After reopening the escape game Chapter 47

After a spell of dizziness, Ruan Qiao finally saw a clear picture in front of him.

The gloomy weather and dark night make the whole mountain seem a little scary.

Even crows are too lazy to haunt.

The sight slowly moved down from the height and finally landed on a messy bus.

Originally full of vitality, people are now lying among the ruins and pools of blood, with white skin and stiff body.

Blood intestines mixed with mud and water show strange colors.

Ruan Qiao “saw” herself lying on the grass behind the car. The heavy rain washed her exposed skin and took away the soil that had been stuck on it. The broken black hair was pasted on her pale face, and there was no fluctuation in her chest lying on the grass.

She died in this tragic car accident from the beginning.

Suddenly, the grass in the distance moved.

Soon, Ruan Qiao saw a young woman in dark red clothes coming out from behind the vegetation with layers of branches and leaves.

Her eyes looked ahead, dull and unchanged.

Her face was as like as two peas. The appearance of the woman before the Ruan Qiao was similar to that of the woman suddenly appeared outside the sedan chair.

She went to the front of the bus and stopped.

Even if there were tragic bodies and scenes everywhere, the woman’s expression did not change at all. After standing for a while, she walked half around the bus and came to Ruan Qiao’s body.

The woman looked sideways for a while before squatting down.

She seemed interested in the appearance of the body on the ground.

But the woman’s movement is very slow, and the expression on her face has not changed. His eyes were empty. He seemed to be looking at Ruan Qiao’s body, and it seemed that he just fell somewhere in the void.

After a while, the woman continued to move slowly.

She bit her finger and then dropped blood on a wound on Ruan Qiao’s body.

Women’s blood color is very strange, dark red, but a closer look, it can be a little dark green.

The low blood seemed to have life, and soon got into Ruan Qiao’s body from the wound.

The fingers of the body lying on the ground moved slightly, but no other changes continued.

“Xiaoyue, why did you come here?” A man’s voice sounded.

Song he appeared in the picture in front of Ruan Qiao. His face was anxious. He quickly ran to the woman and pulled her up: “didn’t I tell you that it’s dangerous outside? Don’t go out. There are bad people outside. If we are seen, we’ll be in trouble.”

Women’s eyes are still dull.

Song he doesn’t seem to care if she can understand, but continues to talk. The woman didn’t move and let song he take her hand and leave.

The time of the picture passed quickly. It was not until the next night that Ruan Qiao’s body had a new change.

A blush gradually appeared on her pale face, and her fingers curled up unconsciously.

Then, the long eyelashes trembled slightly, a pair of calm eyes opened and looked around at the scene.

Soon, she accepted everything in front of her in the picture, began to look for her backpack and took out a box of biscuits from it.

Originally sweet biscuits taste like chewing wax.

This is the end of the picture.


Ruan Qiao was not surprised when he looked at the scene that returned to normal.

Since she found that Su Xi had no breath and pulse, or his pulse was very light, she had guessed that Su Xi was not alive this time. Being on the same team as him should not be much better.

Falling from such a high place is still such a tragic accident.

Everyone else died thoroughly. She and the two channels not only survived, but also were not seriously injured.

This in itself is very abnormal.

Later, knowing that there were walking corpses in the village, she was more convinced that her identity was probably a dead man.

According to the description in the ancestral manual obtained by mule, most of their dead bodies are awake.

[bullet screen big white rabbit sesame candy] so Mianmian is really a dead man?

[bullet screen milk ink] great! They are the same as Yunshen. There is no reproductive isolation. I order you to get married immediately!

[barrage 33] although I was worried that being a dead person would be targeted by those superstitious villagers, I was suddenly so happy??

She has now recovered her memory and knows the cause and effect. Master Mu said that the corpse poison matrix should be Qin Yue. She infected not only Ruan Qiao and bi-channel, but also others. For example, Chen Bo, who died long ago

[bullet screen Galaxy] how did the super fierce become a wake-up corpse after being imprisoned in the ancestral hall?

[marshmallow of green apple in bullet screen] Yes, can Qin Yue still enter the ancestral hall?

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “although I don’t know when Qin Yue resurrected Uncle Chen, I think wonton should be infected by Uncle Chen. After his death, no one remembers to clean the ancestral hall and change candles for the candlestick inside, that is to say… Probably no one will send meals to the people locked in the ancestral hall…”

Normally, it’s OK to starve for a few days, but Xiaoyun, who was imprisoned in the ancestral hall, was weak and had no freedom since childhood. If he was ill and no one took care of him… It’s easy to have an accident.

When Uncle Chen becomes a wake-up corpse and returns to the ancestral hall, the “Xiaoyun” who is locked there may also be dead.

Then, Chen BOCAI spread the corpse poison to him, so that he also came back from the dead.

When Ruan Qiao entered the game and began to master his body, it was also the time when the character just died and resurrected into a corpse.

Susie is probably the same.

Since Chen Bo will take the initiative to find her and write the word “car” in Ruan Qiao’s palm, there must be other reasons besides letting her come back and find her memory.

Sure enough, Ruan Qiao turned to the side and said in a flat voice, “since you asked me to come over, if you have anything, just tell me.”

The leaves moved and an acquaintance came out of them.

Ruan Qiao smiled: “I thought it was Qin Yue, but I didn’t expect it was you.”

