After reopening the escape game Chapter 37

The patter of rain is annoying, and the knock on the door late at night is particularly abrupt.

Ruan’s mother was just lying down. Hearing the knock on the door, she got up, put on her shoes and came out to see the situation.

Like other ordinary villages, ultra remote villages have no entertainment activities on weekdays, and everyone sleeps early. Especially in the past few days, the hydropower station has problems, the power supply has not been restored, there is no lighting, and the people in the village sleep at night.

If anyone knocks at the door at midnight, it must be a matter of great urgency.

The temperature in the room was very low. Ruan Qiao stood in front of the door, and the knock on the door continued.

Very mechanical and persistent.

Ruan’s mother pulled her back and casually asked “who?”.

Dong Dong Dong.

No one answered, but the knock on the door continued.

Ruan’s mother was also afraid. The knock of people outside was really strange.

The speed at which a normal person knocks on the door will vary, but the person outside seems to be some kind of timed machine, knocking on the door at an even speed.

“Is it Uncle Chen?” Ruan Qiao suddenly asked.

“What are you talking about, silly boy!” Ruan’s mother stared at her, “are you sleepy? Uncle Chen has been gone for several days. How, how can…”

“Yes, I am.”

“Xiao, Ruan, open the door.”

Chen Bo’s familiar and hoarse voice sounded outside the door, without any emotion, and his tone hardly changed.

Ruan’s mother’s face turned pale.

Chen Bo’s voice is familiar to her, but Chen Bo him, isn’t he dead?!

She watched his stiff body fall into the coffin with her own eyes. How could the dead now appear at her door?

By the way, today is the seventh day of Uncle Chen. He… He should come back, but he shouldn’t come to her house!

“Uncle Chen was nice to you when I was a child, but your children had a good relationship with him! How could they come to you on the first seven nights…” Ruan’s mother’s lips trembled and held Ruan Qiao’s hands for a while. “Uncle Chen has no children and no children, but the village head set up a mourning hall for him? Why, how… Ruan, you wait for me here. Don’t open the door!”

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The knock on the door is much louder. It seems that the long wait has made the “people” outside impatient.

Ruan’s mother went into the bedroom and didn’t know what to get.

Ruan Qiao stood at the door, hesitating.

Chen Bo is really nice to her, but it is obvious that he is no longer alive.

[bullet screen balsam pear fried balsam pear] scared me to death at night, QAQ

[barrage Ali quack] stay away from the door!!

[bullet screen grazing nine winds] ah, ah, don’t go!

[barrage Weixi Yemu] is it really Chen Bo’s body that knocked on the door outside the trough?

Sure enough, as expected by the audience in the live studio, Ruan Qiao, the anchor of the bullet screen counter purchase, always rushed forward when everyone screamed and asked her to go away

When she came to the door, the knock and the rain became louder.

The knock on the door suddenly stopped.

It’s like people outside know she’s behind the door.

“Open the door.”

No emotional urge.

[bullet screen sea mayfly] Uncle Chen: I’m a walking corpse without emotion

[bullet screen Fanghua] little rabbit?

[barrage eats Huaishan] did you open the door to kill? Although Uncle Chen is very good, he is dead! Is it too dangerous to open the door under such circumstances

[bullet screen butterfly suit] can’t he break in if he doesn’t open the door? Is opening the door a condition for unsealing

[bullet screen Car meow’s family’s enjoyment] Uncle Chen hasn’t hurt the anchor. Maybe he has something to say to the anchor?

There are also people who let the door open in the barrage, but most of them support not opening the door.

“Xiao, Ruan, open the door.”

Chen Bo mechanically repeated these four words, which was creepy in the rainy midnight.

Ruan Qiao put his hand on the door lock.

The door lock of the Ruan family is not very firm. It only needs people outside to knock hard and break in.

But Uncle Chen didn’t.

“Xiao, Ruan, open the door.”

The hoarse voice continued.

Seems to be urging her to open the door.


“Xiao Ruan! What are you doing!” A huge force pulled her back. Ruan’s mother was frightened and strengthened the door lock several times. There was a layer of iron chain in the door lock of Ruan’s house. After pushing the chain into the deep groove, Ruan’s mother was relieved.

