After reopening the escape game Chapter 28

For a teenager who has been imprisoned for many days and lives in the shadow of a murderer all day, when he is almost desperate, his trusted teacher suddenly appears in front of him, and his first reaction is excitement.

Because he had been bound for many days, his feet and hands had deep strangulation marks, as well as the scars caused by struggling.

Ruan Qiao didn’t react for a moment. He saw the teenager coming towards him and crying with her: “I thought you were dead, teacher. It’s all my fault.”

Ruan Qiao was still stunned. He also felt that the child had been locked up for a long time and was going to comfort him.

“It’s really nice to see the teacher here, sobbing…”

Halfway through, Chen Yue felt his feet hanging in the air.

The man behind him was tall, his wrist was white and almost transparent, and his slender fingers grabbed Chen Yue’s back clothes. The man looked thin and weak, but he had great strength. He easily raised Chen Yue.

A low voice with silk discontent: “who are you holding?”

The boy was only fourteen years old. He was originally thinner and shorter than his peers. Coupled with long-term imprisonment, the weak wind could not help it. As soon as he was raised by Su Xi, he couldn’t resist at all. The people behind him turned hard and put him down on the other side.

[bullet screen ten miles long Pavilion] haha, why is it like carrying a dog

[barrage eats Huaishan] it’s cute to mention it, ha ha ha ha!

[bullet screen Zhiyu] wonton: who told you to hold my daughter-in-law!

[bullet curtain sleeps today] ha ha ha ha ha, sorry, I’ve forgotten the tense atmosphere just now

[barrage of bullets] I can’t help smiling at my aunt

Wei’an doubts; “Murderers are dead. Why is my task to escape from the devil’s cave?”

When we found the plastic bucket just now, the main task of safety has been completed. This place is indeed a man eating hell. All the missing people were brought back to Zhangjia by the murderer for dismemberment. His task is to find the truth of the missing people and the missing people in this village. Now these people have been found and just appear in various plastic buckets in a terrible way.

Ruan Qiao sighed: “don’t be happy too early. Remember the murderer who attacked the rainbow deliberately pretended to be lame in front of the rainbow sonic boom?”

Wei’an nodded: “the crazy woman wants to divert our attention, frame the lame, wash away the suspicion, and let us no longer doubt her. In this way, we can attack us when we are unprepared. Otherwise, how could she prepare such a long killing knife and come out to find us at night?”

Su Xi lowered his eyes and said faintly, “no, the lame doesn’t always live in Zhangjiakou. He came back today by accident.”

Ruan Qiao said, “when we went out to the black factory, Zhang Ming’s mother was always at home. She didn’t know that we met a lame man on the way out of the village. If she wanted to divert her attention, why didn’t she pretend to be Zhang Ming?”

“It may be that the characteristics of the lame are more obvious.” Wei’an began to feel that he didn’t have enough brains.

“She can throw some Zhang Ming’s things on the way to escape, or plant them.” Ruan Qiao shook his head, “but the most important thing is [taking jujube pills]. We found pills in all rooms of Zhangjia, which can protect us from ghosts in the house. What we found in the diary of third sister Zhangjia shows that it is not only players, but also useful for NPCs in the copy.”

“Rainbow and I found two bottles of medicine in the lame man’s room. Later, you also found two bottles of medicine and a medical record in the eldest brother’s room. At first, Nanbei city lived in the third sister’s room and also found pills. In the whole Zhangjia, only Zhang Ming and Zhang Ming’s mother’s room do not have such medicine.” Ruan Qiao continued, “at first I thought the ghost that dragged me into the dreamland was Third Sister Zhang, so she only looked for female players instead of men.”

Wei’an frowned: “it makes sense. As the murderer of those people, the old woman is not afraid of these ghosts. Of course, she doesn’t need medicine.”

Su Xi: “the identity of the ghost is not important. The ghost of the third sister is just one of them. The cripple said before that he had to come back because he would be haunted by ghosts at night.”

