After reopening the escape game Chapter 35

Ruan Qiao: “?”

Looking at the girl’s puzzled little eyes, Su Xi pointed to the table: “why did Shen Mu say that?”

Originally, for the sake of trouble, Ruan Qiao did not say that the system added a play to her role, but only said the clues she thought had something to do with the copy.

It seemed that he was restrained by Su Xi’s momentum. Ruan Qiao followed his thinking, twisted his clothes with green fingers, and tried to think about how to describe the dog blood relationship between the three people in his mind.

Just about to explain, she suddenly reacted. Her pathetic eyes raised, looked at a Su Xi who took the initiative to catch the traitor and asked, “wait? Why should I explain to you?”

Su Xi raised her eyebrows: “since I use the same body as him, I certainly want to check the girls he pays attention to.”

As if afraid of her retort, he added: “wonton is too simple. I’m afraid he will be cheated by others.”

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi’s handsome face of common indignation. He remembered the soft, gentle and delicious wonton in a cotton white sweater last time. He nodded approvingly: “I think color is OK, money is not necessary. I’m not short of money for the time being.”

“Then explain it to wonton for me. In this copy, my setting is a little girl who secretly loves young master tuhao of the Shen family. Like every Huaichun girl, she is fascinated by Shen’s appearance, and is blinded by his personality light and dare not approach.”

She bowed her head and pretended to hold her heart: “then, she can only hold a heart and cry alone.”

[bullet screen depends on milk tea to continue life] ha ha ha, ha ha, it’s concluded that there is no cat disease

[bullet screen Muke Huwei] the charm of the sun man ha ha ha

Su Xi’s eyes sank: “he asked you to explain, you explain?”

Ruan Qiao: “ha?”

Didn’t you ask me to explain?

Ruan Qiao said he was tired of communicating with patients.

His voice became more and more indifferent, and the whole person exuded the breath of strangers: “so?”

Ruan Qiao couldn’t understand why he was suddenly full of murderous spirit. He wanted to explain, and she also explained.

The girl’s cherry lips opened for a long time before she asked, “so what?”

Su Xi was silent for a moment and finished this sentence with great difficulty: “so you really think Shen Mu is tall, handsome, handsome and charming…”

He can’t go on.

[shrapnel purple dancing snow] hahaha, too ashamed

[bullet screen roll powder] cub, don’t force yourself to say these marisu lines. Ha ha

[bullet screen boiled water without sugar] I’m laughing to death, hhhh

[bullet screen mustard women’s clothes] I really said it, ha ha ha ha

Ruan Qiao thought carefully: “Shen Mu is also very good-looking and considerate to people.”

Every time she praised, Susie’s eyes were dangerous.

Ruan Qiao: “to say tall, handsome, handsome and charming is quite consistent. Hey, no, how do you know this adjective?”

Ruan Qiao suddenly asked him, “don’t you like me?”

She thought too fast. She thought of everything she had seen in the ancestral hall before. She suspected that in the setting of this copy, she was the white moonlight of the little disaster star in that year. That is to say, in the setting, Su Xi might… Like her? That’s why he knows this string of mysterious adjectives?

Is it really good that you had such a dog blood triangle when you were a child?! Now it’s okay. It’s quadrangular.

Su Xi looked up and the mood at the bottom of his eyes was uncertain.

It seemed that her words, like a sharp sword, pierced all his defenses, crossed the garden and high wall full of thorns, threw a stone in his heart as deep as a pool of water, and disturbed his mood and opened layers of ripples.

Pretty thin lips were slightly pursed, and the long and dense eyelashes cast a shadow on the bottom of his eyes. Instead of directly answering this question, Su Xi suddenly looked into her eyes.

He asked, “are you an arc?”

The boy’s voice is very light and low. It seems that he is asking a question he doesn’t believe.

“Oh,” he pulled a shallow arc from the corner of his mouth, as if laughing at his whimsical: “or I’ll ask another way, do you know the arc?”

Ruan Qiao stopped talking.

There was a patter of rain outside the window.

It’s overcast.

