After reopening the escape game Chapter 40

“What can lime be used for?” Mule repeated it again. Junxiu’s facial features showed a puzzled expression. He put his hands in his Taoist robe pocket and hesitated: “brush the white wall? Pickle preserved eggs?”

“Their family is so poor that they don’t have heating and air conditioning. They can only use lime for heating.” Mule sighed: “it’s not easy for little brother song.”

[bullet screen robbery] pickled preserved eggs, I vote

[barrage Gu Shanhe] I vote for heating

[barrage feeding dwarf animal husbandry] limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, which can react with dilute hydrochloric acid to produce calcium chloride, water and carbon dioxide [dog head]

[bullet screen thinking is innocent] the student in front, let’s balance the chemical equation coefficient

[barrage] CaCO3 2HCl = CaCl2 H2O CO2

[bullet screen Nanshan] is the one with the chemical equation the devil? Ha ha ha ha

[barrage what to eat at noon tomorrow] liberal arts students can only perform a poem recitation for you on the spot. They are not afraid to break into pieces. They should keep their innocence

Sure enough, it’s a group of sand carving netizens. In the area of mule, the whole live studio is flying itself

Fortunately, the serious Su Xi is still trying to bring back the rhythm: “as a Taoist, please judge with your professional knowledge…”

Mule thought for a moment and looked serious: “lime can be dried. Is it moisture-proof? Their house is so cold. It’s normal to put some lime to absorb water. After absorbing water, you can release heat for heating. It’s killing two birds with one stone.”

“If I don’t analyze mullele, I have already. Once I analyze it, it simply belongs to excellence.” He sighed.

Ruan Qiao couldn’t see it anymore. He directly pointed out: “toner is moisture-proof and lime is anti-corrosion.”

Mule: “how do you know?”

Ruan Qiao pointed to his arms: “do you remember how your ancestral baby wrote?”

Mule took it out, turned a few pages, and finally found this description.

Carbon powder dampproof, lime anti-corrosion,

It’s the way to shade the corpse.

“You mean song he keeps corpses at home?” Mule was surprised.

[barrage awareness]??

[barrage a few] where’s the honest man in the trough?

[bullet screen Jun Guangci] I thought something was wrong with him. Qin Yue is not dead, is he?

[bullet screen man God] the more honest people are, the more likely they are to do big things silently

“Shall we take the opportunity to go back and have a look?” Mule took out the key. “I have a master key!”

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “the strange events in the village may be an important clue. If we want to complete the plot task and seize the opportunity, we can’t fall too far behind. Besides, we don’t have evidence now. We just left song he’s house. He must have been on guard against us. We’d better go and see what’s going on in the carpenter’s house first.”

Su Xi nodded: “it’s not too late to find out when the right time comes.”

The three of them walked through the chaotic stone pile, but they met Shen junmu and Mu rou.

[the bullet screen is clear] how do these two people feel haunted

[bullet screen cosmic fox] they are really a pair and always appear in pairs

Shen junmu wanted to talk to Ruan Qiao alone. This time, Mu Rou didn’t stop him, but actively persuaded Ruan Qiao: “brother Shen also wants to explain to you clearly. Mianmian, don’t be angry.”

Ruan Qiao smiled: “what am I angry with? Just say anything.”

Mu Rou’s eyes bent and her voice was soft: “there’s a place to sit over there. Go over there and tell me. I happen to have something to say to wonton.”

Ruan Qiao glanced at Mu rou. It turned out that she had this idea.

However, Ruan Qiao was quite relieved of Su Xi. She didn’t want to be entangled by Shen junmu all the time. She just took advantage of it to make it clear to him now.

They walked down a slope and came to the open space behind a folk house. Sure enough, they saw two stone stools.

Surrounded by high walls and eaves, there is no one else.

It has just rained. The weather is very cool. The breeze blows through the wind bells under the eaves in front and makes a jingling sound.

This place is not far from Su Xi’s position. As long as there is a big noise, you can hear it there.

Since he decided to show his identity, Ruan Qiao directly closed the live studio.

