After reopening the escape game Chapter 45

The villagers gathered together and talked loudly. After communicating with each other, many people agreed that something big had happened in the village.

If we don’t stop it, we will have the same bad luck as the village more than ten years ago.

“It’s just these bad luck. Later, he died inexplicably! That’s how my father died. Now it seems that most of them were killed by walking corpses!”

“Yes, my sister died of a mild illness when she was a child! If there were no evil stars and these evil spirits, how could such a thing happen!”

Villagers who have gained a sense of identity are more and more convinced that only by removing evil spirits and walking corpses in the village can they be safe.

Once they thought of letting go, they might die, so they became more and more frightened.

The fear at the bottom of my heart keeps growing and growing, and finally becomes a towering tree of anger and vent.

Fortunately, Su Xi is not here now, otherwise Ruan Qiao has no doubt that he will be directly included in the killing list by these increasingly excited villagers.

Although master Mu and Shen Qian are the leaders, the villagers obviously trust Shen Qian more.

Dragging out Mu Mu’s wood music, he came back to bear Xiong’s mutual mode. The two people make complaints about the music. Most of the time, wood music is talking.

Ruan Qiao walked behind the crowd and watched the villagers waving farm tools and shouting to kill all the evil spirits.

The scene now is very similar to the picture she saw in front of the ancestral hall.

The difference is that the people in memory are more crazy, even with life and death anger.

Riprap heap is hard to walk. Mu Rou seems to know that she is not popular and simply doesn’t approach them anymore. Instead, he walked attentively beside Shen Qian, looked clever, and occasionally asked some questions. He seemed to be in good order.

I like it.

Shen Qian is the most powerful character in this copy. As long as he can catch up with him, it will be much easier to deal with other players and NPCs in this copy.

Ruan Qiao was very careful when she left, but the ground was uneven and the stones in some places were still very loose. After she stepped on it, the stones tilted, and the whole body tilted.

A pair of powerful arms held her.

The familiar breath and movement made her eyes fluctuate slightly.

She raised her head and saw the boy’s good-looking chin. Her facial features were clear and meaningful. On the bridge of her tall nose were a pair of clear eyes. Shen junmu’s eyelids were very thin and the corners of her eyes were back. Even if there was no expression, it could make people feel good at first glance.

His appearance completely followed the heart of the bad man.

Ruan Qiao is not a person without feelings at all. When cooperating with Shen junmu, they have a tacit understanding. She doesn’t like to talk and explain more. People who have worked with her can’t stand Ruan Qiao’s temper and indifference. Only Shen junmu never complains and can understand her ideas and plans from one look.

Over time, she was more lazy to explain and speak.

Competitive competition requires high efficiency, victory is the ultimate goal, and the loser is nothing.

Therefore, when we enter the game, we are always vigilant and nervous.

Just win. There’s not much nonsense.

Ruan Qiao is playing with a shooter. If he can win with an arrow, he will never drag his feet.

These copies back to [isolation zone] are all A-level, and it’s not difficult for her to upgrade to S-level at most. Moreover, it’s not a competitive competition, so she wants to experience the plot of the copy slowly.

Moreover, this form of holographic horror game is mainly based on the plot. The higher the evaluation of completing the task, the richer the reward.

The shooter’s profession, cold appearance, resolute and quiet character in the copy made Ruan Qiao set up by the people of kaolin flower iceberg snow lotus when she was in the [survival line], so that once she shared a video link of roasted gluten ghost livestock she saw on the Bibi website in the team group, hoping to let everyone ha ha, and then she was banned.

A group of people in the group swipe the screen with question marks:??

Ruan Qiao took his cell phone and said:??

Then she received a private chat message from the captain: Joe, you have been stolen. Go online and have a look!

Ruan Qiao replied: Thanks, the password has been retrieved.

Another sentence: my forbidden words.

The captain was pleased: untie it now!

Later, Ruan Qiao gave up the idea of sand carving in the team

After Shen junmu helped her, Ruan Qiao said thank you.

Shen junmu walked beside her and smiled: “when were we so strange?”

[bullet screen green shirt is wet] sun, let go of my house!

[bullet screen doesn’t admire Little Angel] when should I know you so well!

[bullet screen Galaxy] Super fierce is not here. I’ll protect him! Stay away from my house!

Ruan Qiao: “we both look at the enemy’s players. It’s better not to go too close. Don’t you have the heart to start at that time.”

E-sports don’t get love.

Shen junmu looks very kind and helpful in daily life, but he is never soft when it comes to the results of the game. Ruan Qiao personally saw him take good care of a broken leg player all the way and left food and medicine to each other when he was in the copy of the ruins of the doomsday. Finally, when we arrived at the base, we found that the two people were in a hostile camp. The player took the initiative to mutiny, helped Shen junmu kill his teammates, and finally led the neck to kill

Ruan Qiao is nearby:

Brother Shen Niubi.

Holy Father stream player.

Shen junmu lowered his head and smiled: “you know my game style.”

She raised her eyebrows and said, “you should know my style.”

Ruan Qiao didn’t say much. They let each other know their tacit understanding. Although it was not the final duel, once they faced such a situation, they would not be soft hearted.

The two fell behind the crowd. Shen junmu took out a emerald bracelet from his sleeve. The jade essence of the bracelet was set off by his bony fingers. In the sun, there was a faint light green light flowing.

