After reopening the escape game Chapter 29

Sad Ghost Bride 1

Su Xi’s attack suddenly broke out. Facing Zhang Ming with a knife, he broke the other party’s arm with only a few simple actions, and took this hand as the support point to throw the other party to the ground.

Ruan Qiao could see the instant crack of the floor tile.

Zhang Ming roared and grabbed Su Xi again regardless of his injury.

There was no fluctuation on his indifferent face. His pale skin and slightly red pupils made him look like a noble vampire. Su Xi’s attack was clean and neat. With each shot, people around him could hear the sound of Zhang Ming’s broken bones and torn muscles.

“I’ll kill you!” The smell of blood stimulated Zhang Ming’s ferocity, but he couldn’t touch Su Xi’s clothes at all, so he was hit on the wall again.

With a knife in his right hand, Zhang Ming shouted and rushed up again. Su Xi seems to be standing where he is when he wields a sharp weapon in his hand. He only needs to move a short distance to the side each time, but he can quickly avoid Zhang Ming’s attack.

“Ah, I’ll kill you!”

Zhang Ming’s eyes are congested, his face is red, and he is extremely angry.

But Su Xi’s action was still relaxed. Zhang Ming not only didn’t attack him, but was beaten more and more miserably.

Su Xi didn’t use any weapons at all, so he broke the defense of a little devil boss.

He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to abolish Zhang Ming’s action ability at one time, but kept torturing him.

In the eyes of the audience and safety in the live broadcasting room, we can only see shadows flashing, and Zhang Ming has a disability everywhere.

Su Xi’s movements are very skillful, very fast, and his attack power is also very high.

In the end, Zhang Ming’s limbs have been twisted into an incredible angle. The whole person can only collapse to the ground and stare at Su Xi, who is condescending.

[barrage Jiangzhou Sima where wet]? I went to have a drink. What happened?

[bullet screen Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood] I’m too strong. Without using any weapons and skills, I just press the other party on the ground and rub it?

[bullet screen novel and milk tea] blinked, feeling like missing a hundred million.

[bullet screen night street] Brother Yun teaches to be a man.

“You’ll all die! I’ll kill you, kill you!” In the end, the paralyzed Zhang Ming has completely lost his mind and will only curse there.

Su Xi stood aloof and looked down at his hand. He seemed a little dissatisfied.

“The body you have used for a long time has become so dull.” He said to himself.

Ruan Qiao tried to stand up with one hand, but her suffocation had not eased her body. She had no strength in her hand. She slipped and fell to the ground again.

She looked up at Su Xi: “don’t say some lines of form two there. Come and help your teammates.”

Su Xi turned to look at her. The narrow corners of his eyes were slightly picked, and the thick eyelashes cast a light shadow on his fundus.

He just looked at Ruan Qiao sitting on the ground, his white arm stretched out to him, like a lotus root.

The girl raised her eyebrows slightly and didn’t seem to feel anything wrong with calling him.

But he just stood there silently, without speaking or any expression.

In the past, there was only an invisible deep pool in the clear and lovely eyes, and the beautiful face outline looked cold and indifferent in the dark.

Ruan Qiao sighed: “you’re still a little likable in the past.”

This sentence seemed to touch some switch. Su Xi’s dark pupils shrank slightly, his eyes fluctuated slightly, and his fingers hanging on his side shrank slightly.

The original expressionless face turned black for a few minutes, like a storm brewing. It was frightening to look at it from a distance.

Ruan Qiao felt inexplicable. Just a few words angered him. As expected, he was still the moody Su Xi. The one who got along with her in Beijing Village these days is really a fake. Otherwise, he has some strange skills. After excessive use, he becomes a little sheep with kidney deficiency and turns over his face after recovering.

He suddenly gave a cold smile, gently raised his left foot and was about to come over.

Ruan Qiao, who lowered his head, didn’t notice Su Xi’s action. He was about to take back his outstretched hand and rely on himself, so he was helped up by Dangan next to him.

“Thanks.” She took Wei’an’s hand and stood up, thinking that Su Xi was really not an easy to get along with, or an easy to see through task object. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so long. No one took care of him.

However, this is the second game they experienced together, and there is still a lot of time behind.

Gaining his trust is on the one hand, and it’s normal that things don’t go well at the beginning. People like Su Xi like to build high walls around their hearts and keep everyone away. They will feel safe only in their own control.