“I still have to apologize for what happened before.” Shen Mu’s face was apologetic, “it’s just that you look like a friend of mine, and I can’t get in touch with her recently. That’s why I want to ask you…”

Ruan Qiao interrupted him: “Shen junmu.”

Only Joe would call him in this tone. Every word is stressed.

Shen junmu’s slender eyes lifted slightly, and the dark pupils looked at her. The bottom of his eyes was a faint doubt: “Qiao Qiao?”

Ruan Qiao gave a “um”.

“Don’t you never play [quarantine]?” Shen junmu was surprised.

She wanted to play. The account couldn’t get out of that ghost place. Before, she simply said she didn’t like playing in the isolation area to avoid trouble.

Ruan Qiao blinked: “there will always be the first time to try.”

Ruan Qiao’s identity will be known sooner or later. If she wants to cooperate with the publicity plan of star company, she can’t hide what she did in AAS before. Ruan Qiao didn’t deny: “I have my own thing to do, and I don’t want to publicize it, Mu Rou… Moonlight? Whatever, she doesn’t need to know anyway. Just think I’m an ordinary netizen.”

Then Ruan Qiao asked him, “you will keep it a secret for me, won’t you?”

Shen Mu got her affirmation and relaxed. He probably rarely saw such Ruan Qiao. His eyes softened and the corners of his mouth bent slightly: “don’t worry, I won’t disturb your arrangement. I won’t cause you unnecessary trouble.”

“Aunt Ruan came to Shen’s house this morning. I listened to their conversation.” Shen Mu continued, “you seem to be targeted by unclean things. Be careful.”

“Don’t try to be brave,” he said. “You can come to me if you have something.”

Ruan Qiao smiled with a touch of sarcasm: “I haven’t heard you say such words to me before.”

Shen junmu leaned against the wall. He was tall and thin. He put his hand into his pocket, looked at her and smiled: “you were too strong before.”

“You’d better get along better now.” Shen junmu felt strange when he finished saying that he was the same person, but his temperament was completely different. Or did he just never see Ruan Qiao’s weakness, even if it was superficial and needed protection?

The live broadcasting room should not be closed for a long time. Due to the neural technology, at the moment of closing the live broadcasting room, the audience’s neural time will automatically jump to the moment when the live broadcasting room is opened. That is, in their view, it’s like being edited out of the black screen time in the middle.

The same is true when players sleep in the game, otherwise the live studio that has been watching players sleep is too ghost animal.

In addition to some dreams as the main setting or there are too powerful copies of dreams, the audience can’t see the dreams made by players in ordinary games.

In general, the audience is not all from the perspective of God.

They also have things they ignore and can’t see.

So in the eyes of the audience, Ruan Qiao and Shen junmu have just begun to talk.

Because the scene and position of the two did not change much, the audience was not aware of the closure for a period of time after the “editing”. If the player is in the green grassland before closing the live studio, and the player opens the live studio when he reaches the melting fire hell, the audience can see the change of the scene at a glance, and guess that the live studio is closed.

“If you want to be alone, I’m always waiting for you to contact.” Shen junmu stood straight, his legs long and straight, and Qingjun’s face relaxed a lot. “I don’t want you to carry any problems.”

Ruan Qiao lowered his head and kicked the stone on the ground: “you don’t have to worry about it.”

Shen junmu was vaguely aware of her changing mood: “wonton is very dangerous and may not even be alive.”

He knew that Ruan Qiao didn’t know wonton at all, and it was unlikely that they would form a team to come in.

Shen junmu didn’t finish his words: “see you next time…”

Ruan Qiao interrupted him: “if we are the enemy, I won’t be soft on you.”

Her voice is faint, but it seems to have a force that can not be ignored: “you don’t need to be merciful to me.”

Ruan Qiao finished his words and resumed the state of primary players. His eyes bent: “well, no matter how much you say, it’s useless. If you have information for me, I’m always welcome.”

Shen junmu knew Ruan Qiao’s ability. At present, he was relieved of her. Seeing that she was all right, his worries dissipated.

He went back first. Ruan Qiao was about to keep up with him. Suddenly, he felt that the surroundings became very quiet for a moment.

Shen junmu’s figure disappeared instantly, and a string of wind bells hanging under the eaves in front of him stopped ringing.

