After reopening the escape game Chapter 4

Although it was A-level book, Ruan Qiao didn’t take it to heart, but he didn’t expect to go to the wrong room when he turned on the power-saving mode.

Su Xi was taller than her and looked down at her. They were too close and looked at each other.

She has seen Su Xi’s photos. He should not have adjusted the face value in the game. This handsome face as in the photos has a completely different breath at the moment.

In the game, he is more like a demon in the dark, looking at his prey with joking eyes.

For a moment, she even thought she was recognized.

However, the information she got showed that Su Xi was a genius before playing [isolation area]. She didn’t care about the holographic horror game circle at all and was unlikely to know her.

He slightly tilted his head, his long eyelashes cast a shadow, and there was no unnecessary emotional fluctuation on his white face.

Ruan Qiao has never seen a boy with such long eyelashes. If he wanted to explain, it turned into: “… Eyelash essence?”

Her voice is small, with a girl’s temptation, tickling people’s heart.

Su Xi’s eyes changed slightly. Suddenly he reached out and touched her cheek. His voice was a little low: “you look like a person…”

Ruan Qiao: “?”

Are you going to drop your horse?


His fingers were cold, like ice without body temperature, and the thin cocoon on his finger belly scratched her cheek. They lie together and face to face. She has long been on full alert and is always ready to be killed by each other.

Although they are all in group A, for a teammate who climbs the bed in the middle of the night, think about it by transposition. If it was her, she would send the one offline in advance.

Ruan Qiao decided to say something to save it: “sorry, I climbed the wrong bed.”

[barrage] hard core climbing bed

[barrage] when can I be as good as the anchor

[bullet screen] show, flower show

[barrage] this angle, ah, rounding, is that I lie on my male god’s bed!

Su Xi’s voice was lower, with a faint smile: “whose bed were you going to climb?”

“Of course it’s me…” Ruan Qiao was stunned. How do you think this sentence is strange?

Feeling the girl’s rigid body and alert hostility, he smiled gently.

[barrage] ah, that’s too loud!

[barrage] I will repeat this paragraph 500 times in the later playback!!!

[barrage] Hello everyone, I’m Yunshen’s eyelashes!

[barrage] cloud God smiled???

Susi: do you want to sleep here tonight

Ruan Qiao shook his head wildly, moved back, rubbed to the bedside, and turned over and got out of bed.

She was relieved when she went out of the room and leaned against the corridor wall.

With his vigilance, he should have been attacked when she climbed into bed. As a result, he came out unharmed.

He said she looked familiar. Was she joking or had he really seen her?

Although the process was breathtaking, it was not fruitless this time. At least Ruan Qiao knew that Su Xi did not exclude her.

Also, this man’s eyelashes are really long


At dawn the next day, Ruan Qiao was shaken up by the clouds.

“Sister Mianmian, look…”

Ruan Qiao sat up and saw Wen Qing standing at the door ready to go out.

She went to the window, and the gloomy and terrible yard had completely changed. The green grass was green, the Trojan horse under the tree stopped there quietly, and the roses in the flower garden dotted the whole view.

More importantly, there are five children playing games in the yard.

As like as two peas, the cloud took the picture before him and looked out of the window with unbelievable sight. “I am not mistaken. The five children are the same as those in the picture. But last night we searched the whole house, and we never found these children.”

Three people went downstairs and found others already in the lobby. Ruan Qiao glanced and didn’t see Su Xi.

“You also found out that the orphanage during the day is completely different from that at night. Last night, I clearly remember a lot of dirt on the table, and other furniture is very old.” Yu Xing looked serious: “the children outside also suddenly appeared this morning.”

“How good it is now.” The little white rabbit said, “it’s too scary at night.”

“What nonsense here!” Captain justice patted the table and suddenly stood up: “whet haw, just catch those bastards outside and ask them clearly.”

With that, he went straight out.

Others were afraid to act rashly before they stayed in the lobby.

Wen Qing frowned, worried that Captain justice would make any excessive move, and followed her out.

Ruan Qiao also followed others to the yard. Under the tree stood a girl without arms. The remaining children were playing together on the lawn. The little girl in white dress she met last night was drawing next to her. Ruan Qiao walked over and saw her drawing a little man with a rose on his head and a word “Hun” written beside him.

The little girl noticed that someone was approaching, looked up and smiled sweetly: “sister, do you think my painting looks good?”

[barrage] the sleeping slot is so cute!!

[barrage] I want to touch my head!

The little girl has no stiffness and terror at night, and her lovely little face has a simple expression.

“Good looking.” Ruan Qiao touched her head. “What’s your name?”

