After reopening the escape game Chapter 27

In the narrow wardrobe, vision is greatly weakened. On the contrary, other senses become more sensitive.

Ruan Qiao could feel Su Xi’s breath wrapped around him. He was in front of him, on his side, and even in his eyes.

Her fingers were gently held, and the cool touch made her itch.

Bang, bang, bang!

It’s the sound of a fast heartbeat.

Is it her heartbeat?

Ruan Qiao secretly scolded himself in his heart. Unexpectedly, he was seduced by beauty.

Just like the local love words, can we take it seriously?

She has only met Su Xi several times, and she is not narcissistic enough to think that there is such a good thing as love at first sight in the world. Many people put honey on their mouths and say lies. And as far as Su Xi’s face is concerned, it is more likely that others will fall in love with him at first sight.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, the young man’s eyes blinked and his voice was lower. His nice voice gently asked in her ear with temptation and fear: “don’t you like me to say such words? Sorry, I…”

Ruan Qiao suddenly said, “shh.”

His left hand still holds the fingers of Ruan Qiao’s right hand. His finger belly is warm and his palm is warm.

Ruan Qiao raised his other hand and asked him, “where’s your right hand?”

Su Xi put his hand in front of her: “what’s the matter?”

Ruan Qiao’s face changed slightly. She reached out and touched the clothes behind her. The countdown outside was over. She whispered, “it’s all right, don’t talk.”

The old woman’s crazy cry rang out again, and the voice echoed in the corridor. The people listening to it were creepy.

“Kill you! Kill all of you! Die all of you!”

“Go to hell!”

“Where have you been?”

“Get out of here! I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you…”

The old woman’s crazy whispers accompanied by the hurried footsteps getting closer and older.

The corridor was not long, and soon the footsteps came to the corridor fork at the door of the lame man’s room.

Ruan Qiao held his breath and listened carefully to the old woman’s movements.

“Where is it!! come out!”

“Get out!”

The footsteps are getting farther and farther away.

Ruan Qiao breathed a sigh of relief. She just threw all her things on the corridor leading to the old woman’s room, including the bottle of medicine, in the hope of attracting the old woman’s attention.

Soon, there was a sound of shouting and swearing and smashing the door.

“Come out! Don’t let me catch you!”

“I’m going to cut off your head, dig out your eyes, make wine, cut off all your meat and eat it. I’m going to make your life worse than death! Get out of here!”

[bullet screen ten miles long Pavilion] this crazy woman

[bullet screen ah Ye ate a lot of sugar] hey, no one will come out if you shout like this, okay

[bullet screen happy little fat house] have all the people before been eaten??

Ruan Qiao silently counted the time. The old woman was really out of her mind. She didn’t know to find the key to open the door. She stood in front of the door and scolded for three or four minutes. Immediately followed by a three minute knock on the door, the violent collision between the body and the door panel echoed throughout the room.

Ruan Qiao: “this voice…”

Su Xi lowered her head, suddenly raised her hands and covered her ears: “don’t be afraid.”

Ruan Qiao was stunned. He felt the cool and soft touch from his ears and blinked: “I want to say that this sound hurts…”

[three thousand years of bullet screen dream] ah, it’s very considerate to cover your ears

[bullet screen wants strawberry cookies] sorry, I can’t hold my maiden heart tonight!!

[ten thousand tired combs his hair on the barrage day]… Look at how other people play games. My boyfriend can only shout better than me QAQ at this time

[bullet screen roll powder] it’s so gentle. BAM, my baby, sobbing!

[reward] small sprout [black sesame filling system] reward [mine] * 1

[reward] small sprout [Lavender] reward [mine] * 1

There was another loud noise. It should be that the old woman finally succeeded in knocking open the door of the room, followed by the sound of falling things.

“Where are you hiding?”

“Get out of here!”

“Kill you! I’ll kill you!”

[Ashley barrage] these are the lines that turn over and over

[bullet curtain sleeps today] ah, find it over there. It’d better take ten minutes

[barrage over the abyss fish] Yes, QAQ, don’t come here

Although the old woman wasted most of her time there, she soon reacted. If there is no one in their room, they must be hiding somewhere else.

The footsteps came closer. As expected, as Ruan Qiao thought, after coming out of the old woman’s room, the other party’s first reaction was to go into the next room.

Regardless of the geographical location or the identity of the room owner, this room is the first choice for the old woman after she comes out of her bedroom.

You’re a ghost. Count a hundred

I’m hiding, you come to me

[what should I do if I can’t find it?]

[who is the ghost, next game.]

[hee hee, of course,]

The young girl’s voice sounded again, but the last sentence suddenly turned into a distorted, deep and strange voice.