Ruan Qiao agreed: “yes, all players will be attacked by ghosts. It’s just a coincidence that you didn’t meet them. If Zhang Ming’s mother is not afraid of ghosts, she won’t fall into a state of crazy killing at the beginning tonight. She will also be affected by ghosts. It’s only when she reaches a peak tonight that she drives her crazy.”

When the three were discussing, Chen Yue, who was thrown aside, silently poured himself a glass of water

He just heard that the murderer is dead, and there are two guys around the teacher who look good at beating. Although he can’t understand what they say later, he should be safe.

[bullet screen flower] what a miserable hostage

[barrage fans waving] the excitement is yours. I don’t even have a mouth of water

[barrage close] replenish water silently

[bullet screen Alice] I took my little brother away, and you divided the rest


A wisp of cloud floated by the moon, and the pale moonlight fell again in the bloody yard.

After the kitchen door was opened, the three entered the house, and the yard was very quiet.

The only surviving black dog lay on the ground. It also had a wound on its body. At the moment, it was dying close to the ground.

I don’t know whose blood was mixed with the rain along the terrain. The black dog sobbed and stretched out his tongue to lick the pool of blood on the ground.

Blood splashed everywhere on the dark corridor concrete floor, especially at the entrance of the corridor.

Walking some way into the corridor is a fork.

All the doors were open, and at the first door on the left was a tall body with dry skin.


There was a slight sound in the room that should have been empty.

If Ruan Qiao was present, she could hear it. It was the same sound she heard when she came to the room to lay a fog array when she played hide and seek with the old woman.

The voice was very weak. At that time, there were other noises and the old woman’s shouting, which made her think she had heard wrong.

It’s the sound in the wardrobe.


The wardrobe door on the right is open.

A pair of dry and ugly hands were holding the wardrobe door, followed by a pair of crazy eyes with excitement.


The man in the wardrobe climbed out and looked at the fallen body at the door. He first shrunk, then walked carefully to the body and kicked it with his foot.

No response.

He reached out and turned the body over.

The old woman still stared with big eyes, and her face, which used to be vicious and terrible, was now painfully twisted into a ball. Anyone who sees such a body will be scared to death, but the man is more and more excited. His tongue reached out and licked his cracked lips. He stood up.

He kicked the body several times to make sure that the other party was completely dead before he picked up the long knife on the ground.

The sound insulation in the kitchen is very good, so no one knows when he kills there.

By the way, he will turn on the TV very loud, plus the barking of dogs in the yard, and no one knows.

But today, why didn’t his dog move?

The black raincoat covered him. This time, he didn’t wrap his head tightly. He licked the blood on the tip of the knife with his tongue and listened to the conversation outside.

The sound insulation in the kitchen is good – provided the door is closed.

Oh, there are still a few that haven’t died.

Then, let him do it himself

He smiled excitedly, stepped over the body on the ground, walked out of the door and disappeared into the dark corridor.


Late at night,

Zhangjia kitchen.

“Zhang Ming was the one who went out with us and met the lame. He was also the one who had no medicine in the room.” Wei’an also reacted, “you mean, the real killer is him? But he didn’t go to his relatives’ house and can’t come back tomorrow? Nancheng died this afternoon.”

There are several large sacks in the dark room where Chen Yue is detained. They opened them before. They are all kinds of shoes, which should belong to the missing person.

There are about forty pairs.

Sure enough, more than the ID cards found.

Ruan Qiao threw all the knives in the kitchen into the dark and chose four suitable knives to give to everyone: “who says he must have gone to a relative’s house?”

“Before we went to the black factory, rainbow was attacked. The killer must have been following us before we started when we were alone. Later, when we returned to Zhangjia, we thought he had escaped, but in fact, he always followed us, and even solved Nancheng, which was at the back when we didn’t find it.”

Wei’an took the knife: “you just said you found Nancheng’s body in the wardrobe of the lame room, so Zhang Ming has been hiding with the body in the wardrobe of the room? Now he…”

Ruan Qiao: “at that time, rainbow and I had the feeling of being watched. At that time, Zhang Ming must have hidden in the wardrobe and looked at us all the time. Most of the clothes on the bed were taken out by him. But later, when we were all in the yard, Zhang Ming came out of the wardrobe. He hid in another place, so we didn’t hit him.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ruan Qiao turned and looked at the kitchen window.