The smell of soil gradually filled the air. There was a rustle of rain in their ears. They looked at each other. For a moment, no one continued to speak.

Mule: “thank Maomao, Tingting, banxiang, Yingling and black sesame mines!”

“Next, I’d like to introduce the two heavyweight exhibits of this scene. The one sitting on the chair behind me is Yun * who has a bad temper and stares at people when he disagrees * his appearance is a little lower than me * I heard that the fight was very fierce, but he was tied in the house by a dog chain at the beginning.”

“Another lovely and beautiful little sister is the first ally who was as smart as me at the beginning… Hey? How strange is the atmosphere between you two?”

Ruan Qiao / SU Xi: ”

Ruan Qiao: “I’ll see if the meal is ready…”

If you don’t run again, you’ll lose your horse.

If the ID of arc had been a well-known name in the whole isolation area six months ago, it was completely refrigerated by her old owner after that.

Those who know the name must have paid attention to the isolation area very early.

But Su Ximing only entered the isolation zone six months ago. How could he know the name… Does he still think about that thing like others?

No matter how powerful it is, it’s just a prop in the game. It’s not worth overdraft his life to find.

There must be another reason.

They haven’t been together before and don’t know each other at all. She has never played games with Su Xi with her arc account. Even if his intuition is sensitive, it is just a doubt without evidence.

Before jumping from the isolation area to the survival line, she had completely separated the names of arc and Ruan Qiao. At that time, she used a pseudonym when playing the game. Except for star company and Yi Jing, even her old owner in the isolation area and the AAS team didn’t know her relationship with arc.

As long as Ruan Qiao doesn’t admit it, no one can be sure it’s her.

Now she is a little glad that she liked to use pseudonyms and anonymous identities like most young girls.

At that time, I was young and thought of myself day by day in the game, and everyone knew nothing about the identity of the real person behind the strongest character. There is a sense of mystery from the bottom of my heart. I feel very powerful.

Although it’s a little shameful to look back now… At least it saves her a lot of trouble now.


“Why don’t you stay at home for a while when you come back this time?” Ruan’s mother washed vegetables in the basin and asked her carefully.

It began to rain near dusk. It was overcast outside. The drizzle came down from the ridge of the roof and made a slight sound of rain through the Milky windows.

Mule moved tables and chairs in the house. Su Xi was wearing coir raincoats on the roof. They were inside and outside… Repairing the roof.

“Brother Yun – left!” Mu Le shouted at the top of his voice in the room, “Oh, water drops into my eyes. I can’t see clearly!”

Su Xi’s slender fingers fell on the nearby tiles and frowned slightly: “shut up.”

Mule: “you’re so fierce! I’ll sue you!”

Su Xi looked at him through a small hole: “go.”

Mule choked and muttered in a low voice, “look, I’ll go behind and expose your true face.”

“Ah, ah, how did I suddenly get bigger by this hole!”

“Cloud! Swallow! Mat! Roll! I warn you! Don’t take revenge for public affairs and private affairs! Ah, it’s so cold!! the water leaked in. It’s surnamed Yun!”

Listening to the scream from the room, Ruan Qiao unconsciously smiled.

Somehow I thought they were cute.

It’s not like playing a horror game. It’s like a farmhouse.

Ruan’s house is really shabby. There are toads in the corner. As soon as it rains, it keeps leaking. The basin on the ground catches the raindrops and makes an orderly sound. Only one roof leaked so much that Su Xi climbed up to mend it.

Ruan Qiao helped pick vegetables nearby and gave a faint answer.

Ruan’s mother is very kind to her, but according to the direction of the dog game, I’m afraid the peace of the village won’t last long.

Ruan Qiao continued to ask, “Qin Yue… What happened to her after I left?”

Ruan’s mother sighed: “the child’s grades were no worse than you at that time, but he had to drop out of school to take care of his seriously ill mother. Fortunately, he met Xiao Song later.”

Ruan’s mother smiled and looked at Ruan Qiao: “to say that people originally wanted to talk to you about matchmaking, the young man is also very capable. It’s just that the conditions at home are bad. His parents died when he was a child. He worked alone for so many years to pay off the debts left by the previous generation. He said that when you came back from the city, he took you to see each other, and you haven’t come back.”

