After reopening the escape game Chapter 32

Sitting in bed and recalling his dream, Ruan Qiao still couldn’t remember too many things.

Since she can’t recall, it should have nothing to do with the copy, it’s just a subconscious picture of her brain.

To say what she could remember, a big red sedan car flashed in her mind.

There seems to be another person

Sue, Sue?

How could it be? Even if he appeared in her dream, he could not have anything to do with the sedan chair.

Ruan Qiao simply stopped thinking about this strange dream. She just put on her coat and smelled a smell of porridge.

When she came to the main house, Ruan’s mother just put the porridge on the table. Seeing Ruan Qiao get up, her face showed a happy smile: “Xiao Ruan, breakfast is ready. Go wash your face and have dinner.”

Ruan’s mother is very kind to her. Ruan Qiao can see that she is even… Almost flattering. Especially after a few words with her, Ruan’s mother was even happier.

Like a child who hasn’t got sugar for a long time, suddenly one day he has a sugar mountain.

Happy and excited, but also some afraid of losing.

It seems that the former “Xiao Ruan” had a bad relationship with her mother.

It can be seen from the systematic explanation that Xiao Ruan hates her mother’s inaction and cowardice. However, she is also an introverted person with low self-esteem. Such a person will be more extreme when he looks at his mother with the same character.

Even after being admitted to college, I never go home to have a look.

After dinner, Ruan Qiao went out to the Shen family.

The Shen family is the best family built in the village. It is incompatible with the whole poor and backward village. It is like a noble mansion somewhere in the ancient town.

The gate is painted and bright. When you enter the door, you can see stone lions standing on the left and right sides. In the middle, there is a tall marble screen wall carved with birds and character relief. In the character pattern, one person is eating fruit, and the other person is like a carpenter, nailing wooden strips next to it.

After passing the rectangular courtyard with the screen wall, Ruan Qiao bypassed the stone wall and saw a middle-aged man in a black robe standing in front of the lobby.

Shen Qian is the head of the Shen family. In my memory, he is a serious and rigid man

[the only son of the Shen family grew up with you. Naturally, Shen Qian knows you, but you never dare to talk to him. Even this magnificent house, you never dare to stay. Your childhood memories are vague and subjective. You exclude this cold and gloomy place from your bones. The Shen family is very big. For you as a child, even the stone lion at the door is obvious It’s ferocious and terrible.]

[but now it seems that it’s just two little lions. Have you grown up, or is the original impression an instinctive prejudice?]

[it’s about your father’s nagging when you were a child that makes you hate here as much as he does. Now I think he just hates the rich.]

Ruan Qiao is naturally not afraid of him, even if the man’s temperament is really a little dignified.

“You’re okay.” Looking at the girl standing in front of the door, Shen Qian said this inexplicably. It’s neither like a question nor an exclamation.

When Ruan Qiao arrived at the Shen’s house, he secretly lamented that he was worthy of being a local tyrant with a radius of 100 miles. The place where he lived was completely different from the small broken house of her house.

She only said that she had a car accident on the way here and wanted to get in touch with the outside world by using the Shen family’s phone.

Shen Qian didn’t ask much. He didn’t seem to care about her car accident experience. He turned and called an old mother.

“Come in. Zhang Ma, take her to make a phone call.” With that, Shen Qian turned and left.

[barrage Jiangzhou Sima] hoo, it scared me to death

[the bullet screen disease is unknown] I was so nervous just now

[barrage over the abyss fish] just staring at me, I’m too scared to send a barrage

[wangzi old steamed bread] the momentum is 1.8 meters

Zhang’s mother looked in good spirits. She took Ruan Qiao around from the side to the backyard. The house was very quiet and there was no unnecessary sound all the way. The tall walls and eaves covered the sky, and the whole Shen family was a little gloomy.

Ruan Qiao smelled the smell of incense and candles and looked at most of the rooms in the backyard. The doors and windows were tightly sealed, and the rows of boards nailed the doors to death.

Everything here is the same as when I was a child. Even the patterns and gaps of the wooden fence have not changed

Ruan Qiao frowned.

The Shen family is really weird everywhere.

There are so many empty rooms that are not used. Instead, she has been nailed to death since she was a child. What do you want to hide?

In addition to the closed rooms, several rooms were normally open. Zhang Ma took her to one of the rooms.

“We don’t often use this phone either. Girls can try it.” Zhang’s mother LIT an oil lamp in the house and went out, waiting for Ruan Qiao to call alone.

Ruan Qiao looked at a red old telephone on his desk and thought for a long time before pressing three numbers.


