After reopening the escape game Chapter 24

As soon as Ruan Qiao’s voice fell, rainbow opened her eyes, and her eyes became empty. The original fear disappeared from her face, leaving only a stiff face.

Ruan Qiao reached out and shook in front of the rainbow sonic boom.

The other side didn’t respond at all.

[bullet screen willow] are you evil?

[barrage Changyuan] ah, how exciting!

[bullet screen sneaking into Europe] body protection!!!

[barrage short Ji] it’s a little scary, whine

Perhaps the plot has entered a terrible link, and there are more and more people in the live broadcasting room.

Ruan Qiao glanced casually at the bullet screen, looked at the suddenly strange rainbow sonic boom, and fell into silence for a moment.

If she guessed right, she should have been dragged into a fantasy by a ghost.

If this situation is similar to sleepwalking, it’s best not to wake up each other easily.

What’s more, the copy has given them a solution – Take jujube pills.

As long as you take the pill, you can get rid of the illusion.

If it is really dangerous, the rainbow can escape by itself. So Ruan Qiao is not very worried about her. Maybe the ghost’s fantasy can provide them with some clues.

So she didn’t act.

[barrage caring for orphans and widows villains] just came in. Is it time to enter the link of one, two, three wooden people

[bullet screen candy] we have nothing to say but tears

The rainbow did not move, nor did Ruan Qiao.

Just when she was impatient in the live broadcasting room, rainbow suddenly reached out and took out a white medicine bottle from her pocket.

Although players have storage space, it’s still unusual for things to appear out of thin air.

Small items can be taken out of the bag. In fact, they are just a form.

Just complete the [fetch] action.

Of course, there are some special circumstances that will directly let items appear in the hands of players.

Rainbow’s expression was still very stiff. She looked blankly at the front, raised her hand rigidly, poured out a medicine and swallowed it.

But taking the medicine did not make her normal. On the contrary, her body suddenly moved violently, her hands trembled and her breathing was short.

Then Ruan Qiao saw the rainbow sonic boom, directly raised the medicine bottle and poured all the capsules into his mouth.


Like a drowning person suddenly surfaced. It was not until two or three minutes later that the breath of the rainbow sonic boom calmed down.

Her expression returned to normal, and her eyes had a normal look.

“Are you okay?” Obviously, just now rainbow was dragged into a dreamland by ghosts in the house, but Ruan Qiao was not attacked by ghosts. Until rainbow got out of the dreamland, she was very safe. She could only directly ask rainbow, “what did you see just now?”

“I felt that I was pressed with a lot of things, and there were a lot of viscous liquids with a bloody smell. Later, I managed to climb out and found myself in a dark place. All my remains were human limbs.” It seemed that he thought of something terrible. The rainbow sonic boom shivered and took a deep breath before he continued, “Later, those limbs began to attack me. I took a pill and the body fragments around me disappeared. But soon there were many people without facial features. They all rushed up and ate my body. I could only watch them eat me up… Finally, there was only one head and one hand left.”

“It scared me to death. Fortunately, although my hand was torn off by them, it still moved. I woke up after taking all the medicine at the last minute.” Rainbow sonic boom is also a person who has read the diary. “Sure enough, this medicine will produce drug resistance if I eat too much. But I’ve finished my medicine.”

Ruan Qiao directly handed his medicine to rainbow. “These ghosts may be victims. They will attack the people living in Zhangjia, and even pester them all the time after they leave. Although I don’t know if my previous communication worked, it didn’t pull me into the illusion, which also shows that I’m safe for the time being.”

“But give it to me. What do you do?” Rainbow sonic boom hesitated, “if you really encounter a ghost attack at that time, you will be in danger.”

Ruan Qiao put a whole bottle of pills into her hand: “in addition to the bottle of Medicine found in the wardrobe, I have another bottle. I found it in my pocket at the beginning of the game, and there are three drugs in it.”

Rainbow sonic boom said thank you and put away the medicine bottle.

Dong Dong Dong.

The red wooden door made a soft knock.

Behind the door came a low voice: “did you sleep?”

Rainbow jumped out of bed, opened the door and walked in quietly. Finally, Su Xi.

“The old woman has fallen asleep,” continued Wei’an, who spoke in a low voice for fear of disturbing the old woman. “Let’s go and look for clues now.”

Beicheng nodded, “I just entered the dreamland again.”

The things she met in the dreamland were similar to the faces Ruan Qiao had seen before and the scene she had just met with the rainbow sonic boom.

“But why doesn’t this ghost find a boy?” Rainbow sonic boom looked at Wei’an suspiciously, “can’t even ghosts pick weak ones?”

Ruan Qiao thought, “only one missing person in Zhangjia is a woman. I guess the grimace is probably Zhang Ming’s third sister.”

“You mean his sister is dead?” Rainbow road.

“It’s been so long. The possibility that the missing person is still alive is very small.” Wei’an also agrees with Ruan Qiao.

