After reopening the escape game Chapter 5

“Hey, where were you just now?” Ruan Qiao asked him.

Su Xi didn’t speak, just looked at Xiao Hui.

The little boy was afraid. He hid behind Ruan Qiao and stared at him carefully.

Ruan Qiao said helplessly, “we are all in group A. if we share information and help each other, it will be easier to pass this copy.”

Su Xi’s long eyelashes fell and covered her dark pupils. Her voice was flat: “the weak need help.”

He turned and the slender shadow fell on the grass. The morning sun set a soft gold edge on his black windbreaker.

“Don’t you think it’s boring to stay here all the time?” Ruan Qiao shouted behind him.

Su Xi turned his head, his side face was clear, his nose was tall, his thin lips were slightly upturned, with an imperceptible irony: “it’s very boring.”

Su Xi: “however, I seem to have found a very interesting thing recently.”

[barrage] cloud God says I’m interesting!!

[barrage] is the face upstairs still there

Ruan Qiao looked at his back and thought carefully.

This man doesn’t seem as dangerous as rumored, but it’s not easy to get close to his real heart.

He is a very powerful and dangerous man. Anyone who touches him will be stabbed in the head and blood.

Wrap your heart tightly, and no one can pry into its true appearance.

Ruan Qiao smiled. Then she had to take it away and see what kind of person he was.


The newly opened space in the lobby was next to the stairs, and several people searched it.

“This is a restaurant.” The strong Heng Qiang looked at the food on the table and touched his hungry stomach. “The dishes and chopsticks on the table are also for nine people. Can you eat these things?”

Captain justice picked up a piece of sausage on the table, “have a try.”

The strong Heng Qiang hesitated: “what if it’s poisonous…”

Captain justice grabbed his neck, directly stuffed the sausage into the mouth of the strong Heng Qiang, and said fiercely, “don’t talk nonsense! Give it to me!”

The others took a look and didn’t care.

The strong Heng Qiang trembled in fear, and a sense of nausea sprang up in his stomach. He opened his mouth and vomited out: “I dare not eat, please… Don’t force me…”

Captain justice was about to get angry, but he saw Ruan Qiao and Su Xi come in one after another.

He choked off his dirty words.

“Sister Mianmian, you’re here.” The cloud immediately came over and took Ruan Qiao’s hand. “This is the restaurant. The room inside is the kitchen. We found food for four or five days, but not much.”

The light in the restaurant is not very good. There is a big dining table, as well as some cabinets, tables and chairs. Inside is a door, which others have explored just now. There is no clue except food and kitchenware. There are bread, sausage and some meat on the table.

Ruan Qiao was also hungry. He grabbed the bread on the table and took a bite: “it tastes good.”

The cloud was stunned: “sister Mianmian… I don’t know if this thing can be eaten. What if it’s poisonous?”

Ruan Qiao took another sip of juice: “it’s better to be poisoned than starved?”

When several people saw Su Xi directly pull open his chair and sit on his seat, they began to eat. They were relieved.

Yu Xing told everyone about the food he found and distributed it according to the amount of five days. He also found a box of milk and a box of fruit juice in the kitchen. The milk is self-produced milk in transparent glass bottles, and the fruit juice is boxed outside.

Yuxing took a sip of milk: “it tastes good. Try it.”

The little white rabbit looked at everyone and went to open a bottle of milk.

Ruan Qiao didn’t drink milk and sucked juice. Seeing that the clouds nearby choked too fast, he handed a box of juice.

“No, cough.” The cloud shook her head. Ruan Qiao replaced it with milk, but she refused.

“Don’t like milk?” Ruan Qiao: “I also hate pure milk.”

The cloud looked embarrassed: “no, I just don’t want to drink…”

After lunch, they searched the house again and found nothing. The five children have been playing outside. When they see the volunteers, they hide far away.

Dinner came earlier than they expected.

After dinner, Wen Qing put down her fork: “the time of day is not quite right.”

CHEN Si nodded and the tall horsetail shook: “the big clock outside goes fast, which can’t match the seconds I silently counted.”

Captain Justice said impatiently, “so what? It’s been a day and a night. There’s no clue. It’s too boring. I can’t wait for time to pass quickly!”

He stood up, touched Su Xi, looked at him, his momentum weakened, and snorted, “I’m going back to my room to sleep. Don’t bother me if you’re okay!”

Others also went upstairs to rest.

Soon the sky darkened and the children playing outside disappeared.

Ruan Qiao couldn’t sleep. He went downstairs to the door next to the stairs and wanted to open the door, but he felt that something behind the door couldn’t open: “eh, the restaurant wasn’t closed when he left.”

[barrage] I remember the door of the restaurant is not like this? Did the anchor take the reverse stairs? The restaurant door is next to another staircase

[barrage] lost * 2

[barrage] I want to know the lucky value of the anchor

She pushed hard for a few times. When she heard a pile of things pouring behind the door, she opened half the door and squeezed in.

