After reopening the escape game Chapter 23

Although I know something is wrong with Zhang Jia, in order to complete the task, the player can only go back.

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi walked in front, followed by Wei’an.

Rainbow sonic boom was attacked before. In addition, her foot was injured at the beginning of the game. Today, she walked for most of the day. Her feet were not stable. She shook her body and nearly fell.

She was behind the danger. Seeing this, Gu Liang of Beicheng quickly stepped forward and held rainbow.

Rainbow sonic boom breathed a sigh of relief. After thanking him, he squatted down, lifted up his trouser legs and looked at his ankles.

“Your feet are a little puffy. Go back and deal with it later.” GuLiang Road, Beicheng. “If only there were a healer between us.”

After entering level 10 in the game, you can obtain a profession through the profession copy, in which the healer is equivalent to a wet nurse. Powerful healers can even heal many people at the same time in a large battlefield.

But in this copy, only Su Xi and Wei’an passed the class copy. Their classes are the main melee Slayer.

Although Nanbei city is also a player above level 10, both of them have only been promoted to level 10 and have not passed the professional copy.

Beicheng helped rainbow into the yard.

The woman at the door followed the player in and closed the door with a bang.

Ruan Qiao heard the sound of the iron chain behind him. He looked back and saw the woman facing the player with her back at the door.

She held a thick iron chain in her hand and locked the door.

“Why lock the door?” Before Ruan Qiao, Wei’an had discovered the woman’s abnormal behavior.

The woman looked back at the player, her expression was still cold, and turned her head to continue the action on her hand.

After locking the door, she came over and walked in front of the player: “the village is restless at night. Prevent thieves. Lock the door. It will be safer.”

[bullet screen roll powder] I believe it

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] are you sure you don’t want to catch a turtle in a jar

[bullet screen sneaking into Europe] this bad old woman is very bad

Ruan Qiao lowered his eyes. It seems that there will be a good play tonight.

Aware of the girl’s action, Su Xi gently tightened her palm and said softly, “you don’t have to be afraid.”

“I will protect you.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the thin boy, “I’m very moved. However, although I don’t know what state you are now, I think it’s better for you to protect yourself first…”

Hearing her words, Su Xi’s beautiful thin lips pursed slightly: “are you afraid of me dragging my feet?”

Ruan Qiao looked up and saw him look lost. He quickly explained, “how can it be? I’ll be very happy as long as you’re by my side.”

Su Xi’s long and curly eyelashes moved up and down. There were dots of light in her good-looking eyes, and an uncontrollable smile raised at the corners of her mouth: “really?”

Ruan Qiao looked at the reward in the barrage again and nodded seriously: “yes, I’ve never lied to you.”

She found that the father of the gold owner in the barrage would only queue up to reward in two cases.

First, the plot entered a major plot. For example, she was chased and spanked by a ghost. Ah, it seems that such a thing has never happened.

Like when she chased the ghost’s ass.

The second is when Su Xi is handsome beside her and doesn’t know it.

After counting the gold coins happily, Ruan Qiao’s eyes looked more and more pleasing to Su Xi.

Such a good-looking person follows himself and will feel better every day.

Ruan Qiao’s eyes left Su Xi and fell on the well in the yard: “there is a well here. How can we install a faucet?”

The woman stood in front of them and looked at the vegetable field over there: “this is called Beijing village because every household has a well, but there are not many wells that can water out now. Since the factory over there opened, the water from the ground can not be drunk, so a new water pipe was installed. We have ostriches and use a lot of water every day.”

Ruan Qiao nodded. The woman looked at the sky and said, “it’s time. I’m going to feed the ostrich. Don’t walk around.”


After Beicheng Guliang helped rainbow into the house and let rainbow sit on the bed, she looked up and shouted, “Nancheng, find some safflower oil.”

After waiting for a long time for no answer, Gu Liang in Beicheng found that Nancheng didn’t follow them into the room.

“I don’t know where I’m going. I’m in danger. Go.”

Wei An nodded. It was OK for Beicheng to take care of him. He asked the woman for safflower oil before he went to meet Ruan Qiao and them. When they saw the woman go to the next feeding room, they agreed to separate and look for each room.

Since it is determined that there is a problem in Zhangjia, there must be clues about the missing people.

Beicheng and Caihong sleep in Caihong’s room, which is where the lame originally slept. On the bedside table is the long knife she and Ruan Qiao found together.

Rainbow received the backpack space with the long knife. I forgot to take this this this morning.