Beicheng suggested: “we can start from the third sister’s room. My power is [psychic medium], and we can see some supernatural phenomena.”

Several people opened the door, and the lightning and thunder outside continued. The occasional lightning shone in through the high iron window at the end of the corridor, which seemed gloomy and terrible.

The cold electric light hung on the player’s head, and the mottled concrete wall was covered with unidentified stains and chapped marks.

The five people came to the third sister’s room because of the fight just now.

“When I turn on a power, I can’t be distracted. Once I get out of the power state, I will enter the cooling time and can’t turn on the power again.” Beicheng told me. “The longer the ability lasts, the more serious the sequelae will be. It may even lead to temporary fainting. I’ll rely on you then.”

“Don’t worry, we will always be next to you.”

Wei An said, “describe what you see.”

Beicheng nodded, took a deep breath, stretched out his hand and moved the monocular mask he had been wearing to the other eye.

She raised her head to reveal one eye with gray pupils, and the white eye mask covered the other normal eye.

[first power: medium] launch.

Outside the window, a white lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the whole messy room.

But in a short second, the room fell into darkness again.

Beicheng opened her eyes, but her pupils didn’t seem to focus on a fixed place. It seems that through this dark world, I see a place that can’t be seen by living people.

She turned her head and stood up with her body sitting on the bed.

With the movement of Beicheng, other players consciously let go.

Beicheng bowed his head, rubbed his arms with both hands, and began to describe what she saw: “the room is very cold, just like the temperature is below zero. I can see the fog when I speak. The room we messed up before has completely recovered.”

“It’s darker here than before. There’s a candle on the table.”

Following her description, the others looked at the table under the window, but there was nothing on it.

[bullet curtain sleeps today] my Mianmian brand desktop cleaning master is not in vain

[barrage a few] don’t go, desktop cleaning master, ha ha ha ha

Beicheng went to the table and reached out to make something to get something. It looked like holding a candle. One hand held it below, and the other hand protected the nonexistent candle flame.

Beicheng suddenly went to the front of the wardrobe and squatted down. He reached out and touched the floor. He put his hand under his nose and smelled: “it’s sticky, like blood, on the floor… It’s all, a lot of blood.”

But in the eyes of other players, there is nothing on the floor.

She looked back at the floor next to her: “there’s the most blood here, and there’s a lot of blood next to it.”

She suddenly turned her head and looked at the closed door. “There is a long drag of blood on the floor, all the way to the door.”

Beicheng stood up and walked towards the door.

Wei’an hurried to the front of Beicheng and opened the door for her. But in Beicheng’s eyes, the door seemed to have been opened, and she walked out of the room without any pause.

Ruan Qiao turned on his flashlight, and the white light fell on the corridor. Further away, it was dark.

Beicheng stood at the junction and walked in front of her, which was the room of the second brother and the eldest brother, and then the place where they had just come out. On the right is the door to the yard.

At the moment, the door is closed, but the door has no internal lock and can be opened directly from the inside.

Beicheng suddenly took a step back and showed a frightened expression on his face: “there was a dark figure standing next to me just now, but I disappeared as soon as I turned around.”

She had turned around, and her slender fingers pointed to the road leading to the yard, trembling slightly.

Another flash of lightning.

But in the eyes of others, there is only one door at the other end of the corridor.

“What about that door?” Asked Ruan Qiao.

Beicheng shrank back: “I didn’t see the shadow, but the shadow gave me a terrible feeling. It was a very tall figure. There was something in my hand. The electric light in the corridor was on. It was also at night. The corridor door leading to the yard was wide open, and the cold wind poured in from opposite me.”

She shivered again. “It’s so cold.”

Wei An stood beside the North City and asked, “where does the blood mark on the ground lead to?”

Beicheng continued to walk forward. She kept turning her head to look up and down the corridor: “there is a lot of blood on the wall of the corridor, some have been blackened, some are still bright red… There are dragged blood stains and people’s fingerprints on the ground, just like… When dragged, she wants to grasp the ground.”

“Wait a minute,” said Wei’an. He opened the door of the corridor. Beicheng walked behind him and rainbow walked next to Beicheng.

Su Xi held Ruan Qiao’s hand as soon as he met, and was unwilling to let go.

She originally wanted to say something. She looked up and saw the pleading eyes of a young dog. She couldn’t say what she had just said. I can only let the boy lead me and walk forward slowly.

After he recovered from his cold, his hands returned to normal body temperature.

But Ruan Qiao’s hands are warmer.

Seeing that Ruan Qiao didn’t want to smoke, Su Xi bent his lips and smiled at the bottom of his good-looking eyes. The light in the black pupil fell on the thick eyelashes and shook like sugar. Although the skin is slightly pale, the slight blush at the root of the ear is particularly beautiful.

[bullet screen roll powder] my baby’s eyes can speak

[barrage safety] it’s so beautiful. Woo woo woo

[the barrage is as warm as ever] how can there be such a beautiful person!

