After reopening the escape game Chapter 33

“Mian Mian, why don’t you pay attention to me? You’ve found so many players. It’s great!” Mule walked up the steps of the ancestral hall in three steps and looked at other players: “Hello, I’m mule, a Taoist in the village!”

With that, he proudly showed his Taoist clothes to other players.

He seemed to think it was not enough, and added, “professional!”

Ruan Qiao: ”

[bullet curtain depends on milk tea to continue life] ha ha, ha ha, my little brother is so cute

[barrage Changyuan] it’s like a primary school student showing off awards with Ma Ma!

[bullet screen Qingyuan] did mule’s brother grow up cute!

[barrage eats Huaishan] what should I do? Do I raise cloud cubs or wooden cubs

[bullet screen love] children make choices. I take both of them away

[barrage pondering] ha ha, let’s do it!

Ruan Qiao:… Thanks, No.

Others introduced themselves and said what they were going to do next. Mu Le patted his chest and promised: “you really made a lot of money when you met me today! It’s easy to enter the ancestral hall!”

He went to the door and touched the iron lock. His white face showed a serious expression, and his good-looking eyes were thinking.

[tell yourself about the barrage] seriously, it’s a little handsome?

[barrage Jiangye] take a good look at it from this angle, ow, Ow

【 bullet screen over the abyss fish 】 immerse yourself in Mu Le’s younger brother’s appearance

Ruan Qiao asked him, “do you have a key?”

Mule reached out and fumbled for a long time in his broad Taoist clothes: “I found it!”

Bony fingers held a long copper key.

Mu Rou hesitated and said, “but this key doesn’t match the lock shape of the ancestral temple.”

Mule was stunned: “really?”

He looked at the shape of the key, looked at the keyhole, and smiled awkwardly and politely: “it seems to be ha.”

“It doesn’t matter. Try again.” Mule inserted the key inside, the lock hole flashed white light in an instant, and the door lock was opened with a click.

Shen junmu said in surprise, “master copper key?”

Master key is a series of SS Level props, which can open almost all locks. There are three gold, silver and copper in total. Unexpectedly, mule has one.

Now that the door lock is open, it is most important to go in and find clues. Mule pushes the door open and walks into the ancestral hall, and other players enter in turn.

The entrance is a very tall space. The roof is two floors high. The air is filled with the smell of sesame oil and candle burning.

There is a tall wooden screen in the middle of the field of vision. Several people bypass the screen to see the scene behind.

There are rows of memorial tablets on the two rows of cabinets. In the middle is a high wall full of memorial tablets. The candles in front of the memorial tablet have been almost burned, leaving only melted wax oil and wicks.

On both sides of the walls are also hung more than a dozen portraits of famous people in the village.

Shen junmu and Xiong Ji found the matches and the candles in the box next to them and lit several places for candles.

The window of the ancestral hall is very high, and the sunlight falls from it to form a light blue beam.

The warm and scorching sun looked cold and gloomy here.


There was a sudden noise from the left.

When Ruan Qiao walked over, he saw an equally tall screen on the left near the middle memorial tablet wall.

The others who heard the sound also came over.

Ruan Qiao bypassed the screen and found an open space the size of a small room behind him. There was a wooden window carved with birds on the wall five meters high behind the open space. There were two iron columns on the left and right sides. The iron chain extending from the column was as thick as an adult’s arm and extended to the shadow under the window.

There, leaning against the wall, sat a black shadow.

The slender legs have been bent all the time. The pale left hand is placed on the bent left leg and droops naturally.

He just sat there without saying a word.

Although I can’t see him clearly, I can feel a strong indifference and loneliness from the dark shadow.

It seems that the whole world has forgotten him and abandoned him here.

And they are just a group of people who accidentally enter the cell.

For a moment, Ruan Qiao felt the palpitation from his heart again.

Like this sentence, the emotion left by the body affected her mood. It was stuffy, as if the person locked there was not him, but her.

Hatred, swearing and despair are only numb and abandoned fear in the end.

That figure, in a trance moment, coincided with the shadow in her dream.

Is a desolate dark world, a person waiting alone.

From expectation to disappointment.

