After reopening the escape game Chapter 44


Ruan’s mother asked in her room.

Ruan Qiao stood at the door and stared back at the closed door: “it’s master mu. Don’t worry, mom.”

Ruan’s mother seemed to believe in master mu. She muttered that Ruan Qiao had something to call her, so she continued to sleep.

Dong, Dong, Dong.

The same night, the same knock on the door.

The difference is that no one stopped her from opening the door this time.

Different from what he promised master Mu before, Ruan Qiao opened the door directly.

[barrage Li Qianbo] ah, don’t open the door!

[bullet screen wooden guest] isn’t master Mu not allowed to open the door?

[shrapnel warbler 17:17] I’m a little curious about what Uncle Chen wants to do

[bullet screen candy mile] want to know 1

The cold night appeared at the door. With the action of opening the door, a cold wind poured into the room.

Chen Bo’s bent body appeared in front of Ruan Qiao.

Compared with what he had seen at the beginning, Uncle Chen looked even more frightening in front of him. His wrinkled skin was cyan, and his gray eyes made him look like a bent monster.

“Ding -”

“Ding Ding!!”

Suddenly there was a loud bell around. Ruan Qiao could hear the footsteps of mule and them approaching.

“Be careful! Stay away from him!”

It was master Mu’s warning.

Ruan Qiao stood at the door. Instead of retreating, he took a step forward.

Chen Bo held out his hand rigidly. The expression on his face did not change. The sudden white filled the whole eye socket, making it impossible to see his eyes clearly.

Ruan Qiao tried to reach out.

As expected, Uncle Chen moved. He took a rigid step forward, his hands and feet were very stiff, and then put his dry hand on Ruan Qiao’s hand.

Chen Bo’s hand was originally above, and her hand was below.

The dry skin was like old bark. Chen Bo’s skin was cold, and a trace of cold came from the palm of her hand.

Their hands turned over.

[bullet screen Magic Competition] congratulations to the two guests for holding hands

[barrage Baiyuan] is it the devil who succeeded in holding hands??

[barrage soup] Barrage is poisonous. Ha ha ha

Ruan Qiao’s eyes moved.

Chen Bo wrote a word in the palm of her hand.

But because of the back of her hand, even the audience in the live studio didn’t know what he did. I only saw Uncle Chen holding Ruan Qiao’s hand.

He only wrote one word and didn’t spend much time.

Soon, Chen Bo stretched out his other hand. His fingernails were black and his skin was blue and white. He looked extraordinarily penetrating.

The originally silent yard suddenly flashed a faint white light, and the sound of the bell became more and more urgent.

Chen Bo’s face, which had no fluctuation, suddenly became ugly. His eyes opened hard, and a painful expression appeared on his face. His right hand grabbed Ruan Qiao, and the other hand accelerated the speed of reaching out.

From behind, it was as if he had caught Ruan Qiao and wanted to reach out to take her heart.

“Be careful!”

“Get away!” Master Mu’s anxious voice sounded.

Chen Bo’s left hand, which accelerated the movement speed, suddenly stopped above the back of Ruan Qiao’s hand. At the same time, there was a sound of flesh and blood being penetrated.


A wooden sword dyed dark black penetrated from Chen Bo’s chest.

Chen Bo’s hand suddenly loosened and a white cloth bag slightly smaller than his palm fell to the ground.

His old face showed a crazy look and howled back a few steps.

“Ding Ding!”

“Ding Ding, Ding Ding, Ding Ding Ding!!!”

Master Mu stood behind Uncle Chen and whispered quickly. With his voice, the sound of the bells around him suddenly increased, which hurt people’s ears in an instant, but such a high decibel lasted only five seconds.

With the smoke coming out of Uncle Chen’s mouth, the sound of the bell weakened.

The smoke dissipated, the clouds opened and the moon rose.

The indifferent moonlight fell on the yard, and Chen bocang’s old and stiff body suddenly lost all its support and fell to the ground.

[barrage Yin Huan] is he dead?

[bullet screen bear Ben bear] I still don’t understand. How did Uncle Chen’s become a walking corpse? Didn’t it mean that it takes the mother to spread the corpse poison to come back from the dead?