Those who fail are ghosts

As soon as the last ghost word fell, Ruan Qiao heard a scream.

It’s the old woman’s voice.

It was not until three minutes later that the scream completely disappeared.

The rain outside has stopped and the whole room is silent.

The barking of dogs, the pattering of rain and the crazy voice of the old woman seem to disappear at the same time, which makes people more hair at the bottom of their hearts.

Ruan Qiao kicked open the wardrobe door, jumped out first, turned and immediately pulled Su Xi out.

She moved quickly and quickly. Su Xi nearly fell down and stabilized her body before asking her, “what’s the matter?”

Ruan Qiao didn’t speak. He went to the wardrobe door and stretched out his hand to open the other half of the wardrobe door.

There are thick clothes in front of us.

She looked again at the clothes piled on the bed and reached out to pick up the clothes hanging on the outermost layer.

[bullet screen Muyi]??

[bullet screen Junyi] what’s the matter?

[barrage Xia Lian] there’s something in the wardrobe?!!

With her movements, the back of the slowly pushed clothes finally emerged.

The first appearance is a blue and purple face.

[bullet screen old tangerine peel] ah ah ah

[bullet screen speech] scared to death

[barrage knowledge] body protection. Where is the body protection Sutra??

A boy leaned against the wall of the wardrobe, his face was blue, and the whole man sat motionless in the wardrobe. His sitting posture made him face the wardrobe door. Ruan Qiao reached out and touched his neck and nose.

Ruan Qiao: “it’s Nancheng Sao Nian who disappeared in the afternoon.”

In fact, there is no need to test the signs of life. Nancheng is obviously dead long ago.

There was no trauma on his body and a circle of strangulation marks on his neck. He should have died of suffocation.

The stiff hands she had just touched in the wardrobe were indeed corpses.

[barrage Lin’an]!! I was in the same wardrobe with the body just now

[barrage cochlea asks first] the back is cold

[bullet screen romance] – I said that the places where people talk about love are different from ordinary people

[bullet screen comments] eat in the south of the city: look at the local teenager’s apprenticeship in front of himself.

No wonder before in the room rainbow and she always felt someone looking at herself.

It turned out that Nancheng’s body was in the wardrobe at that time.

In his sitting position, anyone who opens the wardrobe at night and sees the body inside must be very frightened.

Susi asked her, “are we going to move him out?”

Ruan Qiao: “No.”

She directly reached out and closed the wardrobe door. “It’s very good inside. It’s comfortable to sit. We won’t disturb him. Let’s untie the last room first.”

[ten seconds of barrage] haha, the anchor is really different from ordinary girls

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination and live broadcast] Qingliu

[bullet screen mango glutinous rice group] Yes, alas, all the missing people have not been found.

[bullet screen grapefruit] but it seems that the boy you are looking for is very unlikely to be alive

The red light in the corridor had completely disappeared. The old woman’s upper body was outside the third sister’s room and her lower body was in the room. She lay on the ground with her back up, the long knife fell aside, and the whole person didn’t move.

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be able to get up and cut people, Ruan Qiao walked to the yard with Su Xi.

The body of rainbow sonic boom is still at the door, and the girl’s face still retains the panic before she died. Ruan Qiao sighed and stepped over the body and went out.

The effect of [isolation zone] is really realistic. Even some bloody places and corpses are creepy. Even after players die, before the end of this copy, their bodies will exist like NPCs in the world and will not disappear suddenly because of death.

The game experience of [isolation zone] has reached the extreme, just like trying to challenge the limits of players. Such a scale has not been harmonious and deleted when it was launched in China. It has to be said that the strength of star company is really strong.

The ground of the yard was wet, and the rain was mixed with blood, a dazzling red.

One of the three black dogs was lying on the ground, whining, and the other two were lying on the ground, their belly was cut open by a sharp blade, and their internal organs and blood flowed all over the ground.

The wet fur stuck to the body, and two dead dogs lay motionless in front of the vegetable field.

Beicheng leaned against the well wall and had a deep wound on her neck. Ruan Qiao looked forward and found that she was dead.

Wei An lay with his back up in front of the side door, and there were many wounds on his leg.

Susi went up to check his condition.


The thick black eyebrows moved. Wei’an opened his eyes and felt the tingling pain coming from up and down. After a while, he was helped up by Su Xi.

“You’re still alive. Where’s the crazy woman just now?”

Ruan Qiao stood up and walked over: “I killed her with the skill card. Now the three of us are still alive, and the others are dead. I found Nancheng’s body in the wardrobe in the lame room.”

Wei An breathed a sigh of relief: “that crazy woman is too fierce.”

Just now he was trying to hit the door of the side room when he saw Beicheng running out of the corridor screaming, followed by the crazy woman. He originally thought that since the crazy woman came out of the house and only Beicheng escaped, the soft and wonton were estimated to be bad.