Often such a person will have countless thorns and dead plants outside the high wall of his heart.

His restricted area, step on it and die.

Rancho silently vomit the air. Su Su is afraid of thorns and make complaints about all the nearby thorns.

When she looked at Su Xi again, she found that he had turned and walked in front of Zhang Ming.

The original crazy killer finally calmed down and muttered to himself on the ground like a nervous man. His limbs were twisted into strange shapes and twitched from time to time.

Wei An: “what does he do?”

Ruan Qiao hesitated: “call the police?”

Then he turned his expectant eyes to safety.

“Look at me… Ah, yes, I’m a policeman…” Wei’an scratched his head.

[the cold cicada in the barrage doesn’t know] ha ha, ha ha, big brother is a little cute

[bullet screen fairy] 23333 call the police, I’m the police!

[barrage qingbenxi] the mission is finally over. Scatter flowers!

[bullet screen roll powder] I can’t bear to purr purr purr purr. Will the anchor be in double rows with the cub in the end?

[barrage Lin’an] ask 1!

[the house where the barrage flies] I want to know!

“I curse all of you, all of you will die! When the end comes, all of you weak beings will become my food!!” Zhang Ming suddenly shouted.

“All of you are going to die! I will eat all of you!”

“Ha ha ha ha!” He began to laugh wildly, moving where his ribs were broken, but he didn’t seem to notice it, and he still laughed wildly.

Su Xi’s voice was discontented: “it’s so noisy.”

He walked up to Zhang Ming, easily picked him up and threw him on the nearby cement table. He opened one of the plastic buckets full of limbs and threw Zhang Ming in.

“I will curse you!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“I’ll eat all of you mouth by mouth!”

“I –”

Before he finished, he was hit in the face by the white plastic bucket cover under the head-on cover.

“Sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing sobbing

Surrounded by the body’s limbs and pressed in a plastic bucket, Zhang Ming can only make a muffled sound.

After Ruan Qiao covered the lid, he clapped his hands: “it’s really too noisy.”

Wei’an still frowned: “since the boss has been solved, why haven’t we left the copy? It’s not over yet?”

As soon as the voice fell, the dog outside barked.

Although the cry is very weak and weak, at least it is.

Moreover, there was the sound of people landing and slight footsteps.

Safety hazard: “?”

Wei An: “I’ll just say… Another one really doesn’t move…”

A dark shadow flashed through the kitchen window.

Their eyes fell on the door at the same time.

Ba Da, Ba Da.

The man’s footsteps were not loud, but they were particularly abrupt in the quiet night.

Soon, a familiar face appeared at the door.

Originally, his face in his thirties looked haggard and old, and most of his gray hair was mixed with white hair. A stunned expression appeared on the skinny face, as if shocked by the scene in the yard and kitchen.

Wei’an was already nervous. He didn’t recognize the man at the door for a moment. He was the man standing at the entrance of the village.

At the moment of the other party’s appearance, Wei’an made a posture to rush up, but he was hurt too badly, both internal and external. It didn’t hold, so it fell to the side.

Originally, Su Xi was next to him. He could hold it as long as he reached out, but he moved aside quietly.

The fall of Wei’an only touched the corner of Su Xi’s clothes.

Safety hazard: ”

How did this man change into a person after he started the combat state? Is there a fine point on the scene?

[barrage Ashley] the big brother fell miserably

[bullet curtain sleeps today] Yunshen: I’m a killer with no emotion

[bullet screen mango glutinous rice ball] Why do I think it’s intentional?

[bullet screen Jiang Yungui] deliberately 1. Wonton didn’t have time to help the anchor just now. Isn’t it the anchor pulled up by the big brothers in danger?

[barrage knows] ha ha, ha ha, how can I feel that the cub is being jealous?

[bullet screen sneaking into Europe] who told you not to help yourself hahaha!

Ruan Qiao ignored the actions of the two people next to her. Facing the blank eyes of the man at the door, she coughed awkwardly: “what, we can explain.”

After listening to Ruan Qiao’s brief account of what happened, The man’s face showed a shocked expression: “I thought there was a problem with the family and reported it, but the police came to investigate before, and there was no result. Today, I really can’t help it. I’ll give up Beijing village soon, so I’ll find a way to come in and have a look before I leave. No matter what the result is, at least I won’t regret it.”