She couldn’t help whispering: “I’m back…”

As soon as the voice fell, Ruan Qiao himself felt strange and inexplicably jumped out such a sentence, just like the natural reaction of the body, without thinking through her brain.

Fortunately, the strange words were so light that almost no one heard them.

Instead, the shadow raised his head, and the chain made a clattering sound with his action.

Mule, who returned to get the candle, just walked behind Ruan Qiao. The beating flame shone out the eyes of the man on the ground. Under the thick eyelashes, there were deep pool pupils, pale skin, nose and thin lips. A beautiful face with some morbid beauty gradually emerged from the darkness.

Heavy iron chains are his shackles, and the tall and mysterious ancestral hall is his cell.

[bullet curtain Kirin monarch] ah, ah, ah, the groundhog screams

[bullet screen] my cloud finally comes out!!!

[bullet screen Jiangzhou Sima where wet] my mother, what kind of imprisonment? It’s a good feeling at the beginning!!

[there are bandits in the barrage] don’t tie my baby!

[reward] advanced sprout [roll powder] reward [mine] * 1.

[reward] little sprout [desert night sauce] reward [mine] * 1.

[reward] audience [sleeping] reward [mine] * 1.

Ruan Qiao saw the reaction on the barrage… She thought silently that in the future, she would change the name of her live studio to wonton, the paparazzi and shooting studio.

At the moment of seeing the appearance of the people on the ground, other players stopped and stared at Su Xi.

I’m afraid a sound will trigger something terrible.

Only Ruan Qiao’s eyes fell on his wrist tied by an iron chain.

The rusty iron chain fell down due to gravity, and red scratches were faintly visible on the white wrist.

Her heart was stuffy. She turned directly to mule and stretched out her hand: “key.”

Holding a candle, mule, who didn’t know what happened: “ah?”

Although Junxiu’s face was full of confusion, he handed Ruan Qiao the master copper key.

The girl took the key and went straight over and knelt down next to Su Xi.

Shen junmu wanted to stop her, but Ruan Qiao walked too fast. He had to be careful.

The man in front of him doesn’t know whether he is an enemy or a friend, but if he can be locked in the ancestral hall, he must be a dangerous man.

Mianmian is very similar to Qiaoqiao. Many times, Shen junmu even thinks he is playing games with Qiaoqiao.

So I subconsciously want to remind her or worry about her.

The girl’s body was kneeling straight, and her slender fingers pressed the cold chain. She lowered her head and carefully untied the shackles on his hands.

Su Xi looked down at her and let her move. He pulled his hands to unlock the lock for him.

Mu Rou’s eyes flashed.

Even in the dark ancestral hall, the temperament of the man sitting on the ground is unforgettable.

He is different from Shen junmu. Shen junmu is like the sun in the sky, warm and kind.

In front of him, there was a dark smell all over him. He was like an evil beast, powerful and indifferent.

Mule suddenly shouted, “are you… Wonton?”

He was excited: “it must be! This temperament, this style, this treatment… Ah, audience friends, have you seen it! Today I ranked first in the whole service!”

Then mule began to interact with the audience in his live studio as if there were no one else.

“Yes, yes, live, live wonton!”

“Yes, I didn’t admit my mistake. It’s 100% me!”

“Look behind me. Now I’m showing you the legendary elite king who slaughters evil spirits in hell and tramples on zombies. He ranks first in the mysterious, indifferent and cruel strength list and is swept by yuntun!”

Other players: ”

[nine spoons of snow in the barrage] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen author’s crazy code hand] – my cloud turned into a tourist attraction in an instant, but it’s OK

[the spring breeze of barrage reform blows all over the ground] is Mu Le going to laugh to death

[bullet screen black sesame stuffing small system] explanation: Ghost talent Mu Lele ha ha ha

Mu Rou raised her hand, and the white and small fingertips gathered a faint white fog.

She squatted down on the other side of Su Xi and helped him with her other hand. Her voice was gentle: “I’m a healer. I can help you…”

Before he finished speaking, he heard the sound of shackles and chains crashing to the ground.

Ruanjiao opened his shackles.

