After reopening the escape game Chapter 30

The cold wind shuttled among the leaves by the river, making a whine.

Ruan Qiao lowered his head slightly.

There was a faint cry of crows in the sky.

The moonlight fell on the mountains, and the surroundings were not as dark and gloomy as before. But on the empty mountain road, only the girl’s shadow fell on the ground, looking lonely and thin.

Walking alone on the road late at night, there was no one around. Such a scene always gives people the illusion that there is something hidden in the shadow behind them. And the thing who doesn’t know whether it’s a person or a ghost seems to follow the person who returns at night all the way. As long as he stays at a dark corner, he drags him into hell

The crow’s voice seems to be getting farther and farther away.

Ruan Qiao lowered his head, his long and curly eyelashes trembled slightly, his shoulders shrugged, and there was a faint sound of breathing.

[barrage Jiang Yungui] wife, don’t be afraid! Come to my arms!

[bullet screen cosmic fox] don’t think upstairs. Mianmian is mine!

[shrapnel Carnival] don’t bow your head! The crown will fall!

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] what a pity! BAM, BAM, BAM, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you!

In order to encourage Ruan Qiao, the audience in the live broadcasting room began to reward one after another.

[reward] little cute thing [cosmic fox] reward [mine] * 2.

[reward] Meng Wu [don’t admire Little Angels] reward [mines] * 6.

[reward] small sprout [black sesame filling small system] reward [mine] * 2.

[reward] little cute thing [Buddha] reward [mine] * 1.

[reward] advanced sprout [roll powder] reward [mine] * 1.

Ruan Qiao finally raised his head. There was no fear on his small and lovely facial features. He just frowned slightly and said, “it’s so cold. I’d better hurry into the village.”

“Well, nothing happened. Why did you throw thunder at me?”

[bullet screen flying cat]

[shrapnel purple dancing snow] so it’s either trembling with fear or because the wind is too noisy??

[bullet screen Houttuynia cordata is actually very cute] ha ha, ha ha, it’s worthy of being my wife

At the next moment, the originally happy bullet screen suddenly changed the painting style because of one.

[bullet screen tracing streamer]!! hands! Hands!

[bullet screen tracing streamer] shoulder!

[bullet screen cosmic fox] ah, where? Don’t scare me, QAQ

[bullet screen fairy] afraid, hold my quilt tightly

[barrage Jiangye] ah, I saw it too!!!

Ruan Qiao also felt the weight on her shoulder when her live studio was brushed with an exclamation mark.

She turned her head and caught a glimpse of a dry hand with wrinkled skin like old bark and a faint cyan in white.

Ruan Qiao turned around and an equally dry and terrible face appeared in his vision. The old man was bent, his loose skin was full of wrinkles, and there were some senile spots on his face. His eyelids were barely open, revealing his eyes covered with thick gray.

His voice was hoarse and low: “Xiao Ruan is back.”

[Chen Bo is over ninety years old this year. I didn’t expect that the first person you will see back will be him.]

The explanation of the system suddenly went online.

Players’ memories are not acquired at one time. Like most horror games, the system will slowly release relevant memories only after triggering some events or seeing some characters.

[in your memory, your father always scolds you if you have to fight. Your mother is cowardly and introverted and never dare to stop. You hate your father very much. He is superstitious, alcoholic and cruel. In your childhood, it was Uncle Chen who acted as a loving father.]

[of course, this doesn’t mean it’s a colorful story. Uncle Chen is kind-hearted. He lives alone next to the ancestral hall in the village and always takes special care of you children. He will seriously enlighten you and give you sugar. I remember that his eyes were only white before you left the village to study.]

[not seen for many years, Uncle Chen is getting older, has more white hair, and has more wrinkles on his face.]

Since the systems were introduced like this, it seems that Uncle Chen is a good old man. Ruan Qiao briefly talked about his car accident.

After listening, Uncle Chen took Ruan Qiao to the village.

It seemed that it was a great pleasure for him to see the child who had grown up by himself, and Uncle Chen said more.

Probably because of his age, his speech speed was as slow as his pace, and his movements seemed a little inflexible. Ruan Qiao deliberately slowed down and helped Chen Bo slowly back.

[bullet screen Begonia] my wife is very considerate w

[bullet screen Jiangzhou Sima where wet] of course, Mianmian is a beautiful little angel!

Chen Bo suddenly stopped and turned to look at her.

Gray eyes could not see where the focus was, but Ruan Qiao was ready for defense.

There was another crow cry.

