After reopening the escape game Chapter 31

“Good evening, ladies and sisters. My name is mule.” The two men on the second floor were automatically ignored. After going upstairs, the boy sat on the bed without warning, with his slender legs by the window. His improved Taoist clothes were loose and his sleeves were rolled at will. The original old-fashioned clothes were worn by him with a sense of leisure and fashion, thin lips raised and a bright smile.

His skin is fair, he looks eighteen or nine years old, but he is very tall, at least one meter eighty-four or more.

[bullet screen Han] ah, take a good look, little brother!

[barrage management] three minutes, I want all the information about this man!

[bullet curtain sleeps today] sleeping trough wood!!

[barrage Barra full number] express my family!

[barrage Magic Competition] contracting brother Mu!!

Watching the reaction of the barrage in the live broadcast room, the heartless and heartless teenager in front of me should be a little famous.

His smile is really clean and pleasing to the eye, but unlike Su Xi who played the game, Su Xi smiled like a tender and affectionate little sheep, and in front of him… He was more like the foolish son of the landlord.

Ruan Qiao asked tentatively, “are you the tall, handsome, handsome and charming son of the sun with dazzling sky?”

Mule raised his eyebrows and said, “ha?”

Ruan Qiao: “it’s my childhood sweetheart.”

Mule smiled again, with two dimples on his face: “little sister, although I’m happy to be your childhood sweetheart, shall we meet for the first time?”

Ruan Qiao breathed a sigh of relief: “it’s not you…”

[barrage cosmic fox] Hahahahahaha, who is the son of the sun

[bullet screen song ember peach blossom] isn’t it my cloud God?

[bullet screen Su Tian and puff] how small is the probability of meeting the cloud God? You can buy lottery tickets. Even if you add friends, you can’t get together

[bullet screen fairy] that’s true, but I’m still looking forward to it

“I’m the disciple of master mu in the village.” Mule continued. The boy’s voice was clean and clear, with a relaxed smile. He lowered his head and pulled his clothes: “you see, here, that’s what he did.”

Subdue demons and demons, or fortune telling

“A few days ago, I went out to pick up work with my master. At that time, my master was as fierce as a tiger. Then we jumped into the street. When I woke up, I didn’t know it had been a few days.” Mule sighed and showed a sad expression. “Master left me and ran away. My whereabouts are unknown. I ran back with short legs. I couldn’t sleep at night and went out for a walk. I came when I saw you holding a welcome party here ~”

Ruan Qiao said, “this bed is not enough. If you come to grab the bed, you may be thrown out by the two brothers.”

The lonely flying eagle looked at him cooperatively. He didn’t like this little white face. When he saw that his sister’s eyes were glued to the goods, he naturally didn’t have a good face for him.

Mule shrunk his head wrongfully: “then we always have to exchange information…”

Ruan Qiao took him downstairs. Mu Le didn’t resist much, so she dragged him downstairs.

As Ruan Qiao walked down, he shouted upstairs, “tomorrow we’ll look for clues by ourselves. We’ll gather here around 6 p.m. and inform each other if we see other players.”

The two channels answered upstairs.

Mu Le followed Ruan Qiao. She grabbed her wrist and could only bend forward: “Hey, where’s the little sister?”

Ruan Qiao: “find a place where there is no one, let’s…”

Mule: “?”

Mule: “is it so direct when we meet for the first time?”

[bullet screen over the abyss fish] I love my brother mu

[bullet screen candy] hahaha, the anchor’s sand sculpture status has been challenged

[Alice in the barrage] Mu Le is a famous anchor with high self-esteem. It seems that he has met an equal opponent this time

[bullet screen round ball] hahaha, an equal opponent

[barrage Aji] I suspect you are… But I have no evidence

Ruan Qiao released his hand and glanced at the boy. They had walked a distance. There was a valley pile in front of them and a hidden stone bench behind the valley pile. Ruan Qiao decided that there was no one around and asked mule to sit down first.

Since meeting the north and south cities, Ruan Qiao’s resistance to Sao words and love words has been strengthened. She came straight to the point: “alliance.”

