After reopening the escape game Chapter 42

The woman stared at Ruan Qiao with her hair scattered and a look of resentment.

She walked very slowly. One blue and purple hand twisted. Every step, the cloth bag in the other hand was dripping blood.

Tick, tick.

The sound echoed in the silent night and lingered in people’s ears.

Ruan Qiao, standing by the bed, looked at her for a minute. The woman only walked two meters, three or four meters away from the bed.

The woman laughed, and her cracked mouth was extraordinarily penetrating.

The girl on the bed looked cold: “aunt, is your leg bad? How long do you have to walk?”

[barrage swing] female ghost: do I want face?

[barrage Gu banquet] ha ha ha, the dignity of being a ghost has been provoked

[barrage a Ji] please respect my profession, ha ha ha

According to the experience of female ghosts, most people watch themselves enter at night, carrying blood bags step by step, either screaming or petrified. Ghost killing takes advantage of people’s deep fear. The more frightened the other party is, the greater her harm to people will be, and the easier it will be to start.

I thought the pretty girl in front of me was the one who was frightened by the sound of house arrest. Unexpectedly, I was really not afraid of her!

Women look even worse.

She simply gave up the scare strategy and jumped directly!

Ruan Qiao touched something at the head of the bed and threw it away.

Something passed through the female ghost’s body, but it didn’t hurt her at all.

It’s a little tricky

When the female ghost’s face zoomed in and her mouth hissed, Ruan Qiao hid next to her, dodged skillfully and perfectly, and took out the unused spell in her arms and lit it quickly.

The spell turned to ashes, and the part where the female ghost fell on the bed lit up with a light golden light.

This is a double bed. Cuihua sleeps in it and hasn’t regained consciousness yet, while the female ghost is trapped in the outer bed.

The Dharma array just set up to trap the parturient ghost played a role.

Hiss, hiss——

The woman made a corrosive sound, and her howling became more and more miserable. She turned and wanted to rush again, but she was trapped by the transparent barrier formed by the Dharma array.

The cloth bag in the woman’s hand fell out of her hand by this collision. The cloth bag that had not been tied too tightly scattered, revealing the dark red unidentified blood clot inside.

Mucous membranes and meat pieces wriggle in dark red blood and gradually reveal the shape of a fetus.

When the woman saw the smoking cloth bag on the bed, her shrill cry raised another sound shell.

“Ah, ah –”

“I’ll kill you!”

A pair of resentful eyes became more and more blood red. The woman took the cloth bag and held it tightly in her arms. Then she kept hitting the Dharma array. With her impact, the light of the Dharma array flashed, and each time was weaker than the previous time.

“Hehe,” the woman sneered, “this is what you set up to catch her. It doesn’t work so well for me.”

Although the Dharma array hurt her a lot, the female ghost was not afraid at all and let her spirit body consume in the collision.

“What’s the matter? Why is there another one? This ghost has fallen one after another, and tens of thousands of ghosts have stood up?” Mule’s confused voice sounded behind him. Ruan Qiao saw that Su Xi and he came in.

She frowned slightly and saw Su Xi’s paler face. Her tone took some unhappiness that she didn’t notice: “why did you come in?”

Su Xi pulled her to the door, turned and pressed Ruan Qiao’s shoulder, looked down at her and said, “are you hurt?”

[bullet screen roll powder] the cub’s face is white, sobbing

[bullet screen big white rabbit sesame candy] I’m worried about you!

Ruan Qiao pulled him hard, pushed Su Xi outside the door, exchanged positions with him and turned his back to the woman: “if you don’t feel at ease, stand here in the main house and wait for me.”

There are too many Dharma arrays and items in the house. Although there is no threat to his survival, she doesn’t want to see her people suffer a little.

Ruan Qiao looked at the woman screaming behind him.

Mu Le’s face was not very good: “this dharma array can’t trap her for too long. She is much more powerful than the ghost just now.”

This village is too evil. Why do all kinds of demons and ghosts run around.


There was a faint sound of fragmentation in the air. The light of the Dharma array on the bed faded down and finally disappeared.

The woman raised her head and looked at Ruan Qiao in the twinkling of an eye. The smile on her face was very strange.

Suddenly, she rushed at the green flowers on the bed!

Ruan Qiao felt something wrong when the woman looked at her, and she rushed up immediately. Perhaps women will materialize themselves when attacking people. Ruan Qiao pushed away the Cuihua and sent himself to the woman’s blue hands.