Chen Bo finally opened his mouth: “is there any object?”

Ruan Qiao: “?”

Chen Bo said slowly, “do you have a date? When will you get married? Do you choose a date?”

Single representative Ruan smiled awkwardly: “not yet…”

[barrage Changyuan] haha, it’s OK to rush for marriage suddenly

[messy bullet screen without loss of sadness] I rely on the same money to urge marriage

[barrage wants to suck cats today] death question

[bullet screen candy] sudden change of painting style ha ha

“For so many years,” sighed Chen Bo, “Xiao Qin, who had a good time with you at that time, has already married, and no one lives in her family. You are not young, so don’t worry about your mother.”

Ruan Qiao has not received the information about this “Xiao Qin”, so he can only change the topic with ha ha: “en, Uncle Chen, do you know where to call in the village?”

Her task is to find a way to send a distress message, but it seems a little difficult to see the backwardness of the village.

Chen Bo went on: “the dams on the other side of the reservoir are so rotten that no one cares. The heavy rain may have washed into the nearby power station, and the whole village has been cut off. I came out on patrol for fear of an accident. I didn’t expect to meet you.”

“The only one in the village who has a telephone should be the Shen family.” Chen Bo said.

[Shen family, a person’s shadow suddenly appears at the bottom of your heart.]

[the Shen family is one of the richest families in the ultra remote village. It’s not a problem to buy a villa in the best place in the city with their family’s financial resources, but they just don’t want to leave the ultra remote village and live in the village all the time. In my impression, it’s the largest house in the village, but it’s cold and impersonal, and people don’t want to get close to it.]

[the Shen family never leave the remote village, except for one person, your childhood sweetheart and son of the Shen family.]

[he was admitted to the same university as you and hated the village as much as you. But he was tall, handsome, handsome and charming in the University. He was the dazzling sun in the sky, and you were as insignificant as the wild flowers on the side of the road. Although you came from the same place, you began to understand the gap in the world when you grew up. You can only look at him from a distance and bury your heart deep in the earth Bottom of my heart.]

Ruan Qiao fell silent while receiving the system information.

This time there are too many roles and secret love objects. What’s the matter with this shameful adjective!

[barrage meditation] my wife is lovely, beautiful, smart and delicate. She is not a casual roadside weed, okay!

[bullet screen grapefruit] haha, haha, wait, I’m suddenly interested in this tall, handsome, handsome and charming sun man

[barrage cute] shut up, this adjective is too ashamed!

[bullet curtain sleeps today] in front of you, you can be cute, beautiful and smart, but do you want to discuss whether you are delicate? Hahaha

The explanation of the system is not over.

[coincidentally, this time he and his princess also participated in this teaching support activity, but you were not in the same car.]

You can’t help worrying that you just escaped death. You don’t know how he is now

Ruan Qiao: I’m not very worried about the life and death of my secret lover.

[or maybe, like most of the corpses on the car you saw at that time, he has died in a tragic and bloody way. He has become a corpse hanging in the wild mountains. He has been ripped open by passing crows and swallowed carrion.]

This sentence is a bit of the normal style of the game.

[barrage awareness] the system talks a lot today, ha ha

[bullet screen IBI crow] I return to the theme with the last sentence

[bullet screen for ten seconds] this imaginary secret love object is too heavy, too sick and delicate, and the orange explodes

[bullet screen soul] hahaha, what is the story of wearing books

[the bullet screen is easy to be cool] suddenly becomes a campus dog blood love drama??

The first house at the entrance of the village is the ancestral hall. This house keeps a long distance from the surrounding houses, as if it was surrounded by a forbidden area.

Uncle Chen coughed: “I’m old and can’t walk a few steps. I’ll be satisfied if you can come back and see me more. The village is not very peaceful recently. If you encounter anything, you can come to the house next to the ancestral hall to find me.”

[Uncle Chen lives in a small house in the north of the ancestral hall. He patrols the village and does some cleaning work. People in the village will put incense money in the box in front of the ancestral hall. Those are the support of Uncle Chen’s life.]

Ruan Qiao wanted to ask what happened, but Uncle Chen refused to talk again: “I’ll go back first. I won’t send you. You should remember the way.”

Ruan Qiao nodded, watched Chen Bo disappear into the night, and continued to walk along the road.

After passing the ancestral hall, it was dark, there was no light or sound.

Under the tall walls are frightening shadows, and the air is mixed with all kinds of strange smells.

