After reopening the escape game Chapter 48

[barrage Wanren] make trouble!

[barrage Lin’an] of course, you should choose to make trouble and kill all enemy players. This task is just right!

[bullet screen ink white paper] song he is right. Only by taking the initiative can we survive, otherwise we will be killed by the villagers

Although the audience in the live studio supported Ruan Qiao to accept the task, to their surprise, Ruan Qiao chose the second button.

Ruan Qiao: “sorry, I can’t join your plan.”

Song he’s face changed slightly. He didn’t seem to expect to be rejected: “you think clearly. Even if you have the help of the Shen family now, the corpse process will be completed sooner or later, and master Mu will return to the village. He set up a huge corpse trap array in the village. As long as you are in the village, you will speed up the corpse transformation process. He will find it in the end!”

“You’ll only have a dead end!”

As if worried that Ruan Qiao didn’t think clearly, song he continued to advise her: “think about Aunt Ruan, she has only one daughter. If you die, she will be miserable. Aunt worked hard to raise you for you to go to college in other places. Finally, you can’t take care of her around her. Are you willing?”

Ruan Qiao did not waver, but asked him, “what are you afraid of if you want to start first?”

Song he: “isn’t this obvious? Those villagers are afraid that the living corpses will hurt them. Once they find the existence of walking corpses, they will get rid of them first. Such a thing happened more than ten years ago. It’s not my alarmism.”

Ruan Qiao said: “The reason why the villagers would rather kill the wrong than let go is that they think that the so-called ‘disaster stars’,’ evil spirits’, ‘things that should not exist in this world’ will threaten them, so they do such crazy things by themselves. In short, they use uncertain things in the future as an excuse to do things, because they are afraid of being hurt, so they are right The banner of righteousness wantonly hurts others, even if they don’t do anything to them, or they just have the probability to hurt them. ”

She looked at Qin Yue and set her eyes on song he. The girl’s voice was faint, but it shocked his eyes: “what’s the difference between what you’re doing now and those villagers?”

[barrage not Xi] I was asked

[bullet screen ball]!! I was convinced by Mian Mian

[bullet screen painting play] it’s really ah

Even if the villagers did evil more than ten years ago, their generation of Xiong Ji’s little sister, Mu Le and Qin Yue didn’t do anything wrong?

Ruan Qiao continued: “the young people in the village are close to labor without talking about the carpenter’s wife. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live. In order to survive, everyone’s choice is understandable. Sometimes we don’t care about anything else in the face of life and death. But this doesn’t mean that we can kill those people on the pretext of our own survival.”

“They will hurt me in the future, so I want to solve the hidden danger in advance – what’s the difference between this idea and those crazy villagers?”

Song he’s eyes sank: “no matter what you say, I can’t stop now. If you don’t join, don’t hinder us!”

Before Ruan Qiao spoke, the sound of the system appeared again.

[system] you have rejected [song he’s] invitation!

[system] you are a lucky player! You refused song he’s invitation, but unexpectedly did not arouse the anger of the other party. Instead, song he appreciated it from the bottom of his heart because of his excellent questions. If it wasn’t for his position, he wouldn’t make such a choice. Although you have the heart to destroy the village, the choice you made is what he wants to do but can’t do.

Song he stepped forward and took out a small golden cake: “I took it quietly when I was in Shen’s house. Although I don’t know what it’s useful, Shen Qian has been looking for it secretly. It seems to be a very important thing. Maybe you can use it later.”

Ruan Qiao was not polite to him, so he directly accepted the things and put them into the backpack space: “you go to someone else’s house to raise the corpse formula, and you can order the things?”

[bullet screen wind Luo Yu] ha ha, ha ha, the continuous luck is amazing

[barrage a Ji] it’s really lucky

[barrage dog and whale] surprisingly lucky??

[barrage entanglement] but won’t people be embarrassed if you ask this question? Hahaha

[bullet screen roll powder] nonsense, big truth, ha ha ha, honest man, isolate you

Song he didn’t answer this embarrassing question, but suddenly turned his eyes behind Ruan Qiao.

The crisp leaves were thick. Under the tree stood a girl with a long braid hanging to her waist. Her eyes rested on song he and the dead body standing behind them.

Plum stepped forward: “soft, are you lying to us?”

Ruan Qiao turned around and said, “did I tell a lie?”

Plum was stunned. Ruan Qiao didn’t seem to have said that he was in the same team with them all the time, and didn’t tell them any exact content. CHEN Si always analyzed the rules and teams of the game, and she believed it without doubt.