From the window, you can see a black shadow walking slowly. The direction of the shadow is just the door opened at the moment in the kitchen.

Ruan Qiao breathed deeply: “can you still play? I hope it won’t be too difficult.”

Finally, the shadow came to the door.

This is a man in a black raincoat. Because he has always been bent and timid, no one has found how tall and terrible a murderer he is when he stands up straight.

His timid face was full of madness and excitement. Zhang Ming shook the long knife in his handshake and laughed.

“It’s worthy of my favorite prey. It’s alive now.” A pair of excited crazy eyes stared at Ruan Qiao.

Since the other party came to the door like this, Ruan Qiao certainly wouldn’t miss the opportunity to know the enemy.

[first power: mind skill] activate.

Zhang Ming is still staring at Ruan Qiao. The players in the room almost put on a defensive posture for the first time.

Why do you look at me like this

Don’t you recognize me…]

Zhang Ming opened his mouth and smiled. His voice was very loud, with a crazy tone, like a madman talking to himself.

Why go back to the village

Why don’t you go

You should seize the opportunity to escape

You should get out of here

Run as fast as you can

[it’s exciting to see your frightened expression when you run away…]

[run, run,]

[or I’ll catch you, and you’ll have to…]

Stay here forever

[then I will… Eat your brain, dig out your eyes, cut off your meat one by one, and listen to your beautiful scream, ha ha ha…]

When the power effect ended, Ruan Qiao breathed a sigh of relief and finally didn’t have to listen to his hot ears: “are you crazy people who are dull on the surface and talk a lot in your heart?”

Zhang Ming: “?”

He sneered, licked his cracked lips and said in a hoarse voice, “you are much braver than you saw last time.”

The next moment, the situation in front of Ruan Qiao changed again.

With the experience of an orphanage, she knows that she is now similar to experiencing memories in a body beyond her control.

In front of me is the familiar living room, with various awards and brocade flags sent by students’ parents hanging on the wall.

She stood in front of the phone, and the man’s voice came out of the microphone: “yes, I contacted several relatives of the missing. We can meet at the bus station under Beijing village.”

“When do you start?” She asked.

“We still need to investigate some things. I’ll ask someone to inquire about the situation there and make preparations after the reply. It will take about four or five days.”

She frowned: “it’s too long. It’s dangerous to delay the child for another day.”

The other end of the phone was silent: “but I can’t let others take risks. I still have too little information now.”

Ruan Qiao’s body didn’t continue to talk and hung up the phone directly. Looking at the calendar, she changed her clothes, turned off all the appliances at home, and went out with a bag on her back.

It seems that I’m going to see the situation in advance.

The picture is like pressing the fast forward button. Ruan Qiao watched “he” charter a car to Beijing village and went up the mountain alone.

The poor man was still standing at the entrance of the village. She walked all the way to Zhang’s house.

As it was late at night after climbing the mountain, there were no pedestrians on the road. Ruan Qiao looked down at her notebook, which wrote the news she had investigated these days. You can see the words “Zhangjia, Beijing village, mental problems, violent tendencies, key suspects” and so on.

The teacher is not stupid. Although he came to the village alone to send his head, at least he didn’t come in and bump into it blindly.

As expected, as Ruan Qiao thought, “she” found a lot of mistakes after entering Zhangjia. After living in Zhangjia for three days, she finally found the dark room in the kitchen and found the kidnapped Chen Yue, but she was not Zhang Ming’s opponent alone.

Fortunately, she took the opportunity to escape after struggling, but when she went down the mountain to find someone to save people, she found that Zhang Ming didn’t intend to let her go at all.

He quietly followed “Ruan Qiao” to the mountains and forests. When she went behind, she had actually found the person behind her. When she found that it was the murderer, her inner fear reached the top.

Seeing that the person in front found himself, Zhang Ming no longer covered up and kept chasing her in the woods.

