After reopening the escape game Chapter 22

In [isolation area], gold coins and diamonds can be obtained through various channels. In addition to playing a certain role in some places, the biggest function of gold coins is to buy goods.

When players enter level 10, they can turn on the mall function. The mall in the isolation area is called [horror mall].

In the terror hypermarket, you can sell or buy your own items, and you can also trade between players.

The cheapest food in the horror store is bread and mineral water. The more exquisite food, the higher the price. However, in such a horror game, players generally only need to fill their stomach.

I walked for nearly an hour today. I didn’t eat anything in the morning. Everyone was a little hungry.

Among the six players, only Ruan Qiao and rainbow sonic boom have not reached level 10 to open the mall function. Fortunately, they also had partners. Both Jeon an and Su Xi took out some food and water from their own space.

After filling their stomachs, several people continued to walk. The sun was particularly hot at noon. Walking all the way along the river bank, you can see that this place is very desolate.

Now they couldn’t see the village, so they had to keep walking along the river bank. There are occasional River caves across the river.

According to Lu Shu, a neighbor of Zhangjia, the man looking for his children lives in such a place every day.

“It’s so hot. What I hate most is such a physically demanding link. Can’t we directly shorten the distance of the map and let’s get there quickly?” Beicheng Gu Liang pulled his monocular mask. Nancheng Sao Nian walked next to her and held an umbrella for her all the way.

“You still have umbrellas in your props?” Rainbow sonic boom was surprised. Nancheng Sao Nian explained that they exchanged this umbrella from the mall to deal with some windy, rainy or hot weather.

[bullet screen pull] although people return to the earth, such a boyfriend is really considerate!

[bullet curtain sleeps today] I envy QAQ

Best boyfriend

[bullet screen inspirational marriage to male God] when can I kick over the dog food for the non mainstream protagonists of Shiwen

“Everything in the mall is very expensive. Props like this have no real value and occupy backpack space.” I don’t care about safety.

Rainbow sonic boom glanced at him: “I’ve only been so bad with you these days. Look at others. This is playing games!”

“The price of daily necessities is very high. With this space and gold coins, it’s better to buy more life-saving props at the critical moment.” Safety road.

Although Ruan Qiao hasn’t opened the mall function yet, she is very familiar with [horror mall].

Rainbow sonic boom was the first time I heard about the mall. I was curious and talked with Nancheng and Beicheng.

Ruan Qiao agrees with the game attitude of Nanbei city. Playing games is to make yourself happy. Of course, how to play is how to play.

She has saved so much money that it is not cheap for the game company.

When players reach a certain level, they can open a store in [horror mall], but they need to pay certain store operation expenses and rent regularly.

You can even provide a trading platform for players in your own store. Some players specialize in this aspect and don’t usually enter the game copy. They can earn gold and silver simply by doing business in the [horror mall].

Recharging to obtain gold coins is a common means of most game companies, but the R & D company star in the [isolation area] is really a clear stream in the horror game world, which should be said to be a clear stream in the holographic game world.

Star company has opened the exchange channel between gold coins and real accounts, but this is not two-way.

In other words, players can exchange gold coins in the game for real coins, but they can’t recharge real coins for gold coins in the game.

Since the last century, many games have just started according to this operation. However, such a gold coin exchange system is often implemented only in their internal test period.

It is mainly to prevent RMB players from breaking the balance of the game in the beta period.

However, with the end of the internal test and the launch of the public test version, the star company still adheres to this principle, which is somewhat unimaginable.

This is obviously giving money to players.

So for a while, the [isolation zone] was on fire all over the world.

Due to such local tyrants’ operation, in the early stage of the game, the proportion of gold coins in the game to coins in circulation in reality almost reached one to ten.

In short, a gold coin in the game can be exchanged for ten dollars in real life.

Inflation 50 years ago, but with the development of the state and scientific and technological means, inflation has been restrained, basically the same as the monetary level at the beginning of the last century.

With the official launch of the [isolation zone] game, a large number of players continue to pour in. Until now, the crazy exchange rate has gradually decreased, and now it has stabilized at 10:1.

A shop opened in [terror hypermarket] can be managed by NPC of the hypermarket.

Although her account can’t be used, the store continues to operate.

Anyway, Ruan Qiao usually doesn’t lack money, so he waits for his own money to make money.