Soon, as she was farther and farther away from the ancestral hall, a two-story ordinary folk house appeared in front of her. There is a window upstairs and a wooden door below.

The house looks very old, and the walls are full of traces of years.

[you have walked through this road thousands of times. With your eyes closed, you can imagine that behind the house is your home. Your mother always sits at the door and takes the insole. You come here with your best friend Qin Yue. She walks into the wooden door and says goodbye to you with a smile.]

While you were walking, you made an appointment with her to go to school the next day. How time flies. In the blink of an eye, she was married

[Qin Yue was brought up by her mother since childhood. When she was 15 years old, Qin Yue’s mother fell ill and died. She was the only one left in the family. Now she has married elsewhere, and the house is completely vacant.]

Listening to Chen Bo’s tone, it seems that Qin Yue had no accident, but just now she clearly saw a strange sending off team.

It seems that a lot of things she didn’t know happened in this village after she left.

Or Chen Bo may have hidden something from her.

Ruan Qiao was about to move on when he suddenly stopped and stared at the window on the second floor.

If she was right, there seemed to be a glimmer of light just now.

There obviously shouldn’t be anyone in this house.

She went to the wooden door and pushed it gently. She found that the door was unlocked.

The room was dark. You could see some old furniture, tables and stools. Facing the door was a wooden staircase, which could lead directly to the second floor.

Ruan Qiao walked into the room and the darkness immediately wrapped her.

The door behind him closed gently. Ruan Qiao turned back, but he didn’t see anyone.

Fortunately, a window is still open in the room, so it won’t be dark.

Dong Dong.

There was a dull noise overhead.

[barrage a few]??

[barrage sneaking into Europe] what’s upstairs

[barrage Magic Competition] body protection QAQ!!

[bullet screen black sesame filling system] ah, it’s like a haunted house. Didn’t the old man say Qin Yue got married? Isn’t this the house of the ghost bride??

[bullet screen Hua] upstairs, people may not be dead

Ruan Qiao looked up and saw a newspaper covered with the whole ceiling. Such a building can be heard downstairs as long as there is any movement on the second floor.

Ruan Qiao walked to the stairs and could see a little light yellow above.

She looked up and slowly stepped up the stairs.

The stairs at the foot made a creaking sound, and the sound on the second floor suddenly stopped.

Da da.

She climbed slowly up.

Finally, Ruan Qiao came to the second floor.

The second floor is divided into two rooms. There is a bed inside and outside. It used to be Qin Yue’s and Qin Yue’s mother’s room. The only window on the second floor is in Qin Yue’s mother’s outer room.

There are four people in the outer room on the second floor.

Standing at the table, the girl who had just put down the candle looked in her early twenties. Her long hair was braided and hung at her waist.

Next to the bed, there were two men, one in his thirties, cuntou, single eyelid, tall and strong. The other looked a little younger, in his early twenties, very tall.

The girl closest to her was making a defensive posture. When she saw Ruan Qiao coming upstairs, a trace of consternation flashed on each other’s face.

Both of them said at the same time, “is it you?”

The girl closest to her was wearing a tall ponytail, tall and thin, obviously an acquaintance of the previous orphanage – Chen Si.

Ruan Qiao played that game with her and knew that Chen Si was an experienced player of more than ten levels. He would not be easily frightened and his mind was more careful. However, she was not very kind, which can be seen from her initiative to enter the red light and let the last danger of death fall on Ruan Qiao.

But after all, it’s a game, and Ruan Qiao is not the kind of person who cares about everything.

The game only told them that the players were divided into two teams, red and white, with five people in each team, but did not tell the players who was the red team and who was the white team.

It is not even clear whether the person in front of us is a teammate or an enemy.

There is no doubt that those who form a team to enter the game together are the same team, such as she and Su Xi.

However, in this game, it is unknown whether others are also team members, and whether the people they meet are enemy players or not.

“Why are you here?” Seeing CHEN Si, Ruan Qiao understood that most of the four people were players.

Since everyone doesn’t know each other’s team identity, it’s unnecessary to kill now.

In a team game, when you try to kill a teammate, the damage will transfer before the teammate dies.

For example, she and Su Xi are teammates. If she stabs Su Xi to the last breath, the injury will transfer at that time, Su Xi will heal, and she will bear all the wounds and die the next second.

So it’s bad for you to start rashly without knowing who your opponent is.

Plus Ruan Qiao, there are only five people here. There are five players left. I don’t know where they are.

The girl who lit the candle didn’t care and said, “anyway, the village is not big. I’ll know if I go out for a walk tomorrow. By the way, my name is plum. I’m here to support teaching.”

