After reopening the escape game Chapter 26

After the rainbow sonic boom fell, the people behind her pulled the knife out of the girl’s body.

The sound of flesh and blood rubbing against the blade made my hair stand on end.

Carrying the light, a distant lightning flashed across the sky again, and white light poured in from the corridor door. The tall figure illuminated was particularly terrible.

The wrinkled face was full of crazy expression and covered with blood. The old woman clenched the long knife in her hand and laughed wildly.

A pair of inverted triangular eyes were full of blood. She stared at the two people in front, and then rushed towards Ruan Qiao and Su Xi with a knife in her hand.

“I’ll kill you!”

“I’m not afraid of you. You’re all going to die! You’re all going to die!”

With Ruan Qiao’s current strength, he wants to subdue a copy boss with a tiger back and a bear waist, a tall body, a sharp weapon in hand and unconsciousness. The boss is still too far away.

But we can use the old woman to test Su Xi’s strength.

Sure enough, Su Xi pulled Ruan qiaola behind him.

“Be careful, don’t come here.”

As soon as the words fell, he greeted the old woman. The young man is tall and thin. Although he is at the same height as the old woman, the other party is obviously strong and ferocious.

Su Xi also moved quickly. After avoiding the old woman’s first attack, she reached out and grabbed the other hand, and then smashed her against the wall.

The old woman’s strength was amazing. She screamed wildly and kicked away Su Xi. Although he hid quickly, his actions were still affected. The old woman didn’t seem to feel pain. The whole person was very strong and hard to shake.

Several times, the sharp blade almost scratched Su Xi’s body. Fortunately, it just scratched his clothes.

Ruan Qiao took out his flashlight and threw it at the old woman’s wrist.

If she could knock off the knife in her hand like a lame man, everything would be much easier.

The angle and direction she chooses are very strange. Hitting that place will cause sudden pain in her wrist. It only takes the old woman to let go for a second or two to succeed.

The flashlight hit the old woman on the wrist as she wished, but it only bent her hand. The long knife clenched in her palm roared across Su Xi’s side face, leaving a shallow blood mark.

[barrage Lavender] shit!! cut people but not their faces!!

[barrage Magic Competition] did you form a team to fight this crazy woman???

[bullet screen roll powder] ah, come on, fight

The old woman has entered a state of complete madness. She can only keep killing people at the bottom of her eyes. Even if she is hit by Ruan Qiao on the wrist or kicked in the leg by Su Xi, she has no reaction at all.

On the contrary, the offensive is becoming more and more fierce.

Su Xi’s situation became more and more dangerous. He was even kicked by the other party and hit the back wall while avoiding the old woman’s knife attack.

The original cotton white clothes stained with dark red blood on the ground set off the boy’s pale face more and more shocking.

Red and white were particularly conspicuous at the moment. Su Xi frowned slightly, and her thin lips were bloodless.

Seeing the old woman shouting and rushing to Su Xi, Ruan Qiao couldn’t wait.

It’s easy to solve such a boss with the strength of Su Xi’s combat state, but he just doesn’t fight and carries it in an ordinary state.

The cold blade was stained with black sticky blood and stabbed down.

Ruan Qiao took a deep breath.

When the audience in the live studio thought that Ruan Qiao was going to shout “stop” and there was no warm line at all.

Ruan Qiao: “Mom!!!!!”

The bullet screen in the live broadcasting room was brushed by a full screen of question marks.

[barrage temperature remains the same]???

[bullet screen reading week]???

[barrage a Ji] is it wrong for me to open the live studio?

Sure enough, the old woman’s action stopped, and the blade was only one centimeter away from Su Xi’s body.

Her head turned slowly and looked at Ruan Qiao.

Ruan Qiao stepped forward and continued, “Mom, I’ve come back to see you.”

Seeing the old woman’s action, Ruan Qiao knew he was right.

The old woman’s room still has her husband’s body under the bed. She is also very strong and strict with Zhang Ming and others on weekdays. It shows that she has a strong desire to control her family. Even if someone dies, she will stay with her.

