After reopening the escape game Chapter 41

[bullet screen watermelon sweet Da] Shen dad God assists??

[bullet screen ink seven dye] get married suddenly ha ha

[bullet screen demon song] sure enough, the system setting of this complex dog blood love triangle is not useless

Ruan Qiao threw the Geng tie on the table and said slowly, “Why me?”

Shen Qian looked at her unexpectedly. Unexpectedly, the little girl had such a bearing and reaction: “to tell the truth, with your family’s conditions, it will never be within my consideration, but your eight characters and Xiaomu are a match made in heaven.”

Ruan Qiao: “no, just because of these eight characters, you must choose me? Sorry, I may have been infatuated with your son of the sun who has the throne to inherit, but now I don’t like him.”

She continued, “since he has a girlfriend, I don’t want to be a villain who destroys others’ feelings.”

Shen Qian narrowed his eyes: “his so-called girlfriend, however, only takes a fancy to Xiaomu’s appearance and family background. When it comes to feelings, I can see that there is no deep feelings between them. I can feel that Xiaomu likes you more.”

Ruan Qiao:?? Did you see that, too?

[barrage North 1] the plainness of the local tyrant’s father

[bullet screen Qianmo] father Shen is awesome. Ha ha

[bullet screen relies on milk tea to continue life] I broke my heart for my son’s marriage

Ruan Qiao smiled. The mist of tea rose and floated over her long eyelashes: “but I don’t like him. And you also said that there are many girls better than my family. Even if there is no suitable one now, I’m not in a hurry.”

Shen Qian was silent for a moment: “hurry.”


He stared at her: “I have no other choice.”

It was quiet all around. Occasionally, I could hear the fluttering sound of birds flying across the sky above the yard. Further away, there seemed to be a few crows.

Just when Ruan Qiao thought he was going to offend Longyan, Shen Qian suddenly closed his eyes, took back his sharp eyes, and his voice returned to its usual plainness: “you don’t have to rush to refuse me now. I’ll send the money to your mother, and then you will understand everything.”

[bullet screen riddle Tong] wonton is on his way with a knife

[bullet screen Nanshan] it’s awesome to rob your daughter-in-law openly

[barrage sea mayfly] Yun Tiantian must be angry when she knows

[bullet screen habitat] Tiantian wants to be angry and become super fierce, hahaha

Ruan Qiao stood up and said goodbye.

Shen Qian asked Zhang Ma to take her out.

The village is very quiet. It seems that everyone doesn’t go out very much these days.

When Ruan Qiao returned, it was already dark. She wanted to go to master Mu’s house to find Mu Le, but she met Mu Le and Su Xi on the road before she was halfway there.

Somehow, she always felt that Mu Le’s eyes glittered like a savior.

Ruan Qiao instinctively hid for a while, looked at Mu Le with an excited face and asked, “where’s Xiong Ji?”

“Xiong Ji is in trouble and can’t come for the time being. Big news! The village head’s wife gave birth prematurely! Now her family makes a pot of porridge.” Mule explained: “but Xiong Ji seems to have found some clues in Xiong’s house. She stayed there and inquired a lot. We’ll come back first and go to the carpenter’s house. There’s a plot task over there!”

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi and saw that he was still light, so he didn’t intend to tell him about the Shen family.

After all, she doesn’t want to marry. Can they force her?

The carpenter’s wife and the village head’s wife were pregnant at the same time. They were close to the labor period, but the village head’s wife gave birth prematurely. There must be some connection.

The village is really getting restless.

Ruan Qiao didn’t say much. The three went all the way to the carpenter’s house.

There are several unfinished coffins in the yard. The houses are old and damp. It can be seen that everyone in the ultra remote village is poor and consistent except the Shen family.

“You’re here at last!” Daniel was sawing wood at the door. The yard door was open and the three people stepped in directly.

Seeing mule’s figure, Daniel’s dark face showed a trace of anxiety, “Xiaomu, please help my family!”

Mule looked calm: “don’t panic, take me to see.”

[bullet screen fat brother meat peach] ha ha, Mu Zai really looks like that when he’s serious

[barrage Lin’an] the side face just now was very handsome for a moment!

