After reopening the escape game Chapter 36

There are only two umbrellas at home. Mule beat one, and Ruan Qiao and Su Xi beat one.

In order not to get wet, they got closer.

Su Xi was taller. He held an umbrella, but its surface tilted slightly towards Ruan Qiao.

Ruan Qiao looked at his beautiful white fingers on the bamboo handle, but he didn’t think he was so fierce.

It was not far from Ruan’s house to Qin Yue’s house. After walking for a while, Ruan Qiao saw a familiar figure.

“Uncle Chen!” She waved from a distance.

But the bent shadow in the rain didn’t stop, went on, and soon disappeared in the rain.

“Maybe I’m old and have bad ears.” Muledo.

Ruan Qiao didn’t care much. The house of Qin Yue’s house soon appeared in sight. Before they got downstairs, they heard a boy’s scream from a distance.

Ruan Qiao quickened his pace and ran all the way to the downstairs of Qin Yue’s house. He happened to see two white umbrellas in front of the door.

Shen junmu and Mu rou.

When the five met, they went upstairs before they had time to say anything.

Mule runs fast and walks in front.

The second floor was a mess, with two people sitting in a pool of blood.

Two channel sat on the floor in front of the stairs, leaning against the wall, wearing a thin shirt and coat, and the blood soaked out from the inside, which looked shocking. His eyes were closed and he had no breath.

Plum’s condition is not much better. She is covered with blood and her clothes are full of cuts cut by sharp blades.

But she just hid in the corner with the shock of the rest of her life on her face.

“What happened?” Behind him came a sound of footsteps. Ruan Qiao looked back. CHEN Si and the lonely flying eagle went upstairs in coir raincoats. They probably just came back from the outside. They were still dripping water.

Then Xiong Ji went upstairs.

The rest briefly introduced themselves to each other.

CHEN Si took off his coir raincoat, helped the plum up and sat on the bed: “what’s the matter?”

“After Chen Si and the lonely Eagle went out just now, he talked with me for a while. Then his expression suddenly became very strange. He said that the room was too stuffy and asked me to open the window,” plum said slowly, Then he said slowly, “who knows, when I opened the window, he stabbed me from the back with a knife. Later, I resisted all the time, but he hurt me several places. Just when I thought I was going to lose blood and die, all the wounds on my body suddenly healed.”

Plum looked at the corpse on the ground and seemed to be afraid: “then he screamed and retreated, bleeding all over. Later, he died.”

Ruan Qiao squatted down and checked the double channel body: “the wound is really in the clothes.”

There is one back, and several serious injuries are in important places such as abdomen and heart. In addition, there are some minor scratches that are not fatal in other places.

[bullet screen warm plum wine] the anchor is so serious

[the light on the bullet screen is slightly cool] I wouldn’t dare to approach the body at all

[bullet screen Shen Yi] today’s Mian Mian is also very dedicated

Mule stood by and looked at the miserable situation. He couldn’t help frowning: “did you find something in the double voice channel? He thought you were the enemy, and then he started when you two were alone? Finally, he didn’t expect that you were in the first team, but he was eaten back and died.”

Mu Rou also went to comfort plum.

Shen junmu and Su Xi stood by without saying anything.

Ruan Qiao looked at the lonely flying eagle. The man’s eyes kept glancing at CHEN Si. Although he didn’t speak, he felt that he was a little worried.

Xiong Ji did not fully believe what plum said: “why did CHEN Si go out alone with the lonely eagle? What do you need to say outside?”

If CHEN Si and plum are in a team, the lonely flying eagle and the two channels may be in a team. CHEN Si calls the lonely flying eagle out alone, leaving only plum and the two channels alone, which is very suspicious.

Of course, what Meizi said may also be true. What did the two channels find and mistakenly thought that they and Meizi were enemies? The sudden move was just a temporary intention, which CHEN Si didn’t know.

So at this time, whether plum is lying is very important.

Facing Xiong Ji’s question, CHEN Si was not surprised and directly explained: “we found a clue. I want to make sure whether the lonely flying eagle belongs to our team, but I’m not sure about the identity of the two channel. So I don’t want him to hear, that’s it.”

Her explanation is not unreasonable.

Xiong Ji continued to ask, “what clues did you find?”