He looked at the plastic bucket filled with Zhang Ming with hate: “this murderous devil, it’s not enough for him to die 10000 times!”

Ruan Qiao was silent for a moment and said, “there is a bag over there with the victim’s clothes. You can have a look…”

As soon as the voice fell, the man rushed over and rushed into the dark.

After a while, there came a cry of pain.

Wei An sat on the ground and listened to the man’s cry. His face sank: “this murderer is really inhuman. How many innocent people did he kill!”

Ruan Qiao nodded. She had something else to ask Su Xi, but the scene in front of her suddenly changed.

The accelerated time flow showed the outcome of this copy. After several people fled the village, they called the police, and the police searched Zhangjia thoroughly. And the evidence of Zhang Ming’s murder was found here. Finally, Zhang Ming was sentenced to death and executed immediately.

The punishment he received could not return the precious lives of those victims.

But he can’t hurt any more people.

Chen Yue returned to his family. He was originally a good student with excellent character and learning. He ran away from home because of a decline in grades and several life frictions.

This narrowly escaped experience made him understand how precious life is.

Mother Chen thanked Ruan Qiao again and sent her a golden flag.

Ruan Qiao looked at the brocade flags and awards hanging on his wall and fell into silence.

It seems that there are some brocade flags such as “courageous, stand up” and “warm-hearted, warm-hearted”. There is nothing to praise her for her good teaching and eternal teacher

Was he a warm-hearted teacher

I didn’t have time to ask Su Xi’s question just now. I can only wait until the next meeting. But after the game, she can just go to the real world to investigate.

After the end of the copy, Ruan Qiao received the settlement notice from the system.

[system] congratulations on the [soft] customs clearance game [old news of lost village]. Have a nice game!

[system] in system settlement

[copy of customs clearance: old news of lost village]

Copy level: a

Replica mode: multiplayer team mode

Player performance evaluation: excellent

Initial replica reward: gold coin * 4000, diamond * 40, experience value * 400.

Rewards for advanced tasks: gold coins * 1000, diamonds * 10, raffle pool raffle tickets * 1.

[power reminder] congratulations on the evolution of your [first power mind skill]!

[upgrade reminder] congratulations on becoming a level 9 player! Your current experience value is 900 / 1000.

[system mail] congratulations on gaining 3 potential points.

Ruan Qiao still added the potential value to luck.

In terms of combat, she only needs to turn on the combat state and Lord state in the future. Now it seems that a life with high luck value is like an open life. Satisfied, she decided to follow the koi route to the end.

[Title Upgrade] congratulations on upgrading your title to [warm-hearted Koi]!

This copy didn’t get any props and skill cards, but her [hide and seek] skill card has been greatly improved. Props and skill cards are rare things, and even the circulation price in the mall is extremely expensive. In this game, Su Xi’s skills and props are unknown, but others obviously don’t have any special props and skill cards.

For example, Ruan Qiao got two S-level skill cards in his first game, which is completely bad luck.

But her lucky value is 34 instead of 340. Even if she has a title, the bonus will not be too high. Although there was no actual gain in this game, it is not easy to upgrade the title.

A player’s title is consistent with his game style, that is, the formation and evolution of the title requires a lot of features and data. Only when the player’s ability in one aspect reaches a significant level, can the title style and a certain evolution direction be formed.

In this copy, the role “teacher Ruan” obtained by Ruan Qiao is a person with prominent personality characteristics, which affects the evolution of her title.

It can be said that the biggest gain in this game is Title Evolution.

Ruan Qiao opened his title and found that its description had changed.

[title] enthusiastic little carp

[introduction] a warm-hearted girl is sure to have good luck! Being willing to help others and being courageous is your label. Seeing the rough road and helping others with a knife are your life criteria. Continue to help others! Good things will happen~

[bonus effect] lucky bonus 11%, random event trigger rate 5%

In some large-scale copies, the timelines and maps of all players are connected. For example, on the large-scale zombie doomsday battlefield, players entering this large-scale battlefield copy may receive some tasks at random, such as transporting materials and reaching survival points. These tasks are not unique. Players in the same game may receive different tasks.

Lucky value and trigger rate of random events are one of the important factors.

Ruan Qiao threw the lottery ticket into the space. Like the horror mall, the lottery pool is something that will not open until level 10. At present, she can’t use it.

After the task was settled, Ruan Qiao rubbed his hands secretly.

Next, it’s the harvest time. Ah, no, it’s time to settle the live broadcasting room.