[the bullet curtain is damn sweet] ha ha, really call the police

[bullet curtain sleeps today] 110 suddenly plays 2333

[bullet screen Chen Xi] ha ha, it’s OK to hit 110

The phone was quickly connected, which surprised her a little.

It’s probably the setting of the copy. Although she didn’t dial the area code, she still directly called the place for help.

After briefly talking about her experience and the location of the accident, she comforted her and asked her to find other survivors. They would send someone to rescue as soon as possible.

“How long will it take?” Asked Ruan Qiao.

There was a cry on the other end of the phone: “Little girl, don’t worry. We will call the nearest excavator to open the way. We have also received the news of mountain collapse in the remote town, but the affected area is relatively wide. Our rescue personnel are limited and are trying our best to rescue. More excavators and rescuers are on their way. Your ultra remote village is in the mountains. We may need a few days Time will arrive. ”

That means he’s not sure when to come.

Since he sent a distress message, Ruan Qiao was not in a hurry, so he said a few words and hung up the phone.

[plot task] you are relieved that you have successfully sent out a message for help. You can’t leave the village while waiting for rescue. When you think of the strange phenomenon you encountered when you first entered the village, you can’t help wondering whether it was an illusion or some supernatural force? Qin Yue is your best friend. You should go and see her.

[system] plot task has been updated

[plot task] send out the distress message of the bus (1 / 1)

[plot task] find Qin Yue and ask her how she is doing recently (0 / 1)

“Sir just told me to stay for dinner when the girl finishes calling.” Mother Zhang closed the door and turned to look at Ruan Qiao who came out of the room: “come with me, girl.”

All the way through the eaves corridor to the lobby, into the house is a large round mahogany table, which is filled with several bowls and cans, which looks extremely rich.

On the wall behind the table hung a portrait of an official of the Qing Dynasty. The yellowing paper showed its ancient sense of time.

“This is a portrait of the ancestors of the Shen family.” Zhang’s mother explained and placed the dishes and chopsticks. “Sir will be here soon.”

The dishes on the table are cashew nut glutinous rice porridge, glutinous rice balls, glutinous rice balls, glutinous rice lotus root

It’s a glutinous feast!

Ruan Qiao: “aren’t you afraid of choking when you eat all this?”

“Today is a special case, sir ordered,” Mrs. Zhang took out a bottle of wine, put it on the table, poured some into each wine glass, and handed the last cup to Ruan Qiao. “Miss, try this glutinous rice wine, made by herself.”

Ruan Qiao: ”

She took a sip. It tasted good.

Shen Qian said something and came in: “you are also classmates. You should get together this time.”

Hearing the sound, Ruan Qiao put down her glass. Her only son of the childhood Shen family was not dead. She looked up at the door. Ruan Qiao was stunned at that time.

The boy behind Shen Qian looked in his early twenties. A gentle smile on his young and handsome face was the most appropriate way to describe him. However, especially the clothes of the Republic of China, it seemed that he was rich, handsome and extraordinary.

[barrage knows] ah, this wave is not bad

[bullet screen cold cicada doesn’t know] copy of high self-worth

[barrage Pikachu] love, love

In the eyes of the audience in the live studio, Ruan Qiao was stunned. In fact, only the Lord knew how embarrassing the situation was.

This tall, handsome, handsome and charming sun man is no one else. It is the trouble she wants to avoid now.

No wonder his surname is Shen. It turned out to be Shen junmu.

She never expected to meet him in the [isolation zone] game. After all, he is a professional player of [survival line]. Although we often play the two games together in private, she didn’t expect to meet Shen junmu under such circumstances.

What makes her feel that life is impermanent is that the petite girl followed in behind Shen junmu is dressed in a half roll of shoulder hair, a pair of delicate and pitiful eyes look pure and innocent, and a light colored gauze skirt is draped under a beige sweater.

Also an acquaintance, Mu rou.

Ruan Qiao thought he could open a post on Shudong website, which was called “after I met the former CP and his current one with a trumpet”.

Shen junmu’s eyes changed when he entered the room.

The girl sat quietly in the empty and cold room, her white fingers knocked on the white jade like wine glass, her long and curly eyelashes blinked, and her black pupils were as deep as a pool of water.

At first glance, he had a strong sense of familiarity.


No, Qiaoqiao’s facial features are more amazing, like snow lotus on an iceberg. The cold outline and sharp eyes can be unforgettable. The girl in front of me looked like her at first sight, but it wasn’t her. Her nose is smaller, and her cherry lips have a soft radian, which looks more like a delicate flower.