The old woman, who was already delirious, regarded her as her own daughter. The old woman’s dry and cracked lips moved, and her voice was hoarse and hard to hear: “ha ha, you white eyed wolf, do you know to come back?”

Although she took back the knife, the old woman obviously shifted her goal and walked towards Ruan Qiao.

Su Xi coughed and wanted to stand up to stop the old woman’s movement, but he saw Ruan Qiao make a silent gesture.

“Aren’t you not coming back?” The old woman lowered her voice, her face was full of anger, her cold eyes stared big, her wrinkled face looked crazy, like dry bark: “you come back this time, don’t want to escape again!”

“I gave birth to you and raised you so much. You’re from my family when you die!”

“I’ve been eating and wearing mine for years. I’ll teach you a lesson. What’s the matter? You have no conscience. If your wings are hard, you’re not afraid of me, right? You can’t remember if you don’t fight!”

As she talked to herself, her voice was high and low, and she slowly approached Ruan Qiao.

The distance between them was only three meters before the old woman stopped.

“Do you think someone will support you when you marry? Only a stick can let you know good or bad. I can’t kill you today!” The old woman slowly lifted the long knife in her hand and smiled coldly: “best, you all die!!!”

Ruan Qiao stood in place and didn’t retreat. Facing the crazy eyes of the old woman, his left hand shook in the air. It doesn’t matter: “don’t worry, I won’t run.”

“Let’s make a bet and play a game. If you win, I’ll stay forever. If I lose, I’ll stay here forever and never leave again.”

“Just like brother and dad.”

“I saw dad. He was lying under the bed in the room and slept well.”

The old woman looked up and laughed wildly, “you are as stupid as before.”

“OK, I promise you.” The original low voice suddenly became higher, and the old woman’s expression gradually ferocious: “but I think it’s better for me to do it myself!”

She suddenly raised the knife in her hand and only needed to step forward to stab it into the body of the person in front of her, but then the old woman found that she couldn’t move her feet at all, “what did you do! You’re with them!”

She shouted madly, “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!!”

“All die!! ah ah!!!”

Although she couldn’t move, the old woman still waved her knife indiscriminately. Her eyes were dark and white. Obviously, the role of skill launching made her unable to see the player’s position, but this crazy appearance was even more frightening.

Susie rushed over from the other end while she was crazy.

He grabbed Ruan Qiao’s hands, his face was pale and almost transparent, and a faint blood mark on his side face was particularly conspicuous. Good looking eyes are like the starry sky at night, shining a little.

Su Xi’s voice was a little hoarse, and his hand holding her arm was slightly cold. His eyes looked around the girl and his tone was anxious: “did she hurt you just now? Did you hurt?”

Ruan Qiao shook his head. “We don’t have much time. She’s out of her mind now, but as long as we can get through the skill time.”

The corridor, which was originally dark, now has a faint red light. These blood colored lights are very weak, just like drilling out of every gap in the corridor. Turn this cold and terrible corridor into the intestines of some monster, or more like a bloody hell.

The girl’s voice seemed to come from a far away place, mixed with the crazy shouting and scolding of the old woman, which was particularly strange.

“One hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight…”

[skill card – Hide and seek] start.

[hide and seek]

Quality: grade s

Skill: open the game when the other party agrees to play the game with you. You have 100 seconds to hide. The other party can’t move during hiding. If you are found by the other party during the game, you will die. If the other party fails to find you after an hour, the other party will die.

Suggestion: don’t play games in open areas such as desert.

Attribute: unbound, gesture unlocking after picking (1 / 3 times)

Drop copy: Terror orphanage

The crazy woman is still waving a knife, and the body of the rainbow sonic boom lies in the corridor door. Ruan Qiao took Su Xi and ran into the corridor. At the same time, a line of scarlet letters like blood condensed appeared in the center of her vision.

[fortune’s blessing] congratulations! The chosen son!

Under this row of scarlet letters is a button with the word [draw].