The whole world is quiet.

She instinctively rolled to the left, and then there was a huge collision sound in her ear. She looked up and saw that the place where she stood had been split by the hammer.

The other side’s back is strong, tall and even familiar.

Ruan Qiao: “lonely flying eagle?”

Ding Ding——

The wind chime rang again.

Four weeks returned to normal. Obviously, the effect of lonely Eagle separating her from the copy can only last for a short time.

But the lonely Eagle quickly reacted and directly waved the hammer and hit Ruan Qiao on the ground.

Ruan Qiao turned over to avoid a blow.

At the same time, a small silver arrow roared through the air and pierced into the hand of the lonely eagle. The strength of the silver arrow was very strong, and the hammer in his hand fell to the ground instantly.

The lonely flying eagle endured the pain, grabbed the hammer in his left hand, and could still continue to attack.

He seemed to want to kill Ruan Qiao, and every time he attacked her vital point.

Ruan Qiao sneered in her heart. She probably guessed what was going on. The lonely flying eagle is really stupid. It only has the brute force of fighting, but its brain is general. No wonder it is incited to be a gun driver.

Originally, I thought Ruan Qiao was a junior newcomer. It was easy to kill her after being alone. Who knows, a few minutes later, the other party was just a little embarrassed, but he was hurt himself.

The lonely eagle’s eyes sank.


There’s a sniper on her side!

Isn’t there only five people in the first team? This girl looks the best. She is also a junior player. Unexpectedly, she has the most allies.

Another flying arrow.

Ruan Qiao looked up at the direction of the arrow.

It was a residential building built on the highland. On the high eaves squatted a girl with short hair holding a crossbow and arrow. Her close clothes outlined her beautiful figure. Her short hair fell on her ears. The girl’s cold fundus was indifferent, but her movements on her hands were fast and accurate.

Take an arrow, aim, shoot.

make smooth reading.

The sound of Silver Arrows breaking through the air and the sound of bells under the eaves came one after another.

[barrage prison branch] how handsome!!! Move cleanly!

[the barrage is so charming] ah, it’s Pink!

[bullet screen Butterfly Blue] little sister Xiong Ji is so handsome!!

[owner’s sauce of bullet screen curly cat] the wife of short hair sniper likes it too much!

The noise here soon startled several people over there. Su Xi’s face changed slightly. What he had said stopped sharply. He turned and walked in the direction of Ruan Qiao.

Mu Rou stepped forward to block his way: “Brother Yun, our cooperation has not been discussed yet…”

Su Xi’s face, which was always wearing a shallow smile, became indifferent. His long and narrow eyes seemed to have frozen ice, and Mu Rou fought a cold war.

She deliberately ignored the noise behind her and showed her innocence: “don’t worry, we fully trust you and cooperate sincerely…”

Mu Rou tossed and turned, that is, a few words, obviously deliberately delaying time. Although Su Xi’s eyes made her feel cold, she was not easily frightened.

Su Xi walked around her to the right, and Mu Rou also moved a few steps to the left. She wanted to say something, but Mu Le pulled her over: “sister Yue, tell me what’s up, they both have to listen to me!”

Mu Rou was only in her early twenties. Mu Le said, “what are you shouting about?”

As for the acting skills of pretending to be deaf and dumb, mule is not bad: “sister Yue, I am the strongest in the team. You see, I can tell fortune and catch ghosts. It’s a must for home travel! It’s useless for you to talk about cooperation with them. Only my words can be a deterrent. He is a little attendant.”

He looked serious and firmly grasped Mu Rou’s arm: “although I am really excellent, I also need teammates. Your conditions have aroused Benmu’s interest. I can continue to listen…”

“You let go of me!” Mu Rou wants to break away from him, but finds that the arm tightly grasped by the young man hurts. No matter how hard she tries, Mu Le doesn’t move.

Looking at the thin boy, his strength is frightening.

Seeing that Su Xi couldn’t stop, mu Roucai stamped his feet and gave up the struggle. Mule noticed her displeasure, looked at the figure of Su Xi who had gone away, quickly took back his hand and wiped it on the Taoist robe.