Dong Dong!!!

The knock on the door outside hurried up immediately.

Trembling, Ruan’s mother dropped the newspaper in her hand into a ladder shape, squatted at the door, reading it in pieces, and lit the newspaper: “Uncle Chen, go all the way, follow this ladder to the sky. You, you let our little Ruan go…”

After the newspaper turned to ashes, the original hurried knocking on the door suddenly stopped.

Ruan’s mother stared nervously at the door.

Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared in front of the originally white blurred window.

“Ah!” Ruan’s mother screamed with fear.

[the barrage is becoming more and more mysterious] ah, ah, body protection!!!

[bullet screen candy] I’m scared

[bullet screen flower Gardenia fox Wei] ah, ah, how terrible

[bullet screen love] I’ll go to this window!

Chen Bo’s dull voice sounded, “little, Ruan.”

“Follow me, let’s go”

Before Ruan Qiao had any reaction, Ruan’s mother hugged her first: “impossible! Uncle Chen! I beg you, you are so kind to little Ruan, you let her go!”

She turned her head and stared at Ruan Qiao with a trembling voice: “Xiao Ruan, go to bed and hide in the quilt. Don’t let Uncle Chen see you! Go!”

Ruan Qiao hesitated.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The window was banged.

Ruan’s mother opened the cabinet next to her, grabbed a handful of glutinous rice from inside, and shivered and scattered it in front of the door and window.

The white and long grains of rice fell on the ground like piles of rice white insects.

Ruan’s mother’s action was very flustered. The glutinous rice was scattered all over the ground, but it was finally completed.

She breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at the window. There was no shadow.

In the silent night, there is only the sound of rain.

Ruan Qiao reached out to open the door.

Ruan’s mother stopped her: “don’t open the door! Never let the dead enter our house! Little Ruan! Wake up. Mom has only a daughter like you. You can’t have an accident!”

Ruan Qiao didn’t speak and fell into silence.

“What’s the matter?”

The low male voice sounded behind him. It seemed that he had just woke up from his sleep and was a little confused and hoarse.

[bullet screen] ah, ah, ah, ear pregnancy

[bullet screen bewitches the public so and so pear] what’s the matter with this sentence? I’m going to die!!

[bullet screen Yuntong] it’s so sexy!!!

[bullet screen Junyi] voice control benefits!!!

As soon as Ruan Qiao looked back, he saw the boy’s tall and thin body leaning against the door frame. The original noble and slim windbreaker hung obliquely on him, showing a bit lazy and casual.

Su Xi’s long and dense eyelashes trembled slightly. A pair of good-looking eyes were covered with a faint mist. It seemed that he had just woke up from his sleep and had not realized where he was.

The good-looking thin lips opened slightly. He reached out and rubbed his eyes. He looked at Ruan Qiao blankly, revealing the harmless smell of human and livestock.

Ruan’s mother’s face became worse. She looked at the door and looked at Su Xi: “Xiao Yun, Uncle Chen, Uncle Chen, is he looking for you?”

Su Xi’s voice was dumb: “Uncle Chen?”

Ruan Qiao was afraid of Ruan’s mother’s wishful thinking. He directly came forward to push Su Xi into the room, grabbed the door frame and said, “if you were looking for Xiao Yun, you should ask him to open the door just now. Uncle Chen’s name is my name, which has nothing to do with him. Mom, don’t think about it.”

“Go back to bed.” She hurried to close the door.

Ruan’s mother looked at Ruan Qiao’s closed door, and the anxiety on her face was still not eliminated.

Are you looking for our little Ruan?

Are you being watched?

Ruan’s mother went back to the house and couldn’t sleep. She hurried out of the door before dawn.

Anyway, she’s going to see how Chen Bo is buried today. If Xiao Ruan is really targeted by unclean things, he must find a way to find the village head.


Here, Ruan Qiao pushed Su Xi into the room and closed the door.

She turned her head and happened to bump into Su Xi’s gentle eyes.

Ruan Qiao asked tentatively, “wonton?”

