After reopening the escape game Chapter 39

Ruan Qiao and CHEN Si came to the back of a nearby house. Plum seemed to be a person with few words. Standing next to them, they didn’t mean to talk to them.

Mule gathered in front of Su Xi: “I think CHEN Si is very bad. Will Mianmian suffer?”

Su Xi looked at the direction Ruan Qiao left and her eyes were affectionate: “Mianmian Mian is really a little simple and kind. I believe her judgment, but if she has something to do, I will rush there at the first time.”

Always felt that there was something wrong with Su Xi’s words. Mu Le showed a puzzled expression. After thinking about it, he still wasn’t tangled. He took Su Xi to the side mysteriously. He looked at the plum standing in front of the door and asked Su Xi in a low voice like a thief: “brother, I’ll ask you one thing. Are you super capable?”

Su Xi thought, “I may not be very strong now. I can’t start the combat state.”

He added, “if I don’t agree with you, I’ll hit you. That’s when my combat effectiveness is relatively high.”

Mule: “?”

Mule coughed: “I think something’s wrong with you. It’s like a changed person. Split personality? Or what game settings? Forget it, it’s none of my business. I just need you to be able to play. What level of monsters can you fight now?”

Mule was a little frustrated. He thought he held a thigh. Unexpectedly, his level was still high and low.

Lien Chan can’t even fight. I’m afraid he can only deal with ordinary villagers. It’s difficult for such cannon fodder level monsters. If he meets a stronger monster, he may have to take care of him.

Su Xi thought carefully and seemed to be measuring his strength: “the Lord level is very difficult to deal with. The biggest limit is probably…”

“Little devil below.”

Mule: “excuse me?”

What’s the matter with this man? If he doesn’t fight, he can carry the fight below the little devil?

Ordinary people do not open the battle state, even the cannon fodder level is difficult to fight. Those with strong physical quality or trained in reality may be able to resist cannon fodder empty handed, but they must also open the battle state to deal with ordinary monsters.

The little devil is already equivalent to a small boss of a medium and low-level copy. How strong would it be if it opened the battle state or even the wonton sweep of the Lord state?

Mule squatted down, his slender legs bent, and the wide Taoist robe sleeve slipped down. He stroked up the sleeve and sighed.

Su Xi wondered, “what’s the matter?”

Mule: “I sit on the high lemon mountain.”

This conversation is like “how did Xueba do in the exam this time?”, The other party replied “not very optimistic. They didn’t review before the exam. It may be 99”.

After being autistic for half a minute, he stood up and calmed his mood. He looked at Su Xi and got serious: “I have something to tell you.”


Ruan Qiao wanted to win over Chen Si, but the other party was a smart man. He knew how to say more and make more mistakes. At the beginning, he didn’t speak, waiting for Ruan Qiao to speak and wanted to take the initiative in his own hands.

Always can’t two people go on like this, Ruan Qiao took the initiative to break the silence: “the plum thing is my sincerity to cooperate with you.”

By saying so, she has shown that she knows it’s a game.

CHEN Si showed such an expression: “do you help me because you are not a living person, or because you want to gain my trust and go undercover on my side?”

Ruan Qiao asked her, “is this very important?”

CHEN Si’s purpose is to achieve her own victory. Whether Ruan Qiao is on her side does not affect that she has obtained strong evidence from the “human” camp. Moreover, no matter what Ruan Qiao said, CHEN Si could not completely believe her.

So the authenticity of identity doesn’t make much sense.

Ruan Qiao: “you already know the division criteria of the camp. I don’t need to say more. You are not religious people, but water ghosts. This copy is obvious that there are non-human players.”

CHEN Si: “did the Taoist brother tell you?”

Ruan Qiao did not deny it.

CHEN Si continued: “yes, we borrowed the false identity of the people supporting education. Now that you know it, you still have to choose to cooperate with me? What’s your purpose?”

Ruan Qiao: “the purpose of my cooperation with you is very simple. I need you to win the trust of Shen Mu.”

This is exactly what Chen Si wants: “what about you?”

Ruan Qiao can’t help her without asking.

Ruan Qiao smiled: “it’s the best result for me that you gain Shen Mu’s trust. I think you will arrange the later things by yourself. Isn’t your victory my victory?”

Her words have shown that she and CHEN Si are on the same side.

