After reopening the escape game Chapter 21

[bullet screen sleeps today] this ID style… I seem to have seen it in my grandmother’s chat record screenshot book

[bullet screen crossbow] I love lengshao. I should have a name

[barrage, seven, six, nine] put the goods down like a wardrobe!

[Ashley barrage] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen Alice] tweet!

The barrage soon tilted the building, and some strange names began to appear in Ruan Qiao’s live studio.

“Wear back to zero to open the Internet cafe”, “people dance in the 90’s”, “the mine owner and his little wife in the 10’s” and so on… The painting style is strange.

[bullet screen green grassland] Thank you, big brothers upstairs. I’ll go after wenla

[barrage butterfly effect] what about the sleeping slot? I suddenly want to see it

The number of people in the live broadcasting room has decreased from 100 / 10000 to 60 / 10000.

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] shut up upstairs KY, it’s too much to tweet Amway in the live game room!

[barrage cold pool Raven] 1

[reward] audience [quicksand bag in the starry sky] reward [deep-water bomb] * 1

[system] congratulations on [star quicksand bag] becoming the first [cute master] in this live studio!

[barrage seven, six, nine] the big man is startled upstairs!

[bullet screen roll powder] local tyrant!!

[Alice in the barrage] are you interested in the anchor? The shot is deep water. I actually saw * * local tyrants today!

Ruan Qiao almost thought he had lost his horse.

[isolated area] there are six servers in China, which are located in six large cities, Chengdu (Tianfu), Xi’an (Chang’an), Beijing (Yanjing), Shanghai (Hujing), Guangzhou (Yangcheng) and Hong Kong (Hong Kong City).

Because everyone has only one account, this account can log in to multiple servers. During player pairing, players on the same server have a chance to be ranked in the same copy. Therefore, when a professional competition is held in the [isolation area], many players must come to another city to compete.

As a popular holographic game across the country, there are countless players below level 30 in the [isolation zone], but few above level 30.

So far, there are only more than 30 players above level 30 in China.

There are only four players above level 30 who have opened the talent state.

One of them is the old number of Ruan Qiao. She knows two of the remaining three people. She has never seen this star quicksand bag.

I only know that the other party is a girl.

The star sky quicksand bag is usually very low-key and rarely appears in the player’s field of vision. Ruan Qiao and the other two have joined the professional team. Only the quicksand bag in the starry sky feels very Buddhist.

So when she appeared in Ruan Qiao’s small studio with less than 100 people, not many people recognized her. I just thought it was a local tyrant airborne.

[don’t coo in the barrage] here comes quicksand. I told you that this anchor is very interesting.

[bullet screen star sky quicksand bag] mm.

It turned out that it was the person introduced by the gold Lord’s father before. No wonder.

Ruan Qiao then relaxed. The quicksand bag in the starry sky usually had little contact with her and had little contact with her. Her current situation, even acquaintances, may not be recognized immediately, not to mention her. It should be a coincidence.

Of course, Yi Jing is an exception.

His memory and insight are amazing.

The star sky quicksand bag didn’t speak again just after saying this word, which is very in line with her character.

Ruan Qiao turned his eyes to the two players in front of him.

Since we want to cooperate, we will introduce each other’s level and strength. Nancheng Sao young girl and Beicheng Guliang are players who have just been promoted to level 10.

In reality, they are also a couple. What Beicheng Guliang is looking for in this copy is her missing brother. Nancheng Sao Nian, as her boyfriend, followed her to this remote village.

They also have a mobile phone in their hands to communicate with the safety.

Rainbow sonic boom didn’t think there was anything wrong. Ruan Qiao directly asked his doubts: “have you been to the village before us?”

Beicheng Gu Liang nodded. Her voice was thin: “we lived in the afternoon. I didn’t expect the rest of the players to come in the evening. I thought we couldn’t meet you.”

“But there is only one bus a week in this village. We didn’t see you on the way. How did you enter the village in advance?” Asked Ruan Qiao.

Rainbow also felt strange: “yes, ah, did you come here?”

Beicheng girl showed a helpless expression.

“You really guessed right.”

“We don’t want to come here, but that’s the setting of the copy. The parents of this body have lost a son and don’t want to lose their daughter again, so they locked me at home and didn’t let me go out after knowing I contacted Dangan. It was not easy to find an opportunity to escape. As a result, they went to the station to block people. I really had no choice but to walk by the path Come here. ”

“After Beicheng came out from home, he took the phone and sent me a text message.” Nancheng Sao Nian road.