Some special replicas in [isolation area], such as live promotion matches, are invisible. The main purpose is to prevent the barrage from interfering with the game process, even for the viewing experience of the audience, to prevent spoilers from coming from the live studio next door, and to lock the live studio. During the replica, the live studio can only go out and can’t go in.

However, the live barrage of ordinary copies can be viewed by players, and can even adjust the number, size, transparency and position in their own field of vision.

The audience can also reward. After the copy of the game is finished, the reward gold coins in the live broadcasting room will be divided by the game company and the anchor in half.

Most rewards use gold coins, because diamonds are very useful in some special places, and it is more difficult to obtain them than gold coins.

This one met a local tyrant who came up and smashed her in a deep water. Together with other 7788 rockets and mines, she had to settle. She received 7500 gold coins in her account.

Now she has more than 100 diamonds and tens of thousands of gold coins in her account.

Two games can earn tens of thousands of dollars. No wonder [isolation zone] is so popular now.

Many people who don’t like horror games and survival games will be attracted by money.

You can play two games in one night, but Ruan Qiao didn’t continue to enter the second game, but went offline to rest in the middle of the night.

When she got up the next day, she first searched the name Suxi on the Internet.

There are many of the same name, but obviously none of them is him.

Quite low-key.

She opened the contract, found Su Fu’s contact number above, and said to the other party that she wanted to meet.

The reply from there came quickly. We can meet that night.

Ruan Qiao and the other party agreed on a restaurant. After closing the information window, he found a pile of unread red dots in his message list.

Out of sight and out of mind, Ruan Qiao simply didn’t see the news sent by the other party and went offline directly.

The privacy of the contact number is very good. When you don’t want your status to leak, just turn off the online status directly.

In other people’s eyes, your contact number is gray.

Unless you want to automatically indicate that you are online, the contact number will be highlighted.

Before leaving AAS, she had smelled the wind and rain in the team. The team coach, the gold owner of the team and Murou’s marketing company were divided into three groups. They just won the global championship. Everyone wanted to take a share.

But no one is a good stubble to deal with.

After they bite for a while, Ruan Qiao believes that there will be an answer before the spring competition.

Now she is playing games in the Buddhist department. She is trying to find out if Su Xi is really ill.

When she went out in the afternoon, she paid careful attention. Sure enough, she found several people tracking and squatting in front of her community.

She was speechless for a moment. No matter who sent her, she did a little too much squatting at the door of the community, didn’t she?

There are several familiar faces. At first glance, they are the bodyguards around Murou. The “Tuan Hua” sister, who calls herself the team, has always been known for her weakness and numerous fans. In order to travel safely on weekdays, she arranges to be a popular star.

In addition, her brokerage company was originally mainly engaged in marketing, which is even more powerful.

It will take some time to terminate the contract. If Yi Jing can do it as soon as possible, she will have more confidence before she returns to AAS.

As a free man, where can I play and be controlled by them?

AAS she will leave sooner or later, but there are still some things to deal with before she leaves.

It is inevitable to go back at that time, but not necessarily in what capacity.


Su Fu looked at a gentle man, dressed appropriately and neatly. It was said that he was the largest controlling shareholder of a global enterprise.

The whole body reveals low-key luxury.

In contrast, Ruan Qiao’s casual dress shows that there are two different worlds on both sides of the table.

She doesn’t bother to toss about on weekdays. What she likes most is loose and relaxed clothes.

Black long hair tied a ball head at will, and loose clothes set off the girl’s petite body. But her facial features are cold, with double eyelids, slightly stiff nose, and lazy smiling lips like cherries, which makes the girl seem to be a strange mixture.

You can’t open your eyes at first sight.

Su’s father saw that her eyes had not changed at all. He didn’t seem to care what kind of face Ruan Qiao used to see him.

Judging from his cultivation, it seems that he will show an equal smile whether he is sitting opposite a noble and exquisite noble lady or an ordinary girl.

Ruan Qiao came straight to the point: “actually, I want to know what kind of person Su Xi is. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about him in the game, but I think it would be better to ask his family directly.”

Su Fu was silent for a moment: “he was a self-reliance child since childhood. He didn’t let us worry.”

Ruan Qiao nodded. It was indeed Su Xi’s character. With his ability, he must be the best person who can do everything.