“Although our family is a little late, he is also a little difficult. Xiao Song has just paid off his debt and his family has no money. I don’t know when to save enough bride price. Although our family has no money, mom can’t let you marry into such a family to suffer.” Ruan’s mother talked for a long time, and Ruan Qiao heard it clearly.

The young man didn’t save enough betrothal gifts, but he was diligent. He often came to Ruan’s house to help. He had contacts with Qin Yue who lived next to him. The two married six months ago. The young man’s surname is song. His family is behind the rocks in the north of the village. People in the village call him Xiao Song.

Although it is not far from the village, the road is difficult to walk, so there are not many people there.

Ruan Qiao remembered the address: “Qin Yue, nothing happened when she got married?”

Ruan’s mother shook her head: “what can I do? Xiao Song’s family has no money and there is no big deal in marriage. The two rented a sedan chair in the Shen family and invited several sedan chairs. They didn’t even invite suona.”

No wonder the Shen family is rich. They even take charge of wedding services. They are worthy of being rich people in the village.

“However, don’t mention it yet. It seems that the strange things in the village began half a month ago…” Ruan’s mother hesitated.

Ruan Qiao asked, “what happened?”

Ruan’s mother recovered and forced out a smile: “it’s nothing. It’s all trivial things. Just leave it alone. Don’t go out at night.”

Ruan’s mother was silent, and the atmosphere between them became a little strange.

“Ah ah!!! Ah sneeze -”

“No, again?”

“Brother Yun, you are my brother, OK! I’m wrong!”

There was a faint hint of fatigue in the clear voice of mule boy in the room

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[bullet screen black sesame filling system] Yun Sansui and Mu Sansui

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[Indian spirit next to the barrage] I’m adoring!

[barrage dragon roaring and whining] cute, want… Want to raise!


“It’s raining.” Plum stood in front of the window.

The four people were divided into two groups in the village and walked around. They heard something strange about the village and heard about the disaster star in the village more than ten years ago. Plum and CHEN Si follow the clues to the ancestral hall. They wanted to break in with the lock, but they were driven away by an old man with a black eye.

Although there was no place to eat, several people had standing dry food in their backpacks.

There is not much space in the backpack. The same items in each grid can only hold 9 pieces. For example, 9 bottles of mineral water or 9 loaves of bread can be placed in one space of backpack. If you exceed this number, you will occupy a new backpack space.

If you want more space, you need to spend a lot of diamonds.

Plum and CHEN Si act together. Although the lonely flying eagle walks with the two channels, there is almost no communication between them.

They ate the dry food in their backpacks for dinner and found something in the house.

For example, coir raincoats and hats on the table.

The two voice channel sneezed, and the young face was a little pale: “no wonder I fell asleep last night and felt that the room was very wet. Even on the second floor, the environment was too bad.”

The two girls live in the inner room on the second floor. The two channel and lonely Eagle live in the outer room. If you want to enter the inner room, you must pass through their room. The tables and chairs downstairs were old and dusty. The four went upstairs to eat dry food and exchange clues with each other.

The double channel reached out and touched the quilt. “The quilt is moist.”

He sneezed again.

Plum put the coir raincoat she found on the table in front of the window: “there are only two. If you go out in a rainy day, remember to put it back here.”

The two channels waved indifferently: “I see.”

CHEN Si looked at him. Although he didn’t speak, he didn’t know what he was thinking.

The last time the lonely Eagle came back, he stepped up the stairs and felt the humidity in the room. When he saw the things on the table, his face became very bad, his eyes widened and his face turned white, as if he suddenly remembered something terrible.

CHEN Si looked at the plum. They looked at each other, nodded to each other, turned around and asked the lonely eagle as if nothing had happened: “did you find anything?”

The lonely Eagle didn’t answer, just stared at the two girls.

CHEN Si took two coir raincoats and hats and stepped forward: “go out for a while. I have something to ask you.”