If you don’t have something to defend yourself, you will be in danger when you encounter the black murderer.

The lame man’s room rainbow and Ruan Qiao once turned over thoroughly, while the eldest brother’s and third sister’s rooms, although they had been simply searched for safety and North and south cities before, also found medicine in them. But they didn’t look it up carefully at that time. The lame man is now in Zhang Ming’s room. It is inconvenient for several people to enter, and the woman’s room is locked, so they can’t enter.

Wei’an goes to the elder brother’s room first. Ruan Qiao and Su Xi are responsible for finding the third sister’s room.

When Ruan Qiao and Su Xi entered the third sister’s room, they found that the furniture inside was basically the same as the other two bedrooms. There was a bed, a wardrobe opposite the bed, and a table with drawers under the window.

The window faced the yard outside. As soon as they entered the room, they began to turn things.

Su Xi looked at the wardrobe. The boy was tall and thin. He could see the top of the wardrobe on tiptoe. There were only a few old clothes in the wardrobe. The pills inside have been taken away by Nanbei city. He began to search the bottom and top of the wardrobe. When he heard the banging sound behind him, Su Xi turned his head and looked at it.

Ruan Qiao’s sweeping ability is rough. It’s basically the style of catching the bed, lifting the bed and turning the table when meeting the table.

The girl is not tall. She has thin arms and legs. Her facial features are small and soft. She looks like a cute girl on weekdays. Obviously, as soon as her forced demolition mode was opened, the contrast shocked many new viewers in the live studio.

[bullet curtain sleeps today] I rely on startling the demolition site

[bullet screen roll powder] the anchor’s clearing ability is stronger than the cloud God in the orphanage

[barrage Alice] long lost demolition site

[there are fish in the barrage] wait, you take down the bed. Where do the non mainstream duo sleep at night? Hey!

Aware of Su Xi’s slightly surprised eyes, Ruan Qiao, who was about to lift the mattress, looked up and smiled at him: “excuse me? Don’t worry about me, you continue.”

The girl’s white face is smiling, her eyes are curved like the crescent moon in the sky, and her cherry lips are slightly open. Because of the violent action just now, I was slightly panting, and the blush on my cheeks was like a touch of sunset in the white cherry blossoms.

[bullet screen Jiang Yungui] ah, the anchor is so cute!

[bullet screen seconds] this appearance is also super capable

[barrage a few] I suddenly feel that they are a little married. What’s the matter!

[barrage Alice] upstairs, knock CP with me!

[bullet screen score] no, no, no, you’re so fierce, you can’t find a boyfriend. Don’t scare wonton

To the surprise of the audience in the live broadcast room, Su Xi also smiled. The young man’s voice was particularly clear, with a doting halo in his eyes: “OK. You move a little lighter.”

He said, “don’t bother yourself.”

[barrage loves you, not sad] Yun Tiantian’s favorite daughter-in-law really has nothing to say!

[bullet screen willow] ha ha ha ha ha, you’re going to tear down other people’s houses and show your love here

[barrage Ashley] no, I’m going to laugh to death. Ha ha ha

[bullet screen is easy to Ji] the old woman is on her way with a knife

[barrage Jiang Yungui] Zhang Ming: let’s not touch anything and ignore my words

Although Ruan Qiao took down all the beds, she didn’t find anything. Adhering to the principle of never letting locusts pass through, she turned her eyes to the table by the window.

There are many sundries on the table, but they have been dusty. Obviously, the north and south cities have not moved here.

After reading the things on the table, Ruan Qiao threw them directly to the ground, with less and less sundries on them. There is a vertical cylinder in the innermost part, which contains scissors, needles and thread. After pouring out all the things inside, Ruan Qiao found a small key in it.

She squatted down. There were two drawers under the table. In the first drawer, there were only some buttons and a few white chalk. The second drawer was locked.

After opening the lock of the drawer with a small key, Ruan Qiao found a notebook in it.

I don’t know how long the notebook has been in it.

The first few pages record some expenses and daily matters, which should be the memo of the room owner.

Ruan Qiao patiently turned back and finally saw something unusual.

[diary] on March 15, I bought three ostrich cubs.

[diary] on March 15, I had another nightmare today. Those people chased me and dragged me… To a terrible place in my dream.

[diary] on April 23, I couldn’t sleep. They were all in my dream.

[diary] on April 25, I’m going crazy

[diary] April 26, am I crazy?

[diary] April 23, no, not a dream!!!!!

