After reopening the escape game Chapter 34

Su Xi’s eyes didn’t change. She didn’t seem surprised that she could see it.

“What the hell are you?” She asked.

Su Xi’s eyes fell on her thin white fingertips: “I have been in a state of no breathing and no pulse since the beginning of the game. But this body was normal when I was a child. After that, it has been imprisoned in the ancestral hall and sent food by Uncle Chen.”

“You are my teammate this time. We have to help each other.” Ruan Qiao took back his hand on his wrist, and the cold and soft touch of his fingertips seemed to have not dissipated. She rubbed her fingers, stood up and looked at him: “is there anything else that can suppress you except this iron chain?”

Su Xi’s voice was faint: “this iron chain was cast by people more than ten years ago.”

That means there may not be anyone who knows how to deal with him now.

Mule’s master is a Taoist, but now he is missing and is not threatening.

And if you are really a reliable Taoist, you won’t jump into the street when you go out to practice

Su Xifei’s physique is so dazzling that it may even have something to do with their team grouping. It’s best not to let others know easily. If the enemy finds something to suppress his ability, they will be very dangerous.

Maybe mule’s book will have clues to Su Xi’s identity.

But she still wanted to ask Su Xi’s ability: “you really can’t deal with this chain?”

Su Xi raised his eyes and seemed to be thinking about how to answer. After a long time, he slowly said, “it can be dealt with, but it takes time.”

This has exposed his weakness to Ruan Qiao.

Knowing that he was not completely suppressed without resistance, she was relieved. As for time, other members of their team were not dead. If they couldn’t delay for a little time, it’s no wonder they would be destroyed by the hostile group.

So far, she has not seen the strength limit of Su Xi. In other words, anyone is not strong enough to resist the suppression of copies. But Su Xi’s ability to do so was only temporary suppression.

Just like last time in the orphanage, he clearly had the ability to deal with the boss, but he didn’t do it, but joined the game of conic.

It seems that the conical curve is playing a game with people’s hearts. In fact, Su Xi is the one who masters the game.

He is testing the strength of conic curve and their choice.

I don’t know if I passed the first level in his heart.

At least for now, it looks good.

Ruan Qiao was in a better mood. Although wonton’s temper was worse, she somehow felt that it was to her taste.

After searching the room, mule was the first to come back. He looked a little depressed: “there was nothing in that room except the historical development records of some small towns.”

Other people came out slowly and just saw mule there and asked, “did you find anything?”

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “as you can see, there is nothing else in this room except wonton.”

Xiong Ji and Mu Le searched in the same room, and she found nothing.

Shen junmu frowned slightly. He was about to speak, but he felt that curtain Rou gently pulled himself behind him.

Mule also recovered: “Wow, you’re all guarding against me. I won’t tell you if I have a clue!”

He got angry, his eyebrows frowned tightly, and his whole good-looking face twisted.

[bullet screen think twice] Mumu’s brother is not angry, and his sister will buy you sugar!

[bullet screen Slytherin’s monster] ha ha, ha ha, it’s so cute to be angry

[happy barrage] it’s so cute. QAQ gives brother Mu a smooth coat

Ruan Qiao smiled helplessly. She really didn’t find anything, but there were many clues in the ancestral hall.

She just needs to be further determined.

Mule seems not serious, but she still believes in his IQ. She doesn’t need to go to the room he searched. Since Mu Rou and Shen junmu have been to the other room, they must have got any clues.

“What shall we do next?” Xiong Ji asked.

Ruan Qiao looked at the sky, “go back to each family first, find each mother, eat dinner, and meet collectively at Qin Yue’s house in the afternoon.”

She told several people about Qin Yue’s identity and the location of the house.

Shen junmu’s doubts don’t increase but decrease. He wants soft Mianmian to go to Shen’s house for dinner. At that time, he will privately ask her if she knows Qiao.

The two people made him feel so alike.

Does Joe have sisters?

But before he spoke, Mu Rou took the lead, took Ruan Qiao’s arm and suggested, “the Shen family is very big, otherwise we can go together? I think I have a lot of fate with you and want to talk to you more.”

Ruan Qiao drew out his arm expressionless: “no, my mother called me home for dinner.”

Shen junmu: “maybe we are teammates. We can go back and exchange clues together.”

Mu Rou smiled happily: “brother Shen is right. I like it when I see you. I think we must be teammates this time!”

Ruan Qiao didn’t know what calculations she played. She was courteous and either raped or stole. Mu Rou certainly doesn’t want to follow her. If she really goes to the Shen family, she doesn’t know what traps are waiting for her.

She has clearly drawn a line with Shen junmu and kept a distance in the whole game. Mu Rou still wants to be a good sister with her, which is too abnormal.