What’s more, the reward in the live studio is enough for her to use at present.

In addition to horror games, Ruan Qiao is also very interested in other games. After all, there are few high-quality horror games in the whole game market before [survival line] and [isolation area] are launched.

Most horror games have a single plot, can pass customs in a few hours, and the playability is not so lasting.

So Ruan Qiao once indulged in business games for some time.

When the [isolated area] mall system goes online, she is naturally the first person to go in for land reclamation.

However, the [isolation area] was not allowed to recharge. In the early stage, there were few gold coins. She borrowed a circle from her friends, either the gold coins were gone, or she saved to buy equipment. Only Yi Jing, a rich pervert, did not know where to prepare a small Treasury, so that she could open the shop.

In the early stage, he did make a lot of money, but soon the game system was further upgraded and improved, and many new models and copies were produced. Ruan Qiao couldn’t help but run back to play games and threw the store to Yi Jing.

Anyway, this person is also another owner of the store. Until now, he is still managing the store.

I haven’t found Yi Jing before. First, Ruan Qiao hasn’t planned to tell him about her return. Second, she hasn’t opened the mall function yet, so she can’t spend any more gold coins.

But now that Yi Jing knows about her return, the humanoid ATM is not in vain.


The sun is getting stronger and stronger overhead.

Six players, divided into three teams, walk together in pairs.

Ruan Qiao walked beside Su Xi and just stepped in his shadow.

The boy stood beside her, tall and thin.

Ruan Qiao didn’t understand. Su Xi’s cold has recovered a lot. It’s time to return to normal. But he is also a docile cub model. No matter how a person’s character changes, it won’t be so big.

In the copy of the orphanage, he can make others tremble and kneel down and shout for the strong existence of his father with one look. In the face of senior boss, even the fighting form is lazy.

How did you become a gentle and harmless little sheep after a day’s absence.

When she went out in the morning, Su Xi still weakly led her by the corner of her clothes, looking pathetic.

Ruan Qiao can’t stand the young man’s eyes. She looks like a scum man going out to look for flowers and willows, while Su Xi is an angry and infatuated little daughter-in-law.

She simply took his hand and walked forward.

It was Ruan Qiao who led him. Somehow, walking became him leading her.

Su Xi’s fingers were white and slender, and her bones were clear. She wrapped her hand easily.

Looking at Ruan Qiao’s slightly distracted appearance, Su Xi turned her head and looked at her. Her thick eyelashes trembled: “what are you thinking?”

“I’m counting the money.” Ruan Qiao said, “I looked at the live studio and they gave me a lot of money. After I can go to the mall next time, I can buy things in the mall. What do you want to eat? I’ll bring it to you next time.”

It’s true that the audience in her live studio is also very enthusiastic recently. After this live broadcast, the reward income was more than one copy of her evaluation.

“Can we play games together in the future?” Susie’s eyes lit up like stars.

“Of course, we have added friends now. I can also invite you. If you want to play games, please come to me at any time.” This is exactly what Ruan Qiao wants. Of course, she won’t refuse Su Xi’s invitation.

“If I open a copy, I will invite you, but…” the light in his eyes is weak, his face is pale, and his voice is low: “he may not want me to play games with you…”

“Who?” Ruan Qiao is a little surprised. Su Xi is the first in the whole service. Can anyone manage him in the game?

Although his level is not high, he is famous for leapfrog challenges. The ranking in [isolation zone] is strength ranking by default. Although there are other ranking lists, it is mainly strength.

“Nothing.” Su Xi resumed his previous smile and clenched his hand: “you’ll know later.”

“By the way, do you like a lot of money?” He suddenly changed a question: “I think you seemed very happy just now.”

“Of course not.”

Ruan Qiao became serious: “am I such a vulgar person?”

Then, Su Xi heard the righteous words of the girl in front of her: “work hard, strive for self-improvement, and finally get the reward. Don’t you think the process of making money is very happy?”

She continued to describe: “looking at more and more things, the number of gold coins is also higher and higher. Just like the business games you played when you were a child, you open a manor, and then keep developing your own industry, waiting for the gold coins to rise. What a happy sense of achievement!”

Finally, Ruan Qiao concluded: “what I like is not money, but the sound of money in the bag. This is the reward and affirmation of my efforts!”