The person who answered this time became a lonely Eagle: “this team division is likely to be carried out according to human and non-human.”

“Inhuman?” Mule pulled up his Taoist robe sleeve and said, “am I going to have business?”

Lonely flying eagle looked at CHEN Si: “some players between us are not people.”

“Or,” his eyes turned around the other players, “not alive.”

CHEN Si nodded: “the clues we got in the village show that there have always been some evil things in the village. Among the players this time, there are three people in the village: wonton, Xiong Ji and Mu Le, and four of us are outsiders. There are three people who come back from outside and have something to do with the village. Among the ten people, some players are not living.”

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi. He held his arms in his hands and leaned his back against the wall. His slender legs overlapped back and forth. He looked lazy. He didn’t seem to worry about the exposure of his inhuman constitution at all.

Xiong Ji still doubted: “what key clues did the two channels get so that he could start immediately without hesitation?”

Meizi recalled: “at that time, the two-way channel took the initiative to raise the problem of the team. He also suspected that some of the players were not living people, but different from the enemy. But I don’t know why he thought I wasn’t living and suddenly started again. After all, we were separated for a long time.”

“As like as two peas,” he said suddenly, “is it alive to see if there is breath and pulse?”

Shen junmu also agreed with him: “let’s check each other.”

“If the same team covers up, it can’t be found out. It’s best to check it by someone who doesn’t come close.” Mu Rou said and looked up at Su Xi.

It is most likely that it is not a living person, or it is called the reincarnation of evil spirits by the people in the village, and the swallowing of disaster star ghost children has swept through.

Mu Rou also found some records about the events of that year in the Shen family. Although Shen Qian didn’t tell them much at that time, she also learned some, including Su Xi’s life experience and the rumors of that year.

Even she knew that a lot of strange things had happened in the village recently.

Of course, the audience in Ruan Qiao’s live studio is on the side of Ruan Qiao and Su Xi. How can they bear to hear Mu Rou talking like this.

[bullet screen Su Tian and puff] where does this girl look?

[bullet screen butterfly suit] her name is moonlight, isn’t it? How do you feel that she is coming for my cloud God

[bullet screen roll powder] isn’t it pointing the spear at my cub?

[barrage Ashley] – woman, you have successfully attracted the attention of all of us

[the barrage chases the twilight horizon] but muzai put forward the matter of checking breathing. Isn’t it his own family?

Xiong Ji doesn’t care: “if you check, I’m free.”

Others agree.

Susie didn’t speak.

Mu Rou stood up. Her white skirt swung in a beautiful arc in the air. She looked at Su Xi and walked over.

It seems that she wants to be the first to check Su Xi.

“I disagree.”

The faint female voice sounded, which was obviously soft and waxy, with the crispness of the girl’s unique voice line, but it seemed to be full of control.

Shen junmu looks at Ruan Qiao.

The girl stood in front of Su Xi and just blocked Mu Rou’s line of sight. Ruan Qiao’s voice was not big, even light, but it was not easy to deal with what she said: “we all know whether we have breath and pulse.”

She blinked and her beautiful eyelashes rose slightly: “if I’m right, everyone here has breathing and pulse.”

It’s not easy for her to lie with her eyes open.

According to Ruan Qiao’s observation, others should breathe. After all, she is a normal person. If she is really a team of non-human beings, she should be the same as Su Xi. She doesn’t breathe.

So she is betting that others are like her.

In other words, even if some of the remaining players don’t breathe, it won’t take the initiative to say so.

Doing so is tantamount to exposing your existence.

If the plum is telling the truth and the two-way channel is human, he suspects that the plum is inhuman, but the killer is eaten back, it also proves that the plum is human like him.

At present, CHEN Si, plum and lonely flying eagle are obviously standing in the same boat.

But no one can be sure whether the lonely eagle and plum are in the first team. As long as there is a little possibility, we can’t rule out the possibility that others are in the first team with them.

Once you admit your mistake, you will be bitten by death.

So we must be careful.

However, if someone reveals that he is not an inhuman existence at this time, it is easy to become the targeted person at present, and may even lead to death in advance.

Non human must be a very important setting in this copy, which is 100% related to the unit.

Unfortunately, so far, there is not much content in mule’s brochure. If you can see the classification of ghosts behind, it will be more helpful to distinguish players.