Mu Le’s face turned red: “so direct, I, I’m not ready yet…”

[barrage Lavender] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination and live broadcast] what script? Female script?

[bullet screen mango glutinous rice group] do you want to laugh to death so that I don’t want to watch horror games again?

Ruan Qiao: ”

Sorry, she chose this man to form an alliance just now. She’s blind!

Seeing Ruan Qiao falling into silence, mule also smiled: “what do you call your little sister?”


Mule nodded: “it’s too old to call my sister. I’m 18 years old.”

Ruan Qiao saw that he was close to his eyes and said a few more words: “I’m nineteen.”

The wood music sound line is clear: “it’s really a good-looking little sister. I know why you pulled me out and see the identity of my copy.”

Ruan Qiao nodded unexpectedly: “since you all understand, I won’t explain. I’m the daughter of the Ruan family in the village. At the beginning of the game, I met a strange seeing off team at the entrance of the village. Later, I got a clue that the owner of the house just now, that is, my best friend when I was a child, got married not long ago.”

Mule seemed to be thinking about something. After a meeting, he said, “I came back to the village near the evening. I also met a team to send relatives. When I looked back, I found that they were actually a funeral team.”

Ruan Qiao has expressed his sincerity in advance by telling the information of the family sending team. Mu Le can tell the details of the funeral, which shows that he is willing to encounter such a strange phenomenon. The first communication between the two people was very smooth, and each showed sincerity.

At least they had a similar experience in meeting the sending off team. In this way, the probability that two people are in the same team is greatly improved.

Ruan Qiao’s identity is related to the people in the village, and the supernatural phenomenon at the beginning of the game also makes Ruan Qiao suspect that there may be supernatural ghosts and other things in this copy. At this time, mule’s identity will undoubtedly let him get more information.

Only when two people cooperate can they gain an advantage in the early stage.

Once you encounter this unidentified situation, you should find the similarities of your teammates as soon as possible. The earlier you distinguish the division criteria of the team, the greater the advantage you get.

CHEN Si’s mind is heavy. She and plum are in the first team. Obviously, they are not the best consideration for Ruan Qiao. There is nothing to explore about the identity of dual channel and lonely eagle. The four of them live together. It’s not as good as mule, who is as lonely as himself, than alliance with one of them.

Ruan Qiao told Mu Le about the experience of the previous four people: “our first guess is that the red and white teams are divided by vehicles, but since you are from the village, it shows that the division standard is wrong.”

Mule smiled mysteriously, approached Ruan Qiao and whispered, “wait, I’ll show you my baby.”

[cold cicadas don’t know]??

[bullet screen bean] bad lines

[barrage a few] I doubt again… But I still have no evidence

The slender white fingers moved, and mule took out a yellow pamphlet from nowhere like magic.

There are only a few traditional characters on the cover.

In the moonlight, Ruan Qiao took a look: “your baby, is this little yellow book?”

Mule gave a cry and continued: “this is not an ordinary little yellow book. Oh, this is not a yellow book, okay!”

His fingers crossed the cover and read the words on it: “the ancestral treasure of Mu family.”

Ruan Qiao could not help but Tucao: “what people will make complaints about the four words of their ancestors?”

Mu Le was embarrassed to scratch his head and opened the page: “this is from the system at the beginning of the game. There is also an instruction for use. It seems that the content behind can only be displayed under certain circumstances. Now I can only see the first and second pages.”

The first page introduces Mu’s ancestral skills, which are responsible for some practices, praying, eliminating disasters, catching ghosts and so on. The second page is the table of contents, but turning back is a blank yellow page.

Ruan Qiao looked at the Catalogue: “key to blessing, classification of ghosts and monsters, prohibition of blood mantra…”

Mule put away the pamphlet: “there must be important clues in it. I’ll go to the ancestral temple tomorrow.”

Ruan Qiao: “I’ll go to Shen’s house and try to contact the outside. My task is to send a distress message.”

“My task is to find the missing master.” Mule stood up, the tall and thin shadow fell on the ground, and the loose Taoist clothes hung on him, looking empty. “See you tomorrow afternoon.”