“How long have you been gone?” Rainbow looked surprised.

“We’ve been walking all day. Our legs are going to break now.” Nancheng Sao Nian sneezed.

“It feels colder and colder at night.”

Rainbow took out the medicine bottle and briefly introduced their discovery just now: “if you can find these drugs, you can pay more attention.”

This happens every night in the orphanage. It’s not the ordinary night when the temperature drops, but the creepy coolness, which is everywhere and makes your back cool.

This usually means that there will be supernatural events. In addition to the instructions for the use of these drugs, it is estimated that there are some supernatural phenomena in this place.

“OK,” Gu Liang nodded, “let’s go out and look for it tomorrow. Let’s go back to bed first.”

After they left, rainbow and Ruan Qiao also lay in bed.

Late at night, the three black dogs outside stopped barking. After the TV was turned off, the whole room fell into silence.

The door is the bed. On the other side of the bed is the window. When you pull the curtain, you can only see a light gray area. There was little light left outside through the curtain cloth.

The room was silent, but Ruan Qiao’s live studio became lively.

[barrage cloud return] I heard there’s a sand sculpture studio here. I’ll come to Kangkang

[bullet screen week] famous

[barrage loves horror games] where is the plot going now? This place is terrible… Is that red door serious? It looks scary

[barrage cold pool Raven] is there a high-energy gentleman

[bullet screen Shen Yu on the spot] this is a live broadcast, not a replay. There is no high-energy warning

The number of live broadcasts soared until 2000.

Ruan Qiao looked at the new influx of audience and the words from Amway. He felt that he had been arranged by Yi Jing.

Love love make complaints about bullet screen comments. Sometimes she likes to live on the screen because she likes barrage, playing games is fun, but sometimes it’s very interesting to see the audience’s Tucao. It’s just that when there are more viewers, it’s easy to have some words that affect your mood.

She opened the barrage screening mechanism. Under this function, the audience must meet certain requirements if they want to send barrages.

For example, the reward reaches a certain level, or the duration of watching the live broadcast meets the requirements of the anchor.

After opening the screening mechanism, the barrage was indeed quiet.

Ruan Qiao didn’t intend to hide his identity. He just didn’t want to be discovered too early. He could hold on as long as he could, so as to avoid a pile of trouble.

The soft game style is quite different from that of her previous account. It can be said that it is completely two extremes.

Therefore, no one will associate her with AAS professionals for the time being.

Players take the initiative to increase their appearance value by 30%, but she rarely does the opposite.

Ruan Qiao called out his property panel and took a look.

[player: soft]

Gold coin: 5100

Diamonds: 55

Experience value: 500 / 600

Level: level 8 (Beginner player)

Lucky: 34 (title plus 10%)

Physical strength: 0

Listening: 0

Vision: 0

Agility: 0

Backpack (4 / 10): [traffic light] skill card * 1, [hide and seek] skill card * 1, [flashlight] * 1, [jujube pill] * 2.

[title] small carp

[bonus effect] lucky bonus 10%

[power] first power mental skill

Such equipment and attributes are really not enough.

We must get stronger as soon as possible.

The temperature was getting lower and lower. Ruan Qiao wrapped his quilt tightly. The rainbow sonic boom next to him seemed to have fallen asleep and his breath became long.

In the quiet room, I could only hear the breathing of the girl in bed.

Besides, there was the sound of something dripping on the floor.

Tick, tick, tick.

Drop by drop on the floor.

Although the sound is small, it is particularly clear in this room.

Ruan Qiao’s ear heard the second person’s breathing.

[barrage cold pool Raven] lying trough, what’s the sound

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] did I hear you wrong? I feel like there’s someone by the bed

[barrage seven, six, nine] the sound is like dripping water from a faucet

[bullet screen willow] no, if you think about it from another angle, it may be dripping blood

[bullet screen loves you not sad] ah, don’t scare me

Although he closed his eyes, his eyelids still had a slight sense of light. Especially when Ruan Qiao slept on the bed by the window, the light through the window suddenly disappeared. It felt like——

Someone was standing in front of her window, blocking the light by the window.

But there was no sound at all before that showed that someone had entered her room.

With Ruan Qiao’s vigilance, if someone touches her bedside, she won’t find out.

Unless you come in,

Not people.

The next moment, Ruan Qiao suddenly opened his eyes.