“This is Xiaohui.” The little girl pointed to the villain in the picture and introduced herself proudly; “My name is little ear, the ear of the ear.”

“Sister has just come here. Can you introduce your little partner?” Ruan Qiao squatted down and asked her patiently.

Xiao Er sat on the grass, propped his chin and thought, “Xiao Gu and Xiao Yuan are brother and sister. The little whale is very poor. She has no hands. However, my favorite is Xiao Hui. He often leaves his milk for me to drink.”

“You see, he is Xiaohui.” Little ear pointed to the little boy in front of him.

Ruan Qiao: “isn’t this the one who greeted me last night?”

[barrage] anchor, strong!

[barrage] laugh to death xswl

The children during the day were more normal than what she saw at night. Xiao Hui didn’t wear the dark yellow dress last night, but beige.

“Red, green and white. Be careful when crossing the road!” After shouting the last word, Xiao Hui, who had been facing the trunk, suddenly turned around, and the other children who ran halfway stopped.

Captain justice went up directly, grabbed Xiaohui’s collar, picked him up and asked fiercely, “where did you come from?!”

Xiaohui looked only eight or nine years old. He was fiercely raised by Captain justice. He looked at him and cried.

“You’ve gone too far.” The little white rabbit saw the child crying and felt some sympathy, but her voice was still weak. “They are just children.”

Captain justice threw Xiaohui on the ground and snorted coldly, “they are just NPCs. Do you really think they are individuals? And don’t you hear the copy name? The orphanage is terrified!”

He continued, “maybe these bastards are pretending to be poor and kill us when we are unprepared! It’s foolish of you women to pity them!”

Although Yu Xing doesn’t agree with Captain justice’s attitude, he also thinks his sentence is reasonable. There must be a problem when these children suddenly appear.

The other children looked at the fierce look of Captain justice and retreated in fear.

Xiaohui wiped her tears, picked up the white ball on the ground and hid behind the tree.

Xiaohui was the first ghost to appear last night and is obviously a key figure. Ruan Qiao walked directly over, squatted down and asked gently, “Xiaohui, what are you playing?”

Captain justice showed disdain: “new people are new people. Instead of wasting time with them here, it’s better to find a way to open the door that hasn’t been opened before.”

Yu Xing and the strong HENGQIANG also felt that there was no clue outside, so they followed captain justice back to the house. The remaining girls watched Ruan Qiao approach the little boy. Because of the behavior of Captain justice just now, these children were far away from them, and their faces showed a look of fear.

Probably because Ruan Qiao called his name, Xiaohui didn’t reject her too much, but just hugged the white ball in his arms.

Wen Qing came over: “what is this ball?”

Xiaohui raised the white ball: “this is my big white light. Do you want to play games with us?”

Normally, they are volunteers who come to the orphanage to take care of children. It is normal to play games with them. But Wen Qing took a step back and shook her head: “No.”

Xiaohui showed a disappointed expression.

“The door next to the lobby stairs is open!” Yu Xing stood at the door and shouted. The little white rabbit hurried over. The action of group B was very unified.

Wen Qing and CHEN Si, seeing that there were no other clues here, also walked over. There may be copy related clues or rewards in the newly opened place.

Rewards may be skill cards or props, which are first come, first served.

Ruan Qiao stayed and continued to chat with the little boy: “can you tell me the rules of the game?”

Xiaohui nodded hurriedly: “we will choose one to be a ghost first, others will escape, and the ghost will catch people.”

The brothers and sisters nearby also leaned over and explained together: “if you shout the red light, the person who cries the light can’t move! The ghost can only wait next to the person who stops, and others can pat the frozen person on the shoulder and shout – help!”

Xiaohui continued: “the rescued people can continue to run, but if everyone enters the stop state, the ghost will win, and the last person who enters the stop state will become a ghost!”

[barrage] is this the key information?

[barrage] newcomers nb

Ruan Qiao nodded: “so it is.”

Xiaohui looked at her expectantly, “sister, do you want to play with us?”

This terrible copy is full of questions like death flag. Of course, Ruan Qiao is not stupid.

Facing the children’s expectant eyes, she first showed a gentle smile, and then replied, “go and ask the little brother of mascara. He likes this game very much.”

Xiaohui was a little confused: “who is brother mascara?”

Ruan Qiao is serious: “the one with the longest eyelashes.”

Suddenly a slightly lower male voice came from behind: “hmm?”

The ending tone rose slightly, with slight doubt.

Ruan Qiao turned around and saw Su Xi standing in the sun, with clear facial features on his white face and a long black windbreaker behind him.

[bullet screen] the stem of mascara can’t pass, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[barrage] here BGM eyelashes are curved

[barrage] it’s poisonous upstairs. I actually made up this song


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