Is it because of his face that Mu Rou has transferred her original hatred for herself?

How much she doesn’t like her original self.

Ruan Qiao took a step back: “it’s an enemy or a friend. You’ll soon know. Now you’re not in a hurry.”

Mu Rou showed a disappointed expression and looked down.

Ruan Qiao is familiar with this look. Every time she gets her own satisfactory results, she often doesn’t easily show her happy mood, but uses this small action to cover up the change of her fundus mood.

People like Mu Rou are really tired to live. They don’t like it, but they have to say they like it. A word has been turned in their stomach thousands of times before it is exported. Every move and behavior is not in vain. It must be an effort for some purpose.

Mu Rou gives up, but Shen junmu still insists.

Recently, he didn’t return any news about Qiaoqiao. Now he meets a person who is very similar to her in the game, maybe Qiaoqiao’s sister. This is the only way he can try to contact her.

He has also been to the place where Joe lives, but he can’t get in at all because he doesn’t have a community access card and password.

Shen junmu is also tall. Wearing a slightly ancient self-cultivation robe and handsome facial features, he looks like the young master in the novel. He blocked Ruan Qiao’s way out of the ancestral hall. Looking down, he could see the familiar expression on the girl’s small facial features.

The white jade like neck is covered in the ordinary collar. It is a simple and almost simple dress, but it looks good outside her whole personality and has a kind of light temperament.

Apricot eyes and thin lips, the whole contour is very soft and delicate.

At first glance, it may not look very amazing, but after a long time, it will unconsciously be attracted to her.

Even want to be her dependence, gently hug her.

Shen junmu opened his mouth and said in his unique voice, “you and I go to the Shen family. I want to ask you something.”

Ruan Qiao looked up at him.

[bullet screen wooden guest] this line is very powerful

[bullet curtain Shen Yi] Sun man, don’t covet my wife

[barrage, I’m a pupil] yunyun, come on! Your wife will be abducted by local tyrants!

It seems that his words are too direct. Shen junmu’s tone is a little loose: “it’s a very important thing.”

Ruan Qiao glanced at Mu Rou: “I may not be able to help young master Shen.”

Shen junmu also noticed her action and approached: “Mu Rou and I are just the identity setting of the copy.”

He doesn’t know why he wants to explain: “if our identity makes you feel unhappy, I will apologize.”

Ruan Qiao was happy. How did he say this? He was like a jealous little daughter-in-law: “you didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t need to apologize.”

Mule shrank back and approached Xiong Ji’s ear: “did your plot progress so fast in the morning when I was away?”

A faint doubt also appeared on Xiong Ji’s cold face: “I met them at noon.”

Ruan Qiao was too lazy to explain to him and raised his feet to go.

Shen junmu stretched out his hand and held her for a long time before he said a sentence: “if you want to follow the relationship of the game script, shouldn’t you always secretly love me?”

Everyone was surprised when this sentence came out.

Shen junmu has always been restrained, but the things in the team are too complicated these days, and Qiaoqiao lost contact, which made him a little upset. He knew that he had done wrong about Qianqiao’s birthday, but things were prioritized, and he compensated her afterwards.

Joe Joe is really a good girl, but she’s just too strong.

She seems to be able to complete everything by herself. It is said that they are the best partners and have a tacit understanding.

But only Shen junmu knows that even without him, she can complete the task alone.

Qiao Qiao is a cold sword, a white plum on the cliff. Wind, cold, rain and snow can’t do anything to her.

She never asked him to help, and her reaction to anything was cold.

Soft is different from Joe. She looks more lively and casual.

Maybe it’s her petite facial features and talking eyes, maybe it’s her low level.

In short, she looks… More in need of help and care.

He originally wanted to say that if she really followed the script, she should like herself – obviously, this setting is ridiculous. Players can accept the set identity, but how to play the game and whether to accept the setting are all their own choices.

So he and Murou’s boyfriend and girlfriend can’t be true.

If it’s because he refuses to communicate with him and keeps a distance from him, it’s really unnecessary. He wants to explain it clearly.

But I didn’t expect that when I said it, it changed a taste.

Mu Rou’s face turned white and red next to her. After forcibly calming herself down, she resumed her consistent smile, but the fingers in her sleeve were still holding tightly. Although she has a new goal, Shen junmu is still her “boyfriend” in the copy. Now she says such words in front of everyone. Don’t you hit her in the face?

Xiong Ji and Mu Le, as two melon eaters, were so frightened that they fell into deep thinking.

Xiong Ji: “don’t you know Ruanmian?”

Mule nodded with a serious tone: “the three of them are not so much the gratitude and resentment of the copy, but more like they know each other in reality, and there is a complex relationship that is difficult to clarify. All this is too obvious, there is no doubt.”

