After reopening the escape game Chapter 38

“Now there is a mess in the mourning hall.” Mule poured a glass of water and drank it slowly. “Ah, the water is so cold.”

“Did you see my mother?” Ruan Qiao poured three cups of water into the hot kettle next to him and added some dry tea from home.

Mule scratched his head: “aunt?”

He let out a sigh, Took the tea: “after finding Uncle Chen’s body missing, there was a mess at the mourning hall, and Xiong Ji was still watching the situation. I came to see you first. Aunt was really at the mourning hall at first, but later I saw her look bad and absent-minded. Then she left in a hurry. I thought aunt was going home and wanted to catch up with her and tell her to go all the way.”

Mule took out his pamphlet and continued: “unexpectedly, the book in my arms suddenly became hot. I opened it for a few eyes and found that there were new contents behind it. With such a delay, my aunt didn’t know where to go.”

He looked around. “She didn’t come back?”

Ruan Qiao took the booklet and turned to the back of the catalogue. Sure enough, he saw that new contents appeared on the original blank pages.

Ruan Qiao looked at the things and methods of praying for blessings and avoiding disasters written in the first few pages, and soon turned to the content of section II: classification of ghosts and monsters.

The content of the third part about the forbidden art blood curse is still blank and can’t be viewed.

Mule opened his chair and sat down lazily. His body tilted back slightly: “there are not many and complete categories of ghosts and monsters here. There are only a few categories that are described in detail.”

He leaned forward, reached out and knocked on the table: “ghosts include water ghosts, birth ghosts and evil ghosts. Corpses include zombies, blood corpses, shadow corpses and awake corpses.”

In fact, the book simply records the names of ten ghosts and eighteen corpses, but these types have appeared most in ultra remote villages since ancient times, so these types are the most detailed records of the Mu family.

“Everyone knows the water ghost very well. People who die accidentally or commit suicide complain and drag people into the water. There has been a reservoir in the village before. I think there is a great possibility of water ghost.” Mule didn’t say anything. Ruan Qiao also understood that Ruan’s father drowned in the reservoir.

More importantly, this time, the car that came to support the teaching just fell into the reservoir.

But according to mule’s copy, nothing strange has happened in this village since those things more than ten years ago. And many things like corpses and ghosts haven’t appeared for decades. That’s why mule’s master fell to this point.

I heard that Mu’s house is more broken than Ruan Qiao’s.

Ruan Qiao silently looked up at the newly mended roof.

Su Xi stood behind Ruan Qiao and leaned down next to her to read the booklet: “as long as we don’t get close to the reservoir, it doesn’t matter if there are water ghosts.”

The young Qingjun’s side face was next to her. His pleasant voice took a slightly upward tone. He blinked, and his thick eyelashes trembled: “soft, you don’t have to be afraid.”

[the barrage is rolling and not yet young] please keep the speed of distributing dog food!

[barrage prefers silence] ah, ah, ah

[under the barrage tree] sweet and gentle!! such a little brother is a human killer in the horror game, okay!

Ruan Qiao’s white fingers turned to the next page and nodded conditionally.

Not because of Su Xi’s comfort, but because she has seen many ghosts and demons.

Ghost production is related to pregnant women. Judging from the content of the current copy, it is far less important than ghost. Ruan Qiao read out the instructions in the booklet: “ghost, also known as corpse soul. The day when people die is the day when they return to ghost. The soul turns into ghost, and the family needs to avoid ghost.”

[bullet screen snow red fruit] isn’t Chen Bo the first seven souls?

[barrage Baize] is Uncle Chen a ghost??

[bullet screen Luzi] ghosts are souls. Yesterday’s is more like a corpse, isn’t it?

[barrage Zi Xing] I didn’t open the door. I don’t know whether it’s a corpse or a ghost

[bullet screen sect] it’s all… It’s all right. It’s as scary as QAQ

Ruan Qiao continued to read: “there are 18 kinds of corpses, of which zombies and blood corpses are the most ferocious.”

Mule nodded: “I think this shade corpse is the most frightening.”

Many people don’t know the name of Yin corpse, but it’s much easier to understand another way – raising corpses.

After death, it is necessary to carry out specific rituals and environments to form the corpse into an incorruptible state. The body will not rot, but hair and nails will continue to grow. Raising corpses is the most dangerous. Once the shade corpses lose control, they will eat people. And they usually start with their children and relatives.

Mule: “look at the last one.”

“What?” Ruan Qiao was stunned, but he didn’t continue to read.

