After reopening the escape game Chapter 49

For a moment, with his right hand as the center, mule’s loose Taoist robe instantly spread red dark lines.

The winding lines are all over the whole black Taoist robe, and the ancient mysterious and ancient symbols flicker in it, setting off his white and serious face, which is surprisingly mysterious and calm.

The narrow tail of the eye is slightly selected, and the serious pupil is dark.

The sudden change of temperament made the surrounding villagers retreat one after another.

Mule stood in the circle and looked around coldly.

The corner of his mouth bent a contemptuous arc: “Oh.”

[barrage quack] Excuse me, did Mianmian close the live studio just now and then press the pause button to change people? Is this still the silly son of my family?

[barrage Changyuan] ah, I love wooden cubs!

[bullet screen man can be cute] he’s super handsome when he’s serious???

[barrage Ling Han alone] ah, ah, ah, I’m going to climb the wall!!

Mule’s slender fingers gently pulled in the Taoist robe and pulled out a slender blade with cold white light.

Ruan Qiao looked for a long time and hesitated: “water, fruit knife?”

Mule’s weapon is really, as always, unique

Many people have been injured in the battle with zombies just now. Those seriously injured go home first. Mu Rou is a healer. She is responsible for dealing with the wounds of CHEN Si and Shen junmu. Although not immediately good without a trace, but at least not hinder the action.

Therefore, there are not many people besieging mule.

Of course, after he started the combat state, he can also deal with ordinary villagers.

But with Shen Qian and master mu, the situation is not so optimistic.

Shen Qian didn’t seem surprised that mule would react like this. He directly turned back and motioned Shen junmu to come forward.

Shen junmu took a few steps forward, and his slender legs stopped outside the circular array in front of mule. Ruan Qiao found that mule was the dot on the ground, and a circle was pulled out with yellow lines around. It was only because the color of the line was too close to the ground that he didn’t find it.

Shen Qian walked around mule just now, but at that time, everyone’s attention was on village head Xiong, and no one noticed.

Shen Qian is undoubtedly very observant. He found something wrong with mule before master mu

No, maybe he saw it earlier.

Otherwise, Shen Qian would not have prepared a Yin marriage for Shen junmu and her from the beginning.

When Shen junmu took out his weapons, it was obvious that he also opened a combat state.

In the face of mule, he did not underestimate the enemy.

The tiny electric flowers surrounded the dark whip. Shen junmu gently shook the whip. The dark robe turned white. He slowly stepped forward and stepped into the yellow line area.

Master Mu stood outside the yellow circle, his face uncertain.

He asked Shen Qian, “you have already seen it?”

Shen Qian’s voice was indifferent: “you’re old, your eyes are bad, and you’re focused on catching zombies. You don’t pay attention to the people around you. It’s normal if you can’t see it.”

Master Mu was ridiculed. His angry eyebrows shook. He wanted to say something more. His attention was attracted by the battle in the yellow circle.

At the same time, Mu Rou took four small transparent bottles given to her by Shen Qian and put them at the four corners of the circular array. There were white candles burning inside. As soon as the small bottle was put on, the light of the whole round array was strong again. Mu Le standing inside looked more pale and frowned slightly. He seemed to be trying his best to endure something.

The knife in his hand is too short to fight against Shen junmu’s whip.

But there was no fear on the young man’s face: “just do it.”

Shen junmu nodded, his long whip raised and rushed straight to mule.

Mule hid to the side and hurried close to Shen junmu, but as soon as the whip hit the dust, he turned in a direction and followed mule’s body laterally.

Mule reacted quickly, rolled on the ground, and the whip flashed over his head.

He rolled behind Shen junmu and rushed up with a short blade.

When Shen junmu turned around, he took back the whip, raised his foot and kicked away Mu Le’s hand holding the knife. The other hand quickly grabbed Mu Le’s arm and fell to the ground!

Mu Le snorted stiffly. He twisted his body while Shen junmu wanted to speak to him. He broke free from Shen junmu’s hands like a water snake. He turned back quickly, but hit the barrier on the yellow line and shook his whole body.

