After reopening the escape game Chapter 3

In addition to the live broadcast of the game in the [isolation area], the ordinary copy can choose whether to open the live broadcast room according to the needs of the players. The players in the ongoing game can see the bullet screen and get help from it.

However, Su Xi never took the initiative to open the live room in the game. His game process depends on the live broadcast of other players in the same game.

Wen Qing has revealed on her microblog that she wants to participate in the promotion competition, so that fans will come. But meeting Su Xi was a pure surprise for the audience this time.

Ruan Qiao knew that he couldn’t kill him with his current ability. He had to pretend to be an ordinary newcomer and approach each other first. Just thinking about the next plan, she felt a piercing look on herself.

His eyes were like a sharp dagger. He disassembled the prey he was staring at, leaving no secrets.

Sharp intuition, grumpy temper and sharp skills.

This is Ruan Qiao’s first evaluation of him.

It’s a difficult goal to reach, but that’s what’s interesting.

She also looked back boldly.

“Forget it, everyone is a player. Don’t waste your energy on it.” The fat man came out and helped the long haired man connect his dislocated arm. “I just looked at this corridor. It’s not long. There are four rooms on the side where we come out, and there are still two rooms that haven’t been opened.”

“There is only one door opposite, but it can’t be opened.” The young man who had been scolded by the long haired man wore a sweater and looked ordinary.

The first room is for girls, and the second room has four boys. Now there are seven players in the corridor, and two people haven’t seen.

The fat man’s value is mainly added to his physical strength, and his strength is also great. He kicked open the boy’s room before. He went to the third room and kicked the door. From there came a wary female voice.

“Who is it?!”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a player.” The fat man quickly explained, “my name is Yu Xing.”

Two girls came out of the third room, one with a double ponytail. She looked like a high school student and looked cute. The other was tall and wore a tall ponytail. He looked a little mature.

The first three rooms are the residence of players. After the fourth room is kicked open, there is only an empty bed and table cabinet, which is not like a place where people live.

As for the opposite door, it is different from the one on this side. There is no lock on the door, and the door is more solid. It can’t be opened at all.

While the others were watching in the corridor, Ruan Qiao went to the door of the boys’ room and picked up the padlock on the ground.

The three living rooms were locked. Except that their first room was opened by violence. She looked at the players divided into several groups and smiled gently. The game was really not that simple.

There are stairs at the ends of both sides of the corridor. Down the stairs is the lobby on the first floor.

There is no electric light in the house, so we can only rely on candles to illuminate all the way.

The whole lobby looked old and cold. Walking on the stairs, the boards at the feet groaned.

There are stairs on the left and right sides of the lobby. There is a door next to the stairs on the west side, which can’t be opened like the upstairs door. Next to the door is an old-fashioned clock, and the sound of the pointer moving is particularly clear in the empty lobby.

On the right side of the lobby are two rows of sofas, with a table in the middle.

Yu Xing suggested: “let’s search separately and gather here on the sofa later.”

The cloud put the candle on the table. Several people scattered and searched around the lobby.

Ruan Qiao looked up and saw Su Xi go straight to the only gate in the lobby.

She hurried to follow.

Su Xi’s slender figure gave a pause, glanced at her, hooked her lips, didn’t speak, raised her feet and walked forward.

It’s brave enough for a level 1 newcomer to take the initiative to follow up when he sees his move.

[barrage] although the anchor is a little weak, he knows the current affairs very well.

[barrage] is Yunshen’s thigh so easy to hold? He is famous for his ferocity and ruthlessness.

[barrage] it seems that the former is better to be scared to death by ghosts and tortured by cloud God.

Ruan Qiao is not the first one to play this game. She knows that she can’t kill Su Xi with her current strength. She just takes advantage of these Kung Fu to get Su Xi’s trust.

Or you’ll have to be killed before you get close to him.

Unexpectedly, the gate was unlocked.

Su Xi opened the door and the cold wind outside poured into the lobby, which immediately attracted the attention of others.

But everyone is watching. It’s not necessarily safe outside at this time. It’s better to let Su Xi try the water.

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi went outside. As expected, it was similar to the view she saw in the upstairs window. Only the tree where the ghost child originally appeared was empty, and only the two old Trojans behind were shaking in the wind.

The iron door leading to the outside is locked and can’t go out. There is a toilet on the left side of the house.

Their mission is to survive in the orphanage for five days, not to escape here. The parts not specified in the game rules need to be explored by the player himself. During the exploration process, the hidden plot can also be triggered. But one thing you can know is – never challenge the rules in the copy, or you will die ugly.

Several people returned to the lobby and began to exchange information.

After a round of self introduction, the three groups also found their teammates.

In group A, No. 1 is Su Xi, ID wonton, No. 2 is Yunduo, and No. 3 is Ruan Qiao.

In group B, No. 1 is fat Yuxing and No. 2 is a man in sweater. His name is just the opposite of his timidity. He is called strong HENGQIANG. No. 3 is the high school student with two horsetails. His name is little white rabbit.