The two tone channel only felt that the atmosphere of the three was a little strange: “what do you want to say outside?”

Plum stood behind the two track and stretched out his hand to pull him.

CHEN Si didn’t answer. The lonely Eagle seemed to come back. He looked at the two people standing next to him, stretched out his hand to take the coir raincoat and went downstairs with CHEN Si.


Although the Ruan family’s dinner is simple, it can be seen that Ruan’s mother is very attentive.

Mule didn’t eat lunch. Ruan’s mother’s craft was good. He buried himself in eating and finally calmed down.

Susie is also very quiet, but he eats very little.

Ruan’s mother seems to have been very reserved. She doesn’t dare to look up at Su Xi. She occasionally brings vegetables to Ruan Qiao. She is very silent for a meal.

He cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks and burned dishwashing water in the shed outside. Ruan Qiao went to help again and couldn’t help asking her, “people in the village say he is a disaster star. Aren’t you afraid I’ll bring him back?”

Ruan’s mother stopped washing dishes, sighed, and looked up at her: “since you know, you should stay away from him. Without someone to take care of, he can’t be locked up in the ancestral hall all his life.”

Also, judging from Chen Bo’s age, it’s estimated that he can’t take care of Su Xi for long.

“It’s a good thing that you brought him out. Although… After all, he’s a poor child. I’ve heard that the mountain torrents and landslides outside can’t drive in. Let him leave the village when the road is dug up.” Ruan’s mother seemed to recall the past: “the events of that year have passed, and your father has died for so many years. Little Ruan, it’s better to do less than more.”

“In the past, we were sorry for the child. No one could choose his own birth.” Ruan’s mother looked at the flowery and dirty window behind her, which could only vaguely transmit light. She could not see the scene on the other side either from the inside or from the outside. “But Xiao Yun is indeed a cursed child. Mom doesn’t want anything to happen to you. The farther away from him, the better.”

Ruan Qiao: “how did dad die?”

Ruan’s mother’s eyes changed: “not long after the reservoir was built, your father was drunk and fell in and drowned.”

Ruan Qiao wondered, “what does that have to do with him?”

“It’s all about adults. Don’t ask so much. Study hard,” Ruan mother pushed her into the house. “I’ll do the rest. You go and have a rest.”

Ruan’s mother didn’t want to say, so Ruan Qiao asked Su Xi directly.

Speaking of the past, Su Xi’s voice didn’t fluctuate. It was like saying an ordinary thing.

On one side, Mu Le also came together bored, but soon he took over the conversation.

“I know that! I saw records from more than ten years ago in the record book of the ancestral hall.” Mule talked endlessly.

More than ten years ago, the fool in the village suddenly became pregnant. His father didn’t know who the child was, but it was said that it was a ghost fetus in the village.

Because since the fool got pregnant, the fool’s family died one by one for no reason. Some had sudden diseases, some had accidents, some were murdered, but the murderer had no whereabouts… In short, bad luck came to the whole village from that time on.

Immediately followed by the neighbors who lived close to the fool, they also began to die inexplicably.

The graveyard of the village was dug up and the poultry disappeared for no reason… The next day, the road of the village was full of dried blood. I don’t know whether it was the missing poultry or human blood

Panic spread through the village.

More and more strange things happen. People can be heard complaining and discussing every day.

It’s the ghost

It killed everyone in the cloud family. It’s not enough. We have to bury the whole village!

The people in the village wanted to catch the fool and force her to have an abortion, but the fool disappeared.

“It’s strange to say that after the fool disappeared, there were fewer strange things in the village. Although some bad luck still happens frequently, it’s much better than before.” Mule continued, “after three years, the fool appeared with a little boy. It turned out that she didn’t know where she went and gave birth to a child by herself. The strange thing in the village began again as soon as she came back.”