[bullet screen love] I bet 50 cents. He’s in a panic now. Ha ha ha

Daniel took the three people into the house. His house is no different from ordinary folk houses. The main house has bedrooms and some space for daily life.

Daniel’s daughter-in-law is sitting on the bed in the bedroom. The room is dark and cold without lights on.

Her pale face has a thick pouch under her eyes, and her body is slightly swollen because of pregnancy.

My stomach is bulging. It’s estimated that it’s been eight or nine months.

Looking at the stranger who came in, Daniel’s daughter-in-law shrunk her neck, showed a frightened expression on her face, and said, “someone is coming, someone! No, not a person… It’s here, it’s coming again!”

“It’s here. It wants to kill me!” The shadow under her eyes was thick, “no, don’t come here! Ah!”

A spiritually fragile and tortured appearance.

Daniel sat next to his daughter-in-law, held her hand and comforted her: “Cuihua, don’t be afraid. This is master Xiaomu. Didn’t you say something strange happened at home? Tell him, he must have a way.”

Cuihua looked up and saw mule’s Taoist robe. Her mood stabilized: “master Xiaomu… Can you drive it away?”

Mule coughed: “of course, what’s the matter first?”

Cuihua showed her memory expression: “I, I don’t know when it started. Several times I went to bed at night, as soon as I closed my eyes, I could hear the sound of someone walking around in the room. As soon as I turned on the light, there was nothing. The footsteps were getting closer and closer… I could feel it getting closer and closer to me every night!”

She shrunk her neck: “even one day, I felt it by my bed!”

“As soon as I opened my eyes, there was nothing by the bed.”

“Don’t be afraid. I have strong Yang and I’m not afraid of anything dirty. Tell me, I’ll fork it out!” Mule clapped his chest to make sure.

[bullet screen without mouth] ha ha, it’s OK to fork out

[the bullet screen is round and flying] there’s nothing sand sculpture will fear. Ha ha ha

[bullet screen candy] I thought it was terrible. I was shocked by you

Cuihua seemed to think of something terrible. She grabbed the quilt and shivered: “I didn’t dare to sleep. Originally I slept less. Now I don’t dare to close my eyes!”

Ruan Qiao asked her, “didn’t you often go to the village head’s wife before? Why didn’t you go recently.”

Cuihua paused and then slowly said, “Guifang is like me. After I told her the strange things I met, she also told me that there are always people walking around in her family and there is something moving by her bed. I am more and more afraid and dare not go out, just afraid of an accident.”

Mule said, “no wonder she miscarried.”

Cuihua panicked and said, “Guifang had a miscarriage? It’s terrible… Sure enough, that thing wants our lives and our children’s lives! Guifang became more and more sleepy after pregnancy. Although she was also afraid, the village head comforted her that it was just an ordinary anxiety disorder. She also comforted me that we thought too much together.”

She nodded, her haggard face even paler: “well, she refused to believe me, and now there was an accident… That thing must have found her! She slept longer than me, and that thing must have walked to the bedside, or even got into bed! That’s why she had an accident. Next, next is me!”

She screamed, “no! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I have children!”

Daniel hugged her and kept comforting her.

After Cuihua’s mood stabilized, Daniel came out to talk to several people in the main house: “you see, even if people don’t die, they will go crazy! I don’t care what a mess it is, as long as you can cure my wife, Daniel will remember this kindness all his life!”

Su Xi suddenly asked him, “you said before that the children of the village head’s wife may not be born. How do you know?”

Daniel was stunned: “did I say that? Well, I can tell you. In fact, it started more than ten years ago.”

