After reopening the escape game Chapter 46

Master Mu followed him upstairs and came down from the crowded first floor.

Ruan Qiao stood and waited for a while before slowly walking up the stairs.

The walls were mottled, the light was dim, and the wooden stairs groaned.

The second floor is an empty room with all kinds of sundries. Some villagers smashed open the window next to the window to let the light into it, but the whole place is still very old. There is dust on the cabinet and floor. There are only traces of frequent activities on the Middle Road, which is much cleaner than the side.

The clean trace led to a coffin in the middle of the room.

Candles and unknown incense on the ground have burned, leaving only debris.

The air smelled of dust.

Shen Qian and master Mu go to the coffin.

The dark coffin was extraordinarily seeping.

Although most villagers are excited, they are still afraid of facing such strange things. They don’t dare to push one by one.

Fortunately, village head Xiong stood up and commanded the square faced man who spoke downstairs: “go and open the coffin.”

The square faced man was not much afraid. He just clenched the stick in his hand and strode forward. He stood in front of the coffin and looked back at Shen Qian.

Shen Qian could not see any emotion on his face, but nodded faintly.

The square faced man threw the stick on the ground, checked the coffin and found that there was no fixed coffin, so he directly stretched out his hand to push it.

Although the coffin lid was heavy, the square faced man had great strength. Village head Xiong asked another man to help him.

The two pushed open the coffin on both sides.

Half way away, the square faced man released his hand and came forward to check the contents of the coffin.

His eyebrows were frowning, and there was an unbelievable look in his eyes.

“How, how?” Aunt Chen asked carefully in the back, “what’s in it?”

The square faced man came back with a low voice: “there is no body in the coffin.”


“Where’s the body?”

“Is it really resurrected?”

The first floor has been searched, and there is no place to hide on the second floor. There was only one coffin of lime in the coffin, on which there was a space for the body shape of an adult woman.

Although the second floor is simple, everything in front of us shows that song he’s raising corpses here has changed from speculation to reality.

But now, the man and the body are gone.

“What should we do, master ah mu? What if the dead man runs out to harm us?” Someone asked.

Master Mu looked at the coffin and his expression was not relaxed: “don’t worry, I will find the resurrected body and completely solve all things.”

The square faced man asked, “brother Shen, what do you think?”

The villagers’ expectant eyes fell on Shen Qian.

Shen Qian just said, “I think master Mu is right. When we find the hiding place of the walking corpses, we will completely solve them.”

“What if we meet these dead people when we are alone? We don’t have such great powers!” As soon as Aunt Chen exports, other women agree one after another.

“Yes, if we encounter a walking corpse, we can only be killed by it!”

“I’m still not at ease. If you say so, I can’t sleep well!”

“Otherwise, let’s ask brother Shen to think of something for us!”

Village head Xiong motioned to the people to be quiet, and then proposed that Shen Qian find them some ways to deal with the walking corpses.

Shen Qian stepped back: “master Mu is more knowledgeable than me. You can ask him.”

Master Mu seemed surprised at Shen Qian’s attitude, but he still asked mule to give the prepared wooden sword painted with a spell to the villagers: “if you encounter a walking corpse, you can sprinkle some glutinous rice and wait for the opportunity to stab the wooden sword into their heart.”

Mule opened the bag he was carrying and handed it out one by one: “come on, swim and fitness… Ah, no, it’s wooden sword and glutinous rice. Let’s know.”

[bullet curtain falls on wood Xiaoqiu] hahaha, learn about shentm swimming and fitness

[it’s sunny] sales promotion scene ha ha

[bullet screen washing fish] no money 233333

Sure enough, the next moment mule became serious: “you know, our mule family has been very difficult recently, and we can’t afford to eat. These cost prices are even 100 yuan a handful.”

Someone hesitated: “… A little expensive?”

Mule walked over to take away the sword in his hand: “then you’ll be right with the corpse next time.”

The man immediately hugged the wooden sword. At the thought of a hundred yuan for his life, it seemed to be worth it: “I want it, I want it.”

Mule stretched out his hand: “pay.”

[barrage on the third watch of the month and a half] strong buying and selling

[bullet screen launches little star] a hundred dollars is too much. Ha ha, treacherous merchant wood

[bullet screen Luyu] wooden Lele is necessary for making money at home and traveling

The villagers took things and said one after another that they would turn the village upside down, find out all the evil spirits, get rid of them, and return the village to peace.

Master Mu took Shen Qian out first. The remaining villagers are still searching other parts of the house. They don’t let go of any clues.

Ruan Qiao quietly followed them downstairs.

“Shen, don’t you have any bad ideas this time?” Master Mu squints at him, as if he doesn’t like Shen Qian. “How can song he raise corpses? Don’t tell me that your Shen family is back in business.”