What’s more, Joe’s account won’t appear in this place.

Maybe it just looks like.

Shen junmu hasn’t spoken yet. Mu Rou has pulled him into the room at this time.

Shen Qian has already sat down. Mu Rou sits next to Shen junmu and gently takes dishes and chopsticks for him.

Ruan Qiao’s mouth pulled: Murou, do you know your boyfriend?

[bullet screen wants strawberry Bo] hey, hey, you look familiar, these two

[barrage bailixi] is it the nurse and soldier of AAS??

[ten seconds of barrage] hey, it really looks like Hey!! I rely on the * * God!

[bullet screen fairy] the team that won the survival line Championship last time??

[bullet screen song ember peach blossom] group photo!!

[bullet screen tracing streamer] group photo of sleeping slot 1!

Shen junmu and Mu Rou were very popular and were soon recognized by the audience in the live studio.

The occupations of survival line include soldiers who are mainly engaged in melee combat and doctors who are mainly engaged in treatment, but they are used to calling nannies, so they are verbally called either doctors of survival line or healers in isolation area.

[bullet screen painting]!! master ball! I remember the wooden bridge combination is the strongest! Can you meet the bridge?

[bullet screen black sesame filling system] where is my sister Qiao??!

[barrage mob] punch in the rice noodles across the bridge!

I’m ashamed to say that her fans are called cross bridge rice noodles, which is of no use except to make everyone feel that she is grounded and has a strong appetite.

What kind of people attract what kind of fans.

Rice noodles across the bridge are as Buddha and lazy as her. On weekdays, I practice calligraphy and make tea with her to maintain health in the Buddhist system.

I didn’t expect to meet my fans here. It’s fate.

Since Ruan Qiao decided to put it down, he certainly broke his mind. Especially after calming down for a few days, he calmed down and didn’t think Shen junmu was a thing.

Compared with him, the ferocious Su Xi was much easier to get along with.

Hey, my little Susu, where are you… Ruan Qiao even thinks he misses the wonton with the temperament of “I’m a pervert villain to stop killing gods and demons”.

There were also many spectators in the barrage. After seeing Ruan Qiao frown slightly, she thought she was worried that her light was covered by the great God, and roll powder took the lead in expressing her state.

[bullet screen roll powder] the champion of survival line is not necessarily a great God when he comes to the isolation area. Anyway, there is only one goddess, Mianmian.

[bullet screen Jiang Yungui] Yes, come on, we are all your marshmallows!

[barrage Qi Li Ji] Qiang Pai upstairs!

[bullet screen day tired combing hair] Mian Mian, you are the only one in our heart! I won’t take a look at the others no matter how handsome they are!

[bullet screen day ten thousand tired comb your hair] my little brother, the angle just now is really beautiful!

Ruan Qiao, who was just moved: no integrity, no eyes

Shen junmu doesn’t recognize her. It’s best. Even if she recognizes her, she doesn’t intend to hide it.

Probably because there was Shen Qian staring at it, several people were silent about the glutinous rice set meal.

It seems that in this atmosphere, it is a sin to eat louder

[bullet screen writer’s crazy code hand] it’s tiring for rich people to eat

[bullet screen cosmic fox] really tired 1

[bullet screen Shenmu is my brother] I am willing to bear such trouble for the local tyrant!

After dinner, Shen Qian explained a few words and left. It seems that he doesn’t care about these players.

Mother Zhang cleared the table and there were only three people in the whole room looking at each other.

Ruan Qiao directly introduced the topic into the copy: “soft, level 9 players, people who come to support education.”

Shen junmu is still looking at her and seems to be wondering: “I’m Shen Mu, a level 23 player, the only son of this family, and I’m also here to support teaching. She is…”

Before Shen junmu finished, Mu Rou took the lead and said with a smile, “my name is moonlight, a level 16 player. I’m Shen Mu’s girlfriend.”

Shen junmu then said, “it’s the setting in this copy.”

Ruan Qiao knows that it seems that his childhood princess is mu rou.

Mu Rouchang is not bad, but also takes the pure line. He always smiles at people. Few people will reject such girls.

Ruan Qiao, like the captain, never selects his teammates based on character. As long as he has strength, he is qualified to stay in AAS. This is also the reason why Mu Rou can stay in the team for so long.

Mu Rou and Shen junmu appeared at the same time, which soon had no impact on her state of mind, except that she was surprised and embarrassed at the beginning.

Even Ruan Qiao thought it was a good clue.

Mu Rou and Shen junmu obviously formed a team.