“The village head has been an advanced young man in our village for more than ten years. He has a good family and looks good. Girls from all over the country sharpened their heads and wanted to marry him. Later, he married Yuehong, the daughter of the mayor of a remote town. Later, when he was pregnant, there was an accident, and neither the adults nor the children were saved. It took three or four years for village head Xiong to marry his current wife Guifang. Guifang is also a city man, and her parents are from the city An official. She is a second marriage, and bear is the child of her ex husband. After so many years, the couple are ready to have another one. ”

[bullet screen grapefruit] the village head turned out to be the gay man with the most stories in the village. Ha ha

[barrage unifies the Jianghu for generations] there is a lot of information. Take a small book and write it down for analysis

[bullet screen big white rabbit sesame candy] your village is really chaotic. There is a song River and a Shen family. Now even village head Xiong has a past that he has to say

Mule wondered, “what does this have to do with the slippery tire?”

Daniel looked puzzled, looked at the bedroom door and gritted his teeth: “in fact, Yuehong died miserably at that time. Master Mu said that such a woman could easily become a ghost and haunt the village head all his life. But the village head said that he was not good at his skills. He was a fake Taoist who cheated on food and drink. He kicked people out of his house and didn’t let master Mu enter his house.”

Mule took out the pamphlet, turned it over and said, “I have a way!”

Daniel hesitated and said, “I suspect Yuehong has become a ghost, but it has nothing to do with our family! It’s also the village head’s fault? Alas, master Xiaomu, are you really sure?”

Mule patted the corner of the Taoist robe and said excitedly, “let’s catch a turtle in a jar tonight!”

[system] plot task has been updated.

Ruan Qiao was originally the plot task of Mu Le. If she could act with him and participate in the task, she would be considered to have completed it.

[plot task] the strange thing of Daniel’s family is likely to be caused by ghosts. Accept Daniel’s entrustment and help solve the difficulties in their family! Remember, be careful of the pregnant women around you!

[plot task] find out the strange things in Daniel carpenter’s house (1 / 1)

[plot task] eliminate the strange phenomenon of Daniel’s family and ensure the safety of Daniel’s daughter-in-law (0 / 1)

Mule arranged the outside and inside of the whole bedroom with some glutinous rice and Fushui according to the methods of dealing with ghosts in the booklet.

“There is no difference between giving birth to a ghost and an ordinary pregnant woman. The only difference is that there will be a red line on her neck. Giving birth to a ghost is to enter the pregnant woman’s body through this red line and absorb the life of the fetus.” Mule told Daniel to fill up what he needed.

Using Rune water to draw an array on the ground can not only trap the ghost, but also attack it in the array.

Su Xi stood in the yard, his black windbreaker gently raised, and the coffin placed disorderly behind him lined his pale cheek, with a clear black-and-white visual conflict. Perfect facial features, light expression, two slender legs standing straight.

He just stood outside without talking.

Ruan Qiao helped almost. He went to the yard to see him and asked in a low voice, “do these things affect you?”

Su Xi nodded: “the power of suppression is very strong. The power of Taoist in this copy can not be underestimated.”

Even Su Xi said it was strong, which was really a little bad.

If the other party finds these methods and uses them to deal with Su Xi, it will not be so easy.

[bullet curtain holy night college] I have an ominous hunch

[bullet screen roll powder] 1 cub is too strong. It’s terrible to be suppressed by the copy every day

[bullet screen likes to write comments on bottles and cans] I don’t care about the living and dead, make ducks for me!!! I’m not afraid to break into pieces, and kill all the big and small ghosts!

[the barrage doesn’t admire the little angel] Shan Biao upstairs is OK, ha ha ha

The sky was dim and the moonlight was light.

Daniel’s house was quiet. Only the main house was lit with candles.

The power supply of ultra remote villages has not been restored.

The coffin in the yard looks very seeping at night.

Cuihua’s bedroom didn’t light candles, but mule hid in the wardrobe, and Ruan Qiao sat by the bed, holding Cuihua’s hand to comfort her.

Susi is waiting in the yard with Daniel.

He originally wanted to go in and help, but Ruan Qiao said it was unnecessary. Although these things were aimed at producing ghosts and would not hurt him too much, they would still have a certain impact on him.

“Your strength should be preserved. Finally, you are responsible for breaking the head of enemy players, so there is no need to go in now. Wait for me outside!” Ruan Qiao said so, and Su Xi didn’t continue to insist. Although he wanted to protect her, he also believed that she could solve it by herself. She was always so strong and never became a canary attached to others.