“Xiao Xi is also very obedient, polite and sensible at home. People around him say he is a kind-hearted child and never goes to some messy places or causes trouble everywhere like other people’s children. He is very loving. He raises some animals at home and takes good care of them every time…” Su Fu continued, “If you want to ask him if he is an easy-going person, I must say yes. So you can rest assured that as long as you can become friends with him, I think it may be the best way to persuade him to take the initiative to go offline.”

The more Ruan Qiao listened, the more something went wrong.

Are you talking about Susie?

If it weren’t for Ruan Qiao, who had seen him in the state of little sheep in the last game, he would now doubt whether he had asked the wrong person.

She asked insinually, “did he have any… Medical history or something? Or was he mentally vulnerable and stimulated?”

Su Fu seems to be in memory, Low and slow voice: “My business was not smooth sailing. When I fell to the bottom and even faced a huge crisis, his mother and I had given up. It was Xiao Xi who kept encouraging us, accompanied us and always tried to solve the crisis in our family. He was still a child at that time, but he undertook a lot. To say the psychological endurance, I think he was stronger than us.”

“He was trapped in the game. I think there should be some special reason. We just didn’t know that Xiao Xi refused to communicate with our people. I hope Miss Ruan can help us.” Ruan Qiao could see that Su Fu’s words were very sincere. He was really worried about his son.

When I first met Su Fu, I might think he was a cold businessman.

But when he talked about his son, the pride and sincerity in his tone could not be pretended.

Ruan Qiao asked some other things. It seemed that Su Fu didn’t know that his son had such a big contrast.

What exactly has Su Xi experienced to change his temperament?

However, he can change between two characters, which is obviously a more serious mental illness.

Did you get any stimulation, so you’re schizophrenic?

What a patient

From Su’s father’s mouth, Ruan Qiao also learned that Su Xi had not been stimulated or encountered any major events six months ago. In the eyes of his parents, he had always been a good child.

Forget it. Ask him again later.

When Ruan Qiao went out, he tried to get rid of several tails. Those people probably thought she was still wandering outside. So when returning to the community, Ruan Qiao deliberately took a more partial channel.

Although her melee attack ability is average, it doesn’t mean her skill is not good. And this is generally only for the existence stronger than her in the copy, which is more than enough to deal with these ordinary people in real life.

After turning back to the community from a remote place, Ruan Qiao shook his head.

Going home is like being a thief.

She sent a message to Yi Jing and asked the other party to solve the fly at her door.

After drinking a cup of tea and listening to music, the health girl landed in the game cabin and entered the game again.

[soft, welcome back.]

She looked at the state of Su Xi. This time point was really the time to end the last game and start the next game.

The opposite party’s status is in settlement.

Players in [isolation zone] can have email conversations with other players, form teams, invite and join each other.

Team invitation is to start the game with known players. In the game, the players who form a team are often on one side. Joining the other party is a way to quickly start the game with the other party, which is used for team following operation in some emergencies.

Since players are friends with each other, they often start the game together.

Therefore, after clicking [join the other party], you will immediately form the same team with the other party.

Of course, the other party can also kick the players out of the team before the game starts.

After Ruan Qiao clicked [join each other], he soon became a team with Su Xi.

This state does not specifically remind players. As a lone player who has never had friends, Su Xi certainly did not notice this function, so he found that he was in a team state when he clicked to start the game.

But by this time, the game has begun.

Ruan Qiao’s immediate environment has changed again.

A systematic reminder appeared in the darkness.

[system reminder] you are teaming up with high-level players. The replica level and risk are high. Please decide carefully. Are you sure to enter the game?

This time she checked the option not to remind again.

[whether to open the live broadcasting room?]


[live audience loading…]

[current audience: 1 / 10000]

[current number of viewers: 86 / 10000]

The number of viewers soon rose from one to more than eighty.

[welcome the junior player “soft Mian mian” to enter the team competition [sad ghost bride], and start the game scene in 3 seconds. I wish you a happy game!]

[in the team match, players are divided into two teams, red and white, with five people in each team. If all players in the opposing team die, the game ends and the other party wins.]

[the surviving player can choose to leave the copy immediately or continue the game until the copy passes the customs.]

As soon as the picture turned, Ruan Qiao’s ear rang the bell of the end of the university class.

“Ding Ding Ding -”

The quiet campus suddenly became lively. She couldn’t control her body. She could only feel that she cleaned up the books on the class table and walked out of the classroom with her satchel on her back.