At the same time, a cold iron sheet close to her skin appeared on Mu Rou’s neck. The sudden death crisis surprised her, and the fog on her hand immediately dissipated.

Su Xi’s free fingers held the iron piece. No one saw when he came out. In an instant, he quickly and accurately pasted the blade of death on the girl’s fragile and slender neck.

The great arteries trembled gently under the sharp weapon of death.

He didn’t touch her even a finger.

Mu Rou dared not move again.

Su Xi’s voice was hoarse and pleasant, with an itching magnetism, but his words were extremely cold: “don’t touch me, or you won’t be able to stop it next time.”

Mu Rou nodded as if she were bewitched, but she soon reacted and frowned: “I’m doing it for you, you…”

She stared at Su Xi’s eyes. His good-looking, narrow eyes were dark, like the gaze of an evil ghost in the abyss.

But she still held on to her eyes and unleashed her powers.

The next moment, Mu Rou was severely beaten out by the flying iron chain.

She had reacted as soon as possible and retreated in the direction of the chain hit, but she was still affected.

Shen junmu stood by and caught Mu Rou from behind for the first time. Looking at the girl’s face that turned pale in his arms, he raised his head and frowned: “she is a girl. Just now she just wanted to help you treat. If you don’t appreciate it, you won’t start so hard.”

Just now his eyes fell on Ruan Qiao for fear that she would be hurt. He didn’t find out how the attack was caused.

As like as two peas in the air, the game player was attacked by the player who came to help him. But Shen junmu didn’t expect that the last injury was not soft, but mu rou.

Mu Rou took his sleeve, shook his head and said weakly, “maybe I scared him just now. It doesn’t matter. I’m fine.”

That’s what I said, but there was an expression of pain on my face. The pain closed his eyes and took the opportunity to cover up the panic and surprise inside.

He’s so strong.

His hypnotic power had no effect on him at all, and the eyes swept by wonton didn’t even fluctuate.

Mu Rou took a deep breath and became more and more interested in this man.

He was the first man she had ever seen who was so cruel to her. He was like a fierce beast in ancient times. He painted the ground as a prison, and his side was a restricted area where he would die if he touched it, ignoring everything.

Such a person will have a more sense of achievement if he can get another look at him.

Mu Rou, who made up her mind, resumed her gentle expression, used her skills to heal the place where she was hit by the iron chain, and looked up.

At this glance, she almost suspected that she was hallucinating.

The girl, who was half kneeling beside the fierce beast in ancient times, leaned forward slightly, and her blushing little face was close to his ear. The cherry lips moved slightly, as if she was saying something very intimate.

Just now, he was still speaking cold-blooded threatening words in Mu Rou’s ear. At the moment, he slightly lowered his head, his broken hair covered his white skin, his tall nose and good-looking chin, outlining a good-looking face in the cold dark tone world.

Just looking at the lower half of his face, he was frightened by the man’s beauty.

Even if he knew how terrible a person he was, he would willingly come forward and offer his heart.

Oh, such a man, she wants him to give his heart to herself sooner or later.

Mu Rou pinched her white knuckles and looked at Ruan Qiao with more and more sharp eyes.

Aware of the girl’s mood, Shen junmu thought she was afraid, so he worried and said, “are you okay?”

Lin Ye wants to participate in the training program in the capital. He promised to take good care of Mu Rou for Lin Ye. He originally wanted to change his mood in the isolation area. Unexpectedly, the game began, and Mu Rou was injured by a man in front of him.

Mu Rou blinked, the original mood dissipated, leaving only innocence and tenderness: “I’m really fine.”

[ten seconds of barrage] sure enough, this is the cloud God I know!

[bullet screen Su Tian and puff] is this game back to normal? It’s so strong!

[bullet screen Xiaotian] but it’s wrong to hit people anyway, not to mention that the other party is such a lovely sister

[the bullet screen is as warm as ever] the cloud God is continuous. This woman obviously has ulterior motives, okay!

[bullet screen bean] Yes, it’s me. I’m still on guard

Most of the audience in the live studio are fans of several games with Ruan Qiao, of course on her side. Many young viewers can see the means of people like Mu Rou at a glance. Girls’ intuition is often accurate and terrible.