Several times she was caught by the other party, but Zhang Ming seemed to want to let her go. While appreciating her fear, he kept chasing her. But it also gave her a chance to get up and continue to escape.

The road at night is difficult to see, especially in the dense forest.

She kept running, ran towards a broken slope in a panic, and finally fell off with her foot in the air.

It seemed that she would die if she fell from here. Zhang Ming stood on the hillside for a while before slowly walking back to the village.

Ruan Qiao was in a coma in the mountains for a day and didn’t wake up until the next night.

But her head was hit and stimulated by great fear before, which led to her confused and selective loss of the memory of some time ago.

The first thought when I woke up was that I had to find the missing student as soon as possible.

The surrounding scene changed from the mountain forest she saw when she first entered the game into a cold kitchen, and the only exit stood a ferocious murderer.

No wonder there were pills in her pocket. There were five pills in one bottle found before, but there were only three in her bottle, which was obviously taken.

She didn’t doubt Zhang Ming, but later he didn’t appear. In addition, due to the lack of time and the need to deal with the crazy old woman, she didn’t distract herself from sorting out these things.

On his first night in Zhangjiakou, Zhang Ming stared at her like this.

It was not a kind reminder, but the excitement of cat and mouse.

Seeing the emotion in the girl’s eyes, Zhang Ming opened his mouth and showed a crazy smile. His voice was as ugly as sand, and his eyes were covered with scarlet blood: “you finally remember.”

“But this time, you can’t run away.”

“Because I think your meat must be delicious now. The meat soaked by countless fears and fears is the sweetest.” His eyes fell on the nearby Chen Yue, a little unhappy: “how did you release the good meat I raised? In that case, you can repay it!”

“Who will eat first?”

Zhang Ming’s excited eyes turned on several people and finally fell on Ruan Qiao: “I want to thank you for killing that crazy woman. Now I’m finally free.”

“I’m not afraid of anyone, ha ha ha ha.”

Laughing wildly, he rushed into the kitchen with a knife in his hand.

Wei’an ironed his arm at the first time. He held two kitchen knives. After ironing his arm, he would not be afraid that Zhang Ming’s long knife would hurt his arm.

Su Xi and Wei An launched an attack at the same time.

Zhang Ming’s bones were twisted all over his body. Ruan Qiao felt something was wrong. If Zhang Ming is really the boss of the copy, to tell the truth, he doesn’t look as strong as an old woman. It’s really difficult to have a pair of them.

Unless he has non-human power.

In the copy of [isolation area], there are six levels divided into [monsters]. Those with low combat effectiveness, such as skeleton soldiers and low-level zombies, belong to the lowest level [cannon fodder]. They have a little stable ability, such as the ghosts of Zhangjia and the children’s gate of the orphanage [normal] level monster. Up there is a small replica boss, such as Yunduo, old woman and Zhang Ming, which are difficult to deal with, and belong to the [little devil] level. The boss of large replica belongs to the [devil] level, and the super large boss is the [Lord]. The Lord often has his own world and can span multiple small replica worlds at the same time. The second one at the top is [demon God], there are five demon gods in the isolation area. At present, there are three known.

The demon God has reached the point of super world, and its influence is almost everywhere in each copy. All bosses will be added by the power of the corresponding demon God.

Ruan Qiao also joined the battle. She couldn’t fight close. She had to hold a pile of kitchen utensils outside and wait for the opportunity to throw them.

Zhang Ming’s speed and strength are beyond what ordinary people should have. Pain and human weakness can’t hurt him. Even if his hands and feet are full of knives sent by Ruan Qiao, it still doesn’t affect his speed at all. Even after kicking away the danger, he reached out and pulled out the knife: “wait, little girl. I’ll take care of you immediately after I solve these two people.”

Even Su Xi’s attack was not weak, but it still seemed to have no effect on Zhang Ming after he became crazy.

On the contrary, he was hurt by the other party on one arm. After Su Xi’s knife hit Zhang Ming, he was caught by the other party’s backhand and fell to the wall. When she landed on the floor again, Su Xi’s already pale face was even more bloodless, and even blood flowed from the corners of her mouth.