Now Ruan Qiao can only guess blindly.

Sure enough, like Ruan Qiao’s bet, others said they had breathing and pulse.

“Since everyone has breathing and pulse, I think the non-human here must not be ordinary non-human. It is impossible to distinguish it simply by breathing,” Ruan Qiao continued. “This kind of examination is meaningless.”

Su Xi stood behind her, watching the girl in front of her strategizing, confident and intelligent, and the corners of her mouth rose slightly unconsciously.

Hearing her name, I thought it was a little crying bag who would only hold her thighs or be scared to death.

I didn’t expect that she could surprise him again and again.

Su Xi’s eyes flashed.

No wonder she can attract that person’s attention.

However, no matter what happens, it is the man’s own decision, which has nothing to do with him. He just needs to do what he should do and meet that person.

Of course, Mu Rou’s purpose is not to check whether Su Xi is inhuman. Even if he is inhuman, she can change her favor by lying to him at that time. Her goal is just to get close to Su Xi. Just give her a chance to get close to each other, make more physical contact and slowly cultivate a good impression.

She doesn’t believe that wonton will be indifferent.

But obviously, the present softness is not easy to deal with.

She has a face six points similar to the one she hates.

Mu Rou smiled: “I’m just reassuring you.”

Ruan Qiao was not euphemistic at all: “I think you want everyone to be suspicious of each other.”

Oh, can you touch my baby, too?

Even if it is wonton’s personality, it is wonton’s body.

Mu Rou was wronged. Her slender eyebrows frowned slightly and her face turned white: “Mian Mian, you misunderstood me. If you feel unhappy, I won’t check it. I’m just afraid that others think you’re guilty and don’t dare to check, so I’ll be the villain myself. I certainly believe you’re all right, just want to dispel others’ doubts.”

[bullet screen, summer night, stars] I didn’t think it was as guilty as soft. I think she meant it

[bullet screen four shallow snow rabbit] so clever?

[fortunately, it’s not me] Bai has a beautiful face

[barrage muye’an seventeen] good luck!!!

[bullet screen Anka glazed white] doesn’t this lead all doubts to wonton and the anchor?

Mu Rou finished these words, and the lonely flying eagle, CHEN Si and plum looked at Ruan Qiao with suspicion. Xiong Ji only looks at the facts. She listens to whoever makes sense. Indeed, if there is no problem with wonton sweeping, why does Mianmian react so much and stop the inspection?

Mu Le looked at the barrage of his live studio and got angry. He turned to speak quietly to his audience: “soft is my ally now! What is the most important thing between people? Trust!”

Ruan Qiao, who heard mule’s broken thoughts: “….”

I didn’t expect to meet such a positive energy anchor in this era.

“It’s the last thing to doubt your allies. Since you have decided on the alliance, you should trust each other unconditionally! Give your life to each other!”

“Oh, it was an accident that she was torn in half last time. Who knows that the little sister looks so cute. She is actually a werewolf. She can’t control the transformation on the full moon night! Last time? The doctor’s little brother dissected me just inadvertently! Go up… What’s the matter with you! Why do you always turn over my black history? Shall we look forward?”

In fact, the room is not big. Everyone heard the sound of mule.

Ruan Qiao, who had stood in front of Su Xi like an old hen protecting her cubs, couldn’t help but cast a caring fool’s eye on Mu Le.

How did he maintain his current level

CHEN Si looked up at Ruan Qiao: “if it’s really OK, you really shouldn’t react so much, just check it.”

Ruan Qiao did not retreat and looked back with skeptical eyes: “whether there is a problem or not, my teammates can’t be casually checked by you.”

Mu Rou’s voice was low: “Mian Mian, you really want to think more. I’m also kind. I don’t want to provoke everyone’s relationship.”

Ruan Qiao looked at her and smiled gently. She could guess some of Mu Rou’s thoughts. What she was good at was to send you to the fire pit while being a good man. When they were in a team, Ruan Qiao saw Mu Rou’s means. Those who obediently entered the fire pit, in turn, had to comfort Mu Rou for fear that she would be sad.

Ruan Qiao doesn’t say that she hates Mu Rou because of this. Everyone has his own way of survival. There are many intrigues and lies in the game. Even she has told countless lies in order to win.

So she doesn’t hate her because of her soft means.