Qin Yue’s house is Ruan’s house to the East and master Mu’s house to the north. After Ruan Qiao and mule separated, they returned to Ruan’s house alone.

After knocking at the door, Ruan Qiao waited for a moment, and there was a sound of footsteps inside.

The door opened, revealing a pale, haggard face of a middle-aged woman.

Seeing Ruan Qiao standing at the door, the woman’s face showed an unbelievable expression: “little Ruan, you, you’re back?”

The Ruan family’s environment is not good. The whole house is small and dilapidated. There are only three rooms, two bedrooms and one main house.

Ruan’s mother was very happy when her daughter came back. Ruan Qiao briefly talked about her experience. Ruan’s mother helped her tidy up her room and let her rest.

In fact, the room had been tidied up long ago. Ruan’s mother took the quilt out of the cabinet for her: “I didn’t expect you to come back. I, I’m so happy. Take a break. I’ll make you your favorite egg porridge tomorrow morning.”

Ruan Qiao nodded. Ruan’s mother went back to her room and left Ruan Qiao to have a good rest.

When she entered the house just now, she found that there was a cabinet on the left side of the gate, with incense candles and tributes on it.

On the cupboard hung a portrait of a man with serious and fierce facial features, staring straight at a dark corner of the room.

Seeing that the alcoholic, cruel and superstitious father of the system had already received the Bento, Ruan Qiao was relieved.

She lay in bed, the moonlight shining in through the window, looking quiet and gentle.

The live studio is asking if there will be wonton sweeping this scene.

Ruan Qiao didn’t intend to pay attention to it. Who knows, the barrage quarreled.

A dislike make complaints about the game, and hate the fact that people can see the names of others in the live room, and they can not feel the sense of their own. They also block the normal bullet screen comments. Another wave is obviously cloud powder or CP powder.

The two groups fought more and more hotly.

There are already 3000 people in the live broadcasting room, and many passers-by are at a loss watching the suddenly angry barrage.

Let alone a live studio with 3000 people, she has not opened less live competitions with 10000 people in the past.

In such a situation, many anchors directly closed the barrage and waited for it to open for some time, which was almost noisy.

Ruan Qiao belongs to an alternative party.

She doesn’t know how many times she has encountered such a situation. She has developed experience and changed the situation in the live broadcasting room in a few words.

“Wonton? Yes, he’s in the game, too.” Ruan Qiao sat up. As soon as she said this, CP powder immediately started the flower spreading victory mode, “But I want to explain that he and I are good friends. That’s right, but playing games together depends on luck. Everyone has time to play games with good friends? Sometimes it’s true that there’s nothing wrong with liking a stand-alone, but more often playing favorite games with their friends. That’s the happiest mood.”

“I’m glad to meet you. I can see familiar IDS in every game. Just as you like watching me play games, I also like playing games and playing games with you, so every time I open a live studio and barrage. Of course, I also like to play with my friends.”

“It’s really unfriendly to brush another person’s name in someone else’s live studio, but wonton is my friend, so I won’t mind.” Ruan Qiao threw out another topic: “I’d like to ask you to help me pay attention to the clues and look for the lost youth. The airborne location of wonton is different from me. I haven’t found my teammates for so long. I’m also very anxious.”

[barrage of bullets] Wuwu’s wife and little angel

[the bullet screen is clear] the angel is right!!

[bullet screen Purple Dance and snow] Yunshen is your good friend. Ha ha, ha ha, I almost believe it

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] I’m almost crying, QAQ

[bullet screen love] okay, okay, let’s not quarrel

[reward] advanced sprout [roll powder] reward [mine] * 1

[bullet screen roll powder] I’ll see whether there are cubs or not~

Seeing that the barrage in the live broadcast room stabilized, Ruan Qiao smiled. A pair of eyes on his small nose seemed to contain moonlight, rippling in circles with the smile from the corners of his eyes.

Sometimes just looking at the barrage, she can feel everyone’s concern.

Cherry lips opened silently and smiled softly. After a long time, she said, “this game is very complicated. I have to look for clues everywhere tomorrow. Like everyone else, I want to find my teammates as soon as possible.”