Tick, tick.

The doll clock on the bedside table stared at the front with a pair of big eyes and a strange smile.


The curtain was opened. Although it was still far away, it was slightly better than the darkness in the room. The dim light fell on the big flower bed.

Ruan Qiao looked at the curtains.

After being pulled open, the window behind him was exposed, and an iron fence was installed on it. Although the window is closed, it always gives people a feeling that the dark wind will flow here.

[barrage cold pool Raven] this curtain

[bullet screen week] shit, wasn’t someone really standing by the bed just now?

[bullet curtain willow] the curtain was closed just now

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene]!!

It was not an illusion. There was really a cold wind blowing from his right. Ruan Qiao sat up and turned his head to his right.

She saw that the red wooden door, which had been closed, was now fully open.

It was dark outside and I couldn’t see anything clearly.

“Rainbow?” She shook the rainbow sonic boom next to her.

The girl was lying in bed, her eyes closed tightly, and her breathing did not change at all. No matter how Ruan Qiao pulled her, rainbow just didn’t wake up.

Ruan Qiao looked at the door again.

[shrapnel cold pool Raven] ah, ah, ah, ah, body protection

[bullet screen week] is the first night so high-energy?

[barrage seven, six, nine] I’m not well

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] the anchor is so calm. He’s not afraid at this time

Ruan Qiao felt the light on his left disappear again.

She turned round abruptly.

Facing a terrible white face.

The whole face is like white bone china, with large eye frames, black and no eyes.

There are circles of messy scraped black marks near the eye bone. Under the eye frame, it seems as if a brush has brushed a handful of black paint on the bone, and it also looks like a trace formed after black blood flows out of the eye socket.

[barrage cold pool Raven] lying on a big grass

[barrage week] ah, shit

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene]?!!!

Behind the face was a black fog of unknown material, dripping black liquid.

The grimace appeared so short that he disappeared almost immediately.

Ruan Qiao looked at the rainbow in his sleep and reached for the switch on the wall.


The light didn’t respond at all.

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] is this the hallucination that the medicine said just now

[bullet screen reading week] Yes, yes, anchor, take your medicine!!

[barrage seven, six, nine] Mom, it really scared QAQ

Ruan Qiao took out the bottle of medicine from his backpack space and looked at it.

At the moment, there was a whimper that seemed far away from behind the door.

“Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu -”

I can’t tell whether it’s a man’s or a woman’s voice. In the empty night, it flows into people’s ears along the dark corridor, across the blood red wooden door.

[barrage cold pool Raven] chirping

[bullet screen reading week] appeared, whining

[system] Xiaomeng master [star quicksand bag] rewards [rocket] * 1

[bullet curtain star sky quicksand bag] take medicine.

Ruan Qiao looked at the wave of rewards immediately following the barrage.

She nodded and her voice was steady: “thank you for the quicksand bag in the starry sky, Chen Xi, ten seconds, ah ye, the reward without sadness.”

[bullet screen week]??

[barrage cold pool Raven] how about thanking the golden Lord’s father solemnly at this critical moment?

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] Ghost: do I want to lose face??

The sound outside the door became louder and louder. Ruan Qiao put the medicine back into his backpack, stood up and walked out of the door.

[barrage seven, six, nine] don’t take medicine and run out. Isn’t it death

[barrage cold pool Raven] that’s too brave

[bullet screen reading week] how reckless

[bullet screen roll powder] haven’t you seen the anchor’s first game, orphanage? Being reckless is the last word.

Originally, the opposite of her room should be Wei’an and Su Xi’s room, but after walking out of the corridor, there was only a long and straight corridor in front of Ruan Qiao.


There was a loud noise behind him, and the red door closed hard.

The corridor in front of me is longer than when I came.

The strange sob came from the other side of the corridor.

“Whine, whine, whine, whine -”

“Cluck, cluck, cluck -”

“Kaka kaka -”

In addition to sobbing, there was also a strange friction sound, like the sound of a knife rubbing and chopping on the bones.

Everyone’s back has been getting cold in the live broadcasting room.

Ruan Qiao didn’t take medicine. It’s true that he had a way to escape this dilemma. And the tip of the medicine says [one at a time, strengthen your body and eliminate hallucinations].

If it is really a fantasy, the risk is not so high. Of course, it does not mean that such a strange environment is absolutely safe.

At least in her opinion, there is important information behind these frightening scenes, which may be helpful for tomorrow’s action.

