After reopening the escape game Chapter 43

Mule is the source of happiness, and the atmosphere is very active.

Ruan Qiao also wanted to ask about Xiong Ji. Since she was here, she simply asked together.

“What’s the situation in the village head’s house? The ghost production has been solved. Is the village head’s wife all right now?” Ruan Qiao walked up to Xiong Ji.

“I found something wrong with the village head’s wife before. Her room is strange. I suspect it’s related to ghosts. So I came to see mule. I told master Mu just now that he seems to have his own plan, so I don’t have to worry too much.” Xiong Ji continued: “the situation was very dangerous at that time. The child must have been lost, but master Mu said that since the ghost production has been solved, adults should no longer be in danger.”

Ruan Qiao asked again, “have you found any clues about the strange phenomena in the village recently?”

Mule came back, Take over: “You all know the strange things happened more than ten years ago. At that time, some strange things always happened in the village, such as the graves outside the village were excavated, the bodies inside disappeared, the poultry disappeared for no reason, a large number of blood stains appeared on the road, etc. These are the strange things of the past, not including some dead people and bad luck of every family. The people in the village think these phenomena It’s as like as two peas. “What’s more strange is that what happened in the village is exactly the same as it was more than 10 years ago.”

Xiong Ji also nodded and looked at Su Xi: “because of the things in the village, the village head has been particularly irritable recently, and his temper has become worse and worse these days. I think the people in the village and the village head seem to point the spearhead at the wonton sweep. Others say that it is because you let him out that the strange things happened more than ten years ago.”

She continued: “if the title of wonton sweeping the disaster star was not too deterrent, anyone close would come to no good end. They all want to drive people out.”

Ruan Qiao was happy and poked Su Xi with his elbow: “you hear me, boys should protect themselves when they go out. I’m not sure you’ll be caught by the runaway villagers one day.”

Su Xi smiled and didn’t seem to care: “judging from the current trend, this will happen sooner or later.”

Mule raised his thumb: “it’s really a great God. I admire this mentality.”

He scratched his head: “but if my master asks me to subdue you at that time, remember to give me some face, let me look good in front of outsiders and pretend to be subdued by me?”

Ruan Qiao nodded: “well, that’s a good idea. It can cover Su Xi’s identity and make your prestige reach the peak. Come to muzai, let’s discuss how to write the next script.”

Mule came to the spirit: “am I the hero?”

Xiong Ji: “wake up, you’re at most a man.”

It’s just a joke to say that the script is just a joke. If Mu Le is the only one, it’s OK to solve it, but now master Mu has come back. It’s not so easy to release water. Ruan Qiao can’t understand his mind and can only go one step at a time.

“Actually, I think…” mule hesitated: “it was possible more than ten years ago…”

“What?” Asked Ruan Qiao.

Mule didn’t go on: “forget it, I’m not sure now, but there’s such a guess. I’ll tell you when there’s definite evidence in the future.”

At present, there is a lot of information, but it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Speaking it out may only disturb everyone’s analysis direction.

In this game, the division of player team is also very complex.

But there is one thing Ruan Qiao can be sure that this time the unit is not distinguished by human and non-human.

She approached CHEN Si actively from the beginning and reached an alliance with her. Every time Ruan Qiao contacts her, the information revealed between words shows that non-human is the focus of the game.

Ruan Qiao instilled in Chen si the idea that this time the players are divided into camps with people and non-human. In the later game process, she also tried her best to blur her camp, that is, to prevent Chen Si from discovering the loopholes.

If Ruan Qiao is right, CHEN Si and Mu Rou are actually in the same camp. Judging from the current development situation, CHEN Si has believed the illusion that Ruan Qiao let go. The reason why she didn’t tell CHEN Si too much about non-human things before, but kept adding hints to the information, was to let CHEN Si find out this and convince herself.

The more Ruan Qiao is secretive, the more Chen sicai believes in the division standard of this camp. If Ruan Qiao tells CHEN Si directly, the other party will not believe it.

CHEN Si regards Mu Rou as the enemy player. She thinks she is undercover there. At the right time, Ruan Qiao can use CHEN Si’s power to deal with Mu rou.

The Shen family must have an unknown secret in the magic of gods and ghosts. Once Mu Rou and Shen Mu get the help of the Shen family and use these things to deal with them, Ruan Qiao will fall into the disadvantage.