Su Xi is not in a fighting state. He has been better than many people to fight with such ability and crazy little devil Zhang Ming for so long.

Just when Ruan Qiao’s knife pierced Zhang Ming’s neck and didn’t stab it at all, but was bounced out, she couldn’t bear it: “obviously, she is an ordinary abnormal murderer. Why can the neck be protected from knives?”

[barrage a Ji] hahaha, does the anchor have any misunderstanding about ordinary people?

Zhang Ming: I’m an ordinary murderer

[bullet screen speech] kill ordinary people in an ordinary kitchen

[bullet screen dream for 3000 years] carrying an ordinary knife

[bullet screen bean] talking ordinary crazy words

Ruan Qiao’s audience still had a heart to crack jokes, but she could not help but make complaints about it.

This is the little devil under the protection of which demon God??

Bullying her is low-level and can’t break the other party’s defense. It must be the guy Gluck who came to revenge her!

Ruanjiao automatically ignored whether Gluck knew he was driving the trumpet. The five demons in the isolation area have the wisdom of super AI and are almost independent thinking individuals. In recent years, there are some surreal meanings in it. The demon God representing blood and anger is Gluck.

Surreal stream was once very popular among players in horror games, that is, some NPCs can realize that they are game characters, and even some interactions can be extended to reality. Such technology is very novel for players, and the development of technology also makes some ideas possible.

But in the final analysis, it’s just a game.

Designers who create surreal streams know, and so do players. Although NPCs can be aware of their game characters, they can “be aware” of all this because the game setter sets this information in their program.

In fact, the game characters are not aware of all this, but are “arranged” by the designer to know this.

After Su Xi’s back hit the wall, he looked not only badly beaten, but also fractured.

Ruan Qiao hurried forward to check his injury: “as long as you fight, your body will be strengthened immediately…”

Su Xi interrupted her with a weak voice: “if I fight, I will…”

He lowered his eyes and coughed. The blood stains on the corners of his mouth set off his face more and more pale: “I don’t want to go.”

Ruan Qiao picked up the knife falling next to him and said, “if there is no war, we will all die here!”

It’s certainly the best for Su Xi to get lunch here without fighting. She’s going to clap her hands, but Ruan Qiao also knows that Su Xi hasn’t reached the limit. It’s strange that he doesn’t open now, but once he opens it, there’s nothing wrong with the madman behind him.

So although I don’t understand what he is insisting on, Ruan Qiao has decided to play the role of a loyal teammate. At the moment, of course, I can’t say such words as “don’t drive, let’s die together, hello and I”.

There was a look of death on her face: “don’t move here, I’ll go.”

[bullet screen Sichuan duck] Oh, my God, what is this beautiful love

[bullet curtain North Road] was fans of the anchor circle!

[bullet screen zining] although it’s just a horror game, it’s inexplicably moving??

[bullet screen Fu Li] cry! Cry for me!!

[barrage don’t coo] cry!

As soon as Ruan Qiao turned around, he saw that Wei’an was stabbed through his thigh by Zhang Ming and nailed to the ground.

Melee is her weakness, not to mention that now her level can’t even break the other party’s defense, but Ruan Qiao still took a deep breath and rushed straight past.

Su Xi seemed to want to say something, but when her pale thin lips moved, she felt the feeling of tearing from her abdomen and back.

Really not

Sure enough, Zhang Ming no longer looked at the danger on the ground. The long knife was still in the man’s body. Zhang Mingsong opened the handle of the knife. Although Ruan Qiao’s knife stabbed into his abdomen, it only entered part of the tip of the knife.

Zhang Ming looked down at the knife and looked up at Ruan Qiao with a bloodthirsty smile: “what a biting dog.”

“I want to know more and more what your meat tastes…”

When he said this, he had already put his hand around Ruan Qiao’s slender neck.

Looking at the girl’s originally good-looking face becoming iron blue, the madness and excitement in Zhang Ming’s eyes are becoming stronger and stronger.