He will let her do what she wants to do.

I can’t. He’ll just break in.

The room was quiet.

Ruan Qiao’s eyes moved.

Cuihua’s breath calmed down and obviously entered the dream. But Ruan Qiao could hear footsteps in his ears even if he didn’t close his eyes.

It seems that it is impatient.

Even when she was awake, it couldn’t wait to eat the prey.

The footsteps are very light. When you listen carefully, it seems that there is nothing.

This always feels that there are people standing somewhere in the room, but when you look carefully, there is no feeling of anything, which makes the audience in the live studio afraid.

Finally, the footsteps came to my ears.

The voice was very light, but Ruan Qiao could hear it. The footsteps were very heavy, and he paced repeatedly in front of the bed.

It was close to her, but it just wouldn’t take the last step.

Ruan Qiao smiled and I’ll give you a push.

She slowly closed her eyes.

The vision falls into complete darkness, other senses become sensitive, and the feeling of standing next to a person becomes stronger and stronger.

Dada dada.

Footsteps came in front of her, as if that thing was close to her.

The next moment, Ruan Qiao waved the small bottle in his hand, and the rune water in it spilled out.

In an instant, a shrill woman’s scream and the sound of acid corrosion sounded in her ear.

Ruan Qiao suddenly opened his eyes!

[the barrage is so charming] my mother is scared to death!!

[bullet screen yu’er’s clever] my wife is always positive. I’m going to cry qwq

[bullet screen night] Oh, my God, what a terrible ghost!

On the ground in front of the bed lay a woman who kept rolling, smoking and screaming.

She was covered with blood, her stomach bulging, and her face was covered with dark blood. But the black face, long hair and skirt dyed red by blood all look frightening.

Especially the black face, but it has a pair of bloody and resentful eyes.

The eyes are all dark red. There is no difference between white eyes and pupils.

“Ah ah ah!” It’s still howling.

Mule quickly drew an array next to the ghost. When he finished his last stroke, the smoke on the women on the ground suddenly became larger and disappeared into the air as if it had completely evaporated, leaving only a pool of blood on the ground.

Mule breathed a sigh of relief.

Ruan Qiao still frowned: “this is not the case with ghosts.”

Before mule could react, he saw the awakened Cuihua looking at the ground with a frightened face and leaning slowly behind Ruan Qiao: “it, is it really dead? I’m so afraid…”

She stretched out her hand to pull Ruan Qiao, but Ruan Qiao pushed her down on the bed.

Almost immediately, Ruan Qiao bounced out of bed.

Mule stepped forward: “why do you push her? If something happens, brother Daniel won’t tear us…”

Ruan Qiao stopped him.

Cuihua’s frightened expression disappeared cleanly, and her face was filled with terrible hatred: “little girl is very smart…”

“But don’t think I can’t kill you if you’re not pregnant.”

With her movements, Cuihua’s neck also emerged from her collar.

A bright red line above is clearly visible.

As soon as the voice fell, Cuihua rushed up.

The weak pregnant woman now seems to have endless strength: “dead Taoist, you all die!”

Ruan Qiao and Mu Le fought close, but neither of them was her opponent.

Even mule was hit hard on the door, and the weak wooden door in the bedroom fell down directly.

Mule immediately stood up, leaving a blood mark on his pale lips. Regardless of his injury, he stepped forward three steps and pinched the formula in his hand. While Ruan Qiao pushed her to the bed when Cuihua attacked mule just now, and took out a spell to light it.

When they finished their movements, a Dharma array lit up on the wooden bed.

Cuihua couldn’t move in bed. She could only curse and howl.

“Dead Taoist, smelly Taoist! You helped someone to kill me. I curse you for not dying well!!”

“I’ll kill you!”

“In the future, you will die worse than me! A thousand times, ten thousand times, I curse you!”

“Ah ah ah!”

After three minutes, she gradually turned into powder and fell a quilt of dust.

Ruan Qiao had noticed the reminder of the plot task “pay attention to prevent pregnant women around”, so she kept an eye on it and played a play with mule. They just put the main array on the bed. Other places are smoke bombs.