The corridor is long and leads to unknown places.

Ruan Qiao stood at this end, while the other end of the corridor was dark.

[bullet screen roll powder] you are at this end and the ghost is at that end.

[bullet screen Alice] homesickness?

Patter patter.

Her footsteps echoed in the corridor.

Every once in a while, a dim yellow light will appear on the top of my head. Shaky on the ceiling, dark yellow lights fell on the mottled walls. The walls were covered with black blood. The wall cracked in some places, like cracked and dry skin.

Gray old walls, dark blood stains.

The dim light flickered, stretching and flattening the girl’s shadow words.

I don’t know how long she walked. There was only the sound of her own footsteps all around.

Something different finally appeared in front of me.

A white plastic bucket.

The plastic bucket is big enough to hold almost an entire adult.

Ruan Qiao approached. When the plastic bucket was only three meters away from her, the sobs and bone friction that had filled the whole corridor disappeared at the same time.

She held out her hand slowly.

The girl’s slender arm moved to the plastic bucket and touched the end of the bucket.

With a push, the lid of the plastic bucket was lifted by Ruan Qiao.

A strong and strange smell and rust came out of the barrel.

Ruan Qiao frowned.

The plastic bucket is like a black hole entrance.

She stretched out her head and looked into the bucket.

Hold the bucket wall with both hands and lean forward.

A green hand suddenly stretched out from inside and grabbed Ruan Qiao’s wrist.

The hand was so strong that it pulled her into the bucket in a moment.

The round exit above his head was covered with a bang. After Ruan Qiao fell into the dark space, he couldn’t touch the edge of the plastic bucket.

[bullet screen willow] Mom, take your medicine

[bullet screen week] the anchor is so anxious

[bullet screen coder] lunch box reservation is too stupid to watch

The number of people in the live broadcasting room is also declining. Ruan Qiao didn’t want to see the barrage, but really felt the strange space, and then issued a sigh: “its bigger inside!”

[barrage seven, six, nine]??

[barrage cold pool Raven] the anchor’s brain circuit is strange. He’s still playing with DW stalks at this time

What does it mean? Please explain

[bullet screen willow] DW is a very old English play. There is a telephone booth inside. From the outside, it is a very small telephone booth. When you go in, you will find that the space inside is larger. Therefore, everyone who goes in will marvel that it is larger inside.

If it’s really DW’s phone booth, Ruan Qiao will wake up with a smile in his dream. Unfortunately, it’s just a terrible space full of strange smell and can’t see five fingers.

Ruan Qiao stood up and heard a faint quarrel and a heavy beating over her head. She turned her head and faced the ghost face she had just seen in the room.

The ghost face screamed and retreated into the darkness in an instant.

Ruan Qiao said calmly, “I’m looking for someone.”

It was suspected that the missing person was in the black factory, but now he has met a ghost in Zhangjia.

There are only two possibilities. One is that there are problems in Zhangjia, and the other is that there are problems in Zhangjia and the factory.

In some copies, supernatural ghosts and entity ghosts coexist.

Some bosses are not even ghosts, such as clouds.

But even so, their strength still far exceeds that of ordinary players.

It is not known whether this face is the ghost of Zhang Jia or related to the missing person.

After all, this is a strange village.

“I don’t know why you are like this. But I think you must want revenge?” Ruan Qiao continued, “if the person who killed you is dead, you won’t stay here all the time.”

She put on a sad expression: “I’m a teacher. I’ve taught many students. They are very young and hard-working. One of them is a teenager. He disappeared before his life began. Now his life and death are uncertain. His parents turned white their hair in order to find him. I’m here to find him.”

“I don’t know who you are or why you are here, but I think you must be a poor man.”

In short, all ghosts must have their own stories. Just guess in this direction.

Sure enough, there was a whimper behind Ruan Qiao.

She turned her head and saw the black face floating at the height of her knees, and the fog black air behind her wrapped the terrible face.

“You shouldn’t be here. You should have a better life, shouldn’t you?” Ruan Qiao continued. “If you want to kill me, my life can be given to you at any time, but I can’t die until I find my students.”

“Would you like to tell me your story? Maybe I can help you?”

Ruan Qiao approached the grimace slowly.

Just as she reached out to meet the grimace, it suddenly raised its hair and made a sharp cry. The whole black eye socket kept flowing black blood.

Soon, there was more and more blood on the ground, even over Ruan Qiao’s waist.