Her long fingernails pierced Ruan Qiao’s delicate skin, and her dark green and cold hands strangled Ruan Qiao’s neck.

Ruan Qiao could even smell the blood on her body.

She squeezed the skill card summoned in her hand.

If a woman materializes her in order to attack her at the moment, does that mean she can pat a woman on the shoulder.

“Si GA GA GA –”

Before Ruan Qiao started, the woman suddenly gave a painful scream, and her whole body flew out and fell heavily to the ground.

Ruan Qiao breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at a middle-aged man who suddenly appeared in the room.

He was wearing a gray Taoist robe and his black-and-white hair was simply tied. His face was withered and thin, his shoes were pulled out, his shallow eyebrows were frowned, and his eyes were extremely sharp.

Both eyes were shining in the dark, which was very inconsistent with his face.

He stared at the woman on the ground and kept changing complex movements in his hands.

“Ding Ding -” rang the bell in one hand and recited a strange formula in his mouth.

“Ah ah!!”

A pale yellow light turned into gold thread and wound around the woman.

Women struggled violently at the beginning. It seemed that even the golden thread couldn’t bear it. After three minutes, she was weak and uttered a dying curse.

Finally, the Taoist stepped forward, sprinkled the glutinous rice in his hand in front of the woman, and recited the spell.

The golden thread is brilliant and instantly strangles a woman to ashes.


A card fell from the ground.

Ruan Qiao came forward and picked it up.

Mule has no hobby of collecting, and the Taoist doesn’t seem to be interested in cards. Ruan Qiao took a look and put it away.

On the card was a woman with long hair and a bloody cloth bag in her hand.

[bloody ghost]

Note: Blood paste ghost is a pregnant woman who died of dystocia in the old society. She carries a cloth bag with blood in it. When she meets it, she must ignore it. Once she screams in panic, you will be stared at by her.

If the ghost is the moon red who died before, this bloody ghost should be the evil ghost that existed in the village a long time ago, but I don’t know what happened. They all began to appear recently.

The Taoist priest was relieved to solve the female ghost.

Mule shouted tentatively: “… Master?”

Master Mu turned around and jumped up and knocked mule on the head: “roll, roll, your master, I fainted. You don’t know how to carry it on your back. You ran back. You think I’m dead to inherit my family!”

Mule shrunk his head: “your family doesn’t have much money…”

Aware that master Mu was going to blow up again, he quickly explained: “you disappeared when I woke up. I thought you left me…”

Master Mu was calm when he didn’t lose his temper. He looked like an expert in the world, but when he spoke, he exposed his character: “all right, all right, go back and say, I haven’t come back for a few days, and the village has become miasma. I can’t tune out the TV channel when I go home!”

Mule: “? There’s a power failure. Is there a ghost when you transfer it out?”

[owner’s sauce of bullet screen curly cat] ha ha, master hamu’s sand sculpture is equal

[the bullet screen feels a little abusive] it’s OK to watch TV at home

[bullet screen Monica] it’s really muzai’s master. Hahaha, the old Taoist is inexplicably cute

“The whole village is full of corpse and ghost gas.” Master Mu’s eyes were slightly heavy: “a corpse entered the village, touched the seal left by the ancestors for a hundred years, and led the evil ghost to recover.”

He looked at mule: “I told you before that some people’s corpse process is very slow, and some wake-up corpses are no different from ordinary people. Has there been a revival of the dead in the village recently?”

Mu Le scratched his head: “Uncle Chen’s body is missing. Is it counted?”

Master Mu: “of course, forget it! We’ll find a way to lead him out tonight.”

Of course, it’s Ruan Qiao who wants to lead Chen Bo out.

He came to find Ruan Qiao before. He just needed to set up a trap and catch Uncle Chen first.

Master Mu suspects that there are walking corpses in the village. He wants to find the source of the increase in autopsy.

Looking at his watch, master Mu thought it was too early, so he asked Ruan Qiao to go back to Ruan’s house directly. After midnight, he went to her directly with his things and arrangements.

“Xiao Ruan, just stay at home and sleep. I’ll try to lead the corpse to Ruan’s house in the middle of the night, but you can rest assured, but I won’t let him into your house.” Master Mu gave a guaranteed ticket and kicked mule hard: “go home and fix the TV!”

Mule wailed and went out of the room first: “master, you can’t tune out without electricity, and your family can make a lot of money when you move to the antique market. I think it’s also possible to have electricity…”

Master Mu said with a straight face, “don’t talk nonsense! I’m lazy. I’ll send you to repair the power station!”