The ghost has been close to Ruan Qiao. I’m afraid it’s also because the ghost can’t kill her immediately. It may need to stay around the target for a certain time, just like Cui Hua and Gui Fang squatting before the ghost.

[system] plot task progress has been updated!

[plot task] the ghost giving birth was finally eliminated. It turned out that the real Cuihua was put in a coffin in the yard by the ghost giving birth. It only needs a Taoist’s magic recipe to recover. The village is really strange. Originally, the ghost corpse was only one or two illusory existence in the rumors for generations, but it happened frequently in the village recently. What’s behind these strange things What’s going on?

[plot task] eliminate the strange phenomenon of Daniel’s family and ensure the safety of Daniel’s daughter-in-law (1 / 1)

This is also a branch task. Ruan Qiao’s plot task is to find Qin Yue and ask him how he is doing recently, and mule still needs to find his master.

Mule waited vigilantly for a minute, determined that the other party could not die anymore, and then came forward to check the situation.

Two cards fell on the quilt.

[avoid pregnant women]

Grade: a

Note: be careful to avoid pregnant women on any occasion! Give up your seat on the bus. It’s not advisable to push and bustle on the subway. Pregnant women need love and care! Using this skill card, you can become a pregnant woman and get the avoidance and care of the creatures around you. Of course, your species depends on what is around you, so don’t change in the pond, because it’s difficult to determine whether you will become a frog or a toad.

Drop copy: sad ghost bride

Usage times: 0 / 3

Mule originally disliked that this skill card was too ghost animal and wanted to give it to Ruan Qiao, but she refused.

Ruan Qiao picked up another card: “I want this.”


Note: there is no difference between giving birth to ghosts and ordinary pregnant women, except for a red line on the neck. Through this red line, it can enter the pregnant woman’s body.

The card was strange. There was no explanation except the description and the portrait of a black faced and red eyed woman with a red line around her neck.

It’s not like a skill card.

Mule received the skill card. He had heard of the one in Ruan Qiao’s hand before, which was a little similar to the collection card atlas. It only has the function of commemoration, and has no use of attribute bonus or prop skills at all.

Many of these cards are ghost brochures. It’s said that people who used to collect would buy them in horror stores.

What mule doesn’t know is that Ruan Qiao is such a collector.

He felt that he had taken advantage of the skill card and worked harder in the back.

They went out, told the story again, and saved the real Cuihua back to the bedroom.

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi helped fix the door for the time being. Although some places were not very solid, it was more than enough to wait for Daniel to change himself for a few days.

Daniel thanked the three people with great excitement. Because of the help of mule and Ruan Qiao, his attitude towards Su Xi was also relaxed.

It was getting late. Mule walked in front. Daniel sent him and Su Xi out. Ruan Qiao helped Cuihua cover the quilt. Just as he wanted to get up, he heard a strange sound of clucking.

Only a dim candle was lit in the bedroom. The remaining light fell on the door panel, and a pale hand stretched out from there.


The hand has blue skin and long black nails.

A woman’s face appeared behind the crack in the door on the ground.

At this angle, she can only stick to the ground in a strange and twisted posture.

[bullet screen crossbow] shit, what else??

[bullet screen ball] continuous high energy

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] ah, I dare not look at it at night

[barrage hazelnut] nightmare reservation qwq


Mendon, which was not firm, fell down again.

The woman’s face on the ground got up. She stepped on the door panel into the bedroom and stared at the girl in the room.

One of her hands hung twisted to her side, and the other carried a white cloth bag the size of a head.

It was originally a white bag, most of which were soaked thoroughly by dark red liquid, and blood was dripping down.

Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip.

She stared at Ruan Qiao, and the corners of her mouth cracked, revealing a penetrating smile. His eyes were sad and terrible.

Ruan Qiao also looked at her with more quiet eyes.

It can even be said that there is a trace of regret in mourning and half resentment in helplessness.

“Hehe hehe.”

The woman laughed, her voice harsh and sharp.

Ruan Qiao finally said something, with a sad tone: “my…”

“Just repaired the door.”



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