CHEN Si looked into Ruan Qiao’s eyes and seemed to want to see if she was lying.

The girl’s eyes are clear and bright, and her small facial features are a little delicate, but she appears calm and confident.

“If you still think there is no good thing for free, then answer me a question.” Ruan Qiao continued, “is the lonely flying eagle a living person or a dead person?”

CHEN Si looked at Ruan Qiao. She was a little serious. She suddenly smiled: “I said he was a dead man. Do you believe it?”

Ruan Qiao didn’t speak. CHEN Si continued to fight back. Ruan Qiao pointed out her identity and took the initiative. She couldn’t show weakness: “if I guessed correctly, wonton is not a living person, otherwise a small iron chain can’t lock him.”

CHEN Si knew that Su Xi was locked up in the ancestral hall. Although she didn’t know the details of the spell on the iron chain, it didn’t prevent her from guessing: “you and he must be in the same team. If all four of us are in the non-human camp, plus the lonely flying eagle, there are exactly five Taoist brothers, I’m afraid they are the living camp. And his role just restrained us. Don’t get too close to him.”

“Since we are on the same team, I don’t want to be ruined by you.”

Ruan Qiao’s voice was faint: “I won’t bother you.”

[there are so many charming bullet screens] CHEN Si is very clever

[bullet screen holding wine leaning on idle clouds] I think she’s a little provocative between my cub and Mian Mian!

[owner’s sauce of the bullet screen curly cat] she’s just objective. That’s the truth

[bullet screen Nanshan] what can I do about muzai’s silly son wuwuwu? There are a group of old foxes around him

Ruan Qiao said, “you know my powers.”

When he was upstairs in Qin Yue’s house, Ruan Qiao used mental skills on plums. The conversation just now also showed that her mind skills really worked. Sure enough, CHEN Si’s fingers moved and her eyes changed slightly.

A person’s powers will gradually affect his senses and body. The existence of psychological auxiliary powers such as mind skill makes her more sensitive to biological micro expressions.

Chen sigang’s expression and action showed that she was not sure whether the lonely eagle was a human.

If it’s just a simple lie, Ruan Qiao can’t see it from CHEN Si’s acting skills, but when she mentioned that she has the ability to see through people’s hearts, CHEN Si panicked. At this moment, she doubted whether her lie was betrayed by Ruan Qiao’s panic.

It may even be that Chen Si cheated the lonely eagle that he was not a living person.

In fact, CHEN Si doesn’t know the identity of the lonely flying eagle.

It is very likely that lonely flying eagle has not completely determined his camp, so he is skeptical about CHEN Si’s attitude.

[bullet screen step search] is it stupid of me to talk between two people? Why can’t I understand anything

[owner’s sauce of bullet screen curly cat] @ class representative

[bullet screen prisoner branch] summary of the class seeking representative!

[bullet screen powder] 1. Mianmian Mian and CHEN Si seem to have reached a consensus on the issue of human and non-human units. They form an alliance and help Chen Si win the trust of the “living” camp on Shen Mu’s side. 2. The two are throwing smoke bombs at each other. They say a lot. In fact, they are still guarding against each other.

Ruan Qiao promised to talk with CHEN Si alone to test her attitude. Seeing that Chen Si’s current ideas are the same as what she wants, Ruan Qiao is much more relieved. This trial also got the result of the identity of the lonely eagle, that is, the camp is unknown.

Ruan Qiao said she was going to Qin Yue’s house to investigate the bride. CHEN Si said she was going to the village with plum to ask about the strange things that had happened recently.

In that case, the two groups simply acted separately.

Plum followed Chen Sichao to the south of the village. Along the way, the two seemed to be exchanging something.

Seeing that Ruan Qiao came back, mule hurried over: “she didn’t treat you well, did she?”

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “it’s all right. Let’s go.”

Mule is tall, and there is a difference in the most cute height next to Ruan Qiao. The barrage is howling.

Before taking a few steps, mule felt pushed aside by a force.

Because of this unprotected push, he stumbled a few steps, looked up and was angry: “who pushed me!”

Nobody paid attention to him.

Mule turned his head to look at the originator, but found that the other party was walking slowly in his seat. From time to time, he turned his head to look at Ruan Qiao, with a broken smile at the bottom of his eyes.

Mule was unwilling and went up again and again to get between them.