[bullet curtain sleeps today] ha ha ha ha ha ha, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone talk about making money so fresh and refined

[bullet screen Jiang Yungui] I like the anchor more and more. CONFESS!

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination also came to watch the live broadcast] what a coincidence, I think so

[bullet screen nanhuai] uh huh, I’m not interested in money at all. I just like the sound of money in the bag

Su Xi seemed convinced by her and nodded.

“I have a question. Do you know me?” She asked tentatively.

His fingers shrunk and his eyes dropped. After a long time, he smiled and asked her, “why do you say that?”

“I think you are different from the last game…” Ruan Qiao said his doubts: “you can’t be wonton’s twin brother or something? Is it really you around me now?”

[bullet screen Alice] although I like this cute wonton, I think it has changed a little too much

[barrage Nine Leaves] I don’t care! Yan is justice! I’m the sweet party! Yun Tiantian is mine!

[bullet screen pull] Xian Dang said that the evil cloud God is also delicious

[bullet screen leaf paper soft] come on, if it’s the cloud God in the previous rumors, I’m afraid you can’t even hold his hand, you’ll have to cut your throat and feed the dog

[barrage Jiuli] is wonton so violent? But when you say so, you suddenly feel very excited!

Su Xi didn’t answer her directly, but asked, “do you have a live studio?”

“Well, that.”

The young man lowered his head slightly and approached her ear. His clear eyes had a sly smile: “when there are only two of us.”

“I’m telling you, huh?”

The end of the last sentence rose, and the boy’s beautiful voice made people itch.

[barrage] my God, what’s this line

[shrapnel can’t be filled with hands] get close to my male god

[barrage pull] whispers well, Sue, wait, what did he just say

[bullet curtain sleeps today] the ear is pregnant, um!!!

[Alice in the barrage] I didn’t hear it clearly, but… I’m dead of QAQ!!

[barrage Jiuli] I heard you clearly! Wonton said we were light bulbs

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene]??

The barrage suddenly increased, including those standing CP, those licking their faces alone, and those holding their hearts.

Ruan Qiao looked at the bullet screen and looked helpless: “if you’re yelling, I’ll turn off the live studio…”

[bullet screen Liu Liu] Why did the unscrupulous anchor threaten the audience to close the broadcast in public

[bullet screen Chen seal] draw your sword, girl

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] moral decay!

[barrage love] you threaten us. I don’t need a mine to kill you!

[reward] little cute thing [love] reward [mine] * 1

[reward] little cute thing [sleeping] reward [mine] * 1

[reward] little sprout [moon] reward [mine] * 1

[reward] little cute thing

Suddenly, the neat and uniform reward queue flashed into Ruan Qiao’s eyes.

Ruan Qiao smiled: “I succumbed to the voice of money.”

[the barrage is unbearable and a gift] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen pull] what about the anchor’s integrity

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene] what a fresh and refined anchor

[bullet screen frost] it’s OK to change your face in seconds. Ha ha ha

After all the trouble, several people are still moving forward.

Finally, the shadow of the chemical plant appeared in front.

The chemical plant is surrounded by high walls. You can only see a black chimney, facing the player in front, with a big iron door.

The place where it is located is very desolate. There are no fields or houses around it. There is a drainage pipe from the factory directly into the river.

In this section, you can see that the river is no longer clear, floating with some unknown black matter.

“Sure enough, like most chemical plants, the sewage was not treated at all and was directly discharged into the river outside.” Rainbow sonic boom looked at the drain pipe, “that is, there aren’t many people living in this place, otherwise there would have been an accident.”

“Do you know chemistry?” Beicheng mushroom looked at the rainbow sonic boom.

“Well, I majored in chemical engineering at school.” Rainbow nodded.

“What’s your occupation now?” North and south cities are still college students, but looking at the age of rainbow sonic boom, it is estimated that they have worked.

“I’m doing it now.”


“Trust me, it’s really dangerous to deal with these chemicals.” Rainbow seems to recall some painful experience, “it’s better to let me stay in the laboratory every day than to kill me.”

Several people went to the gate of the chemical plant and knocked on the door.

After ten minutes, the sound of opening the door finally came from behind the door.

Appeared in front of several people is a rickety old man, who looks more than 60 years old, with gray hair and closed eyelids: “I’m looking for someone again…? no outsiders are allowed here.”