Calling your eldest sister is to give you face. It’s good not to call your aunt.

Shen junmu, who had just returned, also noticed something wrong: “is something wrong over there?”

Mu Rou gave a voice and hesitated: “no, in broad daylight, even if the monster of this copy is a corpse ghost, it won’t appear on the daytime road?”

Shen Mu is still worried. He turns and walks back. Mu Rou only hopes that the other party can make a quick decision. She couldn’t stop them. She had to follow them.

Mu Le fell at the end, and the mockery at the bottom of his eyes flashed by.

Soon, he played a small tune, shook his loose Taoist robe, and followed him slowly.


The battle here is coming to an end.

Ruan Qiao has been avoiding, like a slippery little loach in autumn. Every time the lonely Eagle wants to catch her, she slides away one by one. Or you can always easily escape his attack.

What’s more, there’s a cold arrow behind it.

He’s almost shot into a sieve!

Xiong Ji seems to be annoyed by the following offensive. Every attack by lonely eagle is very dangerous. Although Ruan Qiao can always avoid it, it’s frightening to watch him throw it.

The white finger stroked the arrow, aimed at the back heart of the lonely flying eagle and launched it with force.

She chose a good time. The last action of lonely Eagle has not been completed, so she can’t escape. He could not escape this deadly attack anyway.

Ruan Qiao also noticed the cold star.

Originally, she kicked the lonely eagle. Although she couldn’t hurt him with her strength, it was enough to change his body position and slightly miss the key.


The sharp arrow entered the meat, and the blood flowed out of the wound again.

The lonely flying eagle fell to the ground and lost both physical strength and life.

[bullet screen love] what’s Mian Mian doing?

[bullet screen Yuntong] – Lonely Eagle wants to kill you. Why save him?

[barrage Jiang Yungui] what’s the situation??

Xiong Ji didn’t understand why she wanted to keep the lonely flying eagle alive. She took the bow and crossbow and turned over from the roof in two or three times.

“What are you doing?” Xiong Ji walked behind her. “You should kill him now before others come.”

“You dare not kill me? I see. She’s lying. You’re not alive!” The lonely flying eagle had a dependency and sneered: “you dare not kill me because you are not sure of my identity. Now I tell you, I am not a living person. If you kill me, you will only eat yourself…”

As soon as the voice fell, he saw Ruan Qiao take down the crossbow from Xiong Ji’s back. The girl’s small facial features should have been beautiful and lovely, but her eyes were very indifferent, like the God of death from hell, and regarded life as grass mustard.

Ruan Qiao raised his hand and said, “Oh,”

She said, “then go to hell.”

Thin fingers pull the trigger, silver arrows into the heart, an inch is not bad.

The lonely flying eagle kept an unbelievable expression until he died.

She dared to kill him!

The lonely flying eagle is dead. Ruan Qiao is fine. It also confirmed her guess that the lonely flying eagle and they are not in the same team.

Ruan Qiao suddenly turned back and asked Xiong Ji, “who killed him?”

Xiong Ji: “isn’t it you?”

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “you killed it.”

[barrage Changyuan] just saved him, now kill him, why?

[bullet screen Yao Su] isn’t that obvious? If lonely flying eagle and Xiong Ji are both human camps, if Xiong Ji’s arrow succeeds, my little sister will be eaten to death

[barrage Lin’an] so Mian Mian took the risk himself??

[cold cicadas don’t know] moved!

When the others arrived, the lonely eagle was dead.

Su Xi painfully examined Ruan Qiao: “are you hurt? Does it hurt? Does it hurt? Is it bleeding?”

Shen junmu coughed.

Su Xi turned around and glanced at him discontentedly, but he still let go of Ruan Qiao.

Ruan Qiao smiled: “I’m fine.”

Xiong Ji explained the sneak attack and said that she killed the lonely eagle.

Although she didn’t know why Ruan Qiao said so, she also vaguely guessed that it was related to the unit. Ruan Qiao always gave her a kind of inexplicable trust, so he said according to her meaning.

Mu Rou and Shen junmu have plot tasks, so they go first.