The last one is to wake up the body.

Awake corpses and meat corpses are the kinder of the eighteen kinds of corpses. Not as aggressive as blood corpses and zombies. Although meat corpses are dead, they can walk, move and even eat, but they don’t have their own consciousness.

The waking corpse is different. It can not only have the same thinking and action ability as normal people, but also breathe, but it is weaker than ordinary people’s breathing.

Ruan Qiao glanced at Su Xi.

This booklet has a long history, and it is normal for the records to differ from the reality.

Su Xi has no breath and pulse, or is he too weak to feel it? If he is really a wake-up corpse, it makes sense to be affected by the spell.

But he has always been a normal person before. Master Mu said more than ten years ago that he was a human.

When on earth did Susie become a wake-up corpse?

She looked at him sideways. They were close. She could even see Su Xi’s curly eyelashes. His white skin set off his clear and beautiful facial features with a bit of weak morbid beauty.

Ruan Qiao was in a trance. It seemed that he had seen such a beauty somewhere.

In a dream?

The boy seemed to notice her eyes and turned to look at her. The girl’s charming shadow was reflected in the Obsidian clear eyes. Thin lips rose slightly, and a nice voice sounded in her ear: “don’t worry too much about me, you forget, I have to protect you.”

[unstable heart in barrage track] – blood bag! I need a healer!!

[bullet screen roll powder] I’m going to die with this smile, whew whew

[barrage sleeping] today is another day of being hit by wonton beauty

[bullet screen cosmic fox] evil water! Evil water! Yun Tiantian is the biggest fox in the universe!

Ruan Qiao whispered, “I’m not very worried.”

When something happens, just pull wonton out and be a thug.

Although he may be affected by a certain physique, as long as he wants, he has no invincible enemy.

Just listen to the meaning before wonton. It takes him some time to fight against the metaphysics in this copy.

Higher form character physique can solve the battle faster, but it costs a lot to open, which is not worth it in such a copy.

And as soon as I come up, I will open the Lord state. Do others want to play?

There is no way to crack the later plot tasks.

“What is your task?” Ruan Qiao asked him.

Su Xi stood up straight and thought, “at the beginning, he broke away from the shackles of the iron chain and left the ancestral hall. But it takes a little time to resist the spells on the iron chain. You came before you finished. Now the task is to find out the anomalies in the nearest village.”

This task is the same as that of most players. Xiong Ji, Mu Rou and Shen junmu are all this task. As for CHEN Si, she didn’t say much, and Ruan Qiao didn’t care.

Think more about the truth of what Chen Si said.

Ruan Qiao also has his own consideration for them.

Although there is no evidence to prove that there is a water ghost on the other side of the reservoir, the copy gives such a clue, so it is very likely.

Lonely flying eagle looked at CHEN Si’s expression and was always very vigilant. It seemed to be convinced by some of her words, but it didn’t completely dispel her doubts.

Apart from the possibility that they exchanged information when they were alone, based on the existing clues, Ruan Qiao estimated that the only place where the lonely flying eagle could be suspicious was CHEN Si’s identity.

Lonely flying eagle is the driver of bus 102. CHEN Si said that she and Meizi are both passengers on bus 102 and come to teach. If she does not win the trust of lonely flying eagle, it is very likely that Chen Si and Meizi lied about their identity. They are not the people on the bus at all. And the lonely eagle can see this.

What can make Ruan Qiao more sure of this idea is the recent rumors in the village. Ruan Qiao met Aunt Chen on the road before. Aunt Chen said so at that time.

[“how dare you mention this? Have you forgotten the lesson of Xiao Ruan’s father? I think the two who died a while ago…”

Now that we know that the alcoholic father drowned in the reservoir, it is likely that two people died near the reservoir a while ago.

Plum and CHEN Si, aren’t they just two?

If they are water ghosts, then it is normal for them to know that there are people who support education to come here and disguise their identity.

Even if he didn’t use his mind at that time, Ruan Qiao could see that plum lied.

There are several fatal injuries on the double channel. The back is directly inserted into the heart, stabbing the chest and abdomen… If the double channel really attacks her according to Meizi, and finally suffers from the rule that the same teammates can’t kill each other, then the double channel only needs to stab Meizi for two or three knives.

A person who will choose to sneak attack will not stab each other so many times.

He’ll stop after hitting the key one or two.

The double channel wound is more like taking the opportunity to mend the knife and forge the scene after being killed, and then changing him into an outer shirt.

From the time they heard the scream of the two channels to the time they ran to Qin Yue’s house, it was enough to complete these actions.