Wei’an stood at the door and looked inside. There was a spacious open space. You could vaguely see several factories, but you couldn’t see them clearly.

Several people said that the old man was unwilling to let them in. Finally, he closed the door directly: “I told you that there is no one you are looking for, let’s go!”

“It’s not a way to go on like this. The factory is a little big. Let’s look separately to see if there is any way to sneak into it. Each group of us has a mobile phone in hand. We’ll call directly at that time.” Safety road.

Ruan Qiao and Nancheng have only Dangan’s phone number, but after calling him, their own number will appear on each other’s mobile phone.

Ruan Qiao and nanbeicheng also left numbers with each other after they dialed their mobile phones. If they have something to do, they can dial the contact directly.

All three have only half the power of their mobile phones.

After discussion, the three groups separated and looked for the entrance to the factory from all aspects.

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi found an abandoned pipe and climbed in directly to an empty factory building.

From here you can hear the sound of machines running from other workshops.

Ruan Qiao pushed the door of the workshop with his hand. It seemed that it was locked from the outside and could not be opened.

The two men climbed onto the high windowsill on the box and looked out of the window.

The whole factory is empty.

Ruan Qiao called Jeon an: “we have come in, but we don’t see anyone inside. We are now in an empty factory, ready to take a look at the workers’ accommodation.”

“I also found a wall to climb up. You can go to the dormitory? Let’s go to the workshop first. Be careful not to be found by others. Now I don’t know what’s going on here.” Wei’an asked.

Ruan Qiao answered. From the window, you can see a building opposite, looking like a dormitory.

Su Xi picked up a crowbar below. They pried open the window and climbed out gently.

When I passed the open space outside, I saw the old man I saw before move a chair and sit outside.

They are very careful to stick to the wall and shelter, step by step close to the dormitory building.

Finally, they came to the gate of the dormitory. In front of them, the iron door in front of the ordinary three-story building was open, and there was no guard at the door. They walked into the corridor and felt a burst of cold and damp.

The whole corridor was covered with cobwebs, which looked gray and gloomy.

They walked to the first floor, probably because it was still time to start work. There was no one here. They were going to look for clues room by room. There was a sound of footsteps at the door.

Ruan Qiao pulled Su Xi to open a door casually, hid in a dormitory, closed the door, heard footsteps passing through their room, farther and farther away.

Suddenly, the mobile phone in Ruan Qiao’s pocket vibrated. She took a look and quickly hung up the call.

The footsteps outside suddenly stopped, followed closely, and the sound was getting closer and closer.

The man is walking back.

She and Sue stood by the door, against the wall, holding their breath.

She can even hear her heartbeat.

[barrage A-I] ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Don’t get caught

[bullet screen Magic game] the phone was almost dead just now. Fortunately, it was a vibration, not a ring

People outside stopped in front of their dormitory door, and the door handle turned slowly.


The door opened.

“Xiao Zhang! Are you lazy again!” It was the old man who spoke. After opening the door, he glanced at the dormitory and found that it was empty. He wondered, “did I hear wrong? My hearing has been getting worse and worse recently.”

The old man muttered to himself and closed the door.

The footsteps outside were getting farther and farther away, and there was a sound of going upstairs. The two talents standing against the wall behind the door were relieved. Ruan Qiao took out his mobile phone to see that it was the number of Nancheng Sao Nian.

She was about to call when her cell phone rang again. This time, the number was dangerous.


“It’s me, Dangan.” In order to keep his voice low and gasp, “I looked at the workshop. There are some workers working normally. It’s no surprise. Is there anyone we’re looking for?”

“Let’s find another place.” Ruan Qiao was about to hang up when he heard the voice of danger with some worry.

“You must be careful. What’s more, I separated from rainbow for a while, and now she’s gone.”

“Gone, what do you mean?” Ruan Qiao wondered.

The voice on the other end of the phone was lower: “she’s missing.”

“Doodle doodle -”

The phone was suddenly hung up. Ruan Qiao and Su Xi looked at each other.

“There are a lot of rooms here. Let’s hurry and look for them.” Ruan Qiao opened the door as he spoke.

Raise your head and face a dry face.

[barrage three is the devil] shit, shit

[bullet screen Chen Xi] scared me to death!!