The font is distorted, and several exclamation marks mark the owner’s fear and fear at that time.

[diary] on April 25, it was really not a dream. There were strange bruises on my feet and hands. It was where they grabbed me. They were not my illusion… It was retribution

[diary] on April 26, they were all crazy. This is retribution. As long as they stay here, they will be killed by those… Even if they don’t get killed

[diary] on April 28, those drugs didn’t work. Just take one at first. Later, you need more

[diary] on May 1, I will leave here and never come back.

Then there were a few blank pages. When Ruan Qiao thought there was no, his hand that had been turning the page suddenly stopped.

The handwriting on the last page is particularly confused.

[diary] on September 11, I still came back. I thought I would never go back to this place like hell in my life. In fact, I should have guessed it for a long time, but I dare not say. Even if I say it, what can they do? Yes, I’m a coward, I’m afraid. I didn’t see anything, the blood, the screams, the pain Screams and scary eyes, they don’t just exist in my nightmares. Even if I leave this place, they will appear in front of my window, behind me and in front of me at night.

I came back just to get rid of this nightmare. Maybe I can only solve it from the root cause… I heard that there are fewer missing people in the village, not as many as before.

I’m going to see if it’s true

The diary came to an abrupt end here.

Ruan Qiao showed Su Xi his diary. “The rural girl who keeps a diary has a good writing style.”

[bullet curtain happy little fat house]

[bullet screen] haha, haha, so does the anchor focus on writing

[bullet screen Jiang Yungui] but seriously, if it were me, I wouldn’t be able to write so literary

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination and live broadcast] enough for you 23333

After reading his diary, Su Xi looked at Ruan Qiao squatting in front of the drawer: “the top of the cabinet has drawn a circle with white chalk. There is nothing else.”

The white circle reminds Ruan Qiao of the big white plastic bucket.

But such a big thing can’t be hidden in the interlayer or compartment of the wall. During the day, they also glanced at Zhang Ming’s room. It was a normal room. There was no place to hide plastic buckets.

If this circle doesn’t mean a plastic bucket

Ruan Qiao looked at the window. Through the blurred stained glass, he could vaguely see the dry well and barrel in front of the vegetable field.

The sensitive black dog seemed to sense Ruan Qiao’s notes and barked outside.

“Woof woof!!”

Ruan Qiao turned back and asked Su Xi, “look at the shape of the wellhead.”

“Like a white circle?”

The sun was still burning at noon. In the afternoon, there were thick clouds and the north wind was cold and fierce, which made the shed in the feeding room rattle.

The yard echoed with dog barks.

Although it was not evening, it was already dark.

When Wei An pushed the door and came in, he was stunned when he saw a mess: “you check the law… I’m afraid the north and south cities can’t sleep here tonight?”

[Jiang Yungui] the eldest brother asked the voice of the barrage

[bullet screen moon] hahaha, the safety is scared

Ruan Qiao said indifferently, “don’t you think we can sleep safely tonight?”

“That’s true.”

Ruan Qiao saw Wei’an holding an iron box in his hand: “what is this?”

Wei An put the box on the table: “this is the box I found under the folded clothes in the closet. The key is hidden deep in other places. Look at the contents…”

His expression became a little strange.

Ruan Qiao was about to open it when a pair of white slender hands pressed on the box first.

Su Xi took the box first: “I don’t know what’s in it. It’s not good to scare you. Let me open it.”

Wei’an looked helpless: “I’ve almost eaten dog food from Nanbei city all day today. Aren’t you two? There’s nothing in it.”

[bullet screen fish swim and swim] ha ha, I love you, brother

[barrage nine away] poor single dog

[bullet curtain sleeps today] little sister rainbow is also good. She looks very good. Please develop it quickly!

[bullet screen day, I am tired of combing my hair] today’s copy is a couple file? Excuse me

Su Xi opened the box and Ruan Qiao came forward to have a look.

I saw dozens of ID cards in the small iron box.

ID cards of all ages and genders.

“I counted it. There are about thirty.” Wei An said, his face grim: “if I guessed correctly, we may have entered a…”

Ruan Qiao also restrained the smile on his face, nodded and followed him: “the dens for handling false certificates.”

[bullet screen Shen Yu at the scene]??

[bullet screen day tired combing my hair] I almost laughed while drinking water

[bullet screen check heavy death] are you going to laugh at me and inherit my graduation thesis?

[don’t coo in the barrage] the one who wrote the graduation thesis, wait for me!