But Su Xi always stopped him again and again with all kinds of seemingly careless walks and movements.

Mule: “?”

He was deceived by this guy’s gentle and harmless appearance and temperament! Mingming is a big gray wolf who bullies him quietly!

Mule followed him with many small movements. Ruan Qiao also felt a little strange and looked back at him: “what’s the matter with you?”

Mu Le cried out with a sad expression: “emperor, you want rain and dew!”

He’s as pathetic as a light bulb behind, okay!

Ruan Qiao: “?”

Su Xi stopped, his slender legs stood straight, his face still hung a shallow smile, but his eyes were very dangerous: “Mian Mian, you go first, I’ll see him.”

Mule stopped and instinctively felt a trace of danger and murder.

But he has come to Su Xi.

Mule is tall, but Suxi is obviously a little taller than him.

Su Xi narrowed her eyes slightly. Her original docile and harmless temperament changed slightly: “rain and dew?”

Mule immediately counseled: “brother, wrong, I’m wrong again. There are 3000 beauties in the back palace. The emperor only dotes on you! I sweep the floor for you, no, the gatekeeper!”

Su Xi smiled. The slightly raised corners of his mouth were like the breeze in spring. His good-looking eyes and tail drew a gentle arc: “don’t joke in the future. By the way, I have a prop card that can kill my teammates.”

Mule: “?”

Why did you tell me that you have such a prop card??

Is he threatened by wonton again?

Mule said it was tiring to get along with schizophrenic patients.

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Ruan Qiao walking in front: “what are you doing? If you don’t go, you won’t catch up with lunch.”

Su Xi turned his head and put on a gentle expression: “come now.”

Mule:… Face changing monster! Double standard! You know bullying me, an honest man!


It’s really hard to walk through the rubble.

It has just rained and the stones are slippery. It’s no wonder there aren’t many people living here.

After walking for a while, a two-story wooden building appeared under the shade of the woods.

This should be the Song family that Qin Yue married. According to Ruan’s mother, Xiao Song’s full name is song he. He is an honest farmer who works hard and hard.

Although my parents went out to work when I was very young, they died in a car accident and owed a debt. But he was stunned and didn’t complain. He honestly paid off all the creditors’ money and interest. Now I’ve married a daughter-in-law and started a family. It’s hard and happy to endure.

The whole house is quiet all around, with only the occasional bird singing, which makes the environment quiet and quiet.

No wonder Ruan Qiao’s “roommate” said that the scenery here is good, and you can travel when you come to support education.

Ruan Qiao went up and knocked at the door. Although it was noon, the light was very poor because of the dense foliage and cloudy day around. The sunlight is basically blocked by leaves and eaves.

After a few minutes, the wooden door creaked and opened a crack.

A young man’s face appeared behind the crack of the door, with regular facial features, but his face was vigilant: “who are you?”

Ruan Qiao said, “I was Qin Yue’s good friend when she was a child and the daughter of the Ruan family. You should have heard of me. Are you brother song?”

The alert on song he’s face dissipated, but he still didn’t fully open the door: “the two of them?”

Ruan Qiao: “it’s my friend. I finally came back this time to see how Qin Yue is doing.”

Song he opened the door and said in a deep voice, “come and sit first.”

It was cold when I entered the house, and the window was not opened. I even felt a little dead. Song he didn’t have the vitality that young people should have on his face.

Song he took the three into the main house and opened the window: “there’s nothing to entertain at home. Let me pour you some tea.”

Ruan Qiao asked him, “where’s Xiaoyue?”

Song he came over with tea: “she went to sell things in a remote town and hasn’t come back yet. I heard that the previous landslide was very serious and the road was washed down. She may not come back until the road is repaired. Xiao Ruan, right? How long are you… Going to stay in the village?”

Ruan Qiao thought, “it should be these days.”

Song he relaxed: “I used to hear Xiaoyue mention you as her best friend when she was a child.”

Mule only felt that the place was cold and flustered, and stayed stuffy: “since the people are not here, let’s go back first.”

Ruan Qiao stood up and said, “if Xiaoyue comes back, tell her that I’m waiting for her at Ruan’s house. I’ve been missing her for a long time.”

Song he nodded.

[system] plot task has been updated.

Ruan Qiao looked at the refreshed task panel.

[plot task] you’re a little disappointed that you can’t see Qin Yue. It’s the damn heavy rain. In that case, why don’t you go and see what’s going on at Daniel carpenter’s house.