Shen Qian carried his back and said, “this is his choice. It has nothing to do with the Shen family. If you want to get rid of evil spirits and kill corpses, we Shen family will cooperate.”

His answer was watertight and did not hinder master Mu’s behavior, but master Mu was still worried: “you old fox, I hope you are really honest this time.”

Shen Qian glanced at Ruan Qiao standing on the stairs: “it’s not the time before, and the Shen family won’t touch those things anymore. I don’t lack money now, and I don’t have to do those risky things.”

Master Mu seemed convinced and nodded: “that’s true, but I always feel that the corpse gas around me is getting stronger and stronger recently. How do I feel…”

He looked at Shen Qian with fear and stopped saying, “as long as you Shen family don’t do anything, my hair will be half white!”

“Mule, go!”

Mule answered on the second floor, followed by a rush of footsteps.

Because he ran too fast, his loose Taoist robe hung obliquely on his body, and his white face sweated slightly: “come, come!”

[bullet screen mango fruit] ha ha, ha ha, it looks like a lovely little attendant

[quiet moon with barrage] is the wooden cub issued by the state and where to get it?

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] Yes! Is there a perimeter?

The barrage even began to talk about making mule into a peripheral hand

Ruan Qiao breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the demons didn’t think about her.

[bullet screen habitat] let’s make a set! A family should be neat!

[bullet screen, young Xia, you spent your makeup] family?

[barrage habitat] Mian Ma, Yun Baba, mu Zizai, and sister bear.

[bullet screen roll powder] want to buy!!!

Ruan Qiao:… No, thanks.

Ruan Qiao: I’m his father.

Inexplicably, Mu Le, who was arranged by the barrage, didn’t notice. He went downstairs and walked towards master mu.

Ruan Qiao didn’t deliberately hide his meaning at the beginning. Just now Shen Qian looked at her and found that she was standing on the stairs listening to their conversation.

Ruan Qiao went down the stairs.

Shen Qian said to her, “Xiao Ruan, remember the engagement.”

Ruan Qiao was about to retort: “that’s my mother’s trouble…”

Shen Qian looked at the bracelet on her hand: “this is not bad for you, and it is also the best choice for the Ruan family. We need a daughter-in-law in the Shen family, and you Ruan family also…”

Although Shen Qian’s momentum is very strong and his speech is also the whole course of the home game, Ruan Qiao interrupted him carelessly: “my marriage is up to me. The person I want to marry must be the one I like.”

Shen Qian’s eyes moved: “young man, the idea is really simple.”

“There are so many things in this world that you can’t help but think about them.”

He left without arguing with her.

[bullet screen loves water without trace] I suddenly feel that father Shen is a bully

[bullet curtain little orange] I also think I’m stable, rich and generous. It’s like??

[bullet screen curly hair] ha ha, ha ha, today’s father Shen also broke his heart for his son’s marriage.

Ruan Qiao saw that master Mu had not gone far, so he followed him.

Hearing the sound of the girl catching up behind him, master Mu stopped and turned to look at her: “little girl, what’s up?”

Ruan Qiao looked at mule next to him.

Master Mu seems to remember something: “if you want to ask that question just now, I can answer you. People will die. If such a thing happens to us one day, even if we want to live, the world will not allow it.”

He continued: “I’m not the only one who knows how to subdue demons in this world. I can’t hide for a while, but for a lifetime.”

Mule is nearby: “? Did I drop the line? What are you talking about?”

Ruan Qiao just said, “I don’t want to ask about it.”

The three were on the roadside. The sunlight fell on her through the leaves. The light set off the girl’s skin more and more white. Her small lips opened slightly and her expression was indifferent: “what I want to ask is what happened more than ten years ago.”

“You mean about Xiaoyun’s mother and son?” Master Mu frowned and said, “they are really poor people.”

Ruan Qiao suddenly asked him, “more than ten years ago, all kinds of strange things happened in the village. Many people said that they were very similar to what happened recently. Was there someone raising corpses at that time?”

Master Mu’s face suddenly sank, and his emotions were complex in his eyes: “it doesn’t hurt to tell you. More than ten years ago, it was not the corpses and ghosts, but the hearts of the people.”

[the bullet curtain reveals] People’s hearts? Are those inexplicably excavated graves and missing bodies not fake corpses?

[barrage Lin’an] Yes, there are people who died inexplicably, missing poultry and blood on the road. It seems that the bodies have come back

Ruan Qiao continued: “in other words, those things are not caused by ghosts, but… Someone did it on purpose?”

Master Mu nodded: “there was no corpse or ghost gas at all in those years! Those things were just deliberately spread by intentional people.”