“Well, no kidding. These ID cards should belong to those missing people? This murderer also has a collector.” Ruan Qiao said.

Wei An nodded: “yes, several of them are the people on my missing data. I compared them. They are indeed the same group. But there are too many more than 30 people, far more than the 17 people we counted.”

“Do you have Chen Yue’s ID card?” Asked Ruan Qiao.

Wei’an shook his head. Before that, they had exchanged clues about the person they were looking for. “The ID card of the brother Beicheng was in it, but there was no one from Chen Yue.”

“No, it’s normal.” Ruan Qiao continued, “14-year-old teenagers usually don’t have the concept of carrying ID cards when they go out. Thirty people are already small. How many people do not have ID cards? I think there are more than so many victims.”

“The old woman’s room and Zhang Ming’s outer room are locked, and they are not ordinary padlocks. When the owner’s house is still there, we can’t unlock it violently for the time being to find clues.” Nguyen Jos cableway.

[bullet screen day tired combing hair] hey, hey, the anchor really didn’t pay attention to the lame and the old woman at all

[barrage a few] murderer: I’m not dead yet!

[bullet screen ten miles long Pavilion] does this mean that people can smash as long as they are not at home? Ha ha ha

[barrage IBI crow] it’s so violent. I like it

“Woof!!! Woof!”

Suddenly, the dogs outside the yard barked more fiercely.

From the corridor came the sound of heavy objects rubbing against the ground.

Dong, Dong, Dong.

The sound of footsteps and the friction of heavy objects came closer and closer, and finally stopped at the door.


One hand pressed the crack of the door and slowly pushed the door open.

The lame man’s face appeared in the crack of the door. He saw three people in the room. He took his hoe in front of him.

He opened the door with his right hand and showed a creepy smile towards the player.

The first one to rush up is Dangan.

The lame man’s reaction was not weak, so he directly waved a hoe and hit it.

Wei’an rushed to the lame man. The other uninjured arm was instantly ironed, and the hoe hit it and made a collision sound. But the cripple’s strength was bigger than he looked, and he was knocked back. The lame man took the opportunity to continue waving a hoe, shouting and attacking the player.

His action knocked the things beside him scattered on the ground, while Su Xi took Ruan Qiao and stood in the corner.

Ruan Qiao picked up the small scissors on the ground, extended his slender fingers to the handle ring of the scissors, shook it gently, and the scissors turned up.

No matter her previous occupation in [isolation area AI] or [survival line SL], she has always played with shooters. Only the name of shooters in the isolation area is called snipers. Although the name seems to be a shooter, in fact, cold weapons such as bows and arrows are also within the scope of this occupation.

The most important thing in shooting is strength, timing and range.

Several people are in the same room, which is a little difficult for her.

When the scissors turned almost, Ruan Qiao aimed at the lame man, held the right hand of the hoe and threw the scissors out.

When the scissors took off, the lame who was attacking indiscriminately was not the focus of her scissors attack line.

[don’t coo on the barrage] although the anchor should really help at this time, the danger is still there

[bullet screen leaf paper soft] the scene was chaotic

[bullet screen day ten thousand tired comb your hair] won’t throwing scissors stab your own people??

However, something happened that broke the audience’s glasses in the live studio.

The lame man had a problem with one leg. When he took back his hoe and continued to attack, the angle of his hand just moved to the focus of the attack line of the scissors.

With a scream, the hoe of the lame man fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Wei’an came forward and beat the lame several times until he lost his attack ability and was suppressed by Wei’an.

The cripple looked at the scissors inserted in his hand, and the tip of the scissors was inserted straight into the back of his hand. The penetrating pain twisted his face. The lame man looked up at Ruan Qiao bitterly.

The girl stood by the wall and was carefully protected by the tall and thin boy, but there was no expression of fear on her face.

Even looked at the lame indifferently.

Soon, the indifferent eyes were filled with a smile, looking like the expression that a girl deliberately made in order to become like an ordinary person.

The lame man sneered. He could see that she was similar to them.

Blood, violence and fear are just a game in front of her.

As long as she knows the movement of the object, Ruan Qiao can predict his position in advance. Combined with the dangerous movement and the reaction of the lame, as well as his inertial movement and the most suitable action for the next step, she has three positions to hit the lame hand.

The rest is to choose any one.

But in the eyes of the barrage, she just threw a pair of scissors and was just “hit” by the lame himself.

[bullet screen day weariness Combs Hair] lying in the groove is luck??

