, took the girl’s hand and said slowly, “my name is Nancheng Sao Nian.”

“This is my girlfriend. Beicheng mushroom is cool.”

Ruan Qiao and rainbow fell silent again.

[bullet screen roll powder] did these two players travel through the non mainstream era of the last century?

[barrage a few] I’m sorry, ha ha, ha ha, I’ll laugh first!!


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