Mule looked at the body of the lonely flying eagle and was very angry: “I have long suspected that these people are very bad and will do it secretly!”

Ruan Qiao said softly, “you’re not bad. The mantis catches cicadas and the Yellow finches are behind. Let Xiong Ji follow him and put cold arrows behind him to set a trap. Ah muzai.”

Mule muttered: “I didn’t ask my little sister to protect you…”

Protecting bait is also protection?

Ruan Qiao didn’t care about him.

It seems that Su Xi’s dissatisfaction is spread out. Su Xi’s eyes look at Mu Le coldly.

The strong desire for survival made mule constantly explain: “I don’t know what their plan is. It’s not against the moonlight and Shen Mu that yuntun let them stop them. However, I didn’t expect that the lone eagle would do it. We didn’t have any conflict with him?”

Ruan Qiao squatted down and turned over the body of the lonely Flying Eagle: “he was just incited.”

Mule: “do you think the person behind the instigation is moonlight?”

Ruan Qiao pulled out a skill card from the lonely eagle’s pocket.

Sure enough, he didn’t have time to put back his backpack after using it.

After the player dies in the copy, things that are not put back into the backpack will fall. Even things in the backpack have a very low chance of falling out.

Just because the copies in the quarantine area are always ferocious, the bodies often don’t look very friendly.

Few people don’t even let go of the body


Grade: a

Explanation: the tenderness of that moment makes you immersed in your own world. After use, you can separate the other party from the copy world and fall into the world you created for one minute.

Current usage times: 2 / 3

Drop copy: gentle Township

The lonely flying eagle is good. Nothing else explodes.

Ruan Qiao put away the skill card: “it’s not moonlight. People who know we’ll come back from song he’s house and set traps on the road…”

Su Xi said faintly, “Chen Si.”

Xiong Ji has heard the previous story from mule: “didn’t CHEN Si form an alliance with you? Why did he let the lonely flying eagle kill you?”

Ruan Qiao explained, “Chen Si must have had contact with Mu rou. On the one hand, let her lead you away, and on the other hand, let the lonely Eagle kill me. Obviously, the lonely Eagle has a definite memory and knows that he is not human, so he probably won’t doubt CHEN Si’s words. CHEN Si asked him to kill me and lied to him that I am human.”

Xiong Ji soon wanted to understand: “in the end, there are only two results. If the lonely Eagle killed you, it means you are human. She has one less opponent and can determine the identity of yunton. If the lonely Eagle eats back and dies, she can determine whether your two camps are trustworthy.”

Mule clapped his hands: “it’s so calculative! Isn’t it trying to take the life of his teammates on the edge of danger?”

Xiong Ji: “so if you make them think I killed the lonely eagle, she can’t judge your identity camp. You told me all this. Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you then?”

Ruan Qiao looked at mule: “I still trust the ally silly muzai is looking for.”

Xiong Ji smiled quietly: “I’ve made a friend of you.”

“Go, go.” Mule was said to be stupid and walked ahead with an unhappy face.

Ruan Qiao and Xiong Ji fell behind. Ruan Qiao looked at the bow and crossbow in his hand: “shooting skills are good.”

Xiong Ji was praised and was very useful: “I’m nothing. When I can reach the level of the first sniper in the isolation area, I can be considered strong.”

Ruan Qiao fiddled with the crossbow: “who is the first sniper now?”

Xiong Ji said, “it doesn’t matter who it is now. In my heart, only one person can be regarded as the first.”

Ruan Qiao raised his hand and didn’t look back. He just put an arrow behind him and returned the crossbow to Xiong Ji.

They quickened their pace and caught up with the boy in front.

Where no one noticed, the small arrow hit the wind chime line hanging under the eaves with a precise angle.

The line breaks and the bell rings.

It was quiet again.


Seeing the lunch time, the four planned to go back to Ruan’s house for dinner.

Before entering the house, I saw a pile of colorful colored paper hanging in front of Ruan’s house.

On the colored paper, there are invisible patterns painted with cinnabar.

Looking at these patterns, Ruan Qiao was black and felt that he had lost control of his body again.

This time, it seems that I was still in my childhood. I ran around the village with small arms and legs.