Posters of various community activities and recruitment announcements of some departments are pasted at the poster office in the corridor.

Ruan Qiao stopped at the poster and fixed his eyes on the bottom half covered poster.

She reached out and pulled away the poster, which read “supporting education activities in remote mountainous areas, this holiday belongs to your own wonderful!”

Slender fingers across the above support address.

A remote town in a remote province.

Ruan Qiao:

It’s a random name.

Her roommate came over and saw Ruan Qiao standing here in a daze. He curiously approached and looked: “remote town, remote province? Isn’t that very close to your hometown?”

“You haven’t been back to your hometown once since you went to college? You work here in the winter and summer vacation, and you can get red envelopes from the college during the Spring Festival. You don’t want your family at all? I remember your hometown is in a super remote village, which should be near a remote town.”

Ruan Qiao nodded, but make complaints about it.

How on earth did you solemnly say such place names

The roommate smiled and took her hand: “the supporting education activity can add a pen to my resume, and I heard that the scenery over there is super good! Let’s go together?”

The sun is bright, surrounded by enthusiastic young people, and the modern university campus is full of vigorous youth.

Ruan Qiao’s mind flashed a panoramic view of an isolated small village. The village seemed to be in a beautiful basin with green grass, green mountains and shallow water.

Then she felt that she nodded and said in a small voice, “OK…”

Before the cheers of my roommate dissipated, the picture was transformed to the outside of the school. The sun was shining overhead. It was obviously summer vacation.

Cicadas in the trees kept making noises.

“Let’s go!”

“Coming, coming!”

The noisy crowd got on two minibuses with the words “supporting education in remote areas” printed on the body.

The atmosphere in the carriage was very active all the way.

The whole process flashed quickly. After driving out of the city, at night, the bus appeared on the winding mountain highway, and the driver changed his shift. Probably into another environment, the temperature around began to drop sharply, and you can even hear the sound of thunder and electricity in the dark clouds in front.

The picture in front of Ruan Qiao was vague and uncertain, and the voice in his ears was getting farther and farther away. It was obvious that his body had entered a half asleep and half awake state of rest.

Later, everything happened too fast. When the world in front of her became clear again, the bus had been upside down. Many people without seat belts fell on the roof, and she felt a huge shock.

There was a huge sound of stone collision outside the body. With the sound of heavy rain, the car was still rolling, and there were one after another screams in my ears.

Ruan Qiao pulled his seat belt and vaguely heard a few words.

“Help”, “over”, “debris flow”, “landslide”… “I don’t want to die!”

And “fell”.

With the bus crashing and rolling, Ruan Qiao’s eyes finally became dark.

After half a minute, she still didn’t master her body.

“Hoo Hoo -”

“Ah –”

When the sight in front of me recovered, it was a mess.

The top of the whole bus has disappeared, and the second half is more than ten meters away from her.

She seemed to have been thrown out of the bus with half of her seat belt.

Staggering to her feet, the situation in the bus appeared in front of her.

The car was full of dead bodies with eyes open. Some were tied to seats, sharp stones hit their faces, and their whole head was in bloody flowers against the seat.

Some were half in the bus and half outside, and their red intestines flowed all over the ground.

Some still had frightened eyes, and the whole person still curled up with his head in his arms, but the fragments of the car body piercing his stomach showed the tragedy of the owner.

In short, the picture is very delicious.

Ruan Qiao shook and found that he could master his body.

The barrage of the live studio also appeared in the picture.

[bullet screen Valley rhyme] come on, little brother~

[the barrage is as warm as ever] the anchor is so diligent. Is there a live broadcast again?

[inspiration king of bullet screen selling fish] this opening is very classic. Is it to survive in the wilderness, kill resource predators, live cruelly and wait for rescue?

[barrage a ye] wow, Kaka, Kaka, so exciting! Look forward to it!

[uncle bullet screen mouse] the anchor is still a newcomer below level 10. Would it be a little exciting to go directly to this escape package

[bullet screen ten miles long Pavilion] ha ha, that’s enough

Fortunately, not all of the audience in her live studio are excited at the sight of blood. Many still say that the picture is too beautiful and trembling.

[barrage romance] is it time to start searching for all available resources?