The complexity of Chen’s thought was used by Ruan Qiao. However, Meizi didn’t have too many concerns. She felt something wrong for a long time: “this team is not distinguished by human and non-human at all. Lonely flying eagle, two channel, CHEN Si and I, you and wonton, there are already six people who are not living. You lied to Chen si…”

Before the plum had finished, Ruan Qiao suddenly bent down and picked up a stone and hit her leg quickly and accurately.

The stone was not big, but the speed was very fast. Plum felt a numbness in her left leg and fell to the ground out of control.

She didn’t seem to expect that Ruan Qiao would start so soon. Seeing that the other party was getting closer and closer to her, plum quickly took out a wooden stick from her backpack and held it in her hand: “Chen Si has been dragged down. She knows I’m here. It’s no use for you to start now! And I’ve informed other villagers that you can’t escape!”

Plum always suspected that Ruan Qiao and them were enemies, but without evidence, she was ready to come to the place where they had a car accident. She had told others about the place before she came, and CHEN Si would come soon.

Now everything she saw confirmed her idea. As long as she got rid of the soft with the help of the villagers, they could have one less opponent. If the other soft teammates are also zombies, the plum side only needs to firmly grasp the power of the villagers and can solve the other side without effort.

Mu Rou also told them that the Shen family has many ways to deal with zombies, but only master Mu knows how to deal with them.

Hearing that the villagers were coming, song he’s first reaction was that plum was from the villagers. They were coming to get rid of the corpse. Song he’s face changed and took out a small bell stained with blood.

The bodies behind them shook and rushed towards the plum.

Plum forcibly stood up and wanted to run back.

Ruan Qiao had caught up with her, and plum could only turn around and attack with a wooden stick.

But her attack technique is really average

Even if Ruan Qiao was not good at close combat, he could easily subdue her. More than 20 bodies surrounded them directly, leaving plum nowhere to escape. Her stick was also knocked to the ground.

Ruan Qiao had no sharp weapon in his hand, but suddenly said, “purify the screen and world peace.”

The next moment, her studio will be black.

[barrage coconut sugar]??

[fish in the north of the barrage]

[bullet screen] the above picture is too bloody and has been disconnected for you

[bullet screen is small and sloppy] I believe it when I disconnect the link

Three minutes later, the picture returned to normal.

The audience in the live broadcasting room saw the beautiful scenery and green picture. Song he and Ruan Qiao were standing in a row. Song he was still holding Qin Yue’s hand. Not far away, a group of zombies who ate outside were gathered together and didn’t know what to do

[bullet screen feather] although I know plum is also a ghost, I still think this picture is funny, hahaha

[bullet screen soup] plum is a terrible player

[bullet screen Fei sugar] hahaha, you know too much

Plum is a water ghost. It dissipates directly into a wisp of smoke after death.

Ruan Qiao asked song he, “do you really want to do it?”

Listening to the approaching footsteps and noise, song he clenched Qin Yue’s hand: “they have found Xiaoyue’s business, otherwise I really want to entrust her to you. Your corpse has not been completed, and you may escape from life at last. You are Xiaoyue’s friend, and she often tells me about you…”

Ruan Qiao has played many copies, but it’s the first time that he always gets the goodwill of NPC like this. Sure enough, the role of high luck value will become more and more obvious in the later stage.

When the villagers appeared in song he’s sight, he immediately let other bodies catch Ruan Qiao and took her aside.

“Over there!”

“Found it! Come on!”

More villagers came. Ruan Qiao also saw CHEN Si and Mu Rou, and Shen junmu and Shen Qian came last.

“Ah ah ah ah Mian! Hold on! I’ll save you!”

Mule’s super exaggerated voice sounded in the jungle and instantly startled two crows.

Ruan Qiao, who was suddenly caught: ”

Although song he didn’t expect to have a direct conflict with the villagers so soon, it also saved him from entering the village. Master Mu set up a large array in the village. If the corpse enters the village, it will be restrained.

The crowd was still a certain distance from song he. Ruan Qiao turned to him and said, “let me go first. At least I can block you for a while. You go first…”

At this time, it doesn’t matter to expose her identity.

She won’t take the initiative to kill the villagers, but she can’t watch song he die.

Song he did not waver: “from the time you refused me, we were not the same people.”

He asked another corpse to come forward and hold Ruan Qiao. The strength of the corpse was so great that she couldn’t get rid of it for a moment.