So she can only use everything she can at present.


A middle-aged man’s voice suddenly sounded.

Ruan Qiao turned his head and saw a middle-aged man in his 40s and nearly 50 years old in the distance. His hair was sparse. He was a little fat. He had a square face and round eyes. His expression was very serious and his face was full of gloom.

“I said where have you been? There are so many things at home. You’re wandering around here!” The man looks very irritable, like a moving volcano. It seems that any action can trigger his eruption.

“The village is in such a mess recently. You’re still running around outside. Can you save me snacks?” He squinted at the other players and snorted, “Ruan, right? I’ve heard what you did. Don’t think you’ve read outside and don’t listen to the advice of your elders. I know that your college students are better educated than us and advocate science, but in the village, you have to listen to your elders. Otherwise, I can’t save you!”

The village head’s discontent shifted from Xiong Ji to Ruan Qiao and began to preach endlessly: “do you know how many disasters you brought to the whole village when you let him out? When I was a child, I remember you were a very obedient child. Why are you confused now? Do you still have to bring the whole village to suffer together because your family is not enough?”

Listening to this tone of voice, the middle-aged man in front of him should be village head Xiong.

[barrage 4079] when I was middle-aged, I became stronger and bald

[the barrage disappears in ten directions] village head Xiong is really grumpy and loves Xiong Ji for a second

[bullet screen dimensional storm pill] who can stop the uncle’s mouth

[the barrage doesn’t admire the little angel] sure enough, are years a pig killing knife? Just like he is now… It’s agreed that everyone in all parts of the country wanted to marry the handsome guy??

Village head Xiong was originally qualified for promotion by relying on the reservoir project, but he was young and energetic at that time. He didn’t look at outsiders and didn’t mean to talk or do things. Later, he offended some people above and was robbed of the quota.

In addition, the red abortion last month also dealt a great blow to village head Xiong. Since then, he began to get depressed, and the whole person didn’t have the momentum of that year.

Later, the village head married Guifang. His new father-in-law wanted to transfer him to the city so as to give him a push. Unfortunately, village head Xiong’s luck seems to have been bad. Due to the struggles of the people above, he was corrected by his father-in-law’s competitors because of his father-in-law’s identity.

Now he can only temporarily continue to be a village head here. After a period of investigation, the city is trying to find a way.

Who could have thought that after a mountain torrent, the village began to have an accident again. If he went on like this, it would be even more difficult for him to go to the city.

No wonder he was upset.

This opportunity is rare. If you miss it, you don’t know if you can succeed in the future.

The body of the lonely flying eagle was also handled by the village head. Xiong Ji told the village head that lonely eagle, an outsider, wanted to plot against her, but was killed when she resisted.

Without much doubt, village head Xiong directly asked people to bury the body of the lonely flying eagle anywhere.

After all, it’s self-defense and his own daughter. Even if village head Xiong is grumpy, he won’t help an outsider from unknown sources embarrass his daughter.

Ruan Qiao listened to him and just nodded with a smile.

Village head Xiong seemed to punch the cotton. Ruan Qiao obviously didn’t take his words seriously, but she didn’t refute him, so he didn’t have a chance to attack.

After being embarrassed for a while, village head Xiong focused on Xiong Ji: “and you! Get home quickly! I don’t know how important it is if I don’t beat you!”

Hearing the words of village head Xiong, mule frowned slightly. Obviously, he was a little unhappy, but before he opened his mouth, Xiong Ji pulled the corner of his clothes and whispered, “it doesn’t matter. Just let him scold a few more words to eliminate the fire. Before, he didn’t want to find fault with me, and even wanted to beat people.”

Xiong Ji squeezed his hand and made a sound of bone collision: “just didn’t beat me.”

It seems that someone said something embarrassing. Village head Xiong’s face was ugly again. He glared at Xiong Ji, but there was a trace of fear in his eyes: “get back!”

Xiong Ji gave several people a reassuring look and turned to comfort village head Xiong: “well, don’t worry, I listen to you, let’s go home.”

Ruan Qiao also saw that the village head Xiong was a person who cared about face. In front of his daughter’s friends, he couldn’t lose momentum. Although his mouth was unforgiving, he didn’t look at Xiong Ji completely arrogant, even a little afraid. When I walked towards them, I deliberately kept a certain distance.