If CHEN Si and Mei Zi have found that they are not living, that is what Ruan Qiao is fighting for now.

Through the death of two channels, CHEN Si has divided himself and plum into the camp of living people.

Mule didn’t notice Ruan Qiao’s idea. He stood up directly, took back the booklet from Ruan Qiao’s hand, and said proudly, “hide my baby.”

Before he put it away, he looked at it: “what do you think of the page of water ghost? If there are non-human players to mix with us and not be found, I think it is the most likely to wake up the corpse. After all, wake up the corpse is no different from ordinary people.”

Then he added with a sigh: “why am I so smart.”

[bullet screen] ha ha, brother mule is really cute

[bullet screen wind clears the wood] cute 1! I hope muzai and the anchor are in the same team. Don’t kill each other in the later stage, okay? Silly muzai has been hurt many times, wuwuwuwuwu

[the barrage is pure white] but the little brother of the perverted doctor who dissected muzai last time was really impressed!

【 bullet screen cold cicada doesn’t know 】 muzai made a remark about ravioli before. Don’t do it in the future. QAQ is your Baba! Don’t give away your head, silly son!

Although Ruan Qiao lowered her voice when touching Su Xi’s pulse and didn’t let the audience in the live studio find out, she couldn’t hide her thoughts. She didn’t bother to explain to the audience what happened at that time. When she returned to Ruan’s house, she found a chance to explain to the audience.

[barrage Wanren] is this wonton an inhuman setting? It’s pathetic to be tied up as a disaster star, okay!

[bullet screen has not heard of flower name] according to the description in this booklet, is it really a wake-up corpse?

[bullet screen description] Mian Mian will definitely be in the same team with wonton. Are they both??

[barrage needless to say] if mule is a Taoist, can he join the non-human team? He is scheduled to abuse qwq

Ruan Qiao was not sure about mule’s setting, so he simply didn’t tell him about CHEN Si first.

The explanation on the page of the water ghost gave her greater certainty.

Water ghosts usually lurk under the water of the place of death, waiting for everyone who falls into the water, grab their ankles and drag them to the bottom of the water to drown. If you want to leave the water, the water ghost must wear a raincoat hat.

If she remembered correctly, the environment of Qin Yue’s house was normal when she first entered the game. Although there was a rain the next day, it was not so wet that the bed was wet.

Lonely eagle and CHEN Si are wearing raincoats and hats, which is probably CHEN Si’s way to test lonely eagle. The two channels failed their test and were judged as enemy players.

Plum killed Shuang Dao as expected, which proved that they and Shuang Dao were enemies.

When the two-way channel is dead, CHEN Si’s enemy players can not only lose one person, but also push them into the human camp.

As for the identity of the lonely flying eagle, it is difficult to distinguish between human and non-human possibilities.

CHEN Si has too many thoughts. Ruan Qiao can’t trust her completely.

“Uncle Chen is conscious, isn’t he also a wake-up corpse?” Ruan Qiao told mule what happened last night.

Mule shook his head: “In fact, I also got an important clue. After the death of the person in this copy, there is a process of corpse or ghost. The specific time depends on everyone’s constitution. Some are one or two days, and some may be ten and a half days and months. Moreover, corpse poison can be transmitted among the dead, that is, it needs a mother as the source to revive other dead people.”

Su Xi analyzed: “according to this clue, some players may have a non-human constitution, but they have not been revealed. They are completely corpse or ghost.”

Mule thought for a moment, then hesitated and said, “maybe that’s what it means. I don’t know very well. It’s too mysterious. Judging from Uncle Chen’s situation, it may be a blood corpse or a wake-up corpse. Anyway, it’s safe that you didn’t open the door at that time.”

The corpse change of blood corpse is extremely terrible. It needs to suck human blood and has extremely Yin evil Qi. In the later stage, it also needs to supplement a lot of fresh blood. Chen Bo came back on the first seven days. He may be a ghost.

Maybe he has something to say to Ruan Qiao, or he just needs to cheat to open the door.

Mule put away the booklet and lay down on the table, pitifully covering his forehead: “I’m so dizzy. Why are there so many classifications? Isn’t it good to just talk about the living and the dead?”

Ruan Qiao suggested: “maybe it’s because my luck value is relatively high, and the task gives a more direct reminder – asking me to visit my little hair.”

The three discussed and decided to go to the family Qin Yue married.

If it is a family, it is estimated that it is only their husband and wife.