It was only when she gradually found that Mu Rou was also using such means in real life that she consciously began to stay away from such people.

Mu Rou can more or less notice her meaning, but every time she meets, she can treat Ruan Qiao with an attitude of meeting familiar and no longer familiar good friends.

If people like Mu Rou really come to the end, they will get mixed up.

However, without the end of the world, Mu Rou has proved her strength and status in the current AAS team.

In the team, she almost exists as a group pet.

Everyone cares and takes care of her – except Ruan Qiao, an iceberg who won’t look.

Looking at Ruan Qiao’s attitude, Mu Rou knew that the other party would not step back, But she still didn’t give up the opportunity to add fuel to the fire: “Mianmian Mian, your attitude is undoubtedly putting yourself on the opposite of everyone. Of course, I know that you and wonton must have no problem. But don’t you make everyone misunderstand when you do this? Even the people in the village will treat you without talking about players…”

[barrage Ji Qiongyin] don’t you say that the people in the village will know that softness has a problem?

[barrage cosmic fox] shut up

[bullet screen ball] I know there are IQ stream, violence stream and hamster stream players. I don’t know there are

[bullet screen Dongzi warm] white lotus flow?

Su Xi stood behind her and finally made a move.

Originally, he was just watching a play. When he heard this, he didn’t want to continue to put the woman’s garbage in his ears.

The slender legs just stood straight, the dense eyelashes moved up and down, and a trace of impatience flashed in the dark pupils.

The end of the black windbreaker crossed the wall, and the slender fingers stretched forward to hold her.

Ruan Qiao’s body seemed extremely Petite to the tall and thin him, but the girl stood there without hesitation and retreat, and seemed surprisingly firm.

In a trance, the person in front of me coincides with a shadow in the depths of my memory.

In the dim light, moths flew one after another to the street lamp bulb. It was dark all around. Only the ground in front of him was illuminated by the street lamp.

There were long and twisted shadows around, each with an evil and mocking smile.

Under the lamp, a small figure stood in front of him.

She is very small, with two pigtails hanging at her waist and her back to him.

Slightly childish figure, but with a convincing firmness. It seemed that she was standing there, and the laughter and shadows around her became no longer terrible. Even the most terrible storm is just a small blow.

He held out his hand to touch the man in front of him.

“Even if you think we are enemy players -” Ruan Qiao’s voice suddenly pulled him back to reality.

In the narrow outer room on the second floor stood the remaining players, with blood on the floor. Ruan Qiao stood in front of him, and his extended hand touched her arm after she finished her next sentence.

“It doesn’t matter if you want to go together. In a word, my people, everyone -”

She said word by word, “can’t move.”

[barrage Jiang Yungui] ah, ah, Mian Chao a!!

[bullet screen Jun yue’er] what’s the matter with being inexplicably handsome!

[bullet curtain desert night small moon] a burst!!! [bullet curtain cotton candy big gray wolf] Lord queen!!

[bullet screen beans] from now on, I’m a brain damaged marshmallow!

The barrage in the live broadcast room opened the crazy thunder smashing mode.

[reward] advanced sprout [roll powder] reward mine * 1

[reward] little sprout [sleeping] reward mine * 1

[reward] little cute thing [where does the beauty know] reward mine * 1

[reward] MengWu [doughnut] reward rocket * 1


Mu Rou wanted to say something, but Su Xi pulled Ruan Qiao behind her.

His other hand was lifted slightly, a dark shadow flew out between his slender fingers and rushed straight towards Mu rou.

Shen junmu and Mu Rou stood close. When the dark shadow flew half a meter in front of Mu Rou, it seemed to hit some invisible barrier and fell to the floor with a clang.

Shen junmu picked up the shadow and found it was a piece of black feather shaped metal.

He looked at Su Xi and said angrily, “without my protective ability, this metal black feather could cut her throat. Do you have to do it now?”

Su Xi’s voice was faint: “she’s very noisy.”

Mu Rou suddenly choked back when she was going to cry.

Her eyes changed slightly, and her fingers pulled the white skirt tightly, which depressed the mood at the bottom of her heart.

This man can’t be so easy.

However, she will not give up easily.

The more difficult, the more interesting. What is too easy to get is boring.