Song he stood in front of Ruan Qiao and looked behind her: “did you come alone?”

Ruan Qiao nodded, “I’m not so stupid.”

Song he breathed a sigh of relief, Explained: “I didn’t want to do this. But you can see that now the villagers know my secret. They won’t allow the dead to stay in the world. They are afraid of all unknown things, especially the dead bodies. In the eyes of the villagers, they are disaster stars, evil ghosts and existence that must be eliminated. Even if Xiaoyun’s mother is not a evil ghost, she has been killed They’re killing me. If they find us, I think you know the consequences. ”

Ruan Qiao opened the [power – mind skill], and then said the question: “how did Qin Yue die?”


There was a slight sound of footsteps.

Qin Yue’s expression was the same as that seen by Ruan Qiao in her memory. Her eyes were empty and her expression was stunned.

Qin Yue came to song he and stopped.

Ruan Qiao looked at the two men.

Song he actually called Ruan Qiao over. He didn’t know whether Ruan Qiao could accept his current identity or whether she would agree to his plan. No one can accept that he is a dead man and a corpse. He even thought of the worst result, that is, Ruan Qiao didn’t believe everything he said, and finally exposed their hiding place here to the villagers.

There was some tension.

Ruan Qiao’s eyes moved on them, and his voice brought some satisfaction: “you two are very husband and wife.”

[bullet screen unifies the Jianghu for generations] Hahahahahaha, the painting style changes suddenly

[bullet screen AI Mu OH] suddenly becomes a nagging family routine, that is, visual sense??

[bullet screen Yin Huan] your focus, poof

[barrage] you’re cute. You’re right about everything you say!

Song he was stunned: “Xiao Yue said you were a kind man before. I really believe it.”

He turned to hold Qin Yue’s hand, and his voice softened unconsciously: “I’m not good. I didn’t take good care of Xiao Yue. She got a very serious disease. At first, she was afraid of spending money and was unwilling to tell me. Later, it was too late to see a doctor.”

A trace of grief crossed his eyes: “after Xiaoyue’s death, I sat next to her body all day and night. But she will become stiff and cold, but I can’t give up her.”

“She is such a good person. I am lucky to marry her in my life.”

Song he lowered his head, his eyes were still on Qin Yue, and the corners of his mouth bent: “later, I asked for a way from the Shen family to completely keep her by my side.”

When seeing Qin Yue, Ruan Qiao’s system task also changed.

[system] the plot task has been updated!

[plot task] find Qin Yue and ask her how she is doing recently. (1 / 1)

[Qin Yue is dead, but song he makes her a corpse, and when you find the truth, you begin to wonder what role the Shen family plays in the background of each story.]

[plot task] villagers in high spirits want to kill every walking corpse. You are in danger. Go on and find out the secret of the Shen family. (0 / 1)

“Although she can’t be the same as before, she is my little month.” Song he looked at Ruan Qiao again: “I envy you very much. You and your friends have a high degree of resurrection, even no different from living. But I’m a little strange. Now your situation should not be completely dead, but your degree of corpse is the slowest I’ve ever seen. If I’m not wrong, all your friends will be dead by tomorrow at the latest, unless…”

Ruan Qiao looked at the five-color rope in his hand: “unless some means of inhibition are used.”

In addition to the function of dispelling evil spirits and praying for blessings, the five color rope also has another name – life extension rope.

Song he nodded: “Your mother has been to the Shen family. The Shen family is very powerful. I’m not surprised if there are any means. I didn’t notice you before. Later I remembered that I saw you here, but you were dead. It was Xiaoyue’s corpse Qi that revived you, so I asked Uncle Chen to find you. The villagers reacted strongly. If we don’t take the initiative, we will die.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the wreckage of the bus: “that’s why the bodies here disappeared. Did you revive them?”

Song he held Qin Yue’s hand and said, “if we kill all the people in the village, we will turn them into one of the living corpses.”

His voice was a little excited: “At that time, no one will take Xiaoyue away from me, and no one will hurt us! They are living now, Xiaoyue is dead, and they will not let us go! I have heard that more than ten years ago, Xiaoyun’s mother was killed by them. I don’t say, she will be tied to the town under the dam, and there will be no rebirth forever. We can’t wait to die, we can’t Let them hurt Xiaoyue! ”

“As long as we kill all of them and make them like us, those selfish villagers won’t hurt us!” Song he stared at Ruan Qiao: “little Ruan, don’t you want to stay in this world?”

With his voice, the surrounding jungle made a rustle.

Soon, a group of “people” with stiff body and dull eyes came out slowly from the dark place.

The reason why they can’t be called people is that some of them have a hole in their stomach, their intestines are wrapped around their legs, some have broken heads, and only some residual tissues hang around their necks. Some look normal, but they are also covered with blood and broken limbs

The dead bodies stood behind the Song River in an arc.

In front of Ruan Qiao’s eyes, a task prompt suddenly appeared.

[system] trigger special task: do you accept the invitation sent by song he to destroy the village?

[make trouble, make trouble! The zombie army flushes ducks for me!!]

[no, I love peace and can’t kill innocent people.]

The meaning of the two buttons is obvious, and Ruan Qiao’s mental skill also shows that song he didn’t lie.

She thought for a moment and completed her choice.


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