At present, there are three groups of known team members, with five people in each group. In other words, one of the three groups is opposite to the other two groups, and after determining the personnel of the two groups, there is only one teammate left in that team.

What we need to do now is to find the clues of the copy as much as possible, and then join all players to distinguish between the enemy and ourselves.

Ruan Qiao told them about the afternoon gathering. Mu Rou suggested that the three people act together: “you are a junior player. It’s dangerous to act alone. The Shen wood is very powerful. He can take us ~”

Ruan Qiao looked at Shen junmu and hesitated: “OK.”

Follow the two of them to see if they are against each other.

Like Meizi’s experience, Shen junmu and Mu Rou, who also came to support education, were also in the 102 car. At that time, they escaped from the reservoir, lived in the Shen family at night and changed their clothes.

The three of them went out of the door of Shen’s house and walked forward for a while. Then they met a girl coming face to face.

She is a little tall by the standards of girls, about one meter seven, with clean short hair. With double eyelids, high bridge of nose and lips pursed, the whole face looks a little indifferent.

This dress appears in the village. There is no doubt that it is a player.

Several people introduced themselves to each other.

Her name is Xiong Ji. She is the daughter of the village head.

She also came last night. When she woke up, she found herself lying on the back mountain. In my memory, she said she went into the mountain to collect medicine. As a result, she slipped and fell down the mountain slope and fainted.

Fortunately, he recovered without serious injury and limped home.

When she got home, she found that village head Xiong looked extremely irritable, beat and scolded his family many times, and didn’t give her a good face.

Early in the morning, Xiong Ji couldn’t stay at home. He simply came out to find other players.

Xiong Ji: “I heard from the village head that many strange things have happened in the village these days. It must be the disaster star or something.”

Her plot task is to find out the strange things in the village.

But the village head didn’t say what had happened. He was always very irritable and anxious.

[the bullet screen is so cute that the ice falls wide] village head Xiong, why is it so cute??

[barrage ah Liang] ha ha, I think so

[barrage Changyuan] the bear’s child is

Xiong Ji continued, “I was going to go around and inquire about the village.”

Ruan Qiao saw several middle-aged women sitting next to the wall in front of him receiving insoles, so he went over.

“Isn’t it? It’s really strange.”

“Do you believe that?”

“Don’t you say that it was the same ten years ago?”

“Shh, it can’t be said.”

Shen junmu followed Ruan Qiao and watched the girl walk past. The sun fell on her face, and her white skin was slightly red. Clearly not so amazing facial features, but the more you see, the more you can’t move your eyes.

It’s really like

Mu Rou suddenly crossed him, took Ruan Qiao’s hand, bowed her head and asked the women, “what are you talking about? Is there anything strange in the village recently?”

The round faced woman in yellow looked up at several people and directly ignored Mu Rou’s question: “Yo, Xiao Ruan, Xiao Xiong and Xiao Shen are back.”

The woman next to her also put down her work: “it’s strange, but I haven’t seen it for several years. It’s a great blessing to see three college students at one time today.”

Mu Rou was not embarrassed and continued to ask, “I want to ask the nearest village…”

The smile on the round faced woman’s face is closed. Beautiful women often make her dislike, especially young and beautiful women from outside.

But little Ruan and little bear are different. They are the children she watched grow up.

The round faced woman looked at Ruan Qiao and continued, “you don’t come to see your Aunt Chen when your child comes back. I’ll cook a good meal for you at home in the evening.”

Ruan Qiao smiled: “you know how happy my mother is to see me back. She cooked a lot of dishes waiting for me tonight.”

Aunt Chen nodded, “that’s true.”

Xiong Ji and Shen junmu are children who grew up in the city. They don’t know how to communicate with the people in the village in this copy. Mu Rou is an outsider again. The job of asking for information falls on Ruan Qiao.

“Uncle Chen also told me that the village has been restless recently.”

After listening to Ruan Qiao’s words, Aunt Chen sighed: “you came back so early. Alas, your Uncle Chen is also a good man. It’s not easy to live alone. There are no children and a half women when people are old. In short, it’s right for you to listen to your mother.”

Xiong Ji said, “let’s go to the ancestral temple.”

Aunt Chen suddenly sank: “young people just don’t know the rules. Can we go there? The disaster star is there. Who dares to get close to the ancestral temple these days?”

Disaster star, this word is not the first time.

Ruan Qiao continued to ask, “what disaster star?”

Probably because of her title and high luck value, Aunt Chen has a much better attitude towards her: “you are really a warm-hearted child, as kind as when you were a child. But have you forgotten your father? If it weren’t for the disaster star, your father wouldn’t be killed!”