Seeing that Ruan Qiao didn’t care about the game in the orphanage, CHEN Si also relaxed: “we have all known each other. This time, my identity is a college student who came to the village to support education.”

The boy sitting by the bed is a part-time shift driver for college students.

The tall man also introduced himself: “my name is lonely flying eagle. I am a full-time driver of the bus.”

[bullet screen ball] Pooh, haha, this name is like my father’s contact network name

[barrage Lin’an] it’s a good name, with a sense of hegemony

Ruan Qiao: “I’m soft. My home is behind here.”

CHEN Si: “?”

Facing the confused eyes of the people, Ruan Qiao explained: “my role came from here. Later, I was admitted to the University and studied in other places.”

At that time, there were two buses. One had a license plate tail number of 103, that is, the one Ruan Qiao sat in. The two-way was a part-time driver of 103. He woke up earlier than Ruan Qiao. When he saw the tragedy next to him, he thought all the people were dead. He stumbled for a while to see the village.

The other is 102, which is also the car in charge of lonely flying eagle. Plum and CHEN Si are in this car.

Different from Ruan Qiao’s experience, the landing point of 102 was the reservoir. At that time, they broke the window and escaped before the bus completely sank.

Lonely Flying Eagle: “it seems that some people escaped, but we didn’t meet them all the way. Most of them died because they couldn’t swim or didn’t have time to escape from the window after being hit.”

CHEN Si came over and said to Ruan Qiao, “although your performance was good before, I think it’s rare to see new people below level 10 in the competition. You shouldn’t have played a few games?”

Ruan Qiao nodded.

As far as her new number is concerned, it is indeed the first game, but in terms of experience… The pioneer level competition in the [isolation area] is played by their generation. She should not be too familiar with the rules of this competition.

Mei Zi was a little surprised: “you haven’t reached level 10 yet?”

Players below level 10 cannot enter the [terror mall] and even have only one power. In such a group war, they are often the first batch of dead cannon fodder and the enemy’s top priority.

Although all enemy players die is a victory condition, the number and importance of killing enemy players will also be included in the final settlement of the system.

CHEN Si continued: “then I have one point to emphasize with you. It’s stupid to shoot casually without determining their teammates and opponents. Many newcomers are very excited as soon as they enter the competition and cut when they see people.”

She paused and said, “I don’t know if we are in a group. If the competition is divided according to the vehicles, you are my opponent. Of course, this is the best situation.”

[cold cicadas don’t know] this little sister speaks directly

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination and live broadcast] I don’t like such people anyway

[bullet screen crossbow] this kind of direct pointing is much better than those who stab in the back

[barrage nanhuai] platoon

Ruan Qiao looked up at her. CHEN Si’s face was hidden in the dark. The light of the candle was shaky and very weak.

“But if you’re on my side, I don’t want you to hold us back, so it’s best not to act without authorization.” CHEN Si looked at the bed: “since you have a place to live, you won’t stay here.”

The four of them are all drivers and people who support education. They have nothing to do with the village. They finally found the empty house and can only live here temporarily. The four met only at the entrance of the village. Although they had some exchanges, they were not many. After all, anyone could become their own enemy at the next moment. Of course, the relevant information should be as vague as possible.

Of course, it is impossible to sleep at ease at night. The house is not locked, and the four have to watch the night in turn.

Ruan Qiao raised his hand: “don’t worry, I won’t grab a bed with you.”

This game will not be so simple. If we only divide people according to the vehicles, we will have a clear confession at that time.

Without more clues, she can only speculate according to the attitude of players.

There is almost no verbal and eye contact between the two channels and the lonely eagle. On the contrary, plum and CHEN Si are very close. She will take what Chen Si says. It is obvious that they have known each other for a long time.

CHEN Si and Meizi are very likely to be the first team.

As for herself, there is no doubt that she is in the same team with Su Xi, but she doesn’t know where he is now and what his identity is.

Just as she was about to leave, a small stone flew in from outside the window.

Immediately after, the five people in the room heard a loud whistle.

“Friends upstairs let me see your hands ~”

Ruan Qiao: “listen to this voice, there seems to be a fool downstairs.”

[bullet screen romance] ha ha, ha ha, God TM two fools

[bullet curtain candle nine Yin] it seems to be a little brother’s voice. It sounds good

[bullet screen Alice] hahaha, are you a player?

[bullet screen grapefruit] this line is a fool. He didn’t run away


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