[bullet curtain sleeps today] will the old man flash in the sleeping slot!

[barrage Lin’an] suddenly appeared and startled me

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination also came to watch the live broadcast] NPC’s intelligence is very high. Do you know to come back quietly

Ruan Qiao was just stunned.

Su Xi thought she was frightened and lost her reaction. She took her hand and pulled back. She stood in front of the old man and Ruan Qiao.

He was tall and stood in front of the girl, completely blocking her body.

Ruan Qiao was blocked by him and wanted to stretch out his head to see the situation at the door. Su Xi took out his other hand and put it on his head.

The slender fingers of the young man gently placed in her hair, gently pushed back, and pressed the girl with the probe back in a protective posture.

He turned his head slightly, his face was clear and gentle, his voice was low, but he was very firm: “don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

[bullet screen roll powder] wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

[bullet curtain sleeps today] wife protection praise!!

[bullet screen Chen Xi] it’s too provocative. This move!!

[bullet screen front swallow] ow, ow, ow, the groundhog screams!

[bullet screen] my boyfriend blew up!!!

[barrage nanhuai] it’s easy to lift your head!!

Ruan Qiao rubbed his hair and was slightly stunned when he noticed the boy’s protective posture.

In the past, when playing horror games, she broke all kinds of high energy in front, especially when playing with teammates. It is their tradition to pit teammates.

Selling teammates is routine, and pit teammates have nothing to say.

Coupled with Ruan Qiao’s courage and high output, even if a zombie stood at the door, she was the first to rush up and burst her head.

Not to mention a slow old man.

If others belittle her and let her wait for her brother to take you to lie down and win, she has nothing but disdain in her heart.

But she was protected by Su Xi, but she didn’t think so. She even felt

Not bad?

Looking at the young people in front of him, the old man’s eyelids moved: “it’s you again. Didn’t you let you go?”

“How many times have you said don’t come in casually? Before, people like you were everywhere. They said they wanted to find someone and sneak into the factory to break the machine and cause an accident. Who was responsible then?”

The old man pointed to the outside: “now I’ve found it. Hurry up! Don’t call security at that time. You won’t be polite to me.”

Seeing the old man, it was better to talk. Ruan Qiao simply asked him, “we don’t want to walk around the factory, but I want to find someone. I haven’t heard from him, and they all say here -”

“It’s a black factory, isn’t it?” The old man snorted: “it was a few years ago. Now the industry is getting more and more depressed, and the whole factory will not be able to open. Although it is a little hard to work here, those people are willing to stay here, and the people in the factory will not do anything to kill and break the law.”

“I don’t know which bastard went out and said it was a black factory. Don’t come if you think it’s a black factory.” The old man glanced at them: “no matter who you’re looking for, you won’t be here. I also know that people often disappear around here. After all, I was in that village before. You’ve been looking here without results. If you want to find out where people go, go to the village.”

“A long time ago, when I was still in the village, I often saw a man pushing a scooter in the village at night. Every time I saw the man, someone disappeared.” The old man coughed and continued to rush people: “go quickly. If the boss finds out, it’s estimated that you have to stay and work hard.”

“But one of our friends has been caught by the factory. We can’t find her now.” Ruan Qiao said.

“That is, you are lucky to get me. If you meet the security team, you must be beaten first, just your boyfriend’s thin arms and legs.” The old man looked up and down at Su Xi, and seemed dissatisfied with his casual appearance.

Su Xi: ”

Ruan Qiao’s mind was the first scene in which Su Xi, wearing a cold version of a black windbreaker, beat the long haired man into doubting life in the corridor of the orphanage.

For a moment, Ruan Qiao didn’t know whether it was the docile and clever wonton in front of him or the wonton who had burst the table of combat effectiveness but was not easy to get along with at all.

[bullet screen roll powder] my cloud combat effectiveness is against the sky, okay!

[barrage Cold Lake Raven] ha ha, the wonton is abandoned

[barrage sleeps every day] the anchor’s partner really looks weak. What are you excited about

[bullet screen front swallow] watch the game upstairs

[bullet curtain sleeps today] non combat wonton is really delicious

[bullet screen Chen Xi] cute, want to raise!

Ruan Qiao said some good things. She could see that the old man was very good, so she took advantage of the victory to pursue.