The woman nearby also echoed: “yes, just let me say to drive the evil out of the village as soon as possible. How long can the Dharma be in charge ten years ago? I think it’s better to kill…”

Aunt Chen bah: “how dare you mention this? Have you forgotten the lesson of Xiao Ruan’s father? I think the two who died a while ago…”

The reprimanded woman immediately fell silent.

Aunt Chen stopped talking and paused before continuing: “listen to aunt’s word, your children don’t care about these things. Wait for the village head to deal with them. Remember, stay away from the ancestral temple.”

Ruan Qiao nodded and chatted with Aunt Chen before leaving.

“Where are we going now?” Mu Rou raised her hand to cover the sun. At noon, she always felt a little sun.

Xiong Ji’s face was expressionless: “knowing that there are tigers in the mountain.”

Ruan Qiao smiled and said, “I prefer to go to Hushan.”

There are four players in Qin Yue’s room, including Ruan Qiao, mule, Xiong Ji, Mu Rou and Shen junmu, which are already nine players.

As long as we find Su Xi, we’ll have all the people in this copy.

The three walked for a while and arrived at the entrance of the village.

From a distance, you can feel that the temperature around the ancestral hall is lower, and even the sun here is not as dazzling as before.

Looking at the tall walls, gloomy eaves and the patterns of cattle, ghosts and snakes painted on the walls, Ruan Qiao suddenly saw a flower in front of him.

From day to night, the sound of torches burning and the noise and curse of the crowd were everywhere.

The picture shook so much that a group of people rushed into the ancestral hall shouting.

“Disaster star! Ghost reincarnation!”

“Burn it!”

“Kill it!”

In the chaos, she can only feel that she is blankly squeezed by the crowd. From her perspective, everyone is tall.

Their faces were full of crazy expressions.

Madly made her tremble.

“Little Ruan, why are you here, going home with your mother…” a pair of big hands picked her up, and Ruan Qiao’s vision was higher.

She could see the throngs of people crowded into a room full of incense portraits and memorial tablets, and the center of the crowd could not see what it was.

She suddenly broke free of her big hand and tried to squeeze into the crowd.

The young voice cried: “stop fighting, you stop fighting, it’s none of its business.”

“It’s not its fault.”

“Stop fighting, stop fighting.”

Her voice was weak and weak, drowned in the excited shouts of people.

“Kill it!”

“Kill it!”

“Evil spirit! Disaster star reincarnation! Kill people!”

Finally, her eyes were no longer crowded with people, and her weak body squeezed into the center of the crazy vortex.

There, a small figure was pressed on the ground.

She rushed up crying and was pulled away.

“Not it, not because of it!”

“Let it go!”

No one listened to her explanation.

Again and again, she was finally carried away by the familiar big hands. When she looked back, she could only see a vague black shadow.

A small group, stubbornly and alone, persisted in the evil words.

When the memories disappeared, Ruan Qiao felt cold all over.

Shen junmu came over and handed a handkerchief with his slender fingers.

Standing under the ancestral hall wall, Ruan Qiao touched his face. It was cool and wet, as if there were tears.

The emotion of memory is so strong that it even affects the body.

Ruan Qiao thought and took Shen junmu’s handkerchief and wiped his tears.

No, no, No.

Mu Rou directly came over and took her used handkerchief and wiped the corners of her eyes. Although she didn’t have anything to wipe, a pair of water Ling’s big eyes showed a sad expression, which still made her cry.

Mu Rou covered her heart: “I don’t know why. Standing here, I have a feeling of sadness.”

Ruan Qiao: ”

She sometimes admires the man’s thick skin.

How do you say such goose bumps

Several people exchanged ideas. Just now, everyone except Mu Rou saw the picture of the ancestral temple riot when they were children.

This is probably related to her random event trigger rate. The higher the trigger rate, the identity and encounter events in the copy will be more conducive to the whole game process.

Others also have their own attributes, which will affect the role when the system generates a replica, as well as the experience and trigger content of the role in the replica.

Several people found the entrance of the ancestral hall and found the gate locked.

When the three hesitated whether to break it or not, Mu Le came humming his little song.

The boy’s clear voice hummed an unknown tune, and his handsome face hung a bright and clean smile. Seeing the players in front of the door from a distance, he jumped excitedly and waved happily to Ruan Qiao in front of the door.

Loose sleeves slipped and one hand waved hard in the air.

“It’s me, it’s me!”

Xiong Ji turned and asked Ruan Qiao, “your partner?”

Ruan Qiao was silent for a moment: “no, I don’t know this fool…”


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