After reopening the escape game Chapter 25

“Woo woo!”

The front black dog stared at several players fiercely. If it wasn’t tied to its chain, I’m afraid it would attack and bite.

As time went by, people outside were worried.

“Mian Mian won’t really have an accident down there?” Rainbow sonic boom worried.

Su Xi stepped forward and held the rope with his hand. Wei An came forward and stopped him: “what do you want?”

“I’ll go down and find her.” Su Xi said.

“No.” Safety and rainbow speak at the same time.

“The wellhead is too narrow, and there is no danger below. We can’t have fewer people.” Wei’an frowned and looked at the tall, thin and thin young man in front of him. His face was a little pale, his thin lips were tight under the bridge of his tall nose, and his long eyelashes covered his eyes, which made people unable to see the emotions inside, but they could feel the persistent attitude of the young man.

Su Xi held the rope slightly white. He came forward and pushed away the danger in front of the wellhead, ready to go down the well.

Wei An stepped back and was surprised.

I thought Su Xi looked weak, but I didn’t think he could push himself away just now.

But he couldn’t watch Su Xi go down the well. Just about to continue to dissuade, he saw that Su Xi’s expression loosened a little.

Closely following Su Xi’s eyes, Wei An found that he was looking at the well rope.

The rope on the white wellhead pulled and moved five times, then stopped and continued to pull a moment later.

This is the code they agreed. If Ruan Qiao pulls the rope after exploring, the people outside will pull her up together.

Su Xi and Jian’an hurriedly took the rope up, and rainbow came to help.

The three men pulled for a while, and the rope pulling out of the wellhead became longer and longer.

The next thing is coming up.

Rainbow stared nervously at the wellhead. Although she knew it was Ruan Qiao, to tell the truth, she didn’t know what she could pull.

Finally, the rope was finished.

“Call -”

A thin white hand stretched out from the wellhead and scratched on the well wall.

The next moment, Ruan Qiao stretched out his head from the wellhead.

“Below…” she gasped for breath. After a long time, she continued: “the air is too bad.”

Su Xi came forward for the first time, leaned against the wellhead and stretched out his hand to hold her.

The boy’s palm was very big. Looking at his thin body, he seemed to have great strength and easily fished her from the wellhead.

Ruan Qiao turned around, continued to pull the rope, took out the barrel and poured out a pile of white bones.

“There are such white bones below. There are many more.” She took another key out of her pocket. “This is the key I found on the white bone pile.”

[bullet screen lucky timing] 6666

[bullet screen grapefruit] so you can find the key??

Rainbow sonic boom came over and looked carefully at the bones on the ground. When she saw the familiar shape, her voice trembled: “yes, is it human bones…?”

Ruan Qiao nodded.

She picked up another leg bone and went to the vegetable field next to her. She planed the soft soil with the bone. You can see that there are faint white things below, “there are still a lot of human bones in this vegetable field.”

“Those missing people have been killed…” Rainbow looked at everything in front of her. “So many people, it’s terrible.”

Wei An: “if we don’t finish the task quickly, I’m afraid we’ll have to be one of them.”

Rainbow shook her head: “my main task is completely quiet.”

Wei An looked at his task: “my task tip is half way forward, maybe because we haven’t found all the bodies.”

Ruan Qiao threw away the bone in his hand, clapped his hands, went to the side room and tried the key found at the bottom of the well.

The keyhole doesn’t fit at all.

“Didn’t you open the door?” She wondered.

“Leave it to me.” Wei An looked at the door of the side room, “I’ll find a way to open it.”

“Then I’ll go and find out where the key can be opened.” Zhang Ming and the old woman’s rooms are locked. This key is likely to match the door lock of one of the rooms.

The rainbow sonic boom was kept with Wei’an. Su Xi followed Ruan Qiao with the comatose North City on his back.

At the entrance of the corridor, Ruan Qiao tried the key and opened Zhang Ming’s house.

Su Xi temporarily put Beicheng on the bed and searched the bed.

Facing the door and against the wall is a bed. Diagonally opposite the bed is an old TV. Between the TV and the bed is a round table with many empty plates. There is no wardrobe in the room, only a few old boxes for sundries and clothes.

Su Xi found a key under the pillow, turned to look at Ruan Qiao, but found her standing still.

“What’s the matter?” He asked

Ruan Qiao shook her head. She always felt that she had overlooked something.

Everything was normal in this room, and even provided them with another key to copy the clue.

But she always felt something was missing.

The missing thing must represent a certain meaning in connection with the previous details.

But now she didn’t have much time to organize her thoughts. She just said it was all right.

They walked past with the key, and Wei’an was still trying to open the door of the side room.

The door of the side room is very thick, and the padlock is not used. There is no way to smash the lock directly.

Wei’an has used the ability in the fight with the lame before, and it is still cooling down. Ruan Qiao tried with the key found in Zhang Ming’s house and found that he still couldn’t open the side room.