Soon, she came to the front of the ancestral hall and climbed up the steps of the ancestral hall. The door was open and easily pushed open.

The ancestral hall is still the same. Candles are lit, and the air smells of sesame oil.

Uncle Chen was sitting at the counter behind the ancestral hall door. He saw Ruan Qiao come in. His face showed a very happy expression and waved: “little Ruan, come here.”

She called out to Chen Bo sweetly and walked to the counter.

Chen Bo took out a box from under the stage and opened it. Inside was a yellow white cloth bag.

Opening the cloth bag layer by layer, Chen Bo’s dry fingers trembled, took out two square sugar and put them on Ruan Qiao’s small palm.

Ruan Qiao shouted crisply, “thank you, Uncle Chen!”

Chen Bo smiled. One white eye stared and the other blinked: “go play. Xiaoyun is inside.”

The little girl who got the sugar smiled very happy. She jumped into the ancestral hall and saw a small figure cleaning the cabinet.

Ruan Qiao ran to the little boy, took his little hand and put another white sugar in his palm: “sweet! Eat sugar!”

The little boy’s expression was very dark. He looked at the sugar in his palm and his long eyelashes hung down. After a long time, he put the sugar into his mouth.

She asked, “is it delicious?”

The little boy lowered his head, but the corners of his mouth were curved, and his voice was very low: “HMM.”

Ruan Qiao wanted to say something, but instinctively felt something next to him.

She turned her head to see the figure of a woman with long hair and waist standing in the dark depths of the ancestral hall.

The woman stood there quietly. For her childhood, the woman’s shadow was too tall and distorted. She stood in the dark and couldn’t see her face clearly.

The woman moved and the black shadow waved to her.

Another sugar in Ruan Qiao’s hand fell to the ground with a thud.


“Xiao Ruan! You’re back!” Ruan’s mother shouted, and Ruan Qiao’s memories had disappeared.

Several people came into the house and began to help make lunch.

After dinner, Ruan’s mother took Ruan Qiao into her bedroom, took out a bracelet made of five-color thread, tied it for her, and said, “fire is red, earth is yellow, wood is blue, gold is white, water is black, and the five colors are one to keep you safe!”

Ruan Qiao asked her, “what is this?”

“This is a multicolored wisp. Although it is the Dragon Boat Festival, our family is now in a special period.” Ruan’s mother finished her marriage and sat behind the bed: “this is something I finally asked from the Shen family. You can wear it. Don’t worry so much. The Shen family has experienced so many years of storms. What have you never seen? All the things given by others are good things.”

Ruan Qiao couldn’t laugh or cry: “those colorful things outside were also made by the Shen family?”

Mu Le is really going to lose his job

Ruan’s mother continued to explain: “when are you free, go to see your uncle Shen and let him take care of you more.”

Ruan Qiao agreed all the time.

After cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks, mule and Xiong Ji are going to investigate the strange things in the village together. Originally, Su Xi wanted to act with Ruan Qiao, but mule has been crying that he had pulled too much hatred. At that time, Xiong Ji returned to Xiong’s house. He is too dangerous alone.

Ruan Qiao looked up at Su Xi pleadingly: “please.”

The girl’s dark eyes flashed a pitiful light, her thin lips were slightly open, and her white cheeks were dotted with beautiful light pink red clouds.

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] my wife is spoiled

[bullet screen leaf zhirou] cute crying qwq

[bullet screen black sesame filling small system] who can stand such eyes!!

Su Xi’s eyelashes trembled slightly, her eyes bent like the bright moon, and her voice was soft: “just tell me what you want.”

The boy’s good-looking eyes with fragmentary light, affectionate eyes fell on her: “as long as it’s what you want to do, I’ll do it for you.”

[bullet screen candy] spoil your wife!!

[bullet screen roll powder] sweet cub’s favorite wife is crazy and evil. Ha ha

[bullet screen white] another handful of delicious dog food

Mule watched Xiong Ji go out of the door and hurriedly followed Su Xi.

After taking a few steps, I felt a murderous spirit behind me.

He looked back and saw Susi smiling and staring at himself.