He had just walked out of the bedroom when he noticed that there was still a man standing in the main room.

The man was wearing a black windbreaker with a indifferent expression on his handsome facial features. The tall shadow fell on the wall, and the whole man’s face was very pale.

Master Mu said with a sigh and approached Su Xi with his hands on his back.

A pair of sharp eyes with doubt, the hand in the sleeve raised the bell, as if trying to wave it.

Susi stood there, but he was not flustered by his approach.

“Are you –” master Mu frowned.

Suddenly, a petite figure came in and blocked the road in front of him.

Ruan Qiao stood in front of Su Xi and looked at master mu with a smile: “master mu, this is my boyfriend. Is it nice?”

Then she stepped back and hugged Su Xi’s arm.

His body looked thin, but his arms were strong, and he could feel his muscles through his clothes.

Maybe Su Xi is the kind of physique that is said to be thin when dressed and meat when undressed? Ruan Qiao pinched his arm and guessed in his heart.

Su Xi’s eyes touched the girl’s flushed cheeks and unconsciously softened a little.

Her temperature was higher, and her soft arm was close to his side, itching at the bottom of her heart.

The little hand pinched his arm restlessly, like holding a feather on him.

[bullet screen love] ah, I’m pink

[bullet screen postgraduate entrance examination also came to watch the live broadcast] Oh, oh, this is an official announcement!

[bullet screen Du Jiuge] I ate this candy!

[unstable heart in bullet screen track]!! look at the appearance and height difference!

Master Mu’s original serious face showed a trace of disgust: “it’s dark and blind, what’s the style of hugging!”

He no longer looked at Su Xi, shook his sleeves and followed Mu Le out of the yard. He read in pieces: “really, it’s necessary to be stuffed with dog food when he’s old! The world is getting worse!”

[the bullet curtain is clear] ha ha, master hamu has pity on a Taoist priest

[bullet screen black sesame stuffing system] Why are there so many lovely people in this copy? Hahaha

Daniel watched master Mu leave before he came into the house. Ruan Qiao didn’t tell him about the bloody ghost. He was afraid Daniel was worried.

She and Su Xi went out of the carpenter’s house. In the moonlight, the girl stepped on his shadow all the way.

She suddenly stopped and said weakly, “I was joking about what happened just now in order to divert his attention. Don’t mind.”

Su Xi smiled and asked her, “are you just kidding?”

Ruan Qiao asked himself that he had taken advantage of the beauty and was not confident enough: “well, you didn’t lose anyway…”

Su Xi’s long eyelashes hung down and covered her dark eyes. Her voice was nice and gentle: “in fact, I…”


Suddenly someone called her in front.

Ruan Qiao walked forward a few steps and saw CHEN Si standing by the roadside waiting for her. She asked Su Xi to wait for her here and walked towards CHEN Si by herself.

“Good evening.” Ruan Qiao said hello.

CHEN Si picked his eyebrow: “shouldn’t you question me?”

She was ready to face Ruan Qiao’s anger and prepared several sets of explanations. No matter how Ruan Qiao vented or said she was treacherous, she didn’t care.

Anyway, in the end, Ruan Qiao had to bow for the alliance.

Ruan Qiao said indifferently, “I ask you, will you kneel and admit your mistake and beg my forgiveness?”

CHEN Si: “No.”

The answer was expected by Ruan Qiao: “then let’s not waste each other’s time. You and Mu Rou have talked about cooperation. Take me as a stepping stone. I must have won her trust. I just need you to maintain this advantage.”

CHEN Si looked at Ruan Qiao and his eyes turned.

CHEN Si’s information shows that Xiong Ji, who set a trap, killed the lonely eagle. Then it shows that Xiong Ji and the lonely Eagle are enemies. She is likely to be a living camp.

But if the lonely Eagle cheated her, Xiong Ji’s identity is still in doubt.

Although Ruan Qiao’s identity has not been determined, it is very likely that she is an inhuman camp at present.

Although Chen Si is curious about what means soft Mianmian uses to make it clear that human Xiong Ji and Mu Le obey her, CHEN Si also knows that soft Mianmian won’t tell her.

Maybe soft Mianmian also used some smoke array like her and won the trust of mule and others.

Although she still feels something wrong in her heart, it seems that everything is going on as planned.

CHEN Si: “don’t worry, you don’t need to remind.”

Ruan Qiao yawned: “if it’s all right, I’ll go back to bed.”