Originally in the village, Mu Le’s ability was restrained, and he had to be hurt by the big array all the time.

Ruan Qiao hasn’t seen Shen junmu do it for a while, but judging from this situation, his ability is still as strong as ever.

Mu Le’s ability is not bad, but he met Shen junmu and was suppressed by a copy.

Mule looked up, reached out and wiped the blood around his mouth. Then he stood up with a smile and continued to look at the dark people in front of him.

Standing in the front is a plain white Shen junmu. Behind Shen junmu is a player. Behind him is a villager who looks at him with a murderous eye.

Even his master will kill him.

Mule has long found that his body is wrong. According to master Mu’s recent days and his accepted memory, master Mu is a seemingly informal and actually principled person. When master Mu was young, he traveled far and wide. He saw many demons and chaos, and many innocent people died because of some people’s personal desires.

Mule is an orphan. Both his parents and master Mu’s wife died at the mouth of a living corpse.

So he can understand the mood of the master standing in the crowd in the face of his resurrection.

Ruan Qiao cannot be exposed. If they are all pursued, it will be more difficult to win later.

Shen junmu obviously won’t be soft hearted. He took a few steps forward with a whip and was about to pursue the victory, but he saw a figure rush up.

“Kill zombies from me! Shen Mumu, let me help you!”

It’s Ruan Qiao

But her feet seemed to trip over something, and the whole person rushed straight to mule. Between the lightning and flint, the “Miss girl” completed a series of actions to grasp mule’s sleeve, turn around, support his hand holding a sharp blade with his elbow, and then lift it up to make the knife in mule’s hand and her neck at the same level.

Everything happened so fast that Shen junmu just heard Ruan Qiao’s voice and saw that Mu Le had more hostages in his hand.

Mu Rou couldn’t help but say, “send your head thousands of miles away…”

Mule immediately understood and raised his head with a wild but breathless laugh: “ha ha ha ha ha!”

After his exaggerated smile, he suddenly threatened seriously: “if you step forward, I’ll kill her!”

Ruan Qiao whispered, “your acting skills are too flashy. Take it…”

Mule: “yes?”

[bullet screen Lola’s underwear] ha ha ha ha

[it’s sunny] can you two take a vacation??

[bullet screen candy] it’s killing me. Give me a hand, ha ha

The players present, Shen Qian and others could see that the villagers did not have brains, echoed others, and did not react so quickly. Naturally, they did not think about it. She only needs to deceive the simple minded villagers of the village in this play.

Shen Qian knew that Ruan Qiao was not alive, but he needed her to stay, so Ruan Qiao expected that he would not expose her, but would cover her up.

Shen junmu moved. Mule thought he would come again, and unconsciously stepped back.

Shen junmu put away his whip and withdrew from the yellow circle: “I won’t come here. Don’t hurt her. Can your knife be a little farther away from Mianmian?”

Ruan Qiao: ”

Ruan Qiao “friend, are you so weak? Shen junmu beat you a few times.”

A trace of embarrassment crossed mule’s pale face. Recalling the scene just now, it seemed that it did damage his heroic image: “when you were in your 10th grade, you had a positive fight with a murderer in your 20th grade!”

Ruan Qiao asked him, “your profession is not a murderer?”

Mule whispered, “I, I chose the assassin, okay…”

Rancho continued to make complaints about the “assassins who use fruit knives.”

[barrage silent Migani] hahaha, why are you still talking

[bullet screen Taosu] muzai, you have such a strong personality. Are you sure you want to choose an assassin?

[bullet screen big grey Rabbit candy] shame of assassination ha ha ha ha

[bullet screen sick child] if Mu Zai goes to assassinate, he should kill the other leader with cute and cute

Seeing Shen junmu withdraw from the yellow circle, Mu Rou came forward and whispered, “they must be a team. Mu Le can’t start with soft Mianmian. You don’t need to be frightened by them.”

Shen junmu’s eyes moved and didn’t speak.

Shen Qian looked at master yanmu: “it’s your turn to do it next. If you don’t keep your promise, you’re not qualified to restrain the Shen family.”