“There is only one known place we haven’t entered yet. If this key is not in the side room, it can only show that the way to open the door is in… Another place.” Wei An didn’t say it was the room, but other players also understood that he was talking about the old woman’s bedroom.

Is the way to open the side room really there?

“I’ll go and look for wonton. You can continue to try if you can break the door here.” Ruan Qiao looked and walked through the corridor door.

The dark door was like a monster’s big mouth, which was deep. Luring all passing travelers into it.

“Beicheng hasn’t woke up yet, so he keeps people here. In case of any accident, we can’t take care of her. I’ll take her in and find a place to hide and see if I can find a clue to open the door.” Ruan Qiao said.

[ten seconds of barrage] other people’s anchor: watch in the dark, cannon fodder first. Our anchor: all weak chickens, let me come

[barrage Lin’an] haha, it’s too real upstairs

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination and live broadcast] what’s the agreed soft??

[three thousand years of bullet screen dream] wait a minute, don’t go! Hey, QAQ, let others go!!

[bullet screen is the most lovely dragon in the world] my little heart can’t stand it

They walked into the corridor, and the light of the flashlight slowly shone into the cold concrete floor.

The rain outside rang.

The whole corridor echoed with the sound of rain. You can’t see anything in the dark. You can only see a meter or two around you with the help of the faint light of a flashlight.

“Beicheng hasn’t woke up yet, and other rooms don’t have locks. It may not be safe to put it directly on the bed.” Ruan Qiao thought and asked Su Xi to carry the man into the third sister’s room. She opened the door of the wardrobe in the room. There were few clothes in it, and the space was not small.

Put Beicheng into the wardrobe. Ruan Qiao is carefully closing the door of the wardrobe.

The door panel of the wardrobe does not fit perfectly. It is not a good wardrobe. The workmanship is rough. Even if the cabinet door is closed, there is still a small gap, so there is no problem with ventilation.



“Woof, woof, woof!”

The sudden barking of the dog made Ruan Qiao not sure if he had heard anything just now.

A flash of lightning flashed across, and Ruan Qiao’s barrage suddenly screamed collectively.

[bullet screen Chen Xi] ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

[bullet screen roll powder] over the chute door!!

[bullet screen willow] did a dark shadow flash through the crack of the door just now!!

[bullet screen ye zhirou] is it a ghost?!

[bullet screen Alice] my God, QAQ

Ruan Qiao had just turned her back to the door of the room. The flashing shadow was in the blind area of her vision, but the audience in the live studio saw it.

The perspective of the live broadcasting room is not the complete first perspective, but a mixture of the first perspective and the monitoring perspective.

For example, in an open room, the audience can see the, including the anchor’s body, and most of the space faced by his body. Even if some space is not in the view of the anchor, or the anchor does not notice.

But in narrow places, such as hiding in the wardrobe in Beicheng just now, the audience can only see a dark and a gap.

The shadow flashed just now. Ruan Qiao was not sure whether it was a ghost, but the most important thing at present is to find the clue to open the door. She pulled the corner of Su Xi’s clothes. They looked at each other tacitly, relaxed their feet and walked out of the room.

The flashlight in Ruan Qiao’s hand is getting dimmer and dimmer, and it’s almost dead.

Afraid of waking the old woman, she simply turned off the flashlight.

The old woman’s room was next door. When they came to the door, Ruan Qiao squatted down and gently inserted the key.

The key fits perfectly into the door lock.

Sure enough, it was used to open the room.

[bullet screen Bodhi throne] is the boss of this copy an old woman? But why is the key at the bottom of the well Zhang Ming’s room.

[bullet screen willow] the old lady is in charge of Zhang Jia. It’s not surprising that she has keys to other rooms. I think she accidentally dropped the key into the well when handling the body. Does Zhang Ming also have the key to the old lady’s room? This is just the clue arrangement of the copy. I don’t want the player to open the key plot at once

[bullet screen butterfly suit] is the boss war about to begin!

After hearing the key to unlock the door, Ruan Qiao gently turned the handle and opened the door very carefully.

She opened a crack in the door and it was dark inside.


Even though it began to rain, the thunder outside was getting louder and louder.

Ruan Qiao held his breath and carefully opened the door wider.

[barrage love] Why do you come to the boss

[barrage a Ji] if I had been hiding, QAQ

[barrage Lin’an] Mom, I’m starting to panic

It happened at this time that the lightning lit up the whole room again.

Although it was only a moment of white light, Ruan Qiao had recorded the structure and situation of the whole room in his mind.

On the left is a small wardrobe, on the right is a double bed, peony quilt cover, colorful. There is a table under the window. The configuration of the whole furniture is similar to that of the third sister’s room next door, but the bed is a little bigger.

However, the quilt on the bed was half opened, and there were no shoes in front of the bed.

The old woman was not in there.

Ruan Qiao quickly opened the door, took Su Xi into the room and closed the door with his backhand.

“She’s awake!” Ruan Qiao leaned against the door and whispered. “The shadow at the door just now should be the shadow of Zhang Ming’s mother passing by the door.”