The blood was still rising, and the sense of viscosity surrounded her, which was about to drown her neck. Ruan Qiao held the medicine bottle tightly in his hand and sighed.

It seems that you can only take medicine

After the grimace screamed, his eyes without eyes were straight at Ruan Qiao and rushed frantically towards her.

“I’ll help you. Why don’t you believe me…” Ruan Qiao said helplessly.

The next moment, she felt herself hit hard and fell back.


The sharp voice of the grimace man sounded in her ear, pricking her eardrum.


Ruan Qiao felt he was in a soft place. It was no longer dark, but a ceiling hung with electric lights.

She sat up suddenly and found herself still lying in bed.

[bullet screen reading week] was it kicked out by a ghost just now?

[barrage cold pool Raven] you have been removed from this group

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] you have been kicked out of group chat by the administrator

[barrage seven, six, nine] hahaha, I was kicked out and laughed to death

[barrage love you not sad] are you demons kicked out of the group? Ha ha ha ha ha

The early morning light shone through the curtains into the room, and the red wooden door was closed.

It seemed as if it had never happened.

Ruan Qiao looked at his wrist, and a blue and black handprint appeared on his white skin.

Right where she was caught by a grimace.

“Ah –”

The rainbow sonic boom around her suddenly shouted and sat up. She held a medicine bottle in her hand and was short of breath.

The girl’s eyes were wide open and her face was full of fear.

After taking a quick breath, she opened the medicine bottle and found that there were only three pills left in it.

Seeing her, Ruan Qiao estimated that she was not alone in the illusion last night.

Wei An and Su Xi don’t know the effect of this medicine. I’m afraid something will happen last night.

Ruan Qiao quickly stood up, pushed the door and walked across.

When he knocked on the door, a dangerous voice came from inside: “come in.”

Rainbow sonic boom followed Ruan Qiao and came in. Wei’an had changed his clothes and stood by the bed.

Su Xi was lying in bed, her skin was still almost transparent, but the abnormal blush on her cheeks had dissipated a lot last night.

Seeing Ruan Qiao coming in, the thick eyelashes like a small brush were raised, revealing the delicate and beautiful eyes below. There was uncontrollable joy in the Obsidian clear eyes, and the thin lips bent slightly.

The originally beautiful facial features are even more overwhelming.

[bullet screen roll powder] Xiaozai smiled!!!!

[barrage seven, six, nine] ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

[bullet screen Shen Yu is on the scene] this appearance is too high, isn’t it, QAQ

[bullet screen week] the anchor is yours. I’ll take the wonton away

[barrage cold pool Raven] roll

[barrage seven, six, nine] roll 1

[barrage love you not sad] roll 10086

Ruan Qiao looked at them and seemed to be in good shape: “did you encounter anything strange yesterday?”

Wei’an shook his head: “No.”

Rainbow sonic boom took out the medicine bottle and introduced it: “last night I was sleeping when I suddenly felt the door open and there was a strange sound around me.”

She glanced at Ruan Qiao: “I couldn’t wake up. The room became soft and strange. Then I was a little afraid and took a pill directly. Sure enough, the effect was the same as it. At that time, all the strange phenomena in the room disappeared.”

Ruan Qiao said, “I’m the same as you, but I didn’t take medicine.”

Rainbow sonic boom admired: “I was scared to death. After eating the medicine, I continued to sleep. As a result, I was awakened by the sense of suffocation. I woke up and found myself in a narrow space, curled up with my legs and couldn’t move at all. Then I took another medicine and woke up with dawn.”

Several people exchanged the information they found, and Wei’an searched the room last night.

The layout and furniture of the room where Wei’an and Su Xi live are similar to that of Ruan Qiao’s room.

However, Wei’an only found two bottles of the same small medicine bottles in the cabinet and a medical record.

The place where the personal information was written on the first page of the medical record was torn off, leaving only the later diagnosis results.

However, because the doctor’s handwriting is too flying, we can only see words like “emotional instability”, “violent tendency”, “danger” and so on.

“The room you live in is the second son of Zhang Jia. If this room is also where the woman’s son lives, it should be their eldest brother.” Wei’an continued, “but I think our first goal at present is Beijing chemical plant. Spending time here may delay the main task.”

“Let’s find it together today. It’s safer to have more people.” Rainbow sonic boom proposal.

Although there were many people and it was not easy to get access to some secrets, the first operation was safety first. Otherwise, I’ll probably explain before I sneak into the key area.