Song he was determined not to let her get involved. No matter how Ruan Qiao struggled, she just made her skin blue and red. Several college students caught her walking corpse. She was close, and she could see the broken mandible on the left and the facial muscle tissue inlaid with gravel shaking constantly.

Ruan Qiao: “you can catch me, but can you change it to a more beautiful one? The one on my left doesn’t have half a face, and the one on my right has a straight head.”

[the cold cicada doesn’t know what to expect] Hahahahahaha, you’ve had enough

[bullet curtain empty talk] from the perspective of corpses arching the moon

[bullet screen Eskimo] too heavy mouth Perspective

Just walk the corpse, loosen her, and take advantage of the gap between people, she can try to break free. But song he obviously wouldn’t give her a chance. Ignoring Ruan Qiao’s coquettish words, he rushed with the villagers.

The combat effectiveness of walking corpses is very strong, the strength is also very strong, and there is no pain.

At first, the villagers were hurt a lot, but after Shen Qian, master Mu and other players joined, the situation began to turn around with glutinous rice and wooden swords designed to restrain zombies.

Song he has added many scars to his body, but he has always protected Qin Yue behind him. He can escape many attacks, but he just got a few knives to protect Qin Yue.

Qin Yue’s expression was still very wooden, but her hand tightly grasped the corner of song he’s clothes.

Mule and Shen junmu want to rush to save Ruan Qiao, but they are surrounded by several zombies.

Mu Rou and CHEN Si seem to know that Qin Yue is the mother and have been attacking song he.

Suddenly, there was a roar in the distance, like a muffled sound from far away heaven.

CHEN Si’s face changed: “something happened to the reservoir!”

She and Mu Rou felt a strong feeling of nausea and dizziness at the same time, and the land under her feet began to get wet.

Shen Qian’s expressionless face finally changed. He frowned tightly. After killing a zombie with a sword, he pulled Shen junmu aside and pasted a yellow spell on Shen junmu’s palm.

Shen junmu suddenly became pale and his face stabilized.

Mu Rou and CHEN Si had no such good luck. As soon as they were affected, they were scratched several places by song he and the walking corpses nearby.

Ruan Qiao’s eyes fell on the horizon in the distance.

If something really happened to the reservoir, it was Su Xi who moved the body out of the reservoir. When the reservoir was built, Xiaoyun’s mother’s body was pressed in the town reservoir below. If Su Xi went to the reservoir, he should let the body go to the earth.

CHEN Si and them are likely to be water ghosts. If the body of the reservoir will affect them, it shows that Xiaoyun’s mother may have become water ghosts.

And those who fall into the reservoir will become like this.

This time, it’s not the dead among the players.

But from the beginning, all their players,

None of them are alive.

[bullet screen flower tree] Shen Mu seems to have something wrong. Are CHEN Si, moonlight and Shen Mu water ghosts??

[barrage Changyuan] Yes, all the people in Mianmian’s car died. They fell into the reservoir. Can they really escape before drowning?

[bullet screen youth] did Mianmian Mian know they were water ghosts? Did I miss something?

Ruan Qiao looked at the bullet screen, Explained: “At that time, the bus driven by the lonely flying eagle landed in the reservoir. It was difficult to break the window before the car sank completely. Moreover, there was still a dead water ghost to replace. Later, I found that the quilt where plum and CHEN Si lived was very wet. CHEN Si also used raincoats and hats to test the lonely flying eagle. If the water ghost wanted to leave the dead water, he had to We need the protection of raincoats and hats. ”

“The most important thing is that when I first went to Shen’s house, Shen Qian prepared a table of all glutinous banquet for us. I went to Shen’s house on an ad hoc basis, indicating that this table was not specially prepared for me.”

[bullet screen dimensional storm pill] glutinous rice is an exorcism. If Shen Qian knows that song he is raising corpses, it’s normal to eat glutinous rice

[bullet screen ten miles long Pavilion] that’s not enough to eat

Ruan Qiao looked at Shen Qian in the distance and happened to look at each other’s deep eyes: “only when someone dies at home will he eat glutinous rice.”

Therefore, Shen junmu must not be alive.

Shen Qian uses glutinous rice to lock their corpse Qi and ghost Qi and delay their change speed. He also combined eight characters for her and Shen junmu.

So anxious to get married, I’m afraid

Yin kiss.

The villagers were badly hurt, but the fear aroused their inner madness and became braver and braver.

The situation in Songhe is even worse. Most of the bodies have been stabbed through their hearts and fell to the ground.