Su Xi’s thin lips evoke a beautiful radian, and her facial features are three-dimensional and handsome. It should be a beautiful picture of a beauty smiling, but Mu Le always feels that it is more like… The smile of death.

After a cold war, he loosened his hand holding Su Xi’s sleeve and stepped back: “you, what do you want to do?”

Su Xi approached him and smiled even more. The words he said seemed to spit out one by one after trying to restrain himself: “of course, Bao, Hu, you, ah.”

Mule fought a cold war, turned and ran: “bear, wait for me!”

Save the child!!

Out of the distance, Xiong Ji heard Mu Le yelling behind him. He hooked his mouth and ignored him.

However, the original fast pace slowed down.


After a group of people left, Ruan’s mother also went out to pick vegetables, and the Ruan family was deserted.

Ruan Qiao is going to visit Shen’s house.

She always felt that the Shen family had more secrets to hide.

Shen Mu and Mu Rou are not at home. Shen Qian sits on the wooden chair in the square yard reading. Seeing Ruan Qiao coming, he put the book on the shelf next to him, with a hard face and a serious outline.

“Xiao Ruan.”

Ruan Qiao nodded and shouted “Uncle Shen”, and Shen Qian asked the servant to move a stool.

Tea again.

The tea of the Shen family is more coarse than that of the Ruan family. I don’t know where the high-end is. Ruan Qiao took a sip and felt a lot of cold in his body.

Shen Qian looked at her, but his serious expression could not see his emotion: “to tell the truth, I don’t like the girl brought back by Xiaomu.”

[barrage asker code] coincidentally, I don’t like it very much

[bullet screen habitat] hahaha, think alike

Ruan Qiao didn’t know what he meant, so he didn’t answer. Just drink tea with low eyes, a gentle look.

Shen Qian continued, “although your family’s conditions are not good, our Shen family is not an old-fashioned family that values the lintel. I don’t mean how satisfied I am with you. You should understand what I mean.”

Your big, lifeless house is an old-fashioned family that attaches importance to matching families, all right!

“I know you like Xiaomu,” Shen Qian continued. “He’s in a new place now. I didn’t expect it.”

He waved to mom Zhang to get something up.

Zhang Ma carried a white porcelain plate with a red rectangular paper bag on it. It was very big and bulging.

“I can give the Ruan family a million.” Shen Qian’s tone was very plain, as if he gave not a million, but a salted duck egg.

Ruan Qiao put down his tea: “Uncle Shen, I know what you mean. I think you misunderstood… If you want me to leave Shen Mu, I can only say that it’s not about money.”

Shen Qiangang wants to talk.

Ruan Qiao: “you may want to say that nothing can’t be solved by one million. If so, two million.”

[barrage dragon roaring and whining] hahaha, what about the poor village?

[the barrage flies after a spell] I can still see such a famous scene in this copy

[barrage Rowan] Mian Mian: don’t talk. I’ll compare when I’m pretending

She reached for the red paper bag and opened the seal: “then you may not underestimate me.”

Shen Qian: “three million.”

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “it’s really not about money.”

Shen Qian continued to raise the price with great pride: “ten million.”

Ruan Qiao raised his eyes and admired them. His voice was clear: “Dad!”

[lingering fear of barrage] ha ha, ha ha, shit

[barrage Lin Xu] there is nothing that can’t be solved by one million. If there is one, add another ten million

[barrage quack] it’s too much to shout dad, ha ha ha ha!

Shen Qian leaned back in his chair: “I can give the Ruan family 10 million to take good care of your mother. But my request is not to let you leave Xiaomu, but to marry him.”

After Shen Qian said this, Ruan Qiao also completely pulled out the things in the red envelope.

Two pieces of red ink paper, black ink on which is written in traditional Chinese: Ruan Mianmian and Shen Mu, whose ancestral home is ultra remote village in remote province.

In addition, there are birthdays and three generations of ancestors.

[bullet screen tracing streamer] isn’t this gengtie?

[bullet screen Shen Yi] what do you mean? Local tyrant parents want to

Shen Qian: “your mother and I have asked someone to calculate.”

“Eight character marriage, life style.”

The plainly arranged Ruan Qiao: “?”


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