[barrage Lin’an] my God, how long have I not seen the blessing of the God of luck appear in the player’s copy?

[barrage eats Huaishan] please explain? I haven’t seen this thing for so long

[bullet curtain candle nine Yin] you and me on the non chieftain tree

[bullet screen willow] this is a random state blessing. By extracting your own lucky code, you can greatly improve the props or skill effects used by the user according to the degree of luck, and the improvement effect is permanent. Because the occurrence probability and trigger conditions are random, it is very mysterious.

Ruan Qiao has heard of this before, but her old number has never been met. Unexpectedly, the second trumpet under the blessing of luck triggered [the blessing of the God of luck].

After the barrage explanation, Ruan Qiao had already completed the lucky extraction operation. It was only a second or two from the appearance of this row of red characters to the completion of lucky code extraction.

[lucky code extraction completed: 8280c88f]

[lucky point: 8888 non consecutive]

[skill lucky blessing]

[hide and seek]

Quality: grade s (blessed by the God of luck)

Skill: whether the other party agrees to play with you or not, you can unilaterally announce the beginning of the game. You have 10 minutes to hide. The other party can’t act during hiding. If you are found by the other party during the game, you will die. If the other party fails to find you after 10 minutes, the other party will die.

Seeing the effect of skill card upgrade, Ruan Qiao was slightly stunned.

She knows that the blessing of the God of luck often has a strong promotion effect, and even the promotion that players need most when playing games on the spot. I didn’t expect it to be so strong!

I want to find someone in ten minutes. If the place is small, it’s OK. If I change a larger map, my side will win directly.

And it’s too rogue to unilaterally announce the beginning of the game

Anyway, the situation is good for her.

“Now go and lock the door of the old woman’s room.” Ruan Qiao handed Su Xi the key to the old woman’s room. “I’ll see you in the second brother’s room later.”

Before Su Xi answered, she ran directly to brother’s room.

The old woman is now in a state of mental confusion, but there are too few places to hide people in these rooms. She can only arrange something to delay the time temporarily.

After opening the big brother’s door and making some traces of movement in the cabinet and bed, Ruan Qiao came to the third sister’s room.

But when she got to the middle of the room, she didn’t move.

“Patter -”

[the name of the barrage is good] ten minutes is not very long. Find a place to hide!

[barrage fox] where can I hide here?

[bullet screen day wearily combs his hair] as long as he is found, he will not be killed by the skill. I don’t think the anchor should use this skill card at all.

[bullet screen butterfly suit] it’s better to change a bicycle into a motorcycle than to wait for death. What if you win.

[bullet screen candy] I’m still in a daze. I’m so anxious.

Listening to the pattering rain outside the window, the rain has stabilized, and there are no more roaring thunder and lightning.

The voice was too small. Ruan Qiao was not sure for a moment. He had to solve the immediate crisis first.

She left the room and deliberately opened the door.

I happened to meet Suxi coming back after locking the door.

Ruan Qiao: “let’s hide in the lame man’s room.”

The girl’s voice echoed throughout the room, as if everywhere: “134, 133, 132…”

Two minutes left.

The lame man’s room is the room where Ruan Qiao lived when she first came to Zhangjia. Other rooms have been destroyed by her. Because she searched here the first night, it suffered little damage later.

The curtains were drawn and the whole room was dark.

Ruan Qiao opened the doors of other rooms and moved the place where people could hide in the room. It should be able to confuse the old woman for a while. But she wouldn’t put all her hopes on the other party’s order of looking for a room. She asked Su Xi to lock the old woman’s room, just to let the old woman find that her own room door couldn’t be opened.

What she said just now has shown that she knows that the old woman’s husband is dead. Only those who have entered the old woman’s room will know about it, so it also shows that she has the ability to enter that room.

The key to the old woman’s room was found in Zhang Ming’s room. If she guessed right, the old woman’s room is not a forbidden area for her children.

Other rooms are not locked. Anyone would hide in a locked room.