No. 1 in group C is Wen Qing, and No. 2 is a girl named Chen Si who lives in the third room with little white rabbit. No. 3 is the long haired man who clashed with Wen Qing. His name is captain justice. But obviously, he is not just at all.

“There is nothing in the lobby except furniture and a big clock. This clock is probably to remind us of the time. There are several rooms that can’t be opened even by brute force, and some trigger conditions should be needed. There are only nine of us in the whole room.” Yu Xing summarized the search results of several people. “No. 1 in each group is an experienced player above level 20, No. 2 is a player of more than level 10, and No. 3 is a newcomer of several levels. Since it is a mutual aid copy, we’d better not attack each other in the next time. After all, the danger of this copy is still unknown, and one less person will have less power.”

Justice captain snorted coldly, “whatever you want.”

The temperature in the whole lobby was very low, and the candles could not burn for long. CHEN Si suggested that everyone go back to rest first.

“It’s scary at night.” The little white rabbit is also a newcomer who has only played two or three games. She has been leaning against Chen Si. Any noise can make her tremble. “We’d better come out during the day to find clues.”

A group of people returned to their rooms, but the terrible screams that had been ringing outside when they had been locked never appeared again. The whole house was empty and looked old and terrible. It was too quiet, but the atmosphere was more strange.

Wen Qing and the clouds went to bed, but Ruan Qiao sat up.

The little white rabbit is right. The night is indeed the best time to explore the copy and trigger the plot. Ruan Qiao’s eyes lit up at night, groping for the plot of the horror copy. It’s exciting to think about it.

The clouds in the next bed saw Ruan Qiao get up and walk towards the door. The other party’s eyes flashed uncontrollable excitement, as if they were not in a haunted house, but in an amusement park.

She shivered: “sister Mianmian, why are you going?”

Ruan Qiao turned back and smiled at her before closing the door, but this smile not only didn’t reassure the clouds, but made her feel creepy.

She said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

[barrage] send heads to the door.

[barrage] I underestimated the new man’s ability to kill

[barrage] toilet kill warning

Ruan Qiao has a strong memory, but a poor sense of direction. Therefore, many routes depend on good memory, so when it is not necessary, the road recording function in her brain is turned off.

Fortunately, the orphanage is not big, only two floors, even if she walks with her eyes closed, she can find it back.

Ruan Qiao closed the door of the room, and the cold wind from the corridor climbed up her back. The candlelight danced in the night, pulling her shadow long into the shadow at the end of the light.

In the empty and old orphanage, the girl walked down the steps step by step with candles.

There was no change in the deserted lobby and when the people left just now. She turned around and suddenly turned her head to look at the next stairs.

In the middle of the stairs, a little girl in a white skirt suddenly appeared. She looked about ten years old and stood on the stairs looking at Ruan Qiao without expression.

[barrage]… She didn’t follow the anchor all the time just now, did she?

[barrage] think carefully and fear.

[barrage] anchor, hold on! I can’t see the cloud God if you hang up!

Ruan Qiao turned to the bottom of the stairs. The little girl’s eyes kept staring at her. With her movement, the little girl’s head turned rigidly 90 degrees.

But her body was still facing the front, only her head turned strangely to her shoulder, and her pale face was still expressionless.

There was a dead silence around.

Little girl: ”

Ruan Qiao: “?”

[barrage] did you see the host’s puzzled eyes? I doubt she still wants to say hello

[barrage] I’m most afraid of the sudden silence of the air.

[barrage] did the anchor lose his voice?

Finally, the little girl’s body also turned around. In the process of her rotation, her whole body made a creaking sound. Her face looked ordinary, but her lips were purple, and the lower half of her face looked like a bruise.

The little girl held up a picture album.

The original lovely crayon painting now looks strange in her hand. The number 201 is written on the top. In the middle of the picture, there is a bed with a little man lying on it.


The little girl turned the picture album to one page, and the next page was still this scene. The little man lying in bed in the middle of the picture grew a little bigger. It can be seen that it was pulled into the perspective of the picture, and there were red and messy lines under the little man.


She turned another page.

There was no picture on the third page, full of the same word – death with red crayons.

Dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead.

A child’s laughter suddenly sounded in his ear. The next second, the candle in Ruan Qiao’s hand suddenly went out.

“Hee hee…”


Ruan Qiao’s eyes adapted to the darkness faster than ordinary people. Almost at the same time, she found that the strange little girl had disappeared into the darkness.

201 should be the room number. According to the coding order of ordinary rooms, it refers to the first room on the second floor, which is where she lives.

She went up to the second floor in the dark, and there was no other strange situation all the way.

Opening the door, Ruan Qiao climbed into his bed and wrapped the quilt tightly in order to drive away the cold.

It’s still comfortable in bed. The quilt is still warm with the previous body temperature.

Wait, she’s been down so long. Shouldn’t the quilt be warm?

The girl turned and was facing a pair of dark and narrow eyes.

The barrage went crazy.

[barrage] what do I do?

[barrage] anchor, be reserved!!!!!

[barrage] redefine the horror game

[barrage] hard core holding thigh.

[barrage] ah, ah, ah, I also want to sleep with Yunshen!!!


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