The lucky value of 35 is not added in vain.

The old man took them to his duty room and dialed a number with the phone of the duty room.

“It’s me. Did you catch anyone who came in outside? No? I’ll just ask. Someone knocked at the door today. I’m afraid they won’t give up like the last group of people, and quietly ran to the factory to make something happen.”

“No? OK, um. Hang up.”

The old man hung up and came over: “although I don’t know where your friends are, the people in the factory didn’t catch them.”

He hurried again: “they’ll be off work in another hour. Hurry up and don’t give me any more trouble.”

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi went out of the factory and saw Sao Nian in Nancheng and Gu Liang in Beicheng outside.

“Where did you get in? We looked around and called you, but no one answered.” Beicheng was surprised to see that they came out of the factory gate.

Ruan Qiao told them about their experience and just saw that Wei’an spared from the other side.

“I turned over from the wall over there.” He said.

“What’s the matter with the disappearance of rainbow?” Ruan Qiao frowned. “We have asked the people in the factory. They said they had never seen a rainbow.”

“Just now I turned over from the wall. Originally, rainbow was watching the wind for me, but when I went back to find her, I found that she was no longer there. I thought rainbow was caught after being found.” Juan shook his head.

Ruan Qiao walked around to the place where they climbed in and looked at the traces on the ground: “danger, come and step on it.”

Although Wei’an was strange, he came and stepped on the place with force.

The soil here is relatively soft. When he steps down, he steps on a relatively shallow footprint, but the trace can’t be seen without careful observation.

“In addition to your footprints, there is a relatively small footprints, which should be rainbow, but there are drag marks next to it, and there is another large footprints next to it, which is different from your footprints.” Ruan Qiao said, “a third person has come to this place.”

“He should walk with a rainbow on his back. He walks with a heavy load. His footprints are usually deeper.” Ruan Qiao pointed to the traces underground.

“If you walk along the traces on the ground, you may catch up.” Safety road.

Worried that the rainbow would encounter an accident, several people chased back the traces on the ground. Some places were obvious, but some places were hard and the footprints were shallower.

So the speed of several people is not fast.

At the entrance of the village, the trace is still extending to the lower reaches of the river.

“Going that way is the cold storage.” Nancheng Sao Nian looked into the distance.


When rainbow wakes up, she feels some pain in her head, and her memory still stays at the moment when she is separated from Wei’an.

She seems to have been attacked by a man in a black raincoat.

The temperature here is very low and seems to be in a closed environment.

The door suddenly opened and someone came in. He turned and closed the door.

He walked slowly to the frightened woman on the ground and pulled away the cloth covering her eyes.

The mouth of the rainbow sonic boom is tied with yellow tape and can only make a whimper.

This is a rectangular room. It doesn’t look like a house in an ordinary village. There are scattered goods everywhere. The light is very dark and there are no windows.

The man in front of him was wearing a black raincoat and his face was hidden in his hat. The whole body is very tall, with no skin exposed.

Wearing black leather gloves, the raincoat man gently touched the rainbow sonic boom’s face.

Across her chin, lips, bridge of nose.

Finally, touch her eyeball along the orbit.

“Who the hell are you…” Rainbow sonic boom’s heart is about to jump out, “why catch me…”

The missing people here are often young men, which makes her think she is not in much danger.

The raincoat man stood up, kicked open the box at his feet and took a few steps inside in a strange posture.

The rectangular space is divided into two parts by the glue curtain. The raincoat man seems to be taking some tools behind the curtain.

Rainbow sonic boom can’t see his action, and his heart is more and more afraid.

Finally, the sound of rummaging in the back stopped.

Patter, patter.

The footsteps behind me are getting closer and closer.

Rainbow’s heart is about to jump out of her throat. It seems that she can still feel the cold touch of raincoat leather gloves around her eyes.

It’s like being crawled by a poisonous snake.

Footsteps stopped behind the curtain.

“Bang –!”

At this time, the closed door in front was smashed open with a bang.

Sunlight poured in from the open exit and painted a person’s shadow with a light and dark brush.

Rainbow sonic boom never felt that her teammate’s figure at the moment was so tall that she couldn’t see the man’s face in the backlight, but the figure exuded a holy light called redemption, like a white magic silver edge.

Then she heard the figure say, “find a clue to open the door and smash it directly.”