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi.

The boy sat on the bed. Although the cotton white sweater was simple, it looked very good on him.

When Su Xi is not blackened, he can still see it.

Looking at it, Ruan Qiao felt something was wrong.

The man on the bed lowered his head and closed his thin lips tightly.

She sat by the bed, lowered her neck and looked at him from bottom to top: “what’s the matter, isn’t it comfortable?”

Su Xi was silent for a moment: “as soon as you come in, ask about the game…”


“Didn’t ask me…”

Wronged looks like an angry child.

Ruan Qiao cried and laughed: “of course I have to ask you. Do you feel better? Can you go?”

Su Xi nodded. “I took medicine yesterday. It’s much better, but.”

He raised his eyes and gave her a careful look.

“But I couldn’t see you last night.”

The boy reached out and gently pinched the corner of Ruan Qiao’s clothes: “can we go together today?”

“We are partners. Of course we should go together.” She took Susi’s hand in her backhand.

Well, I don’t eat human tofu. I’m just caring for sick and weak teenagers.

She raised her other hand to touch his forehead and felt the temperature return to normal.

Being held by the girl’s soft palm and feeling the comfortable temperature on her forehead, Su Xi lowered her head slightly.

The tall and thin boy deliberately lowered his head in order to make it less difficult for her to reach out.

The early morning light came in from the window. There was a layer of fine fluff around his ear, and the original white place was stained with some light pink.

Hearing Ruan Qiao’s promise, Su Xi smiled reassuringly.

His bony fingers tightened slightly, held Ruan Qiao’s hand tightly, and whispered with a smile, “OK.”

[bullet screen roll powder] ah, let go of the cub. I’ll come!

[barrage cold pool Raven] three minutes! I want all the information of this player!

[bullet screen reading week] I actually saw the CP feeling

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] I’m so happy to eat wuwuwuwuwu dog food. Is it hopeless

Nancheng Sao Nian and Beicheng mushroom cool also got up. They happened to meet four other players at the corner of the corridor.

Several people exchanged information. Beicheng also said that he had encountered a supernatural event last night. At that time, he had no other choice. The dead horse became a live horse doctor and ate the pills found in the room.

“Our room is where Zhang’s daughter used to live, and the next room is where Zhang Ming’s mother lived,” Beicheng Guliang pointed to the corridor behind him. “Opposite our room is not a bedroom, it seems to be a feeding room.”

The door leading to the outside of the corridor was open, and a woman’s cry and curse could be heard faintly.

“I’ll kill you –”

“Not a long lesson!”

The sound was intermittent and could not be heard clearly. Beicheng mushroom cool looked up and was listening carefully to the sound outside.

“Let’s go and see what’s going on.” Nancheng Sao Nian suddenly made a noise.

Beicheng mushroom gave him a cold look: “do you know what happened just now? You distracted me.”

Nancheng Sao Nian showed an sorry expression on his face. He pressed Beicheng’s shoulder and looked at her: “from the moment I met you, you have distracted me.”

[barrage cold pool Raven] shit, I’m still talking

[barrage recitation week] help, you two shut up, ha ha ha

[bullet screen sneaking into Europe] it’s too coquettish. Ha ha ha ha, my God

Several people walked out of the corridor and came to the yard. The door facing the yard was different from the room door in the corridor. It was painted with yellow door paint.

At this time, the door is open. The woman is standing in the room with her back to the player and is beating Zhang Ming with a bamboo pole.

Zhang Ming held his head and kept admitting his mistake.

Hearing a voice behind her, the woman turned her head.

A pair of eyes stared wide, with a tiger back and a bear waist. The anger on his face was frightening at first glance.

Seeing the player coming, the woman threw the bamboo pole to the ground and said, “there are outsiders here today. I won’t care about you. Go to your uncle’s house and sell the meat.”

Hearing this, Zhang Mingcai rushed out of the room and disappeared into the corridor.

“What meat?” Ruan Qiao asked.

The woman raised her eyebrows and said, “why, do you want to buy it?”

Ruan Qiao: “all business is negotiated.”

“Ostrich meat.” The woman looked at her and said, “you city people like this best. I think you have a little girl’s family. How much money can you have? I’m very busy today. I’m going to pack up later. The money you give can only stay for two nights. When the time comes, you can either add money or leave. By the way, I don’t pack rice.”