“Well, I think you’ll all fight if you go on.” CHEN Si stood up, “there’s no need to be so stiff at the beginning.”

When Ruan Qiao was pulled behind Su Xi, he could only see the tall, thin and beautiful figure of the man in front of him. His legs were long and straight, his waist was thin, his shoulders were wide and his waist was narrow, and his slim black windbreaker perfectly outlined his figure. Even the handsome figure of heaven and man is angry.

Hey, it’s so blocked.

Su Xi threw her behind him every time. She was much shorter than him, and her sight and daylighting were blocked seriously.

Seeing Mu Rou’s silence, Ruan Qiao came out from behind Su Xi. She went directly to plum: “you said that you took the initiative to attack you with two channels?”

Plum looked up at Ruan Qiao’s eyes and suddenly felt that there was a black vortex in her eyes.

“Of course,” plum thought Ruan Qiao’s eyes were strange, but it was the same as before: “I didn’t lie.”

What is she doing

[is it some kind of mental power?]

Ruan Qiao has opened her psychic powers. Now what she hears is the psychological activities of plum.

[won’t she see it?]

[lie detection?]

As long as I don’t think about it, I’ll be fine

[there must be no problem with our camouflage. Even if she sees that I killed the two-way channel, there is no evidence.]

Ruan Qiao smiled and the effect of mental skill disappeared, but she also got the answer she wanted.

When Chen Si saw Ruan Qiao’s expression, he had an ominous premonition at the bottom of his heart.

If the soft power is psychological, you can see that plum and she are lying. Even if Ruan Qiao has no evidence, as long as she says it, it will arouse the suspicion of others, and her arrangement will be in vain.

As expected, Xiong Ji noticed something: “are your powers?”

Ruan Qiao nodded.

CHEN Si’s face changed slightly when he got a positive answer.

She exchanged eyes with plum.

Xiong Ji asked Ruan Qiao, “I won’t ask what your power is. I just want to know if Meizi lied.”

Ruan Qiao looked at CHEN Si, who was alert all over, and smiled: “plum is telling the truth. It was indeed a two-way initiative to attack her, and finally she was eaten to death.”

CHEN Si relaxed. Although he didn’t know why Mianmian helped himself, at least it wasn’t the worst result.

But Chen Si also knew that soft would not help her in vain.

Sure enough, from the time of the orphanage, she saw the newcomer Ruanmian correctly.

In this way, the two tacitly reached an invisible alliance.

Because plum, CHEN Si and lonely eagle will continue to live on the second floor, the boys moved the two-way body to the cabinet downstairs.

Because of the breath measurement and the death of the two channels just now, other players have their own thoughts. I can’t ask anything when we get together. Just go back and separate activities tomorrow.

Shen junmu also wanted to say something to Ruan Qiao, but he was first blocked by Su Xi’s hostile eyes, and then directly pulled away by Mu rou.

Xiong Ji and Mu Le went back to their homes.

Su Xi had no place to go, so Ruan Qiao couldn’t bear to let him go back to sleep in the cold little black room. He simply took him home to make a floor.

It was probably late at night, and the road was wet. I didn’t meet any people in the village all the way. Without Ruan Qiao, I had a lot of trouble.

Ruan’s mother padded several layers of mats and mats on the floor of Ruan Qiao’s room. Her room is the best one in Ruan’s family. There is no water leakage and the ground is not wet. Otherwise, instead of letting Su Xi sleep in the main house outside, he might as well go back to the ancestral hall.

At first, they slept in the same room. Ruan’s mother disagreed.

Ruan Qiao talked well and pretended to be angry, and Ruan’s mother stepped back.

It was getting late. Ruan Qiao went to bed first. When she turned over, she could see Su Xi lying under the bed. The profile of the good-looking side face is clear and handsome, the bridge of the nose is high, and the long eyelashes hang down to cover the eyes.

Look, she fell asleep.

This dream is a little strange.

She dreamed that she was walking vaguely in the street and was blocked a contract. The contract stipulates that she must complete a task to enter a holographic game to save a man addicted to online games.

She first landed in the game and created a role in order to know herself and the enemy.

Soon, the game prompted her to name her cub.

Ruan Qiao casually typed the word “muzai”.

Playing, I finally met the task target and brought my children to hold a parents’ meeting with her.