When they came out of Ruan Qiao’s house, it didn’t rain outside. After walking North for a while, they were stopped by a dark man.

“Are you master Mu’s disciple?” The man said, “I’m Daniel!”

Daniel, the carpenter in the village

It’s said that the business is not very good recently. In order to support the family, we have to expand the business of selling coffins

[he made Chen Bo’s coffin. The quality is very good.]

Systematic explanations always come without any precaution.

Ruan Qiao could not help but make complaints about what a carpenter was selling the coffin. Who else cares about your quality!

Mule was stunned: “ah?”

Daniel looked at Ruan Qiao and was about to say hello. His eyes touched Su Xi next to him, and his face changed.

He took mule aside and whispered, “I heard you released this disaster star? No wonder you’re in the village recently…”

Ruan Qiao was about to go up against him and let him learn to be a man, so he was held by Su Xi.

She turned and touched the boy’s soft eyes.

Su Xi still had a faint smile on his face and said in a shallow voice, “it doesn’t matter. You’ve said it. Don’t listen to them.”

“People in the village are used to looking at me like this. You can’t change it in a few words.” He didn’t seem angry: “you don’t have to argue with them.”

Ruan Qiao’s temperament is like this. It doesn’t matter if it’s Buddhist, but once it’s what she believes, it’s difficult for others to change.

She wanted to break away from Su Xi’s hand holding her wrist, but he blocked her back before she could speak.

“It doesn’t matter if they don’t like me.” Su Xi looked into her eyes. Her voice was dumb and her eyes seemed to contain light: “as long as you don’t hate me.”

Ruan Qiao’s beauty suddenly shook her mind: “ah? I, of course I won’t hate you.”

[bullet screen Weng Shanyu evening sunny] it’s obviously a love game! Lock it up!

[bullet screen sweet] hahaha, I was trembling with fear just now, and now I’m sweet!

[barrage writer’s crazy codeword hand] that’s right, leave the bad guys alone!

[reward] audience [little sun] reward [grenade] * 1

[small barrage, little sun] sweetness is really sweet!

Fortunately, mule is not so easy to be biased. Hearing Daniel’s words, he also frowned: “brother Daniel, they are my friends.”

“Even if you don’t like it, don’t say it in front of me!”

Daniel: “?”

[bullet screen black sesame filling system] I’m going to be laughed to death by muzai

[barrage saitia] ha ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen wooden guest] this is a serious sentence, brother Daniel. I’m sorry. I smiled, ha ha

Daniel sighed: “OK, the village head will come to you. Has master Mu come back? I have something to find him!”

Mule: “I’m still looking for my master!”

Daniel scratched his head and looked anxious: “what can I do!”

“Tell me, maybe I can help you?” The witty mule realized that this was a door-to-door clue.

Daniel hesitated and said, “well, can you… Can you?”

Mule smiled confidently: “man, you can’t say no.”

[barrage a few] I doubt it for the fourth time, but I still… Have no evidence.

[bullet screen four shallow] muzai laugh at the whole play

[bullet screen disease essence] today’s sand sculpture source HA HA powder!

Daniel grits his teeth: “All right, a dead horse should be a living horse doctor. You know that my daughter-in-law and the village head’s wife are close to giving birth. You say these two can spend their days together every day. It’s good not to talk in my ear. But my wife has become more and more strange recently. She doesn’t go to the village head’s house to talk about it. She says it’s wrong here every day, and there are people walking around at night. I sleep next to her Side, can’t I hear someone coming? ”

Daniel took mule’s hand and looked dignified: “I wanted to see Master mu, but I just went to master Mu’s house and the door was closed. If you have a way, come to my house tonight to help.”

Although mule didn’t have any way, he agreed to come down first for clues. At that time, he will take a step by step.

Ruan Qiao stretched his head and said, “Xiong Jidu is so old. Is the village head’s wife still pregnant?”

Daniel said hi: “this is not a response to the national policy, second child.”

He seemed to think of something and muttered, “I don’t know if I can give birth. The village head is busy these days.”

Mule also wanted to ask what was going on. Daniel said he had work to do and left in a hurry.

After they separated from Daniel, the three continued to walk forward. Before they reached the rubble pile, they met two more players.

CHEN Si stood by the roadside talking to plum. When she saw Ruan Qiao coming, she stopped talking.

When the three came near, CHEN Si went directly to Ruan Qiao: “I didn’t expect to meet you here. Let’s talk?”

Ruan Qiao nodded.

CHEN Si looked again at the two boys standing behind her: “they can’t follow.”


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