[bullet screen habitat] that is, after Chen Bo died, he was infected with autopsy and resurrected. He just doesn’t know who the mother is

[bullet curtain sleeps today] why must Uncle Chen come to Mianmian?

Master Mu breathed a sigh of relief and pulled out his wooden sword: “fortunately, he hasn’t changed for a long time, and he’s not the source of the corpse. Otherwise, it’s really difficult to deal with.”

Even so, master Mu’s face is not good-looking.

His forehead was covered with sweat, and his body in Taoist robe shook a few times.

Mule was just doing chores at the same time. Seeing that the matter was solved, he ran over: “master, you are so powerful! You have great powers. I was stunned at the same time!”

Master Mu raised his foot and kicked him again: “shit! You can’t draw a circle well. Look at the lines your dog chewed, you almost told me this old bone here!”

Mule hid: “I haven’t painted this thing at ordinary times…”

Master Mu craned his neck and looked into the room: “where’s your little boyfriend? I heard he lives in your house now?”

Ruan Qiao stood at the door and smiled: “he’s not here. He’s gone out.”

Master Mu said “Oh” and asked Mu Le to take the body back on the ground, so he went back.

Mule crept up to Ruan Qiao and said, “do you remember the song he family last time? My master calculated that there was only song he family in the north. He planned to go and see it tomorrow. It seems that the Shen family will also go. If you come, you will wait at the entrance of the random stone pile at 9 a.m.”

Ruan Qiao nodded and watched mule carry Chen Bo’s body.

He’s not afraid at all.

Ruan Qiao squatted down and picked up the cloth bag that had just fallen from Chen Bo’s hand.

The things were wrapped very carefully. She untied the knot and spread out the cloth bag. There were three or four square sweets in it.

Just like what Chen Bo gave her in his memory.

She looked up at the corpse on the ground. Uncle Chen’s frightening eyes closed tightly and his face turned blue.

But in her eyes, it was not scary at all.

Mule said hello with the body on his back and left. He had to return Chen Bo’s body to the ancestral hall for temporary storage and wait for the village head to deal with it the next day.

Ruan Qiao looked at the questions on the bullet screen, put away his cloth bag and said only one word.

“Children like sugar.”

Perhaps these simplest candies are very cheap now. Even in the view of the audience in the live studio, they are obsolete candies. They have more advanced foods to choose from. A candy has several layers of sandwiches, and various raw materials come from all over the world… So in their eyes, the simplest square sugar that has long disappeared is meaningless.

But Ruan Qiao knows the meaning of this small cloth bag.

In the ultra remote village more than ten years ago, this square sugar was extremely precious and the price was not cheap.

That’s why Chen Bo wrapped it up layer by layer and put it in the cabinet carefully.

Ruan Qiao’s grandmother also likes to collect these sugars.

But these square sweets are not eaten by the old people themselves, but for children.

In the high-tech society with the rapid development of information, people have too many entertainment choices in their daily life. Countless games and dazzling projects are filled with everyone’s life. Even children of several years old can have an electronic screen. The holographic world is much better than reality.

However, people gradually immersed in the virtual world have spent little time with the elderly.

Most children like candy. The old man relies on such candy to attract them.

Give children what they think is precious and dream of in childhood just to see the smile on their faces when they eat sugar. However, the things they value as treasures are extremely cheap in the eyes of today’s people.

Chen Bo has no children. He unconditionally takes care of “Xiaoyun” and grows up. He is very good to every child close to him in the village.

Although his appearance was frightening, his gray eyes and old skin made him look like a monster.

But there is no doubt that Uncle Chen is the only good man in the village.

He lived more than ninety years. Even if he died, he remembered to come and bring her sugar.

Even if she has grown up, she is no longer the little girl with square sugar in her hand and light in her eyes, who is careful to share food with her companions.

Even if she doesn’t eat sugar anymore.


After Chen Bo’s death, his body did not disappear, nor did he drop the map card. It shows that he is not a ghost. It is likely that he has changed his body for some reason.

He was not aggressive. He was either a meat corpse or a wake-up corpse. Ruan Qiao remembered the word he wrote in the palm of her hand

How could Chen Bo write that word?

The previous dream pointed everything to Qin Yue. Ruan Qiao decided to have a look with Mu Le in the morning.

He didn’t dream again in the middle of the night, and Su Xi didn’t come back until dawn. Ruan Qiao went directly to the front of the random stone pile.