[bullet screen candle nine Yin] Yes, the game is the key

[bullet screen nanhuai] what’s the game? Shouldn’t you concentrate on licking your face now? Your wife is so beautiful, sobbing sobbing

[bullet screen] good cry 1!

After her confession, the barrage also began a serious discussion.

[bullet screen painting] I have no clue now. There are too few clues

[bullet screen meets Ying] So where will the cloud God land?

[bullet screen black sesame filling system] I have a bold idea… The son of the sun will not be

[barrage Changyuan] ah, don’t be ashamed. Shut up!

Originally, she just asked. Unexpectedly, the brain hole of the barrage was amazing.

[bullet curtain cloud cancels rain] it may or may not land in a flower sedan

[bullet screen demon] Maybe it’s not in the female ghost’s sedan?

[barrage Lin’an] is the bride a devil? Hahaha, I think it’s the second generation of the rich Shen family, childhood sweethearts or something

[bullet screen Xiaochi fishing] it’s impossible. Isn’t there another “Princess” of that childhood sweetheart who can’t accept emmmm

[bullet screen King Yu] don’t guess. Wonton is a princess.

[the bullet curtain is light] if the cloud God is a ghost bride, it’s obvious that the group is out of order. Princess, I’ll vote

[barrage warm as before] rub your hands. I think the bride hasn’t run away. Hey, hey, hey

The Princess Party, the bride party and childhood sweethearts are three-thirds of the world.

Ruan Qiao was also amused by the brain hole in the bullet screen, but the Shen family is indeed the first place to go tomorrow. Her plot task requires that she must find a way to send out the message of car accident for help.

It was late at night. Looking at the bright moon outside the window, Ruan Qiao took a deep breath, lay in bed and soon fell asleep.

She had a dream.

Normally, you rarely dream in the game, unless the copy itself enhances the role of dreams, or the player is strongly stimulated before falling asleep.

She walked alone in the smoky night woods, surrounded by crows chirping hoarsely.

The road under my feet can’t distinguish the direction. I don’t know whether it is the shadow of dead trees or the trap of demons and monsters in the mountains.

Finally, an open space appeared in front.

Surrounded by dark blue smoke, it extends from the flower sedan in the center of the open space to her feet.

The sedan chair is not luxurious, even simple, but it has everything it should have. The dark red sedan chair cloth is embroidered with pictures of Danfeng, Chaoyang and Baizi. You can vaguely see the gold and silver threads on it.

The long car poles on the left and right sides stretched out, like an open arms to her.

In the middle of the night, there was a lonely red sedan chair in the wild mountains.

Ruan Qiao’s feet began to move forward uncontrollably.

When she was only half a meter away from jiaozi, the cold wind blowing from nowhere opened the curtain.

Before Ruan Qiao could see clearly, he felt that a gust of wind and great strength behind him pushed her into the flower sedan.

She landed on the man in the sedan chair, but felt that the other party was not as delicate as she imagined.

She was even tall. As soon as she entered the sedan chair, she fell into the man’s arms.

Ruan Qiao looked up and saw a good-looking chin, a nose, thin lips and long eyes.

The man’s long hair fell on the back of her hand, itching.

Instead of being tacky, the red dress showed a morbid and weak beauty against his white and almost transparent skin. The heavy dress wrapped around his thin waist, and a white thread embroidered cloud and jade belt around his waist, resulting in the whole person’s temperament like jade. Dark hair fell from her shoulders and hung down on her shoulders and hands.

He raised his bony fingers, and the same pale fingertips fell on her face, depicting her facial features in detail.

Finger pulp across the corner of the eye,

Across the bridge of the nose, across the lips.

Finally, clamp her chin.

He lowered his head slowly. His dark pupils flashed a faint blood light, and his eyes fell on the girl’s face in his arms.

After a long time, I bent down


“Hoo -” Ruan Qiao suddenly sat up from the bed. The morning light shone into the room from the window. Her whole head was still dizzy.

What dream did you have before?

It seems that there is a beauty in the dream.


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