Ruan Qiao’s Yu Guang glanced at Su Xi. She could only see him sitting on the ground, weakly leaning against the wall, with his broken black hair covering his eyes, but she could imagine how the dense brush like eyelashes covered his good-looking eyes, and the pale lips under his straight nose closed tightly, revealing the master’s pain.

You… Haven’t opened… Combat state

Sister, I’m going to be strangled… Strangled

Ok… Yes… A werewolf

Just when Ruan Qiao felt that he was about to have tinnitus, a familiar electric sound suddenly sounded in her ear.

[want to make a deal with round ~]

Round? The conic of the orphanage? Why is it everywhere?

When you are dying, you make complaints about me.

Get out.

[it’s not good to be so angry at a young age. How about making a deal with me and I can help you open up a way to cheat ~]

Thank you. You’re finally out of breath.

[so, do you want to trade with me?]

Zhang Ming, who was admiring the girl’s suffocation before she died, found that she actually smiled.

Ruan Qiao is not a fool. He knows that these demons like to find people to trade everywhere. Once they promise, they will sell their bodies and souls. He also doesn’t know whether there is a soul trading index in their demon world every month.

[ah, how do you know that we have KPI (key performance) to complete? It’s worthy of being the person I like. It’s really smart. As long as you agree to the transaction, you can get supreme power, absolute power and the ability to do whatever you want ~]


Ruan Qiao closed his eyes and slightly bent his mouth.

If Susie really saw her die, she would have to take a good look at this.

Or did he pretend to lie to her?

If she dies, she must go out and apply for an Oscar for him




The next moment, Ruan Qiao felt the hand on her throat loose. She fell to the ground and gasped.

Zhang Ming, who was standing in front of her, fell in front of the cement table a few meters away. It seems that he was kicked over.

And the originator stood in front of her.

Ruan Qiao sat on the ground with a low vision. She rubbed her neck and looked up slowly.

In front of me was a black windbreaker tail like a swallow’s tail, which automatically exposed the dark red lining without wind. Further up is a slender and powerful leg, long and straight, and the leg shape is beautiful. Even she is jealous of this girl.

Looking up from her point of view, this person is 2.8 meters. It is estimated that there are legs below her neck.

His thin waist looks tall and thin, and the Red Plaid collar is particularly prominent in the dark world.

Su Xi tilted her head slightly, her slender eyes blinked, and her long and curly eyelashes were a little lazy.

His eyes were cold. He looked at the crazy Zhang Ming, but it was like looking at a dead man.

The corners of the lips opened slightly, revealing a fierce and bloodthirsty smile.

[barrage Lin’an] this leg, this waist, this face

[the inspiration king of bullet screen buying fish] ah, ah, ah, I can’t speak

[bullet screen roll powder] replenish blood! I need to replenish blood! Where is the healer!!

[bullet screen forgets soul] I’m sorry for such a prosperous age, beautiful face and evil spirit!!

Ruan Qiao looked at his live studio and found that it was constantly thundering.

Wait, why is Su Xi fighting and her live studio exploding??

Aware of the girl’s eyes, he looked at her slightly. The perfect profile of his side face was very beautiful. It was obviously the same facial features, but his temperament was very different from before, just like a docile sheep, which turned into a bloodthirsty wolf in an instant.

He just stood in the dark, but it was like standing on the top of a sea of corpses and blood.

Appear noble and indifferent.

The reddish pupils turned, and Su Xi’s eyes fell on Ruan Qiao. His voice was low and full of magnetism: “it seems that some people don’t welcome me back very much.”

Ruan Qiao looked at him and said, “change your clothes in a second and pay attention to it.”

[barrage love]???

[bullet screen butterfly suit] help! I was licking the screen. I was laughed by the anchor. Now the monitor is flooded

[bullet screen Ningfu] enough upstairs. Now who still watches the live broadcast on the monitor? Hahaha

[bullet screen is still inky] the holographic screen is flooded with water. Pay attention to it

[bullet screen grapefruit] haha, haha, I’m a fastidious person

[bullet screen forgets soul] concentrate on licking the screen, okay? Laugh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The third copy is the sad ghost bride


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