Ruan Qiao walked into the freezer and saw the rainbow sonic boom tied to the ground at the first sight.

She breathed a sigh of relief: “fortunately, you’re all right.”

Rainbow looked at them gratefully, but the next moment, her relaxed body suddenly tightened.

The man is still behind the curtain!

The mouth of the rainbow sonic boom is stuck and can only make a worried whine.

Wei’an rubbed his normal hand. His power is part of the iron body. It will return to its original state when the time comes. His power level is still very low. The effect of [ironization] is not obvious and the time is very short.

Nancheng Sao Nian’s ability is very similar to him. It’s [petrification]. It’s just different from the ability of staring at who petrifies, Nancheng Sao Nian can only petrify himself.

I thought there would be a clue to open the door. Who knows that Ruan Qiao asked him to smash the lock directly. Although the door lock outside was broken, the lock cylinder was still stuck and the door could not be pushed for the time being.

Because they broke the door lock, they couldn’t find other ways to open the door normally.

When several people were worried, they saw the soft and weak girl take a few steps back, and a handsome kickback kicked the door directly.

[barrage cold pool Raven] my mother is so handsome!!

[bullet screen ball] my brother Mian doesn’t talk much in society

[bullet screen inspirational marrying a male God] ha ha ha! It’s so violent. I like it!

[barrage seven, six, nine] full marks for this foot ligament

[bullet screen Jiang Yungui] the anchor circle dusted him!

After opening the refrigerator door, several people saw the rainbow sonic boom tied to their hands and feet on the ground at the first sight.

“It’s all right. We’ll come and save you right away.” Wei’an crossed Ruan Qiao and went to the rainbow sonic boom. When he saw her frightened eyes, he just thought that rainbow had not calmed down after being kidnapped.

Suddenly, there was a noise behind the curtain.

Then there was the sound of the door opening and closing.

Wei an suddenly opened the curtain and shouted, “there’s another door out behind this!”

He immediately chased out.

Ruan Qiao helps Caihong untie. After knowing the cause and effect, he looks up and sees that Wei’an returns empty handed.

“I didn’t catch it.” He frowned.

After hearing rainbow’s words, several people also fell into meditation.

“Yes,” Ruan Qiao wondered, “all the missing men are men. Why did he attack you?”

“I didn’t see the man clearly. He should have a mask in his hat and a black raincoat.” Rainbow suddenly said, “yes! I remember. Just now I thought he walked strangely. Now I think he seems to be a little lame.”

“Isn’t that a cripple?” GuLiang Road, Beicheng.

This feature has been very obvious, and the player has fallen into silence for a while.

“… shall we go back to Zhangjiakou?” The rainbow asked quietly.

Ruan Qiao looked outside. Although the sun was very bright, the village not far away looked very seeping: “of course I want to go back.”

“The man we’re looking for hasn’t been found yet.” She said.


It was already afternoon when several people walked back to the village.

In front is the gate of Zhangjia. On the way, I met my neighbor Lu


Wei’an stopped him and asked Lu Shu Zhang’s people if they had any strange behavior.

Lu Shu glanced at Zhang Jia’s house: “all the people in their family are crazy, especially…”

“I used to drink with him. I was so drunk that I woke up in the middle of the night. I found myself tied and my face was covered with wounds!”

“That madman scratched on my face and body with a knife. If it weren’t for my life, I would have died early in the morning! Later, he was arrested and locked up for several years, but he hasn’t been released. Even his daughter seldom came back after she married. I wish I were far away from home!” Lu Shu looked at Zhang Jia, as if he were looking at something terrible. His face darkened, his voice increased, and he was a little excited: “I told you to go today and leave this place quickly!”

Wei’an wanted to ask something else. Lu Shu said impatiently, “I told you what to say. It’s the best choice to stay away from here. If I had money, I would have left here long ago.”

Just as the voice fell, the old lady of Zhang came out of the door and poured water out. She was strong and her eyes were particularly terrible. She stood at the door and looked coldly.

Lu Shu seemed to be bitten by a poisonous snake, hurried back to his house and slammed the door.

The woman’s cold eyes fell on the player: “back? Just my second son came back today. He slept in the fourth room.”

When she opened the yard door, the three dogs suddenly barked.

The woman’s cold eyes turned on several players: “you, come in.”


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