As long as the old woman goes to her own room and spends some time opening the door and searching, she can delay for some time.

Coming from the old woman’s room, the nearest is the third sister’s room, which will also be the next goal.

The lame and big brother’s room is the last.

She doesn’t believe her luck will be bad.

It’s almost ten minutes to find a few rooms.

After entering the lame man’s room, Ruan Qiao looked at the place.

The quilt on the bed is wrinkled. Of course, Ruan Qiao is not the kind of person who can fold the quilt when he gets up. According to her words, what do you want to use at night.

In addition, there is a pile of old clothes on the quilt.

Look, the style should be taken out of the wardrobe.

Ruan Qiao opened the wardrobe and found that there was half a gap in the originally full wardrobe. It may be that they had searched the room before.

Before she could open the wardrobe door on the other side, she hid in the half open wardrobe door.

The girl is slim and not tall. She can easily hide in the wardrobe.

“98, 97, 96…”

Fewer and fewer numbers.

Ruan Qiao urged him, “come in quickly.”

Susi hesitated for a moment, but she bowed her head and went into the wardrobe.

The wardrobe in the lame room is the largest of all rooms. It’s not a problem to hide two or three adults in the empty wardrobe. Although there are two people now, they are closer and can hide.

Ruan Qiao hung several clothes behind her. Su Xi faced her and leaned against the wall of the wardrobe.

Teenagers have long hands and feet. They must bend their limbs to hide here.

In order to save space, the two were close together, and each other’s breathing could be heard in the wardrobe quietly. Ruan Qiao lowered his head and his eyes just fell on his chest.

Su Xi’s hands were on his coiled legs. The blood stain on his sweater was particularly dazzling, but it seemed to be some kind of decoration on him.

Ruan Qiao leaned forward slightly.

As soon as he looked down, he could see the girl’s long eyelashes, small nose and ruddy lips.

Because she listened carefully to what was happening outside, her expression was especially serious.

Ruan Qiao’s eyelashes are not as thick as his, but they are also very long, with the tip slightly cocked up, like the open wings of a butterfly.

Su Xi’s heart moved and suddenly opened his mouth.

In the narrow space, the young man’s breath surrounded her. When Ruan Qiao was absorbed in listening to the countdown, a young man’s nice and dumb voice came from his head, “my eyes hurt.”

Ruan Qiao looked up suspiciously and was bumping into a pair of clear and dark eyes.

The dense eyelashes tremble, like stirring the mottled starry sky in your eyes, which makes you forget to breathe.

Su Xi’s tone was weak: “there seems to be something in his eyes.”

Then he brushed his eyelashes like a small fan again.

Ruan Qiao approached his face and looked at his eyes seriously. The distance between them was very close. She looked up at him: “there’s nothing.”

Su Xi: “yes, take a closer look.”

Ruan Qiao saw the bloodstains on his face, such a beautiful face, that crazy woman really can do it

She painfully stretched out her hand and gently wiped the blood with her finger pulp. Fortunately, the wound was not deep and had stopped bleeding.

The girl’s slender and soft fingers touched his face. Su Xi’s body first stiffened and relaxed when she touched her distressed eyes. The pale thin lips raised slightly, the corners of the eyes Rose, revealing a sad and beautiful smile.

Ruan Qiao: “are your eyes all right? I don’t see anything.”

She looked carefully again to make sure that there was no reduction in the ability of these beautiful eyes to hook people’s souls. But in addition to a pool full of starlight, it seems… There is also its own shadow.

She heard Su Xi’s voice mute: “there’s something, you see.”

He stretched out his hand to hold Ruan Qiao’s finger and said softly, “there are people I like inside.”

[barrage Jiangzhou Sima where wet]!!

[bullet screen comments and haste fans] haha, what’s the reason for my poker faced love affair?

[bullet screen black sesame filling small system] I’m damn sweet with this love word

[bullet screen roll powder] ah, ah, ah, what are you doing!

[barrage Alice] lock it! Lock it!


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