There are a lot of sundries in it. There are all kinds of empty milk bottles scattered on the ground, as well as several discarded picture books. There is a pile of leather rope jumping rubber bands in the corner. Ruan Qiao found two newspapers on the shelf beside the wall at the door.

This should be a grocery store. There are several shovel spades near the door, which slide down to the door.

When she opened the first newspaper, the paper turned yellow. On the front page was a picture of the orphanage, with an eye-catching title reading “abandoned orphans – a new loving home”.

The orphanage was set up with money raised by rich local businessmen. It was named after the mayor and adopted five abandoned children. Because it is a charity project, the mayor has been greatly rewarded, and the living expenses will be directly transferred to the account of the orphanage every year.

“Happy orphanage was closed due to accident in 1997. Thank people from all walks of life for their help and concern.” Ruan Qiao turned to the second newspaper and there were some small advertisements on the back, such as what search notices, milk suppliers and so on. The only story about the orphanage is in a corner of the second edition.

The second report was vague, and many places were cliches. Ruan Qiao put down the newspaper: “it’s just a face project. No one cares if something happens to the orphanage. It’s estimated that the day when it is completed will be the most lively and popular time here.”

[barrage] the anchor looks like a newcomer. In fact, he is cautious step by step. When things happen, he is stable. It is definitely not the first time to play a horror game.

[barrage] dare to come down alone at night to find clues. I respect the anchor as a man

[barrage] when I entered the restaurant, my intuition told me that there was important information in the restaurant.

Ruan Qiao went out of the grocery room, walked past the big clock to the real restaurant door, opened the door, passed through the restaurant and entered the kitchen.

The barrage seriously began the discussion.

[barrage] I think the anchor must have found something during the day and came alone at night to find clues.

[barrage] the newcomer has a bright future. I’m paying attention.

[barrage] the anchor is pouring water into the pot!

[barrage] it’s boiling water! Is it some mysterious calling ceremony

Ruan Qiao did find something in the kitchen. She washed a cup, took out a can of tea from the cabinet below, and used boiling water

I made myself a cup of tea.

After a mouthful of hot tea, the cold everywhere in the orphanage was dispelled at night.


[barrage] an orphanage on the tip of the tongue?

[bullet screen] affectionate tea

[barrage] I take back my words about the anchor

“Dong Dong”

The heavy bell echoed throughout the room. The bell rang nine times, which meant that it was nine o’clock in the evening. Ruan Qiao walked up the stairs with tea.

When she came downstairs just now, she had found that once it was night, not only the temperature became lower, but also the whole orphanage was filled with the smell of old decay.

And there was no bell last night.

She had hardly turned the stairs when she saw clouds looking around the door.

Seeing Ruan Qiao’s appearance, the clouds showed an anxious look. She took a few steps towards Ruan Qiao: “sister Mian Mian, why did you go downstairs alone? It’s too dangerous at night! By the way, did you find any clues? I just heard the bell ring…”

The cloud’s words stopped completely and looked straight at Ruan Qiao’s back with a frightened expression on his face.

Ruan Qiao turned and found a little boy with a low head behind him.

He was dressed in dark yellow, with mud on his feet and a dirty ball in his arms.

The cloud was relieved to see that the child had been seen in the yard during the day.

Ruan Qiao took a sip of tea: “I didn’t find anything. I just went down to make a cup of tea.”

The cloud looked at Ruan Qiao incredulously: “sister Mianmian, you are really big…”

The little boy took a few steps forward and pulled La Nguyen Cho’s clothes, but his head remained low and his facial expression could not be seen. He reached out again and handed the dirty ball in his arms to Ruan Qiao.

The cloud lowered his voice: “children, do you want to play games with us?”

Xiaohui shook his head.

“No.” His voice became hoarse and unpleasant.

Suddenly, the little boy suddenly raised his head and stared at the clouds in front of him. His lovely face was full of cracks. Several earthworms wriggled and fell down, followed by stripped flesh and blood.

The dark eyes were covered with white insects, which made people creepy.

The little boy’s whole body began to twist and tremble, making a sound of bone friction.

Although his body was changing violently, a terrible laugh came out of his throat.

“The game has begun.” He said with a smile.


The dirty ball fell on the floor and turned to the corner.

The terrible boy disappeared in an instant. The same voice sounded in the empty corridor and every corner of the room, mixed with the terrible laughter of boys and girls at the same time.

“Red light, green light, white light. Be careful when crossing the road.”

The whole corridor was filled with dark blue light, which shone darkly on the white face of the clouds.

The child’s laughter seems very far away, and it seems to be right in your ear.

“I’m coming to catch you.”


[barrage] lying trough, high energy is coming!!

[barrage] a tragedy caused by a ball.

[barrage] play, play your ball?


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