“The three of them know each other and form a team together! Aren’t we at a disadvantage?” After mule finished his analysis, he immediately panicked: “it’s too insidious! Three people form a team together! Isn’t this bullying US single players! There are only five people in a team, and they found three!”

Ruan Qiao was a little annoyed: “I’m here to play games, not to play dog blood emotional drama. What’s the relationship between you two has nothing to do with me. Can I go?”

Shen junmu also grabbed her arm and lowered his eyes, “sorry, I said the wrong thing.”

Ruan Qiao was about to speak when he felt a flash in front of him.

The tall and thin figure was inserted between the two people. Shen junmu grabbed her arm with his right hand, gently protected her with his left hand, pushed Ruan Qiao behind, and stood in front of Shen junmu instead of her.

Standing behind him, she could only see his tall and thin figure and the outline of his beautiful side face.

Su Xi’s voice was lazy: “she made her own choice.”

Shen junmu: “I just want to explain.”

The two people just looked at each other, and neither of them would step back.

[when will the barrage arrive] ah, high self-worth Shura Hall

[bullet screen Tingting] although Shen Mu is very handsome… He is really handsome

[barrage coarse grain production] are you going to fight! Excited.jpg

[bullet screen Fanghua Muke] wife protection praise!! my baby rush!! let the son of the sun know who soft is!

[shell screen green onion porcelain is more beautiful than praise Si] yunyun, flush it for me!!!

Mule waited impatiently: “you three are too much. Don’t want people to play games. You won’t get pregnant if you stare down. It’s getting dark! I haven’t eaten yet!”

The two men who were facing each other turned to look at him at the same time.

Mule shivered, and wonton stared at him. It was so terrible. Why did the eyes of young master tuhao of the Shen family, who looked as warm as jade before, look like he was about to dismember him?

This game can’t be played!

Mule turned his head and looked at Ruan Qiao. There was an expression of grievance on his good-looking face. A pair of obsidian eyes were covered with a layer of water mist. They were ugly. Their voice also took the young man’s soft waxy: “sister, they bullied me.”

[bullet screen Huihui bewitches the public] my spoiled brother mule, I’m dead

[bullet screen curls] who can stand this look!!!

[barrage I indulge in chasing more every day] ah!

[bullet screen kid moon] QAQ is so cute and pathetic!

Ruan Qiao can’t stand it. Her resistance to beauty is very low.

Ruan Qiao stepped back and waved to Mu Le: “Mu Zai, go home and have dinner.”

Mule bumped up and ran over.

Shen junmu’s eyes darkened, took a step back, took Mu Rou out of the ancestral hall, paused at the door, or turned to look at Ruan Qiao and said, “I’ll apologize to you if I have a chance in the future. I really want to ask you something.”

Ruan Qiao replied casually, “I see.”

Xiong Ji looked at Su Xi: “since he is locked up in the ancestral hall, he is the public enemy in the village. I’m afraid there will be trouble if he is taken home.”

Ruan Qiao doesn’t care: “it’s 9012 years.”

Xiong Ji: “anyway, the trouble is not mine. I still have a big trouble in my family. Let’s go first.”

There is also a Grumpy Bear Village head in her family.

Ruan Qiao stepped out and turned to look at the tall, thin and lonely figure in the ancestral hall.

The roof of the whole ancestral hall was very high, and the sun fell on him, lifeless and silent.

He is very strong, but every time she looks at him, she thinks he is very poor.

A person is experiencing a world in this terrible and crazy game. What is Su Xi’s persistence in the end?

Mu Le saw her stop and said, “don’t you go yet?”

Ruan Qiao turned his head and looked at the sunshine in the distance of the ancestral temple. It was not far away, but it was like two worlds. One was cold and lonely, and the other was sunny. She turned her back to Su Xi and raised her voice: “wait for someone in the back who has long legs but doesn’t walk as fast as me.”

I don’t know if it was an illusion. Ruan Qiao seemed to hear a faint smile behind him.

It is a familiar voice with a slightly rising ending, which tickles people’s hearts.

After silently counting for five seconds, the people behind passed her and walked out of the ancestral hall.

Seeing the sky outside, Susie turned slightly to look at her.

Ruan Qiao’s mouth was slightly curved. He was in a good mood. He walked down the steps of the ancestral hall and didn’t forget to remind mule at the door: “muzai, remember to lock the door.”

Mule: “??”


All the way back to Ruan’s house, the three were pointed out.

Mule and Ruan Qiao are fine. Su Xi is the attraction of public opinion.

Fortunately, the people in the village just chattered behind them and did not come up with a hoe to fight them like the worst result envisaged in Ruan Qiao’s heart.

She can stand the violence of public opinion.