She saw several bruises on the body of village head Xiong, and her walking posture was not very natural. She was probably beaten by Xiong Ji before.

It seems that Xiong Ji has found out the way to get along with him. Just fight first and be honest.

As for outside, the village head’s face is greater than heaven, and there is no need to argue with him.

But the village head didn’t look at Su Xi all the way. Even when he glanced at all the players, his eyes fell on Su Xi and quickly flashed away.

It seems to avoid it like seeing something unlucky.

However, as long as the village head doesn’t come to trouble them, he will be thankful.

Xiong Ji goes home with village head Xiong. When Ruan Qiao and Su Xi return to Ruan’s house, Ruan’s mother is cleaning at home.

Ruan Qiao told her the news of master Mu’s return. Ruan’s mother finally looked better: “master Mu has come back, I’m much more relieved. In addition, the Shen family are also in the village. I see, even if there are some demons and ghosts in the village, it can’t turn the sky. Xiao Ruan, just have a good rest and don’t go out during this time.”

Ruan Qiao nodded. Ruan’s mother swept the floor and was ready to go back to bed.

Ruan Qiao turned and wanted to tell Su Xi what she was going to do tonight. He saw that he was always smiling. His thin lips were slightly pursed, and his eyes were dark. They were very different from the eyes with thousands of blue light when he laughed before. These eyes were deep, like an endless abyss.

His face was still very pale, but his whole temperament sank.

Just standing there, for no reason, with a momentum full of oppression.

Thick and dense eyelashes were raised, and Su Xi’s voice was faint and indifferent: “what did you do while I was away?”

Ruan Qiao: “ah?”

[barrage habitat] ah, this sound! Suddenly online??

[bullet screen roll powder] cub, you’re finally back. Mom has been waiting for you for a long time!!

[bullet screen Cen wine] the last time super fierce personality came out, I remembered that I was caught in a battle and had to come out. I thought I needed special environmental stimulation? I didn’t expect to be so caught off guard

Ruan Qiao didn’t expect wonton to appear suddenly.

“Don’t you need any trigger conditions to complete the handover? Or do you want to come out?” Ruan Qiao asked him.

“It has nothing to do with you.” He looked at Ruan Qiao.

“You don’t have to know.”

“Has he been following you?” Su Xi smiled. This sound was very light, with slight dissatisfaction. It was different from the tenderness when wonton laughed. It made people feel very cold: “it seems that you are really more important to him.”

Before Ruan Qiao spoke, he continued, “I’m different from him. I won’t waste my time on you all the time. You can rest assured. I want to see a place in the evening. I won’t interfere if you do yours.”

He knew her and knew at a glance that she had her own plans.

Wutong bullet screen comments hhhhh wonton everyday dislikes wonton

[bullet screen love] what is the essence of human beings

[barrage nanhuai] wait for the large-scale Zhenxiang scene

Ruan Qiao asked him, “what clues have you found?”

“Reservoir.” He said, “if you want to know something, go there and see it clearly.”

[barrage crane and green mountain] it’s not a cloud God. The places you pick are more dangerous than others

[barrage, pillars of the motherland] is the reservoir the place where there are water ghosts?

[bullet screen fox Wei] is this a collection of ghosts?

[the barrage is getting more mysterious] it’s great. It’s not easy for the people in this village to live until now

Ruan Qiao heard what he meant and knew that Su Xi thought the same as her. She also wants to know about the situation on the other side of the reservoir, but now she wants to lead Chen Bo out. She can’t get out for a minute. It’s good if Su Xi can go and have a look.

Ruan Qiao nodded without stopping.

After Suxi left, she lay in bed to rest. At first, she was not sleepy, but after a while, she fell asleep unconsciously.

This is not what she wants to sleep. It must be the dream that the copy forcibly dragged her into.

The dream was bleak.

It’s the same road. There are crows flying and shrill calls in the sky.

Ruan Qiao’s eyes flashed pictures of the previous accident.

In my ears were the frightened and tragic cries of the young people.

The sound of rocks rolling down and vehicles smashing on the rocks echoed in all directions.

Dong Dong Dong.

“Help! Ah!”

“I don’t want to die!”

The voices staggered.

Ruan Qiao was walking along this endless path.

The picture of the car accident flashed continuously, and finally settled in the mess she saw when she just woke up.

The dead body hung on the seat, and the intestines and organs flowed all over the floor.