Now he was surprised to see that there were almost no wounds on them.

However, it is normal for them to have some skills or props.

“The situation was so chaotic at that time. Rainbow took the opportunity to cut the crazy woman several times. Who knows she was not only fierce, but also didn’t seem to feel pain. I hit the wall and lost consciousness. When I woke up, I saw you two.” With that, Wei’an watched Ruan Qiao take out the key and walk to the side door.

“This is the key found in the crazy woman’s room. I hope it works.” After Ruan Qiao successfully inserted the key, he finally opened the last room here that had not been entered.

The room is big.

There is a long table in the door. Behind the table is a half person high cement table with some kitchen utensils, bowls and chopsticks, and several cans of transparent glass bottles with more than a dozen pairs of eyes. Next to the glass bottle are several rolls of yellow tape. There is a roll of yellow material with the size of a nail on it. I can’t see what it is.

Next to the cement table is the stove, and there are many iron pots and knives of various styles.

Although I don’t know what time it is, it’s not as dark as before. After the heavy rain, the dark clouds also dissipated, and the light moonlight shone in through the nearby window, which made the three people’s sight much clearer.

Ruan Qiao went to the cement table: “this height is a little strange.”

The half person high cement platform needs to bend over whether it is to put things or work here, which is very troublesome.

She groped for the table and found a place to move. In fact, the upper layer is just a thin cement board. When you open it, you can see that several boards are placed horizontally to support the upper cement layer.

Ruan Qiao opened all the cement boards one by one, and saw five huge white plastic buckets under the whole cement table, which were the same in appearance and size as she had seen in the dreamland before.

Wei’an also came over: “what did you find?”

Ruan Qiao pointed to the plastic bucket.

The whole room was filled with a strange smell.

Wei’an coughed. Although there were many knife wounds on his body, they were not deep and did not hurt the key. As soon as he entered the kitchen, he found some cloth and treated the wound simply and roughly. His motivation was extremely skilled.

Seeing the plastic bucket, Wei’an reached out and opened a cover.

The first thing they saw was a pair of hands.

In the whole plastic bucket, there are hands of various shapes, colors and sizes stacked one after another.

[bullet screen reading week] mouth area

[bullet screen flying house] I can’t stand it

[barrage Xu Xiaoran]!! shit, I’m eating

Wei’an quickly closed the lid and opened the four plastic buckets behind.

As expected, there are all kinds of human stumps.

One holds human limbs, one holds removed muscles, and the other is used to hold internal organs

The murderer, after attacking the victims, took them home to kill them, and then put their bodies in different categories.

Wei’an suddenly said, “my main task has been updated.”

“Dong Dong.”

Suddenly, something collided in the quiet kitchen.

“What sound?” Wei’an turned his head. His voice seemed to ring out on his left, but there was a wall on his left, and there was no shadow of anyone.

Ruan Qiao thought of the mezzanine of the orphanage, which is not only the orphanage, but also likes to set up a hidden space. The space under the old woman’s bed, each holiday wardrobe, and under the cement board in the kitchen

She went to the wall and looked carefully. Sure enough, she found a secret door.

The door was unlocked, and soon the three opened it.

“Hua la la -”

The sound inside is louder.

Ruan Qiao walked in front. The dark room was not big. It was full of sundries and farm tools.

And in the dark corner, tied to a teenager.

His hands and feet were tied with strong hemp rope. He sat on the ground, tied to a shelf in the back and couldn’t move. A yellow tape was stuck to his mouth and his eyes were covered with black cloth.

Ruan Qiao came forward and untied his eye cloth.

“Ruan… Teacher Ruan?” The young man’s voice was excited and trembling.

When he saw this pale and frightened but familiar face, Ruan Qiao knew that his task should make progress.

[system: mainline task updated]

[main task] find the missing boy (1 / 1)

[advanced mainline task] escape from the devil’s Cave (0 / 1)

Task opening condition: complete the basic mainline task.

Task content: after all the adventures, you finally found the missing young Chen Yue. Thank God, he is still alive. This is the best news for you and Chen Yue’s parents – on the premise that you can leave this infernal place alive.

Note: players who complete this task can get a copy of [lost village news] customs clearance reward and advanced customs clearance reward, with a raffle pool raffle ticket * 1.

Ruan Qiao’s face sank when he heard the task progress update.

She murmured, “it’s really like this…”

Following, Chen Yue’s next words further confirmed her idea.

The boy’s voice was hoarse and his whole body trembled with great fear.

“Mr. Ruan, you’re not dead, you’re not dead! Great…” he sobbed.

In Ruan Qiao’s mind, suddenly everything was connected.


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