[fish in the barrage] bull shooter

[barrage a few] the Olympic projection owes you a champion

[bullet screen willow] I don’t know. The anchor has been known as human Koi since the orphanage

[reward] Xiaomeng master [quicksand bag in the starry sky] reward [rocket] * 1.

[star sky quicksand bag] want to know your lucky value

The gold Lord’s father spoke. Of course, Ruan Qiao had to answer, “34.”

[bullet screen roll powder] 34??? Anchor, is this the second game?

[bullet screen day tired combing my hair] it’s impossible. Is it on? I’m only five points lucky at level 10!

[bullet screen willow] unless… The anchor adds all potential values to luck?

Ruan Qiao nodded: “yes, Liu Liu’s guess hit the heart.”

[ten seconds of barrage] 66666

[barrage search] he’s a werewolf

[bullet screen Chen Xi] it turns out that other people’s success is not accidental

[bullet screen lucky timing] learned

[bullet screen moon] the koi is not barking in vain

The lame man calmed down: “I fell into your hands this time.”

While Dangan was controlling the cripple, Ruan Qiao came forward and kicked the hoe out of the door.

Because there is no rope, safety can only control him temporarily.

Hearing the sound of fighting here, Gu Liang of Beicheng in the next room rushed over with rainbow. As soon as he entered the door, he was also startled by the situation in the room.

The rainbow sonic boom closes the door quickly.

Wei’an explained the situation just now, and Beicheng remembered something: “I just went out for a turn, but I didn’t see Nancheng. He seemed to be missing. When we entered the door, I didn’t pay attention at that time, and I didn’t expect that there would be an accident here.”

Rainbow sonic boom worried: “at that time, it seemed that only Zhang Ming and his mother were outside the door.”

“Dong Dong Dong.”

The sudden knock on the door startled the rainbow.

“Are you all right in there? I thought I heard something just now.” It’s the old woman’s voice.

Rainbow looked anxiously at the lame man on the ground. The sound insulation effect of the room was not good. As long as the lame man shouted, the woman would immediately find out that it was wrong.

Ruan Qiao is also a little worried. It doesn’t matter if he beat someone else’s son, but it seems that it’s a little unreasonable to demolish the house.

I didn’t expect that the lame man had a dark face and didn’t make a sound.

Beicheng Gu Liang hurriedly replied, “it’s all right. I just fell.”

“Be careful. If you break something, you have to pay for it.” The old woman seemed to believe the words inside, and soon came the sound of footsteps leaving.

The lame man took a few breaths, and his hand moved and hurt: “my mother is gone. Can you let me go? What do you want to do?”

“This sentence should be that we ask you, what do you want to do?” Gu Liang of Beicheng came up to him and said, “what have you done to Nancheng? Where is he now?”

“Your boyfriend is gone? Hahaha, hahaha -” the lame man didn’t answer her, but kept laughing.

His laughter grew louder and wilder.

Echoed throughout the room, looking strange and crazy.

Ruan Qiao squatted down and asked him, “are you leaving tonight?”

The lame man stopped laughing. His eyes looked like women. They were all inverted triangles. When staring at people, they were particularly gloomy. For a long time, the girl before meeting had no fear expression. Then he said, “how do you know?”

She looked at the lame man’s shoes: “if you plan to stay here for the night, you won’t change into these shoes suitable for mountain walking.”

“Why did you move out of Zhangjiakou and why didn’t you spend the night here?”

The lame man looked at Ruan Qiao: “you are quite clever. Since you have lived here, you should know what will happen here at night.”

Safety and rainbow looked at each other. They always thought that only players would encounter the supernatural phenomenon of this copy. Unexpectedly, NPCs would also be affected.

“Your sister has never returned to Zhangjiakou since she married abroad. What are you avoiding?” Ruan Qiao saw the cripple calm down and continued to ask him.

The lame man sneered, “she hasn’t come back. She came back to see her mother once, but no one has seen her since that time.”

“She is very smart. She knows that if she marries far away, she can escape from this family, but she hasn’t disappeared like her father and big brother in the end. You don’t have to be so nervous. Today is the last time I come back.” The lame man said, “I can’t control whether your people are alive or dead. Anyway, I’m leaving soon. There’s only one way to die if I stay here.”

“Did you have a nightmare when you came back?” Ruan Qiao remembered his diary.

“Ha ha, what about nightmares? They can’t do anything to me except appear in the dark. I can’t take care of it. I won’t come back in the future.” Lame way.