Su Xi smiled. His beautiful eyes looked like stars, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. As soon as he smiled, he looked like the aurora in the night sky, which was so beautiful that he couldn’t move his eyes.

[bullet screen roll powder] ah, my baby smiled!!!

[barrage Ji Qiongyin] how did the evil cloud God become cute!

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] is my filter wrong!

[bullet screen sweet is not me] sobbing sobbing, I thought I recognized the wrong person. Now the cloud God is the one I know in the lost village!

[Su Xi at the beginning of the barrage] no, I started from the orphanage. Yunshen has always been very fierce

[bullet screen Jiang Yungui] so, is it a split personality?

The audience in the barrage soon guessed.

But the split personality is too far away from them. Many people are just joking. Although Su Xi’s performance has changed a lot, they are not too serious.

In the eyes of the audience, whether it is true or false is sometimes not so important.

Ruan Qiao coughed, “nothing. Just now Chen Bo knocked on the door, and my mother wouldn’t let me open it.”

Su Xi blinked and looked down at her: “is it the trouble I brought?”

“No, don’t listen to their nonsense. They just let you carry the pot because they are jealous of your good looks.” Ruan Qiao stood on tiptoe to touch his head, but Su Xi was too high and failed to touch his head. “These things have nothing to do with you.”

Looking at the girl’s lost eyes, Su Xi’s eyes bent, reached out and grabbed Ruan Qiao’s hand to fall. He bowed his head slightly so that her hand could touch her hair. The pleasant voice was full of trust: “OK, I only believe your words.”

Ruan Qiao rubbed his soft and dark hair and retracted his hand contentedly: “you are much more obedient than wonton.”

Su Xi looked at her and smiled, “HMM.”

[bullet screen tracing streamer] take the initiative to touch your head. Don’t be too cute!

[the bullet screen is so lovely and the ice is wide and falling] Why is this man so cute!

[bullet screen flesh peach crosses the grassland] if it’s fierce, don’t touch your head. Beheading should be more realistic

[the lights in nanhuai are cool] but I also like the way the clouds are deliberately fierce!

[bullet screen Beiming giant spirit] the sweet party will never admit defeat!

“Well, go to bed.” She climbed into bed. The air in the room was very cold. Ruan Qiao also wrapped the quilt tightly like Su Xi.

Su Xi went to her bed and straightened out the quilt tucked in for her. Then she took off her windbreaker and lay back on her floor.

The floor was not long, and the boy’s body could only curl up slightly before he could lie on it.

He turned sideways and looked in the direction of Ruan Qiao.

In the dark eyes of the young man, Ruan Qiao was stunned: “what are you looking at me for?”

Su Xi did not speak, but just looked at her. Her Obsidian eyes rose slightly, and her crescent shaped eyes seemed to have a whole night sky.

Ruan Qiao didn’t speak. It was too warm in the quilt. Looking at Su Xi, her eyelids gradually fell down.

Su Xi still looked at her. The bottom of her eyes was a fog that could not be melted, mixed with faint broken light.

Behind the light, there was a faint gray that no one knew.

It’s like what he cherishes and looks at has never belonged to him.

[barrage Qili season] ah, what kind of immortal look at each other!

[bullet screen Alice] yunmian * * OK!!

[bullet curtain warm plum wine] I’ll eat it! Lock it! Keep locking it!

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination also watch live broadcast] I moved to the Civil Affairs Bureau. When will I get married

[the bottle with a roaring barrage] I’m the Civil Affairs Bureau. I’m here myself. What’s the next procedure


Later in the night, Ruan Qiao had another dream.

It seems that this copy is extremely easy to dream.

Or the cold and dark path. The air is filled with faint and faint songs, which are sad and long.

“The night is deeper, the fog is colder, and the road is quiet.”

“The dark wind blows the cold moonlight.”

Ruan Qiao stood alone on the cold night path, surrounded by dark blue smoke, like a road to hell.

The woman’s singing is extremely sad.

“The moon shines, and the Yin wind blows through the willow lane.”

“It’s a ghost looking for a lover.”