[plot task] find Qin Yue and ask her how she is doing recently (0 / 1)

[plot task] find out the strange things in Daniel carpenter’s house (0 / 1)

This was originally mule’s task, because Ruan Qiao’s lucky value and random event trigger rate were higher than ordinary people, so she was able to receive this task if she was involved in these things.

The completion degree and number of plot tasks will affect the final copy settlement.

Ruan Qiao said, “I want to go to the bathroom, can I?”

Song he hesitated and pointed in a direction: “the toilet is over there.”

Ruan Qiao said thank you and walked in the direction pointed by song he. Through the main house, there was a staircase on the second floor, next to the toilet door. Ruan Qiao did not enter the toilet, but watched the stairs stop.

There is a high open window on the wall opposite the toilet door, which is closed at this time, making the whole space gray, dim and cold.

Ruan Qiao touched the handrail of the stairs and felt that the whole room was very cold.

She held the wooden ladder and looked upstairs.

The wooden stairs are covered with mottled moss and moth marks, which extend up into the darkness.

The walls were mottled with cracks and stains.

Ruan Qiao’s expression was dignified: “this place…”

[bullet screen Jun Guangci] I feel very wrong

[black paper painting on bullet screen] strange 1

[bullet screen Yuntong] did Mian Mian find anything!

Ruan Qiao: “I feel that if I live for a long time, I will get rheumatic bone disease. It’s too cold and not conducive to my health.”

[barrage Rowan] Pooh, ha, ha, ha

[what will barrage have for lunch tomorrow]??

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She looked back and saw mule and Su Xizheng talking with song he through the door of the main house. She held the handrail of the ladder up.

The more you go up, the darker the light.

She can only touch the ladder.

Soon the wooden ladder came to an end. Ruan Qiao reached out and pushed it. He couldn’t push it. He felt it. It was a locked wooden door.

Why is the second floor locked in broad daylight?

It’s very quiet around. The house is in the dense forest and stone pile. Few people visit it on weekdays.

“What are you doing?”

Song he’s low voice suddenly sounded behind her.

[barrage of your silver] suddenly spoke and scared to death

[barrage Lin’an] will the big brother in the sleeping slot flash??

[barrage West] when did it appear? Shit!

[the bullet screen is more beautiful than praise Si] someone behind me suddenly spoke, which made my back cold

His voice was very low. Although his tone was very flat, Ruan Qiao could hear that he was a little unhappy.

Ruan Qiao turned his head and couldn’t see song he’s expression clearly in the shadow.

She paused and said, “I heard something on it. I thought it was a cat or something. I came up to have a look. But why is the second floor locked?”

Song he’s tone didn’t fluctuate: “you’re right. There are many wild cats here. In order to prevent wild cats from running in and biting things and turning the room upside down, the door was locked.”

Ruan Qiao said anxiously, “then I just heard a noise inside. Did you enter a wild cat? Do you want me to go in and have a look…”

“No.” Song he’s expression was stiff for a moment, but he quickly interrupted her: “I have something to do later. You should go.”

The host has given an order to leave, and Ruan Qiao can’t stay.

When they left song he’s house, mule was relieved.

Walking on the road, mule was still complaining: “you didn’t see song he like that. You stared at us like a thief. As soon as you went upstairs, we couldn’t stop you. I’m good-looking and talented. Although I wear shabby clothes, I won’t be regarded as a thief?”

Susie didn’t say anything.

Ruan Qiao suddenly stopped and looked at the white ash in his hand.

If I remember correctly, I probably got it on the stairs or touching the second floor door just now.

She hesitated and said, “this is…”

Su Xi’s white fingers crossed her palm and rubbed things on her fingertips.

Ruan Qiao squatted down and caught the leaves next to him with his other hand.

It has just rained, and there are drops of water on the leaves.

The water on the leaves fell on the white powder in the palm of her hand. It was cool at first, and soon there was a slight heat.

Mule: “his house is so broken. The wall has fallen off. It seems that most of the poor in our village.”

Su Xi shook her head and hesitated in a nice voice: “it seems…”

His voice and Ruan Qiao’s voice sounded at the same time.


Mule wondered, “what can I do with lime?”

Ruan Qiao’s eyes flashed: “yes, what can lime be used for?”


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