Su Xi doesn’t care. His hearing is undoubtedly better than Ruan Qiao and mule, two players with lower levels, but the guidance of the villagers didn’t affect him at all.

“Disaster star! How can it be released?”

“Now young people just have more and more courage…”

“Nobody cares?”

“The village head is very busy now. Who has time to take care of him? Besides, dare you take care of him? Whoever gets close to the disaster star will have bad luck!”

“Yes, I want to live a few more years!”

There were also more vicious curses, and some gloated that they would wait to see what happened to the Ruan family.

“This little Ruan is too ignorant. Can the disaster star be released?”

“It’s been closed for so many years. Are the previous things useless and can’t suppress the disaster star?”

“How dare you bring people home? It’s not a white eyed wolf! Forget how her father died?”

“Yes, I killed my father. Do you still want to kill Xiao Ruan’s mother? I’ve been out reading for several years and forgot this one! I’m confused!”

Su Xi, who had never responded, suddenly stopped.

Ruan Qiao didn’t care about the gossip of these neighbors all the way. Their words were nothing more than a few words. After listening to them, he should waste his time.

The woman who said these words was far away, and mule and Ruan Qiao didn’t hear them.

Su Xi did not speak, but looked back at the group.

Under the sun, the young man’s whole body was filled with cold evil spirit, as if he could not reach him in the strong sun.

His eyes are beautiful, with slightly raised corners, dark pupils and thick eyelashes.

But when looking at those people, the good-looking facial features, especially a pair of eyes, make people cold.

It’s like being watched by evil spirits in hell, which makes the whole person’s blood coagulate.

The women stopped talking.

“Why don’t you go again.” Ruan Qiao looked back at him.

Su Xi turned his head and said, “it’s all right.”

Until the figure of the three was far away, the originally quiet small group talked again.

“I’m scared to death. Did you see the child’s eyes!”

“It’s really an evil ghost. The evil ghost is back…”

“I’m too scared to say anything! It’s terrible. He’s not only a disaster star, but also a ghost! No, I have to tell you about it…”


When Ruan Qiao knocked on the door, he heard Ruan’s mother’s excited footsteps. The door creaked and opened. Ruan’s mother was wearing an apron: “little Ruan is back? Mom made you a lot of delicious food today. Wait. You can eat in a while.”

Ruan Qiao: “I brought my friends back.”

Ruan’s mother opened the door and went in to continue her busy work: “you child, used to like making friends. When you were a child, those children who often played together also worked hard. They all went to college and went out. Only Qin Yue, alas, that’s also a poor child.”

When she finished, she looked up at mule who came in at the door. Seeing that it was a boy, she brightened her eyes: “this young man is good.”

Facing Ruan’s mother looking up and down, Mu Le smiled: “aunt, I’ll rub the rice!”

According to him, his master can’t be found. His family is poor and empty. He has nothing to eat. He can only follow his alliance friends to eat.

After looking at it, Ruan’s mother nodded with satisfaction. She looked upright, tall and cheerful. Although she wore strange clothes, it should be the fashion of their young people.

Ruan’s mother went to Ruan Qiao and whispered, “little Ruan, originally I wanted to talk to you about the blind date with the nephew of the eldest brother of the uncle of the second dog family in the next village. Unexpectedly, you have your own idea. It seems that I am in vain.”

Ruan Qiao: “… Mom, it’s not what you think.”

It’s just the silly son she picked up.

Ruan’s mother looked like I knew I knew: “girls have thin skin. Don’t worry, the rest of the mothers will come.”

Su Xi walked behind, slowly. When mule sat down, he stepped into the door.

Ruan’s mother saw that there were still guests, and her hands stopped. Her smiling face changed when she looked up at Su Xi.

Ruan Qiao carefully observed Ruan’s mother’s reaction: “that…”

Ruan’s mother’s face became very ugly, but she still squeezed out a smile: “you are old and know to make your own choice. No matter what happens, mother will support you.”

She didn’t seem to dare to look into Su Xi’s eyes. She wiped her hands on her apron: “I’ll wash the dishes first. You sit and have a rest.”

Then he hurried to the yard.

The stove and kitchen are outside in the shed, but the meal is in the main house.

Mule couldn’t sit still. As soon as he entered the house, he began to study everywhere. Although it was a house of broken furniture, he still looked with interest.

“Look, this is the rural layout in the past. Look at the patterns, the distribution of dust, and the crack trend of the stool. It’s amazing!”

Worthy of being a qualified anchor

Ruan Qiao told Su Xi about his car accident to the village, the seeing off team he met on the way, and other player information he knew so far.

Ruan Qiao: “well, that’s all. What else do you want to ask?”

Su Xi looked up and tapped his slender fingers on the table. The whole person looked like a lazy black cat: “then explain what happened to the object of secret love.”


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