Beicheng Guliang still put the medical record in front of him: “although this was found in my brother’s room, my brother has long been gone. I don’t rule out that it was your medical record and deliberately hid it in another room. The person who attacked us today is also lame. It’s useless if you don’t admit it.”

The lame man looked up at her indifferently: “my brother and I have no locks. Anyone can enter. This medical record is not mine. I haven’t seen you since I separated from you at the door today.”

Wei An saw his mouth hard: “you’re still lying!”

He pressed the lame man’s arm with force, and blood flowed from the wound of the lame man’s palm.

Although the lame man was in pain, he did not answer, but showed a cold smile.

Ruan Qiao stood up and said, “he’s right. He wasn’t the one who attacked the rainbow.”

Rainbow was surprised: “Mian Mian, how do you know? Did you see that man?”

“Let the lame go first. Since we have no conflict, you go your way. We find the person we want. No one hinders anyone.” Although Ruan Qiao’s words puzzled others, she just had such an inexplicable sense of conviction.

Wei an let go of the lame. The lame stood up and walked towards the door with a hoe.

“I advise you not to look for it again. Otherwise, you will lose your life.”

He opened the door and limped into the corner of the corridor.

Then came the sound of the chain opening from the gate.

“Where are you going?”

The woman’s voice sounded outside.

The lame man didn’t answer and slammed the gate of the yard.

The woman went to the door, re tied the chain and swearing, but the dog barked too loud for the players in the room to hear clearly.

Ruan Qiao showed Caihong and Beicheng the ID card in the box: “there are not only men but also women in it, which shows that the murderer is not only young men. This can also explain why he attacked Caihong.”

“Then how can you be sure that the lame man is not the murderer? Maybe he is an accomplice to the murderer?” Gu Liang in Beicheng still doesn’t understand Ruan Qiao’s behavior just now.

“The lame is really not a good man, but I think there are a lot of lunatics in their family. In addition to the lame, there are people more terrible than him, which makes him eager to escape here.” Ruan Qiao continued, “the man who attacked the rainbow hid his whole body. He didn’t even expose his fingers and didn’t even talk. Most of them just didn’t want to be recognized.”

“Maybe I’m used to dressing like this.” Beicheng road.

“This may be one of the murderer’s daily habits, but since the murderer doesn’t want to be recognized, he does everything very carefully and starts when we are alone, there’s no need to take down the rainbow sonic boom’s eye mask. Rainbow can’t see the murderer. Even if the crime fails, isn’t the murderer safe? The other party deliberately takes off the eye mask and pretends to be lame in front of rainbow, Just to make us doubt others. ” Ruan Qiao looked at Wei’an.

“You remember, we found the cold storage along the footprints of the murderer.” She pointed to Wei’an’s foot: “if it’s a lame man, his footprints must be deep and shallow. At that time, I asked Wei’an to step on one foot to compare the killer’s footprints, because the killer’s footprints are the same as those of normal people. It’s not obvious that he doesn’t limp when he moves with a comatose rainbow on his back. He deliberately pretends to pose after taking off the rainbow’s eye mask?”

Rainbow sonic boom surprised: “Mian Mian, your observation is powerful!”

Wei’an continued, “the old woman is also very tall. Her feet are very big. If she is not lame, is it really her?”

“What shall we do now?” Beicheng frowned: “Nancheng is missing. Now I don’t know whether it’s dead or alive.”

Ruan Qiao looked out of the window at the yard and vaguely saw the woman feeding the dog.

The black dog had food and finally stopped barking.

“When she goes back to bed, we’ll find Zhang Ming’s room.” Ruan Qiao looked at the side room opposite the eye window.

They have not entered Zhang Ming’s room or the side room next to that room.

Next to the side room are vegetable fields and black dogs.

Behind the closed door, there seems to be an unknown secret of the family.

Or maybe behind the door is the abyss.

Intuition told Ruan Qiao that the answer they wanted was there.

Rainbow and Ruan Qiao return to the lame man’s room to rest. In order to reduce the woman’s vigilance, they all turn off the lights.

The sound of wind and rain outside is getting louder and louder. Every time the rolling thunder rings, the window glass keeps shaking.

Rainbow was more and more afraid. She pulled Ruan Qiao’s clothes: “Mian Mian, do you have a strange feeling that your back is chilly and keeps fighting the cold war. I can’t describe it. It’s very scary anyway, just like…”

Ruan Qiao looked up at her and said softly, “you mean –”

Rainbow swallowed her saliva.

Ruan Qiao: “it’s like having a pair of eyes looking at us all the time?”


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