“The fool was in poor health. I don’t know how to live these three years. Their mother and son have no place to live. They all rely on Uncle Chen for help and live in the ancestral hall. The fool died soon after three or four years. The people in the village pointed the finger at the left child. Especially after the Ruan family died again, the panic reached the extreme. The people in the village remembered that the village was full of white paper , every family could not help it any more… They rushed into the ancestral hall and wanted to burn the child. ”

Ruan Qiao: “your version doesn’t look like a record that will be written in places like ancestral halls. It’s more like who said it…”

Mule was proud: “of course, I didn’t just read the records. I also saw some notes of things in my master’s house. I told you after integrating various perspectives.”

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi’s hand, white almost transparent wrist, slender and bony fingers, looking too good: “why didn’t you die later, or did you come back from the dead?”

So there’s no pulse, no breathing?

Susi noticed her eyes: “what are you looking at?”

Ruan Qiao: “see if you are a lotus root person.”

Mule said, “hey?”

Ruan Qiao turned to Mule: “let’s pay more attention to China’s myths and legends. It’s terrible that young people have no culture now. They can’t even catch the stem.”

Mu Le frowned, his Obsidian eyes showed a little unconvinced, his good-looking lips pouted, turned around, lowered his head, lowered his voice, and whispered to the air: “come on, help me check. Yes, our Mu family can’t be looked down on!”

“Hum.” Mule seemed to get some information. When he looked back, he held his head high: “which house is it? I know the one who came back from the dead.”

Ruan Qiao: “it’s Nezha.”

Mule: “goose, le…”

His tongue turned a little and he just shut up.

Su Xi said faintly, “they didn’t kill me. Although they were arrested, they were temporarily locked up in the ancestral hall. Later, a Taoist came and drew a pattern reluctantly. The people in the village made an iron chain according to this pattern.”

Ruan Qiao looked at mule and said, “your master?”

Mule scratched his head: “it should be… After all, he didn’t pick me up at that time, and I don’t know what happened.”

Ruan Qiao wondered, “but my father’s death is not necessarily because of your mother and son. Why are they so sure? This time they are so crazy.”

Su Xi’s voice was faint, but his words made people cold at the bottom of their heart: “because of the corpse of the reservoir.”

Ruan Qiao: “reservoir?”


Behind them came the sound of the basin landing. The three looked back. Ruan’s mother stood at the door, her face white, and the dishes in the basin scattered all over the ground.

Her lips were white and trembling. It took her a long time to squat down and clean up the mess on the ground.

Ruan Qiao went to help her. After picking up the vegetables, he held her hand and stared at Ruan’s mother’s eyes: “Mom, what do you know?”

“Sin!” Ruan’s mother glanced at Su Xi, His face is still ugly: “When Xiaoyun’s mother died, the village head was transferred to the county in an important period of his career. In order to make some achievements, he proposed to build a reservoir in the north of the village. Building a reservoir is a good thing. The village head can get merit and the village can get a large subsidy. But you know, bad things have always happened in our village, especially Xiaoyun’s mother is pregnant After that, it was even more evil. After she came back, strange things kept happening. There were several minor accidents before the reservoir was repaired. The village head had to find a body and tie it to the cement column under the reservoir according to the method handed down by the old people in the village, and asked the Shen family to do the law. ”

Shen family again.

Mule: “why not invite my master?”

Ruan Qiao: “maybe your master’s skill is… It’s not unreasonable for your family to be poor for so many years.”

Mule stopped talking again.

[bullet screen I don’t need a lighter] ha ha ha ha ha critical hit

[barrage Changyuan] poor brother mule can’t afford to eat

[barrage wants to suck cats today] touch your head. Don’t be angry.

[bullet screen Mu Zi wen i] there are indeed secrets in the sun man’s family. He is proficient in these witchcraft and reasonably suspects that there is a problem with their family’s money

Ruan’s mother sighed: “there were no new bodies in the village at that time… Even if there were, the family would not agree to tie people under the reservoir. That’s a curse that can’t be reborn forever!”

Ruan’s mother took a careful look at Su Xi. Seeing that he had no response, she continued: “finally, you know, Xiao Yun’s mother has just died of illness. Xiao Yun is still young. People in the village say that it’s better to make some contribution to the village than let his mother leave her affairs unattended and expose her body in the wilderness.”

[the bullet screen is not sweet and irresponsible] this… Feels a little too much?