[bullet screen crossbow] but the bodies on the car are really scary. I dare not approach

[bullet screen speech] there’s no way. You have to survive

[bullet screen black sesame stuffing system] on the anchor! Don’t advise. If you really encounter a terrible picture, it’s a big deal… I closed my eyes during that period!

The rain did not know when it had stopped. Ruan Qiao climbed directly into the car and picked up his luggage.

It took only one day and one night to drive to the remote town, so they didn’t bring much food and water. In her backpack, she only brought some daily clothes, a bottle of water and two bags of biscuits.

Maybe the pictures around her were so beautiful that she felt she didn’t have a good appetite and the cookies tasted dull.

After dragging down his backpack expressionless from a belly burst corpse, Ruan Qiao changed his wet coat and trousers.

She had some bruises on her body, but they were not fatal and would not hinder her movement.

[bullet screen] find a backpack

[barrage a Ji] pay attention to changing clothes

[bullet screen catalpa lemon] stress on eating biscuits

[bullet screen butterfly clothes] pay attention to playing games

[barrage knows you want to suck cats today] appears. It’s strange!

After Ruan Qiao changed his clothes, he found that it was almost dark.

At this time, the sound of the system suddenly went online.

[remote town is the nearest town from here. Even driving takes a day, let alone walking.]

[the sudden mountain torrents and landslides completely cut off the area from the outside world. If you want to build roads, it will take at least three or four days. The premise is – someone knows that something has happened to you, tries their best to open the mountain roads and send a rescue team.]

[it’s getting dark, but there are many terrible dangers hidden in the wild…]

Well, she seems to have heard the faint cry of a wolf.

[the ultra remote village is in the mountain forest basin not far from the scene of the accident, which is your hometown and a place you don’t want to touch.]

Compared with modern metropolis, that place looks backward, superstitious and dead

Heavy. But you came back, in an awkward and distress like way.]

[system] the plot task has been updated!

In the confrontation, the main task is to kill all players of the enemy, but players can also crack the world view of this copy at the same time. The task of cracking the copy is called plot task.

[plot task] go to ultra remote villages to find communication methods and send out rescue messages for buses in distress.

Go straight along the stream and you will soon find the village

Well, good luck

Ruan Qiao looked around and saw a small river nearby. She washed her face and cleaned her wound. Then she walked along the river step by step.

After walking for more than ten minutes, it was completely dark. I could only see the scenery in front. There was no sound except the sound of water flow all the way. It was quiet and terrible all around.

Suddenly, a little red light appeared in the darkness ahead.

There are more and more red lights, which is obviously a long team.

It’s windy.

The wind is still vaguely mixed with singing.

This song is very ethereal, mixed with the sound of bells, as if many women were singing together, with a sad and desolate voice.

“The night is deeper, the fog is colder, and the road is quiet.”

“The dark wind blows the cold moonlight.”

The line is getting closer and closer. The red light is a red lantern. In addition to the lanterns, there was a red sedan chair and a group of people dressed in red.

When ordinary people get married, they have to put guns and firecrackers. There is an open road in front of the red lanterns, and they have to pay attention to the time of choice.

But the procession in front of her was very strange. It was not only late at night, but also quiet and almost strange.

Only the song in the wind gets into people’s ears and makes people’s back numb.

The people who sent off the wedding were all dressed in red, but with their heads down and without saying a word, walking around the flower bridge.

“Her eyes, her eyes.”

“As if the stars were shining,”

The team came in front of Ruan Qiao. She stood on the side of the road to let the team pass.

The sending off team seemed to pay no attention to her as a passer-by, and still silently carried the sedan chair forward.

When Ruan Qiao passed the sedan chair, the curtain of the sedan chair flew up.

She looked inside and saw only a woman with a red cap.

“See, see, see, the heart is more flustered.”

“I don’t want to see the bright moon in the sky,”

“I don’t want to see the bright moon in the sky,”

“I don’t want to see the bright moon in the sky.”

The song is faster and faster.

When the last person crossed Ruan Qiao, she suddenly turned and looked at the sending off team behind her.

There was no red light. All the people who sent the relatives seemed to extinguish the lanterns in their hands at the same time.

The red cloth became a white flag, the flower sedan became a coffin, and the red dress became a funeral cloth.

Seeing off relatives has become a funeral.

The song continues.

“The moon shines, and the wronged ghost swings in the wind.”

“The night is deeper, the fog is colder, and the wandering soul steps through the quiet road.”

“Look for a double. The wind blows the cold moonlight.”


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