Master Mu snorted coldly and stared at Shen Qian: “don’t think about reaping the benefits of fishing, unless we both do it.”

Shen Qian took a wooden sword in the hands of the villagers behind him and pointed to the ground: “no problem.”

They nodded and rushed towards the yellow circle at the same time.


Mu Le’s voice, which was about to threaten and shout again, got stuck in his throat because he saw Shen Qian, who was originally serious and domineering, fall to the ground in an awkward posture, facing the Loess and back to the sky,

And his master also sat on the side, his facial features twisted together and rubbed his feet in pain.

Shen Qian: “?”

Master Mu stood up, patted the dust on his clothes, and said in a deep voice: “I’m old, my eyes are not good, my ability is not as good as when I was young, and my limb coordination ability is not very sufficient. You go first, and I’ll trap the baby for you!”

Shen Qian came forward in disbelief and tripped over a red rope that suddenly flew over.

He supported the ground with one hand and forbeared: “muwangcai, you old fox!”

Master Mu’s expression changed and roared, “I said it was hand sliding, Shen old dog. You have to call me your name, don’t you?”

[bullet screen a Yi] ha ha, ha ha! Shit, it’s a very dangerous scene. Why did the painting style suddenly change

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] do I stand with this pair?

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The two quarreled and began to fight by themselves.

Mu Rou’s face gradually became loveless: “I shouldn’t expect the NPC of this copy, CHEN Si, let’s do it together. Soft Mianmian and mule are a team, and he won’t kill her!”

CHEN Si nodded. Just now Ruan Qiao told her that the plum was killed by zombies. She was a little suspicious, but now she’s not sure.

At that time, there were only Ruan Qiao and zombies. Song he could be ignored. Either zombies or Ruan Qiao killed the plum.

Now she is suspicious of Ruan Qiao, but she doesn’t fully believe Mu Rou’s words.

But she wanted the trust of both sides, and finally stood in her own team.

Shen junmu didn’t want to do it, but mu Rou and CHEN Si came forward to attack Mu Le. Ruan Qiao took down the bracelet, put it in Mu Le’s Taoist robe and whispered, “this thing may be useful for breaking the big array. Keep it.”

Mu Le nodded slightly, but his face became worse and worse.

At this time, a burst of broken air roaring came from the sky.


The little bottle on the ground burst suddenly, and the fierce cremation bloomed brilliantly for a moment and went out.

In the center of the candle was a long silver arrow.

The long arrow came from a distance with a long flame tail.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The remaining three small bottles were also hit in turn. More than half of the yellow line was burned, and the light of the circular array disappeared in an instant.

Mu Rou’s face changed slightly, accelerated her movement and rushed to Mu Le, but she was hit by a burning sharp arrow in front of the land. She had to step back.

The long silver arrow should not be able to burn, but Xiong Ji’s power [Zhu Rong] can make a flame float on the metal surface.

There are several bundles of straw on the ground near the circular array. The fire ignites the straw, and thick black smoke ignites all around.

Mule and Ruan Qiao stood in the center of the smoke, and the flame spread around them.

The long arrow flying from the air broke through the air with a long tail flame, opening up a bright field.

Ruan Qiao and mule looked back at the direction of the arrow.

Between the high and low tiles, a pale and calm face appeared.

Short hair moves with the wind. Every time Xiong Ji puts on the bow, a flame slides out of her fingertips and winds along the arrow to the end of the arrow.

Then let go and shoot the arrow.


[barrage Bai Xiao] wow, little sister is back!

[bullet screen candy] even if the sniper doesn’t use a gun, he’s super handsome with a bow and arrow!

[bullet screen Ashu’s girlfriend powder] I don’t know why I think this scene is easy to burn!!

[reward] Xiaomeng master [roll powder] reward [rocket] * 1

[reward] advanced sprout [habitat] reward [rocket] * 1

[reward] audience [unknown digital gentleman] reward [rocket] * 1


[barrage habitat] the non-human camp flushes the duck for me!!!


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