Mu Le’s expression was exaggerated. He suddenly stepped back and distanced himself from master Mu: “master, tell me you’re not such a person!”

Master mu, who was suddenly suspected: “?”

Mu Le said painfully, “I know it used to be calm. Master, you can’t get your work. You often can’t afford to eat. You won’t just…”

Master Mu turned around and jumped up and gave him a head: “roll, roll!”

Ruan Qiao tried to bring back the topic: “so, someone deliberately did these strange things, and then spread out the disaster stars and ghosts. His purpose is…”

Master Mu snorted coldly, “what else can you do to force Xiaoyun’s mother away? The rumors spread at the beginning are ghosts. Those strange things are easy to disguise. No one in the village has any bad luck. It’s even more certain that a few people die occasionally. The purpose of the people who spread the rumors is very simple, that is, they want Xiaoyun’s mother to have an abortion.”

Ruan Qiao said: “the man probably didn’t expect that although Xiaoyun’s mother is a fool and doesn’t have normal thinking, it’s her instinct to protect her children. She found a place to hide and give birth to her children, and finally took the children back to the village. Her family has all died, and there is only one reason why she can still come back.”

Mule finally got the right channel: “HMM… his father?”

【 bullet screen cold cicada doesn’t know 】? Is there such a father in the world

[bullet curtain I Qinghuan] I’m too cruel. Is this still a person??

[bullet screen Butterfly Blue] Xiao Yun’s mother was killed miserably, but the result was artificially designed?!!

[bullet screen meow lovers] ah, ah, how angry! Mianmian must find out this scum! Teach him to be a man!

Ruan Qiao said, “yes, only the father of the child will resist the birth of the child.”

Ruan Qiao also wanted to ask who the child’s father was. Master Mu seemed to know, but he didn’t say: “it was more than ten years ago. Besides, if Xiao Yun knew that his father was such a… It might not be good for him.”

Without more information, Ruan Qiao separated from master mu.

Xiong Ji follows village head Xiong. Mu Rou and Shen junmu are still looking for clues at song he’s home.

Ruan Qiao looked at the sky and walked out of the village.

[bullet screen three sweet and sour ribs] Mian Mian is going out of the village?

[bullet screen ah Ye wants sugar] did you find any clues?

[bullet curtain Fei’s entanglement] isn’t this the road that I took when I went to the village? I still remember the sedan chair I met on the road, which scared me to death

Ruan Qiao was indeed out of the village. All she had to do was go back the same way.

Because at the beginning, Uncle Chen wrote a word in the palm of her hand.


In the whole copy, what can be related to the car is the bus they fell down.

I don’t know how long I’ve been walking. Fortunately, there are not many branches on this road. I can walk in one direction. Ruan Qiao walked to the original rollover scene without making a mistake.

The heavy rain has passed for a long time. There are abundant vegetation and beautiful mountains and rivers nearby.

Without the wreckage of that bus, it must be a good tourist scenery.

This time, in the dark, she returned to where everything had just begun.

Moss has begun to grow on the wreckage of the bus, the crow’s cry is far away, and a lot of blood can be seen everywhere. Everything is revealing the tragic car accident.

All the scenes are as like as two peas when she left.

Except for the bodies in the car.

Those who have been ripped open, crushed stones burst their heads, bloody bodies, those who have small wounds but are bleeding all over the ground

It’s all gone.

Leaving only empty wreckage.

For a moment, Ruan Qiao’s eyes suddenly became dizzy.

Countless pictures poured into her mind



The reservoirs not far away are particularly quiet.

Although some places are still leaking, but,

It’s not a big problem. It can be stabilized.

A black figure stood on the high dam platform.

The wind blew and lifted his black windbreaker.

The handsome facial features on the indifferent face, the contour of the side face is close to perfection, and there are thick and dense eyelashes under the thin eyelids.

In the whole green and beautiful world, he is the only one with a touch of black.

A strong breath filled the air, and he slowly closed his eyes.

In the middle of the mountain above the reservoir, there is a new tomb, simply with wooden cards and no lettering.

The wind suddenly stopped.

He suddenly opened his eyes. His dark pupils were like the entrance of the abyss, and his Obsidian eyes implied a terrible storm.

Several iron chains under the dam suddenly broke one after another, and a huge vortex appeared at the bottom of the water.

The dam is not big. There is not much water in it because of the dry season. It’s just that the platform is relatively high.

The moment Su Xi opened his eyes, the dam was already fragile, and the cracked wall suddenly cracked.

The turbulent water poured down, and the heavy cement table was torn apart.

And he was still where he was, his feet hanging in the air and his windbreaker floating.

Left behind,

The water roared down the sky.


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