[barrage ah Liang] she wants to stick it on herself. I just don’t want to touch her

[barrage of bullets: Jiang Yungui] the one who said to hit people should have the same pity for beauty and jade as Shen Mu. He was not a CP with Qiaoqiao before. Now he protects Mu Rou and the mouth area in the game

[barrage I’m fierce and I’m reasonable] CP is not a definite boyfriend and girlfriend. What’s the matter with the protection of a team?

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] hehe, give it upstairs

As soon as the barrage came out, the audience immediately turned on the battle mode. I was so fierce that I withdrew from the live studio.

Mu Rou and Lin Ye kept a low profile about falling in love in the team. They just determined that the relationship had not been long and had not been announced. Most of the audience did not know that Mu Rou had a boyfriend.

To say the least, it’s human nature for Shen junmu to protect the same team in the game.

But now Ruan Qiao is not in the mood to see the speculation in the barrage.

When she heard Shen junmu’s question, she sighed.

Why did Shen junmu and Mu Rou fall off the line after they stayed together for a long time?

Reaction and observation are also much worse than before. Didn’t he see that Mu Rou used her power on Su Xi just now?

The attack took place at a very fast speed. The audience in the live studio didn’t find it. She could see it clearly.

Mu Rou’s expression and pupil reaction were obviously an attack on Su Xi.

Looking at this form of activation, it is mostly a power similar to her mind skill, either reading or hypnosis.

In short, it’s all about pulling out tiger whiskers.

Su Xi left her a life, probably because she didn’t know if she was a teammate.

Although other players are far away, they are all in the ancestral hall after all. She needs to get close and keep her voice down to talk to him.

The chain blew down on the ground and made a crisp sound. Su Xi pinched the red part of his wrist that was scratched by the chain, lowered his eyes and frowned: “why do you want to come with the team?”

“Of course I have a question for you,” Ruan Qiao whispered to him close to his ear, “who are you?”

The girl’s breath fluttered in his ears, the stars flashed in his good-looking eyes, and the unique breath fell on his side.

Susie’s pale lips moved.

It was a charming and frivolous ironic smile.

It fell in her ears, so beautiful that people ignored the emotion in the smile.

Their voices were low and fell into the eyes of others as if they were whispering. The audience in the live studio couldn’t hear their low voices clearly, and screamed curiously one by one.

Ruan Qiao knelt beside him, leaning forward and pressing his hands on the ground. He sat on the ground, his slender legs bent all the time, and his tall and thin body looked lonely and indifferent.

Su Xi lowered her head just enough to encircle her in her shadow.

“Haven’t you guessed?” Su Xi said.

The logic and thinking of the two characters are very independent and clear, without any confusion of schizophrenia. When Ruan Qiao heard his words, he was basically sure that the man had split personality.

She continued, “what should I call you?”

His voice was faint: “just call him wonton and me wonton.”

This man is really good. He takes the handsome and nice name directly.

Ruan Qiao looked at him: “who is my friend?”

Su Xi: “I’m not interested in you. Add your friends. He invited you to the game, so you don’t have to think too much.”

She smiled softly: “even if he added my friend, you can delete me.”

Su Xi stopped talking. Her long eyelashes hung down like feathers covering black gemstones.

Ruan Qiao asked him and got up: “you won’t cut my throat with an iron piece if you don’t agree?”

Mu Rou’s lesson is still there. She doesn’t think how special she is in wonton’s heart.

Su Xi suddenly stretched out her hand and pulled her left hand. With an effort, Ruan Qiao fell back unprepared.

He looked thin and weak, but he had great strength in his hands. He firmly held her arms. A low and dumb voice sounded in her ear: “you are a very special person to him. I won’t kill you.”

Ruan Qiao also thinks wonton is too good for her, but they don’t know each other at all. Is it

“Did he fall in love with me at first sight?” Ruan Qiao joked, “to tell you the truth, I can’t follow him for his appearance and character…”

Suxi lazily raised his eyelids and looked at her: “I don’t know if it’s love at first sight. I have something important with him, so don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you for the time being.”

It means you can do whatever you want with her when you get something?