He handed it to Ruan Qiao: “this is the family heirloom of the Shen family. You can keep it for self-defense.”

The props sent to the door were not white. Ruan Qiao took the bracelet and looked at it. It was cold and excellent in texture: “what is a bracelet to prevent? Exorcism and evil spirits?”

Jade and other objects can generally save the owner from disasters, especially in the face of attacks by ghosts and evil spirits. They are very effective and powerful.

Shen junmu explained: “this is not an ordinary bracelet. The Shen family has only one pair for so many years, and the other is in the Shen family’s tomb. This one is only for standby. Originally, the ultra remote village has been very peaceful in recent years, so it is useless. Now it seems that you should need it very much.”

“The function of the jade bracelet is not to exorcise evil spirits, but to break the seal. If you are in danger…” Shen junmu looked at master mu in front of his eyes and continued: “you can break it. It can help you.”

Ruan Qiao put the bracelet on his hand. His white and slender wrist was green and looked particularly good: “so kind, give me props?”

Her other hand was also tied with the five-color rope requested by Ruan’s mother from the Shen family. Now her left and right hands were complete.

“You Shen family might as well open a handicraft shop.”

[barrage bear] Shen Mu should know Mianmian is the enemy, right?

[bullet screen roll powder] no matter you’re courteous, King Mian, there must be fraud!

[what’s the name of the barrage] is there any trap in this bracelet?

Although Shen junmu has never been soft on winning or losing in the end, Ruan Qiao also knows that he is not the kind of person who plays tricks. He said it was a strong prop, so it must be.

“All the heirlooms have been given to me. Father Shen really thinks highly of me.” Ruan Qiao quickened his pace, and they had walked out of the rubble and into the woods from the leaves.

The road under your feet is much easier to walk.

Shen junmu’s voice took some doubts: “I’m also surprised that he gave this thing to me. He seems… To be especially good to you.”

Can it be bad? All the eight characters have been closed. Say I want you.

Ruan Qiao asked him, “did he tell you about your marriage?”

Shen junmu was at a loss: “my marriage?”

That’s what I didn’t say.

Ruan Qiao said “nothing”, quickened his pace and squeezed into front of the crowd.

The villagers have come to Songhe’s house.

“Brother Shen, master mu, is the source of corpse Qi really here?” A big square faced man stood at the door, with a stick in his left hand and a door plank in his right hand. “I said song he was not a good man! He doesn’t say hello every day. He’s evasive. There must be a problem!”

Master Mu pondered for a moment, turned his head and asked the people behind him, “Daniel, did you really buy it by song he?”

Cuihua didn’t come, but Daniel followed. He stood among the villagers, I hesitated for a moment in everyone’s eyes: “yes, it’s him. I sold two coffins this month. One is Chen Bo’s, and the other is song he. I wondered at that time. They were young. Although Xiao Yue was a little weak, he was not ready to buy coffins so long in advance?”

Ruan Qiao remembered the lime he touched on the second floor door when he came.

Is song he really raising corpses at home?

If he’s raising a body, who’s that body?

Although everyone has a guess in their heart, they still hold a chance.

Aunt Chen stood behind the square faced man, her eyebrows wrinkled and said, “what did I say? I didn’t agree with Xiao Yue to marry here at the beginning. Song he not only had no money, but also owed a lot of debt! I think she was very tired when she embroidered things to sell in town every night and washed clothes for others during the day. I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing when she was coming!”

The woman next to him interrupted, “that’s not what you said at the beginning. I remember you set up the marriage? When Xiao song came to the village, you asked him to carry water and cut firewood for your family!”

Aunt Chen faltered a few times and weakened: “Yeah… Who remembers the original thing.”

The square faced man knocked hard at the door: “stop it. Just go back and have a look!”

A group of people smashed the door and shouted outside, but there was no movement inside.

Finally, several men knocked the door open.

Like the scene seen by Ruan Qiao before, this is a gray, cold and lifeless room.

The excited villagers shouted and rushed in. They walked around the first floor and didn’t find anyone.

“The door on the second floor is locked!”

“Knock it off!”

Someone is shouting.

Ruan Qiao stood under the stairs and watched them knocking against the door. Master Mu stood next to her and kept looking at the cold stairs.

Ruan Qiao suddenly asked him, “people are resurrected into corpses after death.”

“Is such an existence not allowed?”

Master Mu turned his back and looked grim: “this is the world of living people. The dead shouldn’t miss it. If you encounter it, you must kill it.”

[the barrage is clear] ah, what about our super fierce family??

[barrage Li Qianbo] so is Mianmian alive?

[bullet screen habitat] I think Uncle Chen, woo woo woo, no one will send sugar to Mian Mian again. He will worry about the situation of the village on the night of rain and power failure. He will clean the ancestral hall again and again, refill the candlestick of the ancestral hall, take care of every child scolded by his parents in the village, and take in people like Xiaoyun’s mother and son who are excluded

[barrage Jun Guangci] stop upstairs. I’m going to cry, QAQ

Ruan Qiao sighed softly. His voice was weak and soon dispersed in the cold air.

She asked, “do you want to kill whoever it is?”

Master Mu stared at the villagers on the stairs. The door on the second floor could not last long under their impact.

He said, “yes.”

Ruan Qiao asked, “what if it was you and me?”

Master Mu didn’t answer, but the door on the second floor was smashed open.


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