After the old woman woke up, whether she wanted to go to the yard or not, she would start to doubt when she saw that there was no one in the room where Ruan Qiao lived before. Beicheng is in the wardrobe. The room is very messy. If the old woman sees no one in it and the door from the corridor to the yard is open, she will doubt that the player is in the yard. Instead of searching the cabinet for the first time, Beicheng is still safe for the time being.

But security and the rainbow are dangerous.

Ruan Qiao is not stupid. Knowing that the old woman is wrong, he took the initiative to send his head to the door. Since the copy has given them the key, there must be clues to help them complete the task.

So she has to come here.

[bullet screen] this is lucky 6666. It was the most dangerous place just now. Now this room is safe

[bullet screen mango glutinous rice group] when the players outside are solved, the old woman will come back

[bullet screen sneaking into Europe] I feel like finding clues to complete the task. Thieves in this place are terrible. I don’t want to stay any longer QAQ

“Ah –!”

There was a sudden scream outside.

Then came the sound of crackling, mixed with the sound of flustered footsteps.

In the late night when the storm was coming, the woman’s scream became more and more urgent.


“Don’t come!”

“Patter patter!”

“It’s the voice of Beicheng.” Ruan Qiao frowned slightly. The source of the sound was not the next door. It was obvious that she had woken up and moved her position.

Due to the sudden heavy rain outside, mixed with the roar of lightning, Ruan Qiao could not well judge the source of the sound.

But listen to the approximate location of this sound, Beicheng should have escaped from the room.

She said to Su Xi to find it quickly and started the accelerated copy mode.

[bullet screen night street] the original home hunting scene in wocao is not the violence limit of the anchor

[bullet screen willow] you can come to the demolition office tomorrow

[bullet screen ten miles long Pavilion] ha ha, ha ha, my God

The old woman’s room also has a wardrobe, but it is much smaller. There are many clothes and several boxes in it.

It was full of sundries. Su Xi rummaged through the contents of the box and found another key under a pile of insoles.

[bullet screen roll powder] key, little prince

[bullet curtain sleeps today] ha ha ha ha ha key dog

[bullet screen day weariness Combs Hair] the key terminator is OK

Ruan Qiao also found a box of jujube pills on the bed, but now this prop has little effect on her.

Just listen to the voice, you can know how terrible the war is outside. Now the most important thing is to deal with the old woman.

After dismantling the bed, Ruan Qiao stopped his hand.

The mattress was pushed aside by her, and the bright red peony sheet also fell to the ground, revealing the bed board painted with red paint below.

But the height of this bed is obviously much higher than that of other rooms.

The sound outside is getting weaker and weaker. I can’t hear the scream of Beicheng.

On the contrary, the sound of rain is getting louder and louder, and the people who hit it crackly are flustered.

Ruan Qiao knocked on the bed board.

There’s an echo.

She stepped back and lifted the bed in a defensive position.

In the space of the bed board, there was a dead body that had been turned into white bones.

It also wears normal clothes, the cloth is very clean, and there is no feeling of dust or dilapidation.

Seeing that his clothes looked familiar, Ruan Qiao remembered the family photo he had found before. The clothes worn by Zhang Ming’s father, the missing male owner of Zhang Jia, were the same as the body in front of him.

All kinds of traces here show that his wife sleeps on the body every day, and even sleeps for the body

Change clothes.


“If this key can’t open the door of the side room, I’ll blow the game designer’s head.” Ruan Qiao took Su Xi’s key. She went to the door and carefully opened the door. Instead of going out in a hurry, she observed the outside situation against the wall.

There was nothing in the empty corridor. The fighting and screaming just now disappeared.

The rain also decreased, and after the black dog in the yard stopped barking, it suddenly seemed that there was some strange silence here.

Ruan Qiao turned on the flashlight and the light was extremely weak.

Susi took her hand and they walked out of the room slowly.

The closer you get to the corridor leading to the yard, the more you can feel the cold wind.

Finally, they came to the corner of the corridor.

Su Xi protected her slightly behind her. They turned and looked at the corridor.

The door at the end was wide open, and a figure stood in the middle of the corridor. Because of the light behind his back, he couldn’t see the figure for a moment.

I can only see the figure with a knife in his hand.

Tick, tick.

It’s not the sound of rain, it’s the sound of blood falling on the tip of the knife.

Ruan Qiao recognized it. This knife was the one she found in the wardrobe in her second brother’s room.

The figure shook and took two steps towards them.

Ruan Qiao could finally see each other’s faces.

The originally slightly curly hair was wet on the pale cheek, the hand holding the long knife trembled slightly, and the eyes opened wide because of extreme fear. The dark red blood covered most of her face, and the blood flowing from her eye frame made her lips gorgeous.

The rainbow sonic boom trembled slightly all over, and the dull eyes gradually fell on the two people in front.

She opened her mouth several times and couldn’t pronounce a syllable from her throat.


“Puff -”

It was not easy to say a word, and a long knife ran through her chest from behind.

The cold tip of the knife and the gushing blood quickly took away her life.


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