CHEN Si walked forward a few steps and thought of something. He turned back and said to her, “everything is going according to the plan. I have aroused Mu Rou’s doubts about the two players. I will soon find a chance to attack them. You can cooperate with them.”

This is going to cooperate with her.

Ruan Qiao smiled and asked, “OK, who are you going to deal with.”

CHEN Si paused and said, “Xiong Ji, Mu Le.”

She said that and went straight away.

[Mrs. Xu in the barrage] ah, this bad woman wants to deal with my wooden cub!

[bullet screen likes to write comments] bear is mine, you can’t think of it!

[bullet screen] Mian Mian really wants to help deal with the wooden bear, qwq don’t want to see you kill each other

[bullet screen night] 1 even if there is a day of life and death, don’t come so soon

The characters of mule and Xiong Ji are really popular.

Ruan Qiao originally wanted to go back directly, but he didn’t trust mule, so he changed his way to go to master Mu’s house with Su Xi. Unexpectedly, he saw mule and Xiong Ji outside master Mu’s house. Xiong Ji was standing on the roadside, tall and short hair. Mule squatted on the ground and drew something.

[bullet screen riddle Tong] Why is Mianmian not with muzai? Garbage game, garbage team!

[barrage Wanren] well… Actually, I think the anchor and they are both in the same team

[bullet screen chirping moon] no, wonton is inhuman. Mian Mian is the same as him, but muzai and Xiong Ji are human… If lonely flying eagle is dead, why didn’t Mian Mian kill him? Oh, I fainted. Am I alive?

[barrage cosmic fox] who am I? Where am I? Am I alive or dead

Ruan Qiao’s eyes fell on the bullet screen: “I probably know what’s going on in this scene, but like everyone, I also feel very strange in some places, which still needs time to determine.”

Her tone was relaxed, and she didn’t seem to think what Chen Si had just said was worth worrying about: “you can rest assured that I won’t harm muzai. CHEN Si told me this information, and I can just remind them to be more vigilant. With mule’s IQ, it shouldn’t be so easy.”

Then she looked at them.

Mule’s tone was mysterious: “bear, I’ll show you my baby!”

Xiong Ji’s face was indifferent: “I’m not interested.”

Ruan Qiao called him, “Mu Lele, come here. I have something to tell you.”

Mule “Oh”, his white fingers shrunk into the loose Taoist robe sleeves, put his hands in front of him, showing an expression of grievance, and then walked slowly to Ruan Qiao.

“You came just in time!” He looked sad, as if he had been treated unfairly: “Mian Mian, Xiong Xiong, she ignored me!”

Ruan Qiao looked at Mu Le, who was like a schoolboy complaining in front of him: “….”

Sorry, she took back what she said about him!

Xiong Ji followed him, frowning coldly and forbearing: “how many times have I said, don’t call me Xiong Xiong!”

Mule hid behind Ruan Qiao, his tall and thin body half lowered: “I don’t! I’ll call!”

Ruan Qiao: ”

You said this in front of Xiong Ji! What’s going on behind my back!

Rancho make complaints about Chen Si make complaints about them.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so easy to be plotted.” Mule shook his head.

He squatted well behind Ruan Qiao. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his hip, and the whole man fell out of the side for several steps.

Thanks to his quick reaction, he stabilized himself.

Looking back, Mu Le Mao was about to explode.

Wonton swept that guy again!!

This time, it went too far and kicked him away!

He is also a well-known live broadcast of Mu Lele. He needs no face if he is kicked away by someone!

But when he came into contact with the threatening eyes of the other party, Mu Le’s momentum to attack suddenly weakened.

He estimated that he would never forget that today, he was followed by a super bodyguard who thought he was a life-saving gold medal. In fact, it was a feeling of death. Behind it came the gloomy and terrible eye knife swept by wonton, which delayed him all afternoon.

Every minute, every second… Every day is like a year!

Forget it, he has a lot of adults, so… Don’t worry about this madman!

Ruan Qiao heard the sound behind him and looked back.

Her soft eyes, just put on a docile expression, handsome and soft Su Xi, and his good-looking eyes.

The corners of the young man’s eyes are smiling, like jade. His skin is white and almost transparent, and his facial features are three-dimensional and good-looking.

He bent down and gently touched Ruan Qiao’s head. His voice was like a feather, and he asked her with a vaguely spoiled voice: “home, huh?”

[bullet screen apricot has no kernel] stop talking, I’ll go back with you!

[barrage Li Qianbo] I order you to get married in situ!!

[barrage millet] go, go now!


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