The handsome and evil mission target has the same face as Su Xi. He holds two children and says he wants to make do with her.

Ruan Qiao refused.

At first, Ruan Qiao didn’t understand why the task target refused to go offline in this game called “z-style parents”.

Is raising babies that fun?

Then I played,

Ruan Qiao: ah, muzai, who came according to the strategy, why can’t you become the learning bully in the north of the Qing Dynasty??

Be good at both character and learning!

Until the end,

The screen pops up the ending.

[recollection Jun] with the end of his college life, Mu Zai, like most people, wanted to go to work and finally became the light of the technical school. After becoming the most boring student in the technical school, he began to explore the true meaning of life. He went to Nanxiang technical school to find his true self!

Ruan Qiao was awakened.

What she has been doing recently is… What sand carving dreams??

She sat up and looked at the quiet sleeping face of Su Xi in the quilt on the ground.

Obviously, he is a very powerful person, but he sleeps like a child, curling up on his side and wrapping himself tightly in the quilt.

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination and live broadcast] ah, sleeping beauty!

[bullet screen roll powder] my baby is in business when she is asleep!!

[there are so many beautiful bullet screens] it’s so beautiful! Qwq life for you!!

[the bullet curtain breaks down the songs of Chu] wrap the quilt and cry for me!!

Ruan Qiao appreciated the beauty for a while and felt thirsty. He walked around Su Xi and went to the main house to find water.

The wall clock on the wall was almost twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. Hearing the movement of Ruan Qiao, Ruan’s mother came out in her coat and looked.

“Haven’t you slept yet?” Ruan’s mother asked her.

Ruan Qiao poured a cup of hot water and handed it to Ruan’s mother. He poured another cup for himself: “get up and drink some water.”

Ruan’s mother took the water cup: “is Xiaoyun okay? Alas, he is also a poor child. Once Uncle Chen left, I was worried that no one would take care of him.”

Ruan Qiao stopped his action: “where has Uncle Chen gone?”

“Hey, why can’t children understand now? If they leave, they’ll go! In fact, Uncle Chen is really a good man in our village. He’ll die if he can live for more than 90 years.” Ruan’s mother sighed, “have a good rest at night and call your mother if you have something.”

Ruan Qiao put down his glass and looked up and asked her, “Uncle Chen is dead?”

Ruan’s mother nodded: “I didn’t want to tell you this. You have been close to Chen Bo since childhood. I’m afraid to tell you that you don’t have a good rest these days.”

She only met Uncle Chen this morning. How could she leave so suddenly.

Ruan Qiao continued to ask, “when did Uncle Chen leave?”

“It’s cool these days. You should wear more clothes. It’s very cold at night.” Ruan’s mother put down her water cup and wrapped her coat tightly. “You asked Uncle Chen about the day he left? I calculated… Tomorrow is Uncle Chen’s first seven. The village head will preside over the burial in the morning. If you want to see Uncle Chen off, you must get up early. It’s getting late. Go to bed.”

[barrage love]???

[bullet screen dream words]!!!!

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] shit?

[shrapnel bewitching the public] died seven days ago? The anchor just came, the people he saw last night, and the people he saw today

[cold cicadas don’t know] is it… Walking corpses?

Ruan Qiao didn’t speak. Ruan’s mother coughed and went back to the house first.

It began to rain outside again.

Through the blurred window, you can see the continuous passing of raindrops.

The temperature is really much lower now.

There is even an abnormal cold.

Ruan Qiao looked at the window.

She was really surprised that the candles in the ancestral hall had not been replaced and had burned out. Su Xi had not seen Uncle Chen since he entered the game.

And Chen Bo’s stiff movements that night.

She thought he was just getting old.

When Ruan Qiao recalled everything he met today, a bent shadow suddenly appeared outside the window.

Through the blurred window, you can only see that the shadow is very blurred. It is not as tall as an adult man, but it is very big.

The patter of rain is particularly clear in the quiet night.

In addition, there are faint and heavy footsteps.

Closer and closer, closer and closer.

With the sound of water, Ba Da.

The clock on the wall was ticking, and Ruan Qiao looked at the time.

It’s 12:01 midnight.

After midnight, it was Chen Bo’s first seven.

According to the old man, it is a day for the dead to come back to life.

Dong Dong Dong.

There is a knock outside the door.


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