The crow’s cry was getting closer and closer, the weather was very gloomy, and the sun hid behind the gloomy clouds.

Those black birds stopped on the corpse and bit by bit ate the rotten meat on the corpse with their mouths. The owner of the meat had long lost pain and consciousness, and his stiff face was frozen with a frightened expression.

They are dead and can only lie in the wilderness and let the crows eat their bodies.

The picture of the car accident disappeared again.

Ruan Qiao is still moving forward.

There was more and more dark blue smoke at the foot. The first four weeks of the road were dark and the scenes on both sides could not be seen clearly.

Only in front of the road, there is a faint blue light.

After the picture of the car accident disappeared, the surroundings were quiet again, without screams and crows.

Only her footsteps.

Finally, there was a sound of Gong knocking in front of me.

Dong Dong, Dong Dong, Dong Dong.

Ruan Qiao heard this voice. It was the voice of funeral.

After people die, when they are buried, someone will knock the gong to open the way.

Although cremation had replaced traditional burial in her time, the ceremony remained.

Unlike the family sending team she met face-to-face in the past, this time she met the funeral team directly.

The people before and after the coffin were dressed in pale clothes, and thick hats covered their appearance.

Everyone walked forward with their heads down, and the people in front of the coffin knocked gongs in their hands.

“The moon shines

The cloudy wind blows through the willow lane. ”

The song is getting closer and closer.

The group of people soon came in front of her, and Ruan Qiao sidled to let the team pass.

“Wandering souls walk all over the world

On the lonely road. ”

In a flash, the funeral procession disappeared. The man in white became the man in red, and the dark coffin suddenly became a gorgeous sedan chair.

On the dark night path, it was a terrible dark red.

Singing was floating in the wind. The faint team stopped, the sedan chair was on the ground, and everyone stood in place strangely and motionless.

Ruan Qiao walked back.

Those people, dressed in red, turned their heads in her direction as Ruan Qiao approached.

Ruan Qiao walked to the flower bridge, and those silent people in red turned around, all facing her.

Ruan Qiao stretched out his hand and opened the curtain of the sedan chair.

This time, the bride inside is facing her side.

Big red cover on the head, can’t see clearly.

The bride suddenly moved.

She raised a white and slender hand, gently pinched a corner of the cover, and slowly raised the cover.

The first exposed white and small chin, and then the red lips with rouge. The lips are fragrant. With dark red clothes, they look like a red flower silver birch.

The bride’s red cap was lifted and put in the dark hair. The red Earrings lined the skin as white as jade.

Just a side face, Ruan Qiao had recognized her.

Yes, herself.

“Looking for a double

The cloudy wind blows the cold moonlight. ”

The song suddenly sounded in her ear. Ruan Qiao turned and saw a woman in red standing quietly behind her.

The woman’s eyes did not fluctuate, her face was expressionless, and she looked at Ruan Qiao so quietly.

She looked young and seemed to be the same age as Ruan Qiao.

As soon as Ruan Qiao saw the woman in red, he fell into darkness.

When she woke up again, she returned to the dilapidated hut of the Ruan family.

If she guessed right, the woman standing outside the Huaqiao just now should be her good friend Qin Yue from childhood to childhood.

Just, what does this dream mean?

Ruan Qiao got up in his coat. Su Xi hasn’t come back yet. She went to the main room and looked at the time.

It’s midnight.

From time to time outside, there were some scattered footsteps and the sound of bells.

It seems that mule and they have come to decorate.

Soon, Ruan Qiao felt a sudden drop in the temperature around him.

She went to the door and stood. Through the blurred window, she could see two figures shaking outside.

“Hide for a while.”

“Coming, coming.”

“Stupid! How can I teach you such an apprentice! Do you think it’s appropriate for you to hide there?”

Mu Le’s voice was slightly confused and confused: “I think it’s very good. It’s hidden and safe. You can attack and defend…”

Then there was a dull noise and curse.

“What a fart! Where are you hiding? Where am I hiding? Get away from me and find another place!”

Mu Le cried sadly, and his voice gradually faded away.

Ruan Qiao was still laughing when he suddenly heard a slow and heavy footsteps outside the door.

Stiff and mechanical.

Soon the door rang.

Dong Dong Dong.

The interval was the same, there was no change, and there was a dead knock at the door.

Like that terrible rainy night.


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