[the cold cicada doesn’t know] isn’t it just bullying others’ orphans and widows?

[three straight barrages of bullets] the people of this village are in the mouth area

[people in bullet screen half lane] if you don’t want to, others can?

The barrage is defending Su Xi’s life experience.

Not to mention the audience in the live studio, even Ruan Qiao was a little angry.

Borrowed other people’s bodies to suppress the reservoir, and finally drowned by accident and threw the pot on the child. If it weren’t for Su Xi’s role, how painful would it be for any child to be treated like this since childhood and locked in the ancestral hall for more than ten years?

Ruan’s mother sighed: “Now think about it, the people in the village were really crazy at the beginning. Even I don’t know how… We can’t be sorry for Xiaoyun. Now you bring him home, which is also a debt that our family should pay. Just xiaoruan, things can be borne by me. It doesn’t matter what happens to me, but I hope you stay away from these things. Mom also wants you to be well.”

The implication was to keep her away from Su Xi, the disaster star.

Even if Ruan’s mother can see clearly here, she still can’t escape her prejudice against him.

There are no disaster stars in this world. It’s just the people’s heart.

Ruan’s mother continued: “at first, everyone wanted to burn Xiaoyun, but master Mu always said that he was human and killing was illegal. Later, the Shen family came forward and everyone gave up this crazy idea. Finally, master Mu drew a pattern of repression to suppress the evil spirits in Xiaoyun’s body on an iron chain.”

[think twice] it seems that the Shen family doesn’t do all kinds of bad things

[bullet screen Slytherin’s monster] I fainted. Who are the good guys and the bad guys in here?

[the barrage is messy and elegant] it’s not so clear. It’s not all for your own interests

【 bullet curtain Jialuo 】 on the platoon, the people in the village are all for themselves, but seriously, Chen Bo is really a good man. It’s too warm to take care of my cubs all the time

[barrage Lin’an] 1. I hope Chen Bo’s good deeds will pay off and live a long life

Ruan’s mother stood up and said, “it’s all a thing of the past. You should forget it. Xiao Yun, you’re still young and your life has just begun. As long as you leave the village and go to a place no one knows, you’ll be fine. I’ll go to work first.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the sky, “let’s go. It’s time to go to Qin Yue’s house to see other players.”

So far, this copy has many clues, but they are complex. It seems that everyone is connected, but in fact, there is no clear idea. Ruan Qiao has a guess in her heart, but she still needs to meet with other players before she can confirm.


Qin Yue’s house is not far from Ruan’s house, but it needs a detour because of the terrain.

CHEN Si and the lonely Eagle came out of the house, walked ahead and came to the empty valley.

In addition to a bench, there is a shed for shelter from the rain.

The lonely flying eagle was on guard: “you can say it.”

CHEN Si took off his hat and looked at him: “needless to say, you should also remember.”

The lonely flying eagle looked at a water stain under CHEN Si’s feet, “there is a picture of every passenger getting on the bus in my memory, but no one’s face is the same as yours.”

He stepped back: “you and plum are not the people in the car at all. Why did you lie last night!”

“Good memory.” CHEN Si took the hat in his hand and said, “are you scared when you see this hat?”

The lonely Eagle did not speak, but his expression and slightly shrinking fingers had answered the question.

CHEN Si continued, “there was no reaction after seeing this thing.”

She looked at the lonely Eagle: “you know what I mean?”

Lonely flying eagle continued: “when I met you at the entrance of the village, you were all wet. You found your clothes at Qin Yue’s house and changed them later. You said there was no problem with the appearance and direction of the reservoir, so you must have come from there.”

CHEN Si smiled and said, “then you should understand that we are one kind of people.”

Originally some flustered lonely Eagle suddenly calmed down. He continued along with CHEN Si’s words: “yes, we are a kind of people.”

“If we are the same kind of people, why did you lead me out?”

The voice of the lonely flying eagle just fell. From Qin Yue’s house behind, a burst of boys’ screams came from a distance.

The sound was far away, but it made the lonely Eagle sweat in his ears.

It’s a two channel scream.


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