[bullet screen demon] it’s killing me to laugh. QAQ, did the boy grow up eating beautiful paper!

Ruan Qiao lowered his head and smiled.

If this is Su Xi’s true face, how easy her task is! As long as you have a good relationship with the little sheep in front of you, it will be easy to persuade him not to indulge in games.

But fantasy belongs to fantasy, and reality is still very cruel.

Especially Su Xi who had seen the last copy, Ruan Qiao had more and more doubts in his heart. She can see that Su Xi is different from Yi Jing. Yi Jing’s enthusiasm and kindness of the big tail wolf are pretended. It’s not easy to change her face in seconds.

But the whole copy of Su Xi is in this state. Although the contrast is very cute, it is also too contrasting.

If he’s just pretending, she can only take the acting.

But the problem is that Susie has no reason to do so in front of her. The two of them had met once, and such behavior meant nothing to him. Su Xi met in the orphanage is not the kind of person who will change for others.

Ruan Qiao became more and more confused.

Is this person schizophrenic?

Looking up at the pretty and clear side face of the boy in front, the girl’s eyes took a little sympathy.

With such a beautiful evil face and a young age, it’s pathetic to have a brain disease.

Thinking of this, she nodded sympathetically. Classmate Ruan, come on, it’s up to you to save the Internet addict.

As soon as the corridor door was opened, the black dog in the yard immediately barked wildly.

“Woof woof!!”

There was a strong wind outside, but Beicheng was not affected. The strong wind kept her black hair dancing, but she just hugged her arms, rubbed her hands, breathed, and continued to walk out of the corridor.

“The three black dogs are barking.” Beicheng said.

This is the same as the situation encountered by players.

The whole yard echoed with the barking of black dogs. It seemed that the neighbors around were used to the barking of dogs. There was no one to comment after the quarrel.

“But I also heard the sound of the TV in the left room. It was very loud. Even standing in the yard, I could hear it.” Beicheng looked up at the house in front of him, “the blood stains spread to the house in front, but the door was closed.”

Her head turned slowly towards the black dog from her face to the house, but when she turned half way, she was suddenly stunned: “that, over there…”

The girl’s eyes suddenly widened and trembled, as if she saw something terrible.

Her lips turned white and she couldn’t speak at all.

“What do you see?” Rainbow sonic boom worried.

But Beicheng didn’t respond. He just stared at a place and moved back a few steps.

But behind her is the wall of the house where Zhang Ming lives. She can’t go back.

Suddenly, she screamed, and the whole person fell down as if without support.

The person standing nearest to her was Wei’an. He reached out to catch the unconscious Beicheng. Several people looked at each other, held Beicheng by Wei’an, and walked towards the dry well together.

The house next to it was locked. Several people decided to find the yard first and then find a way to open the door.

There is a vegetable field between the house and the place where the dog is tied. In front of the vegetable field is a dry well. Next to the well is a wooden bucket.

Although the well is dry and can’t get out of the water, its rope and barrel are still there.

“Do you want to go down and have a look?” The rainbow sonic boom looked at the well and it was dark inside.

Both Wei’an and Su Xi are tall. The wellhead is too small for them. Beicheng hasn’t woken up yet.

The only people who can go down are rainbow sonic boom and Ruan Qiao.

Obviously, rainbow’s whole body revealed her refusal to go down the well.

Ruan Qiao thought it didn’t matter: “I’ll come.”

After reducing the height value, she is only in her early sixties, and her facial features are exquisite and small. Looking at the whole person, she feels very petite. But I don’t know what will happen underground. Su Xi tightened her hand and said in a low voice, “it’s dangerous below.”

Ruan Qiao took out his hand, “don’t worry, the murderer won’t be down there. The most is to be entangled by ghosts. I have pills with me. There will be no problem.”

Facing his worried eyes, the girl showed a reassuring smile: “listen, you’re waiting for me.”

It’s just going down a well. She can climb up even without a barrel and only a rope.

“We don’t have much time.”

Wei An looked up at the rainy day.

Ruan Qiao tried the rope and it was very strong.

The barrel is not small. It’s just right for her to stand in it.

However, she will not put all her strength on the barrel.

Ruan Qiao held the rope in both hands and supported his movements by the rope. Wei’an put Beicheng aside and leaned against the well body. He came over and helped Ruan Qiao down the well with the remaining two people.

With the rope getting longer and longer, Ruan Qiao soon fell to the bottom of the well.

The depth of this well is not long, and the space below is much wider than the wellbore. Looking up, you can see a circular exit. Thick dark clouds diffuse in the sky, and occasional lightning illuminates the narrow exit.

Under the well, there was no wind and thunder outside. All around was her heartbeat.

Ruan Qiao came out of the barrel. As soon as he settled down, he felt that he had stepped on something.

It is neither wet and soft silt nor dry and cracked land.


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