Ruan Qiao bent her lips and didn’t continue to study with him. At least she got the answer she wanted and made progress.

After a while, she will be able to ask Su Xi’s reason for refusing to go offline.

When Susi pulled her, mule was beside her, his face tangled, and his eyes wandered back and forth between the two.

Their movements and whispers became closer and closer, and Mu Le’s eyebrows became tighter and tighter.

“Brother Yun, are you a little too…”

Su Xi suddenly turned to look at him. His eyes were as dark as the abyss, cold and empty. For a moment, mule even felt that he was stared at by the evil ghost of hell.

He stretched out his hand, turned a circle and landed on his head. He scratched his head and grinned. “Is this a little inconvenient for you? Have you been sitting for a long time? Do you need my help?”

[bullet screen Laurie breeze] wonton: give you a look and feel for yourself

[the bullet screen is clearly not stupid] second counsellor ha ha ha ha

[barrage knows] seconds is a little cute??

Susi didn’t answer him, just let go of her hand.

Ruan Qiao rubbed his tightly held arm and stood up.

Mu Rou doesn’t investigate. Shen junmu doesn’t want to provoke contradictions at this time. They just think that what just happened didn’t happen.

“What happened to the riots in the ancestral temple? Why do they say you are a disaster star?” Xiong Ji is more concerned about the game plot than the complex relationship between these people.

Su Xi stood up, his thin body was caged in a black windbreaker, and his pale lips finally had some light blood color. The long and slightly selected eyes looked at the orderly rows of memorial tablets in the middle of the room, and the voice was careless: “it’s just an excuse for incompetent people. They always feel that it’s not themselves who are wrong, but the people who bring disaster.”

Ruan Qiao thought of Aunt Chen’s words: “you killed my alcoholic father?”

Su Xi looked at her: “there are more people dead in the village. Every sin and disaster is on me. It doesn’t matter if one is more or less.”

Ruan Qiao: “so it’s not you? I don’t think you should be called the disaster star. You should be called the back pot man.”

Mule nodded seriously: “this summary is very reasonable.”

Su Xi chuckled, “it’s a pity that he’s a useless kid.”

If he can control the body in his memory, then

It’s another bloody story.

In addition to the empty and large room with memorial tablets and portraits in front of us, there are two doors on both sides in the middle of the room, and two small rooms behind the door.

Shen junmu and Mu Rou enter the left, Xiong Ji and Mu Le enter the right room to search.

Susi sat at the table on the other side, with a teapot on the wooden table. He poured himself a cup of water. The tea was cold and there was not much left in the pot.

Ruan Qiao stood in front of the memorial tablet and appreciated one by one: “Chen Bo will come here to clean the ancestral hall. Is he taking care of you?”

There are many memorial tablets in the ancestral hall, with hundreds of them. Most of them were placed according to their surnames. She even saw the name of the alcoholic father.

Su Xi: “I haven’t seen Uncle Chen since I entered the game.”

Ruan Qiao turned his back to him: “if we don’t come today, don’t you want to be hungry all day?”

She went to the place where she had locked Su Xi and kicked the heavy iron chain on the ground. Under the faint candle light, she could see some strange patterns on the iron chain.

Ruan Qiao squatted down and turned the chain: “with your strength, this thing can’t trap you.”

Su Xi took a sip of cold tea and said, “yes.”

“But you’ve been locked here.”


Ruan Qiao looked up at him: “either you don’t want to, or you can’t.”

“The iron chain looks more like a charm than a pattern. This pattern is the same as the dark pattern on the back of the Taoist rice bowl guide manual in Mu Le’s hand.” Ruan Qiao walked up to him and lowered her head slightly. Her black hair fell from her hair. Her voice was careless: “your strength is too strong. No one in the whole copy is higher than you. What’s more, you have the ability to challenge beyond your level. At the beginning, your ability was suppressed, and even there are suppressed items that can ignore your strength in this copy.”

“A normal human should not be afraid of spells.” She put her hand on Su Xi’s wrist on the table. The girl’s soft and delicate fingertips fell on his skin. She looked into his eyes: “unless you’re not human.”

There is no pulse where the fingertips are pressed.


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