Catch Ruan Qiao’s corpse, just let her go and prepare to protect Qin Yue, but master Mu killed her before he took a few steps.

Mule followed master Mu and fought fiercely, but in fact, he didn’t kill a zombie this time

“Mian Mian, don’t be afraid! You can do anything, subdue demons and demons. I’m super powerful… Shifu is here! You will be very safe!” Mule looked at her seriously and nodded.

Song he couldn’t support it. A lot of blood loss blurred his eyes. The square faced man shouting to kill the monster rushed over with a wooden sword. Song he forced himself to cheer up, turned around and hugged Qin Yue to block the sword for her.

Under the huge inertia, the sharp wooden sword passed through the chest of Song River and stabbed Qin Yue.

The woman’s dull eyes slowly moved down and landed on the face of the man holding her.

Her expression was still very stiff, but she slowly reached out and hugged song he.

The square faced men let go and let the wooden sword pass through their hearts.

Song he closed his eyes powerlessly, but the corners of his mouth had a faint smile.

If we go together

No one will suffer.

Ruan Qiao got the freedom of his body. When he turned around and looked, he was seeing song he falling to the ground with Qin Yue in his arms.

She was silent for a moment.

Mu Rou hurriedly ran over, took a handkerchief to wipe the blood stain on Ruan Qiao’s face, and said anxiously, “Mian Mian, are you okay? Fortunately, although those zombies caught you, they haven’t hurt you, otherwise we won’t have time to save you!”

CHEN Si knew that Ruan Qiao was not human, but she didn’t tell Mu rou. On the surface, Mu Rou was concerned about her. In fact, she poked out the doubt that Ruan Qiao was arrested but didn’t die.

The remaining villagers also wondered, “yes, why don’t they hurt Xiao Ruan?”

[barrage again] please get this white lotus offline immediately, crab

[bullet screen milk ink] after learning, you can kill people every time

Shen junmu suddenly came over: “song he must want to catch her and threaten us, but he didn’t expect us to find this place so soon.”

Shen junmu solved the siege for her, and the villagers without brains no longer doubted Ruan Qiao.

Originally, the villagers were ready to go, but Ruan Qiao cremated all the bodies for fear of resurrection, and then buried them here.

The victims of the bus were buried together, and song he and Qin Yue were buried alone. Most of the villagers were seriously injured, but after doing this, it was already dark. As soon as the villagers walked back to the entrance of the village, they saw village leader Xiong running over with a frightened face.

At the same time, the edge of the village gradually emits an arc of white light, wrapping the whole village inside.

The village head grabbed master Mu and his voice trembled: “bear, bear, she’s not human!”

As like as two peas, I was asked to stay at home, but she was pale and her eyes changed. I went to pull her. The hands of her little bear were as cold as the body. Their skin was turning green. It was exactly the same after Chen Bo died. She fell in the mountains that day, and when she came back, she was dirty and messy, and she must have died at that time.

With the description of village head Xiong, the tall and thin boy standing next to Ruan Qiao suddenly changed.

The white light behind mule is getting stronger and stronger.

It was the big array that worked

Ruan Qiao thought of song he’s words. This big array will not only weaken their ability, but also speed up their corpse transformation!

Mule didn’t seem surprised, but retreated slightly. His face, which was always smiling, was a little indifferent. His thin lips lost their blood color, and his body hidden in his loose Taoist robe was gradually cold.

He stood behind Ruan Qiao with a slightly lower voice: “don’t help me later.”

Master Mu was the first to discover the change of mule. The villagers who thought they had solved all the zombies now had no excitement, and all retreated a few steps in fear.

Master Mu turned around, clenched the wooden sword in his hand and stared at mule: “I must have entered the dream of the zombie before…”

Mule said helplessly, “master, I’m afraid the last time you took me out to pick up a job, it was already…”

Before master Mu opened his mouth, the surrounding villagers shouted one after another.

“Master mu, you must get rid of him! He is already a dead man, not a small wood!”

“Yes, don’t be soft hearted. You can’t let any zombies go!”

Shen Qian stepped forward, sprinkled the glutinous rice on the ground and said in a harsh voice, “master mu, what are you waiting for? Have you forgotten what you said to me? No matter what your identity, as long as you are not a living person, you should not exist in this world!”

Mule turned to escape, but found that Shen Qian had set up a Dharma array with a diameter of three or four meters around him.

Pale thin lips aroused a smile. He straightened the casual Taoist robe he had worn, which seemed a little solemn.

At the next moment, the combat state was opened.


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