To her surprise, she thought it was master Mu and Shen Qian, who took Shen Mu and Mu Rou at most. Unexpectedly, a large group of villagers came up in front of her.

Aunt Chen and her middle-aged women are also in the group.

“Xiao Ruan, something really big is going to happen!” When Aunt Chen saw Xiao Ruan from a distance, she stepped up and came over, “I told your mother that you don’t believe it. Let the disaster star out, so many strange things happened in the village immediately. It was the dead people. They all turned into walking corpses, and Guifang almost died!”

She said several times: “I went out this morning and fell over by the orange peel on the road. Look at my palm. It’s broken! Do you think I’m going to have bad luck!”

Ruan Qiao: ”

She looked at Aunt Chen’s hand, which was red and swollen the size of a fingernail.

Su Xi is so miserable. A man has to carry the pot.

What else did Aunt Chen want to say, she was pushed away by another girl.

Mu Rou smiled in a white dress and took Ruan Qiao’s arm affectionately. Her voice was soft: “Xiao soft, you don’t know how worried I am about you. I heard that the walking corpse is staring at you. I’m still afraid of an accident! Now I’m relieved to look at you well.”

She showed a helpless expression: “I told uncle Shen. Fortunately, he promised us to help solve the dead in the village.”

Ruan Qiao wanted to take out her hand, but mu Rou held her arm tightly.

Shen junmu was also in the crowd. He followed and looked at Ruan Qiao. His eyes were worried: “are you okay?”

Ruan Qiao shook his head.

Shen Qian stood behind Shen junmu and called him, “Xiao Mu, come here.”

Shen junmu hesitated and walked over.

Shen Qian’s eyes fell on Ruan Qiao, and his serious facial features could not see his mind. After Shen junmu passed, they whispered something.

Ruan Qiao, who was suddenly watched by all kinds of strange eyes and could not be thrown away, cast a look for help to Mule nearby.

“Sister Yue! Good! Long time no see!”

As soon as the sound of mulega decibel sounded, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

He came up directly, forcibly separated the two, took Mu Rou and walked forward.

The boy’s strength is very strong. Mu Rou can’t get rid of him. She wants to look back at Ruan Qiao. She sees Xiong Ji holding a crossbow and lowering her head and asking Ruan Qiao what. As they say, they walk aside. They look serious, as if they are discussing some scientific problems, and they don’t give her a look at all.

The two fools with a bright face smiling in their ears are still sister Yue. Morning, sister Yue looks good today and cries.

Rao is mu Rou’s skill, and she is about to be brainwashed by sister Yue.

What’s more, Mu Le’s voice was so loud that she could even hear the villagers talking behind her.

“I didn’t expect to look very young. I didn’t expect to be Xiaomu’s eldest sister!”

“You don’t know. Now the city people can do it. Take a few measures on their face. The 40-year-old looks the same as the 20-year-old!”

“Really? I can’t see why Xiao Shen found such an old woman.”

“Xiao Shen’s girlfriend is very old?”

The more the argument spread, the more outrageous it became.

It even became

“Xiao Shen found a 40-year-old girlfriend. He didn’t know what method to use on his face. He looked like he was 20!”

“Oh, I have to ask her. Isn’t that amazing?”

“Here, see, that’s the woman over there.”

Mu Rou’s face is black and can drip water.

She is clearly in her twenties!

After mule pulled her away, he saw Mu Rou’s face was bad, but he smiled more and more happily, released his hand and raised his head: “it seems that sister Yue doesn’t welcome me very much, so let’s see you again ~”

They pushed behind the crowd and disappeared.

Only mu Rou stood where she was, her face white and blue, and finally calmed down.

“Mule, right…” she laughed instead.

[barrage Sylvia] ha ha, Mu Zai, I can

[bullet screen fairy] it’s worthy of being a close little cotton padded jacket. It can be played with this wave

[bullet screen feels a little abusive] Sister Lotus’s nemesis ha ha ha ha

Fortunately, the villagers soon remembered their purpose today and followed master Mu and Shen Qian to the rubble with hoes and sticks in their hands.

According to Shen Qian, behind the random stone pile is the place with the strongest corpse Qi.

They’re going to “kill demons and demons”.


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