The woman drove them out, closed the door of the room and walked into the corridor with ostrich food in the yard. It happened that Zhang Ming also came out of the corridor with a bag of meat.

“If you can’t do this well, I won’t kill you when you come back!”

Zhang Ming, who was shaved by the woman, shook, hugged the ostrich meat in his arms and hurried to the yard.

It happened that the player also wanted to go out to investigate the chemical plant. In order to get more information, several people planned to go out with Zhang Ming.

A few steps out of the gate of Zhangjia, I ran into the middle-aged man next door coming out of his door with a hoe.

Seeing Zhang Ming and the player, the middle-aged man’s face changed. He didn’t even say a word. He quickened his pace and left quickly.

“You are neighbors. How do you feel that the relationship is not good at all?” Beicheng Gu Liang asked tentatively.

Zhang Ming’s face was not very good: “there was a holiday before. He and my second brother… Anyway, Lu Shu didn’t look good when he saw our family.”

Although Zhang Ming looked strange, he answered all the questions about the players along the way.

“Chemical plant? I don’t know. It’s said that people often come there to catch people and become black workers.” Zhang Ming walked with his head against his head. “You’d better not go there. My eldest brother and my father disappeared near there. Walking upstream along the river is the chemical plant, and swimming down is the cold storage.”

“Didn’t you go to the factory?” Rainbow sonic boom doesn’t understand. If someone’s family is lost, they won’t miss any possible clues.

Zhang Ming was silent for a moment: “that place is not easy to enter.”

“What about the rest of your family?” Ruan Qiao continued to ask him.

“My second brother has a bad relationship with his family. When he moves out, he usually won’t come back. The third sister married to the village outside, and I haven’t seen her for a long time. I’m going to deliver ostrich meat this time, and I may not be able to go back to the village tomorrow. I advise you to leave today, otherwise,” Zhang Ming’s face suddenly changed before he finished. His eyes flickered, his body bent lower and his steps slowed down, as if he wanted to hide behind the player.

Facing the player came a lame man, not tall, with a fierce face and a scar on his left face.

“You have a long skill. Do you want to hide when you see me?” The lame man spoke in a very arrogant tone. He reached out and grabbed Zhang Ming’s collar: “mom is home?”

Zhang Ming trembled and nodded: “at home…”

“How did you get along with these people?” The lame man looked at Ruan Qiao, “where’s the girl? She looks good.”

The north city was closest to him. He was looked at with lame and rogue eyes. The south city was directly angry: “what are you looking at?”

He pulled the north city behind him.

The two men almost had a fight. Fortunately, Dangan came forward and pulled it. The lame man probably didn’t start because of their large number of people. He snorted coldly and went straight away.

“Is he your second brother?”

Zhang Ming nodded: “my brother is very fierce. You’d better not provoke him.”

At the entrance of the village, Zhang Ming walked in another direction and separated from the players.

Soon there was a river. Several people walked along the river bank.

“Are you sure it’s in this direction?” Beicheng frowned. They had been walking for half an hour.

“Of course, you don’t trust me? I’m sure,” Nancheng Sao Nian paused. “It’s just a kiss for you.”

[barrage seven, six, nine] it’s too earthy. You two can shut up

[bullet screen recitation week] I can’t stand it, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] where do you two wear more and more? Please go back quickly

Ruan Qiao was also bewildered by the two men. Su Xi saw her smile, gently blinked, stretched out his hand and pulled her cape: “are you laughing?”

“Because these two people’s love words are really too earthy.” Make complaints about the bullet screen comments.

“Don’t listen to their nonsense. Any girl in love doesn’t like to listen to love words. It sounds strange, single dog? If you are really in love, you want to soak in a honey pot every day.” Nancheng Sao Nian shook his head and walked ahead with Beicheng’s hand.

Su Xi looked at Ruan Qiao blankly: “is that so?”

“I don’t know.” Ruan Qiao smiled, “I’m still a single dog.”

A man finally appeared on the deserted river bank. It was the man whom several people met at the entrance of the village last night. He was walking towards the entrance of the village with a sign.

Seeing the player, the man stopped and his voice was still dead: “are you going to the black factory?”

She nodded.

The man’s stiff face finally fluctuated, and his eyes fell on three boys among the players. “If you still have no harvest today, you’d better leave the village at once.”

“Why…?” Asked Wei An.

The man’s face did not fluctuate, but his eyes were hairy: “because the people who will disappear here.”

“People like you.”


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