In the distance, a silent and strange sending off team, dark red, came to her in the blink of an eye.

And she was stiff and unable to move.

The red lanterns shook in the wind.

The red sedan chair passed her by.

The singing in my ears is getting clearer and clearer.

“Who wants to love, sad ghost bride,”

“Accompany the female ghost and worship the moonlight late at night.”

Like the original picture, the wind blew the curtains of the sedan chair to reveal the bride inside.

But unlike last time, the bride who was originally facing her side was facing her at the moment when the curtain blew open.

It seemed that she was staring at her outside the car through the big red cap.

Dong Dong!

A sudden noise in her ear woke her up. Ruan Qiao opened his eyes and saw the cold room.

Su Xi was still under the bed, curled up in a ball, wrapped tightly in a small quilt, revealing only a beautiful white face.

The long eyebrows frowned slightly, as if he had a bad dream.


Dong Dong!

Someone is knocking at the door.

Ruan Qiao put on his coat and didn’t disturb Su Xi. When he arrived at the main house, he found that the door of Ruan’s mother’s room was open and there was no one on the bed. He was estimated to have left.

The rapid knock on the door continued.

[bullet screen Slytherin’s monster] isn’t it? Knock again?

[bullet curtain relies on milk tea to continue life] it’s dawn. This time I knocked at the door in a hurry. It was a normal knock. I reasonably suspect that

Ruan Qiao also heard that the only one who could knock so recklessly on the door was Ruan Qiao——

“Mule? Why are you here?” She opened the door and the cold rushed into the room.

It hasn’t rained outside, but the ground is still wet.

Mule vomited a cold breath, and a faint blush froze on his white face. He squeezed into the room very flexibly: “it’s so cold, so cold!”

Seeing Su Xi who just got up from Ruan Qiao’s room, mule’s eyes showed shock: “you! You!”

He looked at Ruan Qiao again: “you –”

Finally, it was like discovering a big secret: “you actually sleep in the same room!”

Ruan Qiao: “you don’t see how poor my family is. I just think, can there be another place for him to sleep?”

Mule snorted: “who knows, my family is so beautiful. If the man who sleeps in the same room with you can control it, he is still a man -”

At this point, he suddenly covered his mouth as if he was aware of something.

No, he can’t continue to die. If he is attacked and greeted by Su Xi Heiyu, he doesn’t have Shen Mu to protect him.

While covering his mouth, mule is also ready to defend.

Wait and wait, the unexpected attack didn’t come, not even the worst scolded.

Mule looked carefully at the Su Xi next to him.

On weekdays, he is full of evil spirit, takes revenge and haggles over every penny. The cloud demon God of day, day and Earth actually… Stands next to Ruan Qiao today, with a gentle smile on his face, and the contour of his beautiful face is soft.

“You’re young. The cloud demon God has changed his mind?” Mule carefully approached Ruan Qiao and asked her in a low voice, “did you take him in one night?”

Ruan Qiao knocked on his head: “you said you look so sunny. What’s on your mind all day.”

[the cold cicada in the barrage doesn’t know] I suspect that muzai is here again… But I have no evidence

[barrage] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen mango glutinous rice ball] knock on your skull

Su Xi walked quietly to the two and pushed Mu Le over: “is it a man? Soft knows. As for you, there’s no need to know.”

Mule was unconvinced: “why can’t I know?”

Ruan Qiao: “?”

[bullet screen grapefruit] ha ha, ha ha, bad dialogue

[bullet screen bewitches the public] brother mule, you’d better not know. Ha ha ha ha

[the barrage is as warm as ever] wonton said such words solemnly. I actually feel damn excited??

[bullet screen love] this is not a car to support teaching!

[bullet screen purple dancing snow] the door is welded! Open it! Open it to the edge of the ultra remote village!

Ruan Qiao coughed: “what did you come to me early in the morning? I’m going to send Chen Bo a ride.”

Mule shook his head: “I just came from the mourning hall. You don’t have to go.”

Ruan Qiao: “what’s the matter?”

Mule whispered, “the man who went up to fix the coffin this morning found it.”

“Uncle Chen’s body is missing.”


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